Iyanla Helps a Lottery Winner Feel the Weight of Her Financial Burdens | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Iyanla Helps a Lottery Winner Feel the Weight of Her Financial Burdens | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

All them houses in
the trust, I want
you to put them on the brick.
All the people that you
pay an allowance to,
put it on the brick.

And then the business, right.
You bought Lamar a business.
And the taxes for the business
and the salary for the staff.
Each one of them get a brick.
There you go.
As I explore this massive
plantation property,
I see the result of someone who
has no concept of what it means
to be an adult. Mature
individuals do not
behave this way,
no matter how much
or how little money they have.
It is my intention to show
Marie that hers is not
a problem of wealth, it
is a problem of maturity,
of self-respect, and of dignity.

26 thoughts on “Iyanla Helps a Lottery Winner Feel the Weight of Her Financial Burdens | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN”

  1. What saddens me is that a woman like her can win the lottery and a woman like me can not even land a better paying job and I have a college degree.

  2. Wow, rich and still don't clean up ur room. You can really take them out of the hood but cannot take the hood out of them. She needs help and sadly the majority of black women are just like her

  3. With God all things are possible. I believe God sent Iyanla in her path to change her life for the better. She still haves a chance to change her life. This will be her testimony.

  4. I am glad she won the money because it's hard trying to raise 1 child let alone 4 that why I am glad she won but I am wondering why do you have your nice new house so nasty you have more than enough money to hirer a maid service to clean it for you. I am supposed her financial institution has not offered her private banking or private wealth it comes with a financial planning and a host if other things all banks offer that for their wealthy customers. Dear God I hope she put something away for her kids college fund. Is it me or did iyanla say that was a plantation house or a plantation styled house. Merciful father shield pressure this young lady and her kids in your blood.

  5. If I won that kind of money I wouldn't in a huge house. I'd actually want to restore a historical home or build one from the ground up and hire real craftsman to build it in the style of 1800s or early 1900s homes. I would rent out big houses occasionally to enjoy. Like for a week or a season, once in a while. But mostly I'd keep my daily surroundings smaller and simple and keep working. I'd keep a condo too somewhere in a city I love and frequent, like NYC or something.

  6. I find MARIE HOLMES to be a remarkable WOMAN who can confront her internal issues, reach out for help and begin a healing process. It takes a lot of COURAGE to admit you are in pain!! I truly believe Iyanla Vanzant is GOD SEND and I pray she can help MARIE to the best of her ability.  MARIE I only want the BEST for you…NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  7. Unfortunately, I don't see any reason to believe Iyanla's visit changed this young woman. During the show, you could tell she was still lying and hiding things from Iyanla and the way she treated her mother did not seem to change. Marie needs therapy and a long term life coach if she even want to stand any chance for a normal life. The fact that she is going to keep the 'bisness' (Lamar's spelling, not mine) and wait for Lamar is a really bad sign. Still making bad choices.

  8. To her defense tho you cant expect her or anyone to change over night! Her FINANCES changed overnight her MENTALITY is the same! More power and prayer to you marie! I empathize with you! 💛

  9. Well at least I understand this woman a whole lot more since I watched this episode. So there's no judgement, it just makes understand more on why she made the decisions she made.

  10. People stop saying God wanted her to win the lottery when he is agaisnt gambling. Why would he do that? Why would he have a hand on something so unfair and unjust to others? Stop lying on him already. Thanks. She won because she played and had the winning numbers. No other reason.

  11. She has less than 3 years before it's all gone. Houses and all. Back to your ghetto where you belong!!!!!!

  12. Omg lord help this child…i would love to show her how to live with that kind of money growing uo with nothing and a single mother of four smh

  13. The more you have the more responsibilities and more to maintain,I hope at the very least she has an office somewhere where she manages her 'holdings' with a very small team and has more than one legit financial advisor, a good accountant and a life coach.Above all she should remember God and help her community and those less fortunate.She also probably needs a place 1/4 the size of that place and to seek out an education

  14. that's sad hire maids or something can't clean all that by yourself big mansions creep me out I would buy something nice just not that damn big unless i guess u had alot of kids but still I wouldn't they grew up and move out eventually

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