Is She UNSTOPPABLE? | S5 E48 Poker Night in America

Is She UNSTOPPABLE? | S5 E48 Poker Night in America

– [Announcer] From Seminole
Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida
this is Poker Night in America.
(jazz music)
– Hey, hey, hey, it
is still ladies’ night
and we are on Poker
Night in America.
– Single ladies, make noise!
(record scratches)
(crickets chirp)
Never mind.
– It’s our final night
here at Seminole Hard Rock
which means go big or go
home, or just go regular,
because it’s a cash game, and
well, you know how that works.
– Way to sell it, Chris.
How good must you be running
in other aspects to have
that mountain of chips then?
I’m just playing a million
Well, you’re playing amazing!
Have you ever noticed
I never have a good hand
(laughs) I thought that was
I’m just playing a lot better
than everybody
– (Chris) Well you know, Natasha
Mercier and Lexy Gavin
are currently stuck a
little bit, but fortunately,
there’s still a lot
of poker to be played.
– All right, it is our
last night of ladies’ night
here on Poker Night,
and right now,
Samantha Abernathy is
our biggest winner,
and we’ve got a seat open.
Seat six, anybody,
come on, sit down.
– [Joe] There’s actually
a name on the list here.
It’s Josephine Staplefire.
– [Chris] No, no.
– [Joe] I’m just a wee girl
looking for a wee game.
– [Chris] No, you
can’t do that, Stapes.
One of our ladies’ nights,
I guess we did have
Phil Hellmuth sat down
and played a couple
of hands, so…
– [Joe] Phil defies gender.
– [Chris] All right,
this is Jessica Dawley,
and she is raising the
150 with pocket tens.
Cate Hall and her appearances
on Poker Night in America
include the grudge
match with Mike Dentale,
and unlike that night,
we’ve actually got
really good players
against Cate tonight.
(Joe laughs)
– [Dealer] Reraise 650.
Here comes the flop.
– [Joe] All right,
three ways to the flop.
Beautiful flop for two tens.
– Check.
– [Chris] Good flop for
sixes for that matter, too.
950 to bet from Cate Hall.
– [Joe] Dawley calls.
Good fold, Jamie.
– [Dealer] Heads up.
– [Chris] So it’s pocket
tens and two overcards
going to the turn.
– Check.
– [Joe] Not exactly
a scare card.
Cate can keep repping.
– [Chris] Cate did
pick up the gutterball.
– [Joe] Oh yeah, so
maybe she’ll bet that.
– [Chris] I would, I
mean, but I’m terrible,
so that doesn’t
really equal anything.
– [Joe] Explains
why she checked.
– [Chris] (laughs)
And there’s the river,
and she gets there.
– Check.
– [Joe] Wow.
– [Chris] Yeah, look at that.
– [Joe] That is
such a good card.
– [Chris] Cate Hall,
in the last 25 seconds,
has just caught more gutterballs
than I have in the past
decade, so congratulations.
– [Dealer] Bet.
– [Chris] 3850, the
bet from Cate Hall.
– [Joe] She just backed her
way into this so beautifully,
I don’t see how
two tens gets away.
– [Dealer] Call.
– God, how do you do it?
I even have two blockers.
– [Joe] That was gross.
– Nice hand.
– [Joe] Whoo, horrible.
– [Chris] Just a reminder,
you can win a free seat
at this poker table
and play against the pros
on national television.
To win, simply download
our new free poker app,
play some hands, and you qualify
to enter our grand
prize sweepstakes.
It’s totally free with no catch,
so pull out your phone
and download it now.
– [Sam] I don’t have
anyone watching.
– Me either.
– I mean, not that
it really matters.
– [Natasha] I asked Jason
to watch, and he was…
I did it for him
all day yesterday.
It was like, “There is
football today, sorry.”
– [Jessica] What a guy.
– [Natasha] I know.
– [Sam] Marsh is watching.
