#IUisHome: Indiana University Basketball

I think when it just came down to it, I felt
like IU was the best for me.
Wanted to stay close enough to home to go
home but far enough away from home to be away
from home.
I kind of just knew.
It was just one of those feelings where you
just kind of know that’s where you want
to go.
I was really small in high school, so that’s
probably what I was the most nervous about.
I was just a little bit homesick.
I was really close with my family and friends
from home, so I just kind of missed them.
Because I was going to be so far away, I needed
people who would feel like a family.
Amanda made me feel like I was a part of the
family immediately.
I think she just kind of…
Like immediately made me feel like I belong.
And so, that was really big for me before
I came.
I felt like I had my battle buddies.
Like, I didn’t have to turn around to know
that they had my back through anything I did.
It just felt like home.
I think for our freshman specifically I’ve
really tried to reach out to them and just
let them know I am there.
I know how you feel and you’re not as alone
as you think you are.
I don’t know, I just tell the guys just,
‘Everything’s going to be alright.
I mean, you are with family.’

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