Jake Paul Doxes Post Malone

Jake Paul Doxes Post Malone

My friends, it is time to daddy the flip up!
…On Jake Paul because he is completely unhinged and out of control.
After the last video we made, shit has gotten even crazier with this kid
to the point that I cannot even believe it’s real.
He’s getting so RECKLESS
I’m concerned that his lack of responsibility and
accountability is going to get someone seriously hurt, including
one of my best friends, Post Malone, who is now caught in the middle of a meme war. It’s gotten so bad
it’s not even funny… Let me just start from the top. There’s three things
I want to talk about and they get progressively more insane. First thing…
he’s doing which seems harmless at the surface,
But it shows this pattern of absolutely insane behavior is; he goes to apologize to his neighbor and films it without asking their permission.
Which is against the law in California,
you need someone’s permission to record someone and especially to publish it online to millions of people. Here,
have a quick look…
[Jake in video] “And so, I’m going to be the bigger person in this..”.
“situation, as a 20 year old kid, and go talk to these neighbors of ours and try to mend the situation”
[Jake] “We just want to come over and greet all of our neighbors…”
“…and like apologize for all the chaos-“
The first thing that I like you to notice is that he boldly displays their address
their license plate
where they live.
I’ve done them the courtesy of blurring it, but I assure you it’s fully visible in Jake’s video
So, you know, in case you have a bad reaction old Jakey here
his zombie horde of fans may overrun your compound
Sleep tight, neighbors
I’m sure you’re feeling really safe now, and you may be wondering
How do I know that he didn’t get their permission to film them well
Here’s a tweet from the reporter that broke the original story:
“Neighbors file eavesdropping complaint against Jake Paul…”
“..says Jake Paul secretly recorded conversation during quote-unquote apology”
What a great guy he is for his fans to
Apologize secretly and eaves drop on his neighbor so his fans could see what a great guy. He is even though
He showed their address what a great guy he is
‘ well, I appreciate it, I do, I do–
I feel I’m like I don’t believe you guys
I’m not when I’m I bring up like absolutely hates you yeah, and and just annoying
Yeah, no, we understand like I am I don’t have anything personally against you guys. okay now in the next video
he makes he accuses his neighbor’s of
actually trying to MURDER him
He accuses his neighbors of going up to his car
unbolting the nuts on his wheel,
and then it falls off in an attempt to murder him and his housemates.
He says this to six million people
fans who know where he lives and know where his neighbors live
and basically says “my neighbors are trying to kill me”
which can provoke any amount of number of his millions of followers
to retaliate on his neighbors.
How does he know that it was his neighbors
and not one of the other millions of people who knows where he lives
cos he gave away his address?
Listen to this
“One of the neighbors yesterday…
or two nights ago, sorry.
One of the neighbors comes over and unscrews…
the screws in the tire to our Team 10 van.
The neighbors tried to kill us, bro.
They took the nuts out.
Max and the Martinez twins are driving down the road on the highway
all of a sudden they hear a noise. They’re like ‘what is this?’
They got outside, the nuts are off of the tire
So they start driving slow on the highway
Literally the whole entire tire falls off
And they like cr- the bus lopsides they go flying in the middle of the traffic on the 101 the whole highway stops
Super dangerous situation and our neighbors are the ones that did this our neighbors tried to kill us and and
what do we do? we just make videos
f-for kids on the internet like who’s the bad guy here? our neighbors literally tried to kill the Martinez twins like I could-
T-the thing about this bro there could have been ten of us in that van
Yeah, it holds 10 to 15 people could have had a full van of people going 80 miles per hour tire falls off
We would have all died. that’s criminal activity and so if they want to file a lawsuit against them and uh you know
Maybe we’ll just snap back!
If that’s true, you should be talking to the police dude-
not putting it out for six million people to take revenge on an attempted murder on their
idol’s life dude. so either you have video of it because this is a serious accusation
Let’s take this seriously: either you have video of it or you don’t. If you don’t
Then you shouldn’t be accusing your neighbors of murder, you.
If you do, you should be sending it to the police immediately and not talking about it publicly. But once again the reporter of
the original story tweeted this out:
“Neighbors stunned by Jake Paul’s accusations
“They tried to kill him by loosening the tire[s]” which leads me to believe that he has no evidence
And he’s probably just throwing his neighbors under the bus, endangering their lives to cover his ass. Well, you have no sense
You can’t control yourself Jake
You want to monetize every single moment in your life. Your real life in your vlog is so blurred at this point
I don’t even think you know who you are anymore. I don’t think you have any control. Where is daddy? I’m here, Jake
Daddy’s here to say uh-uh! this is a no-no! I’m rating this no-no.