– [Natasha] Marsh is watching
in her room, for sure.
– [Sam] Yeah. (laughs)
– [Joe] They’re talking
about a dog, everyone.
– [Sam] Oh, I can’t
wait to see my cat.
– [Natasha] He’s got his own
little computer. (laughs)
– [Sam] And it’s mini.
– [Natasha] Yeah, it’s
super cute. (laughs)
– The background
is you. (laughs)
– [Joe] Gavin’s whiffed,
and it looks like
she is gonna run a bluff.
– [Natasha] It’s not me anymore.
It’s Jason.
– [Sam] Yeah.
– [Joe] Cate keeping her honest.
– [Sam] He bumped
you down the list.
– He only sleeps next
to me, that’s it.
The whole day, he ignores me.
– [Joe] Unfortunately,
Lexy could very well think
this is the perfect
card to continue on.
– [Jaime] I thought you
were talking about Jason.
(players laugh)
– [Jessica] So did I.
– Him too, actually.
– [Jaime] I was like,
“Maybe I could
handle a marriage.
“It sounds fine.”
(players laugh)
– [Sam] Actually,
I’m rethinking this.
– [Chris] Well, she
continues the action.
1200 is her latest bet.
– [Joe] And I think
Cate’s in the perfect spot
to just keep calling.
– [Chris] That she does.
So this pot now
approaching five K.
Two pair for Hall on the river.
Didn’t need it,
but got it anyway.
– [Jessica] I already
had two of them. (laughs)
– [Joe] She wasn’t
folding before,
and she’s definitely
not folding now.
The least she could do is bet
and take away Lexy’s
opportunity to bluff this.
– [Sam] From the minibar?
– [Jessica] No. (laughs)
– [Sam] From where?
– [Jessica] I brought a bag.
– [Sam] Oh.
– [Joe] Nope.
– [Jessica] Since
we’re wondering.
– [Jaime] Since I remembered.
(players laugh)
– [Jaime] Once the flop’s
over, if you don’t call it…
– [Jessica] Yeah, if you
didn’t call it, let’s do that.
– [Sam] That’s what
I said when you
interrupted the
middle of the hand.
– [Jessica] It’s more fun.
– [Chris] Lexy, this is
a commendable effort.
You’ve done your
absolute best here.
This is just bad timing.
It’s not you, it’s her.
– I had…
– Yeah, nice hand.
– [Chris] Just some
really terrible timing,
like needing to go commercial
just when things
are getting good.
– Now you’re thinking I’m
like (mumbles). (laughs)
Actually, I should want
you thinking that, (bleep).
– [Chris] Cate Hall is a
force to be reckoned with,
adding over 11 grand to her
stack to start the evening.
We’ve got more table
captain Cate when we return.
– [Joe] Welcome back
to Sauvignon Blanc
Night in America.
Don’t tell Kimo Sabe.
(Chris laughs)
Don’t worry, I’m gonna
make it up to them
with some good old-fashioned
product placement.
– (laughs) It’s because
I was mean to you once.
– [Chris] Poker Night is brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– I don’t remember that, but
I can totally believe that
because I have like a
frightening emotional reaction.
(Natasha laughs)
– [Jaime] Are you gonna
play the side thing,
or are you in the tournament?
– [Jessica] Now I’m
like, now it’s you.
– [Jaime] It’s me this time.
– I’ll pass it on.
– I’m gonna play that
side thing tomorrow.
– [Cate] Oh, I remember
what it was, okay. (laughs)
– No, don’t remember.
I didn’t mean to
make you remember.
– Yeah.
Okay, I’ve forgotten
again. (laughs)
– [Natasha] I also
grew up after that.
– [Joe] Let’s keep the
white wine a-flowing.
Sam, don’t put that glass there.
– [Chris] That is the definition
of the word precarious.
(Joe laughs)
Is it not?
– [Natasha] I’m
gonna go get wine.
– [Chris] Right
now, in the truck,
there’s about three guys who
are just absolutely losing it
that that wine might spill.
Oh good, you just took
them off the ledge.
That’s nice.
Flop is Jack high,
but two spades,
so that gives both players
