ITA/ENG Axl Rose inspired outfit

ITA/ENG Axl Rose inspired outfit

Hello everyone, today I’m gonna be show you an outfit
inspired by Axl Rose
, the singer and the leader
of Guns N’ Roses
To do this look,
I didn’t get inspired by a particular photo
but I have joined a lot of photos
that I found on internet, pinterest
, wallpapers that I have,.. So, I have joined
For do an outfit that can represent Axl
Anyway, let’s start!
Let’s start with pants. Axl always use
some black leather pants
so, black jeans are fine as alternative.
If you are looking for a more summer
outfit, you can use some black
suit shorts,
that can be tight.
Now, the t-shirt. This one
is the one that Axl used to wear. I found it
on eBay for 20 €
Now, I’m using a red and black shirt
to be wore on the hip bone.
The leather jacket is a must, especially
with brooches.
Accessories. Studs bracelets and silver bracelets are perfect
I found mine at a rock items shop.
I usually use one on the right and one on the left.
Axl often use some rings,
so I found some silver ones.
You can use also more than one per finger,
as I am doing.
Follow these simple steps
to do your own bandana, which is very important 🙂
Now that you have one,
wear your bandana.
It has to go on the forehead.
I also use these aviator sunglasses
that Axl use to wear on the head.
Now I put my glasses on, because if not I can’t see anything lol
For the shoes, Axl used to wear
converse Weapon, that are a blending of these two.
Anyway, I decided to use my converse all star,
since I don’t have the Weapon.
The color of the shoes are blue, white or red.
And that’s it! What do you think about that?

6 thoughts on “ITA/ENG Axl Rose inspired outfit”

  1. Also, give me a thumbs up because I went out like this and I was dying from hot!
    Mettete like perché sono stata fuori vestita così e stavo morendo di caldo lol

  2. Ho appena finito adesso di vedere questo video. Devo ammettere sei veramente brava,sei riuscita alla perfezione a vestirti come lui. E hai fatto un video dove può servire a qualcuno/a che vuole prendere esempio. Sei una grande rocker,felice di essere amici 😘💓🤘😈

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