a little something.
– [Joe] Top pair for Sam,
nut flush draw for Jamie.
– [Natasha] Hi, can I
get to Chardonnay please?
I’ll come get it in a second.
– [Chris] And
Kerstetter is there.
– [Joe] Sam drawing
dead on this turn,
and I like that Jamie’s
not slowing down at all.
– [Jessica] Cate, how
long you staying for?
– [Cate] Here?
I don’t know.
I haven’t booked a flight yet.
I’m going to–
– Are you playing
the bounty tomorrow.
– [Cate] What?
– Are you gonna play
the bounty tomorrow?
– [Chris] And Jamie’s got the
stone cold nuts on this river.
– [Natasha] Yes.
– [Cate] I don’t, I haven’t
even looked at the schedule
because I just seemed
there would be a day two.
What is it?
– I wish they would
let you direct buy.
– [Cate] What is the bounty?
– 1650.
– It’s good.
1650, 500 bounty.
– [Cate] If there’s any
tournament scheduled tomorrow,
almost guaranteed I
would get in, so…
– Yeah.
– [Chris] Sam getting
a little loosey-goosey.
– Nope. – Wow.
(players laugh)
See, hair and makeup,
it’s the heat.
– It’s Desiree, you could
get her so much business.
– [Cate] How good must you
be running in other respects
to have that mountain
of chips, then?
– [Sam] I’m just playing,
like, a million hands.
Haven’t you noticed, I never a
plan, I never have good hand.
(players laugh)
– [Cate] I’m just a lot
better than everybody.
(players laugh)
– [Sam] No, I mean
I’m just playing, no.
– [Joe] Man, those empty
wine glasses are piling up.
I am starting to like
Josephine Doubtfire’s
chances in this game.
Oh, I just want to play
it a few hands, dearie.
– [Chris] You gonna cover
your face with frosting, too?
– [Joe] One sugar or two?
– This is it, this is my time.
– [Dealer] 100 more.
– [Natasha] It’s 100 more.
– Oh, police over there.
– [Joe] All right, we are
going three ways to this flop.
Maybe it Sam’s turn
to make the nut flush.
Hey, and flop the nut
flush draw she does
as well as a gut shot.
Checks around.
– [Chris] Right
now, ace high is…
Oh, never mind.
(Joe laughs)
Queen comes on the turn, so
that pulls Mercier ahead.
– [Jessica] Next
to the tournament,
playing so much better.
– [Jaime] What do you mean?
Oh, yeah.
I kept way too much. (laughs)
I kept a lot of
that (drowned out).
– [Joe] Sam is gonna
bet this hard though,
and hope as she gets
called, she gets there.
– [Chris] Hey, you
can’t win the lottery
unless you buy the tickets,
you know what I mean?
– [Joe] You gotta
be in it to win it.
– [Chris] She gets
a call from Natasha,
who hit the queen on the turn,
and Abernathy does make
her nut flush on the river.
– [Cate] Just the tiniest
bit of discipline.
– I know, (mumbles).
– Your hand is so (drowned out).
– Can’t do it.
– Good call.
– You can’t slow roll me.
(players laugh)
(Chris laughs)
– Wow.
– Neither of you guys are
good at slow rolling at all.
– [Joe] That’s
because it’s terrible.
– [Chris] You shouldn’t
be good at slow rolling.
Is that what you’re saying?
– [Joe] Exactly.
– [Jaime] But like, yeah.
– It makes them wait because
they can’t, like, touch you.
– And you’re small,
like they don’t get it.
– And I think they can,
like, hear your voice,
but don’t process that
you’re, like, on the…
– [Jessica] They
can’t find you, yeah.
– [Joe] Are we talking
about dogs again?
– [Chris] Yeah, man.
– But I read a different
study that said,
like especially for pigs,
like potbelly pigs and dogs,
if you leave your TV on PBS,
they don’t like
actually learn things,
but it’s just like they
feel like a (drowned out).
– [Chris] I’m gonna
do that with you
in the hotel room, Stapes.
I’m gonna leave PBS on, see
if you can learn a few things.
– [Joe] Best of luck with that.
– [Jaime] I used to leave
Animal Planet on for Littlefoot,
but I felt like it
was too aggressive.
– [Joe] The only thing my
hotel TV ever gets tuned to
is usually blocked
by the front desk.
I leave the TV on for my
dogs, but I leave it on pause.
Get it?
(crickets chirp)
– [Sam] I think it has
something to do with,
like since PBS is like a
learning for children…
– [Joe] I’ll get my coat.
– [Jaime] It’s just
someone talking.
– [Chris] That joke
was pretty rough.
– [Sam] It was like directed
at children, you know,
and it’s like positive
reinforcement stuff,
and it was somehow
connected to dogs…
– [Jaime] That’s because
it soothes them, whatever.
– [Sam] Yeah.
– [Chris] Diamonds all
over the place here,
and look at that, two
more come on the flop.
– [Joe] This could very
very well be a shame.
– Yeah, Crouton gets
like a little stressed.
Like, I’ll FaceTime him when
Chris is at home and I’m not,
and he definitely, like he
looks and he turns his head,
and he doesn’t look happy.
– Yeah, yeah.
That’s how I feel with Beast.
The only time I felt
like he wasn’t sad
when I picked him up, he
was with my friend Jennifer,
and she has a
nine-year-old daughter,
and I think the entire
week he was like,
he felt cozy at home.
You know what I mean?
– 2550.
– [Joe] Ooh, a raise.
This could be the moment
I’ve all been waiting for.
– I’m literally just trying to
figure out how much you have
because I’m meta-counting.
– Oh sorry.
– No, no, no.
– Sam, calculator.
– Got it.
– [Jaime] It’s fine.
(players laugh)
– [Sam] Have you seen Big Daddy.
– [Jessica] Yeah, of course.
– [Sam] How come
they’re not easy ones.
– [Jessica] Hip hop, hip
hop anonymous. (laughs)
– [Joe] This could
very well be a shame.
Cate’s never folding
the nut flush draw,
and Natasha’s never folding
the straight flush draw,
so my guess is it could
all be going in here.
– [Jessica] Half my
family’s like that with…
– [Sam] And Liar Liar.
– [Chris] Got a call from Cate.
– [Jessica] My
family’s like that
with Christmas
Vacation, Home Alone.
– [Sam] Home Alone
over and over.
Because that was like
a little bit earlier
than the Big Daddy days, but
Macaulay Culkin (drowned out).
– [Chris] All right, 7450 in
the pot as we go to the turn.
– [Sam] And then, we
saw him another movie,
(drowned out) this movie.
(Jessica laughs)
– [Joe] Natasha gets
there with her straight,
and she had better pray to dog
that she does not
improve to a flush.
Wow, Cate just folds
the nut flush draw.
I love it.
Nice fold, Cate Hall.
– [Chris] Unless the river was
a diamond, then not so much.
(announcers laugh)
But the world will never know.
When we return, we have
got a treat for you.
We’re gonna play more poker.
– I’ve got too much money.
I’m not disciplined.
– Too much money syndrome.
I’ve never had it
before, but one day.
– [Joe] This is season
five, episode 48,
the one where they
play more poker.
– Feeling like next year’s
gonna be the year. (laughs)
– [Sam] Next year.
– I’ve been saying that
for like the past 14 years.
It’s gonna happen,
eventually. (laughs)
Welcome back to Poker
Night in America.
– You know what, Chris?
I was thinking,
for legal reasons,
I should probably go over
all the release forms.
– [Chris] Yeah, you
can do that right after
I white out everyone’s
phone numbers and addresses.
– I’m good on the release forms.
– [Chris] More ladies’
night at Seminole Hard Rock
with Joe Stapleton.
It is Chris Hanson.
– I’ve never seen someone get
back to even 200 at a time.
– [Jessica] Me?
– I feel like it’s
happening, yeah.
– [Jessica] No, that’s how I do.
– [Sam] That’s
how I do. (laughs)
– [Chris] Straddle’s on.
– [Jessica] I don’t
rebuy, I try to do it.
– [Jaime] You’re doing it.
– [Chris] Jamie Kerstetter’s
in for 100 dark,
and Cate Hall has aces, hoo-ra.
– [Jessica] Let’s see how well.
– [Jaime] Yeah, you’re
only down for five, right?
– [Jessica] Yeah.
– [Cate] Everyone’s stuck.
– I know.
I’m really not, actually.
– [Cate] You’re
the only one stuck.
– Three?
– [Sam] What is
the pink one, five?
– [Chris] Just 200 more
to defend that straddle.
– Five K?
– Yeah.
– [Jessica] It’s a chocolat.
– [Dealer] Heads up.
– [Sam] Hmm?
– [Jessica] I said chocolat,
not chocolate. (laughs)
– [Chris] So Jamie’s
flopped a flush draw.
– A chocolat?
– Chocolat.
Have you ever seen that movie?
Do you know that movie
Chocolat with Johnny Depp.
– [Sam] No. (laughs)
– [Jessica] It’s almost a–
– [Sam] Are you sure it’s
not called Willy Wonka?
– (mumbles) her picture?
– Oh Sam, send it Sam.
– [Jessica] Sorry.
– [Natasha] Wow, what?
– [Sam] Ooh, a song.
– [Jessica] Ooh, song, send it.
– [Joe] Jamie, trying to not
look too eager about this draw.
– [Sam] Are you sure?
– [Jessica] Are you sure
it’s not called Willy Wonka?
I think it probably is.
– [Sam] (laughs) Willy Wonka.
– [Joe] This is a really
good and safe card
for Cate to bet pretty big.
She can get value from pairs
and protect against draws.
– [Jessica] Yep, just came out.
– [Joe] And Jamie’s
definitely gotta call this
with her increased
increased equity
now that she’s made a pair.
– [Sam] I saw the part one
of the last Hunger
Games in theater,
and I was so excited
to see the next one.
I was like, couldn’t believe I
had to wait a year, you know,
and then like, this
last week, I was like,
“Did that movie ever come out?”
(players laugh)
– [Jessica] I think there’s
three of them now. (laughs)
– [Chris] So Kerstetter
looking for a diamond,
another five, or an
eight on the river.
– [Jessica] I really liked
that movie Hunger Games.
Did they ever make a sequel?
Finding Nemo too.
It just came out last week.
– [Sam] I know.
I kinda wanna see it,
but I’m afraid I’m
gonna be let down
because I saw the… (laughs)
– [Natasha] I’ve never
seen the first one.
– [Jessica] She still
thinks I’m talking about–
I said Finding Nemo
came out last week.
– [Sam] Yeah.
– [Jessica] Think about it.
– [Joe] If she’s gonna bluff
this, she’s gotta make it big.
– [Sam] The second
one, the new one.
– [Jessica] Finding Dory.
– [Sam] Oh, okay. (laughs)
– [Natasha] Oh.
– [Sam] Oh, my gosh.
– [Natasha] I
didn’t even get it.
– [Joe] Just don’t see
aces getting folded.
– [Jessica] Think
about it, anyone.
– [Joe] Cate just said
she had too much money
and was making too many calls.
Jamie caught with her
hand in the cookie jar.
– Nice hand.
– Thank you.
– [Joe] Pair of fives, no good.
– [Jaime] How do you call me?
I’m such a nit.
– No.
(players laugh)
– [Chris] Boy, Cate Hall
is doing everything right
here tonight on Poker
Night in America.
– That was a respectful call.
– Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.
When people say, “I’m giving
you credit,” and they fold,
I’m like, “No, you’re giving
me no credit when you fold.”
– Exactly.
– [Joe] I wish people would
stop giving me credit.
My interest payments are insane.
(Chris laughs)
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
is brought to you
by Sit & Go 2.0.
– [Dealer] Raise, 300.
– [Chris] Kings for Cate Hall.
She makes it 300,
and Gavin calls.
Now to Sam Abernathy
out of the small blind.
– When Sam gets quiet. (laughs)
– I know.
You know she’s up to something.
(Sam laughs)
– Also, she’s looking
at me for a raise.
I haven’t looked yet.
I’m like…
(players laugh)
I feel like I have a good
(drowned out by laughter).
– I hadn’t looked yet, either.
I was like, “Let’s go.”
Let’s go, right
down the trash can.
– Did you notice that?
Sometimes I just look in
awkward places. (laughs)
– [Chris] All right,
back to Cate Hall.
– [Joe] Let’s see if
she puts in another bet
or just calls for
a little deception.
– [Sam] I do that, too.
– [Chris] Well,
she can’t four-bet
because that’s always aces.
– [Jessica] Looking to see
if there’s anybody out there.
– [Chris] So technically…
– [Jessica] Whoa, got
them, (drowned out).
– [Chris] see, she’s
just gotta call.
Even she knows the
rules of the game.
– [Joe] Not a real rule.
– Do we have the same hand?
– It’s not a good one.
– We must.
– Probably not
exactly the same hand.
– (laughs) How do you know?
– [Jessica] You both
have four, five.
– [Joe] Because there’s
only four kings in the deck.
– [Jessica] Wow.
– Are you sure?
– We literally cannot have
exactly the same hand.
(Sam laughs)
– [Joe] Sam continues
really small,
smaller than her pre-flop raise,
totally fine in this situation.
– Do you feel like
that hits your range?
– (laughs) That hits
my range, for sure.
– [Jessica] Nailed it.
– [Joe] Well, that’s Sam’s
story, and she’s sticking to it.
– [Cate] Oh, my God.
– Oh, sorry.
Not gonna get that.
– [Chris] 3500, this
pot worth over $10,000
before Cate calls,
folds, or raises.
– [Jessica] You can do it.
Yeah, let’s go.
– [Chris] Cate Hall does call,
so now we’re over
14,000 in the middle.
– [Joe] Really not much out
there for kings to be scared of.
– [Jessica] I hope you double
up through anyone but me.
– [Joe] And Sam
Rivers a flush draw.
Now would be a good time
to wave the white flag.
Oh, is she really
gonna go for this?
– [Chris] But now
is also the time
to just drop one last big
stack of chips on the river
to try to take this away.
– [Joe] The board’s
double paired,
so she better make
this full house sized.
– All in.
– [Joe] And she does.
She really, really went for it.
– Huh?
I actually do think it
hits your range. (laughs)
– [Chris] There go the kings.
Wow, what a bluff.
– Show it, show it.
We’re gonna see it anyway.
– [Chris] Here it comes, boom.
– [Players] Ooh.
– You were gonna see it anyway.
– Yeah.
– [Jessica] Nice hand,
especially the river card.
– Yeah.
You have a pair?
– You think?
(players laugh)
– [Chris and Joe] Damn!
– I say that because
she’s a good friend,
and she understands
the context is like,
“Yes, I feel like I
am burnt by that hand,
“but it’ll be fine
in 10 minutes,
“and then we’ll go
get a drink.” (laughs)
It’s just like part of the game
for professional poker players.
and claim your free Sit
& Go 2.0 strategy e-book.
Welcome back to
Hollywood, Florida.
It’s time to take a look at
our absolute final chip counts
from our time here at
Seminole Hard Rock.
Samantha Abernathy
was an absolute menace
on the table, winning 24 grand.
Cate Hall, despite being
bluffed in that last hand,
still finishes up 10.
Jamie Kerstetter and
her dog, Crouton,
(dog barks)
well, they’re gonna
take home nearly nine K.
Jess Dawley leaves with
just a small loss, so relax.
And Lexy Gavin leaves
with a bigger loss.
And Kelly Minkin…
(bomb explodes)
– We’ll be back next time
with more regular poker.
Not that we don’t love
the typical male physique
we feature on the
show, but just saying,
the ladies will be missed.
– Ditto and deuces.
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– Good call.
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(players laugh)
– Wow.

100 thoughts on “Is She UNSTOPPABLE? | S5 E48 Poker Night in America”

  1. I thought N. Mercier & Hall couldn't stand each other.? or is that all cleared up now ? ..see em sitting next to each other in the same poker game..

  2. Dont know whats worse, the river shove or the river fold… their backers must love this kind of advertising

  3. Cate Hall at the end talks about mucking K-K and seeing the bluff, and then says "that's the way it goes, we're professional poker players." Surely she's not talking about herself. Is this some kind of troll? Super tilted hand

  4. people are being so ridiculously overcritical of the fold at the end. Abernathy 100 percent puts Kate on 9s through Ks (she has the Ace blocker). Saying that you would easily call a 2 times pot river shove for 20K with a pair of kings just because Abernathy 3bet preflop is hilarious. I mean like what bluffs even really get there? Its a super sick exploitative play by Abernathy that I would love to see any of the keyboard warriors in this comment section call down against.

  5. Samantha is a beastttttt, when i saw the river i was like FK SHE IS JAMMING? and she did lol… theere are reasons for both calling and folding the KK. Most people dont take into consideration the dynamic of the table. Sam has been playing loose, she is up alot and she is famous for her aggression, meaning she could easily 3bet A4s/86s/87s/89s/8Ts. After the flop call she knows Hall is on a pair btween 99-AA and she is blocking AA/QQ = meaning Sam has more 8x than Hall in her range. The only combo of 8x Hall could have is a random Ad8d that she is stubborn enough not to fold preflop… SO for those who think Sam only has AA or air:
    Sam's bluff range – AK (which is blocked by KK), AQ/67s/56s/57s + random A3s/A5s/A4s
    Sam's valuebet range – AA/86s/87s/89s/8Ts
    Sam's not playing JJ/TT/99 with this betting line (idk bout QQ as Hall's hand is underrepped)
    For me its a call, but consider this: Do you wanna risk your entire session on a questionable desicion or do you wanna make the safe fold and still be over 200bb profit?

  6. what does she put her opponent on the river when she has KK? I think it's a bad fold there. Her hand was under played

  7. Hats off to the Genius that is Hard Rock/Poker Night in AMERICA. Fine. Intelligent. Women.Who know how to gamble.

  8. Why don't you guys make the app into a program that can run on Windows and let those of us who cant play on a smartphone a chance to get into the game??

  9. Quote: "you shouldn't be good at slow rolling, it's terrible"…….HUH? I thought the goal was to win all the chips, not to be a nice fish.

  10. Females are just terrible poker players!! Sorry…it’s a man’s game…A man would just bluff these hoes to fold…LMFAO!! Terrible Tells…Terrible betting…Terrible value bets…just terrible!! LOL

  11. BAD commentators, bad jokes makes for a bad show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, saying, YEAAAAAAAA to a girl for folding is saying she does not know how to play!!!!! Idiots!

  12. Watching women play poker is as great as watching the WNBA. 21 years and has yet to make a profit. TAke notes producers. Nobody wants to watch this shit.

  13. Stop the Muslim invasions,🙏🏻🙏🏻🏥🏥🕍🕍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇬🇧🐖🐖🐖🕋🐖🐖🐖

  14. The hand at the 2:20 mark, is played remarkably bad. Cate Hall is also running so lucky, that she can hit TWO inside runner runner cards to make a straight , and then get paid off on the river because there weren't any overcards on board to beat her opponents pocket 10s. When anyone runs that lucky in NL hold em, you will make a ton of money in the game. NL hold em, is such a crapshoot game, that it has taken more poker players broke , in a faster period of time, then any other poker game.

  15. I came to the comments just to see how many people think that skeleton is hot. Even more then I thought! She's hideous

  16. This is cash game, correct? The hand starting at 8:35 …the dealer has a dead button and deals to the empty seat as if it were a tournament?

  17. If there were men only cash games and tournaments, these women would throw a dam fit!!! Do you know why there are women only events? Because men are better! A woman can't beat a man at any game!

  18. ,,Oooo, my dog only sleeps with me,all day ignores me,, he,s sleeping with you,nothing else? womans :))))And Abernaty:,,miau,miau,miau ,mi,mimi,:)))

  19. Did anyone else pick up the fact that on the first hand Dawley after calling Halls straight with busted 10,10 took back her calling chips………

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