Jake, listen to this:
Obviously your parents have completely failed; even your investors who own
Team Ten and the house you’re living in have completely lost control of this train
So let me do everybody a favor and say no-no Jake. But here, this is when it gets even crazier
My good good- one of my best friends in the world
Post Malone tweeted this out about a week ago:
“Sorry, HilaKleiners,” and it showed that he had purchased a bunch of logan Paul and Jake Paul merch, okay?
And it was a bit of a meme- hate to break it to you
We were planning to wear it at the podcast for a joke. We were going to use it in a sketch, okay?
But for some reason they loved it. They both follow to him, okay; the merch site Fanjoy, retweeted it
Everyone thought it was like top 10 anime betrayals of all time. By the way, Austin bought a “it’s a God church” hoodie
I’m sorry, but in your mind- in your world
Do you see Post Malone walking around unironically in “like a God church” hoodie, dude? Okay.
But this is when I get really upset
This is when I really want to take Jake Paul and – and take us have a
Heart-to-heart with him- a man-to-man and say these are boundaries you do not cross little Jakey
You have a lot of responsibility- you have a lot of influence on this world
You’ve got to show more class than this. He gets the address
Just yesterday from Fanjoy
I’m sure this cannot be legal, and if it is it’s extremely unethical
He gets Austin’s address from the merch, and he goes to his flipping house, dude
Austin texted me yesterday. He’s like “you won’t believe what just happened
“Jake Paul showed up at my house and asked me to be in a verse of his song and handed me the merch, okay?”
And I was like, “wow that is super shady”
You know, you hear about all these YouTubers saying “fans please don’t come to my house”
And you hear you have Jake Paul– one of the biggest YouTubers– stealing post Malone’s address– not public information
and then go into his house
That is absolutely insane, but it’s even worse
Look at his recent Vlog- look at his most recent Vlog, you guys. He fucking filmed it, dude
He completely doxes post Malone, and I’m going to blur this whole image out of respect for him
But this video already has 4.3 million views and he completely doxxed Austin.
[the vlog] This is his house. He’s got like Rolls Royces and whatnot – got them. We got the merch
ya, man
bro, I’m kinda nervous
[banging noises]
[music playing]
I love how he does, in the courtesy of blurring out the number address on the post box except you can see the whole fucking house!
You could see the cars! You could see the license plate! you could see exactly where it is. You doxed him, dude
Isn’t it insane?
Jake Paul stole his address from a merch purchase, went there, and doxxed him and filmed the outside of his house
Is that not mind-bending?
I mean, he’s lucky that Austin’s a nice guy because he could- he should have shot him or he should be suing him for this
Jake Paul should have a-already removed this video
It’s been a day and look at it. It starts with this shot. Watch this shit, man.
[Jake Paul] We got someones’ specific order
That we are about to hand deliver to them
The backstory on this is- I don’t know if you guys know him
But his name is post Malone. He’s a big musician. I personally love his music
He’s a dope guy. He came from like humble beginnings similar to, you know, us from Ohio, and
He’s out there doing like really good stuff, but what’s crazy about it?
He did this, uh, video where he was like talking smack about “It’s Everyday Bro” for like 10 minutes
Just like going in on it, saying that we can’t rap, saying that our music is like whatever- like 5th grade music; and
I was like “oh, d-dude, that sucks!”
So I was like “damn post alone hates me bro.” Whatever. It’s all good though. We’re gonna dab on them haters
But then my boy post on Twitter this tweet. He orders our merchandise a lot of it a lot of it
a lot of it
[Jake Paul] a lot of it
Which we have it right here for . First of all, I’m super confused
I don’t know why he ordered our merchandise when he was talking smack about us
Right now, we’re about to hand-deliver it to his house. He lives like 45 minutes away. We’re gonna give him his merch
Hopefully he’s home, and we’re gonna confront him and ask him like
” Yo, why would you talk smack and then order our merch?”
And then hopefully we can become friends with them, and maybe make a song together
Ooh, That would be hot
super hot fire. Let’s do that
I think post Malone bought my merch because he loves me. So, what I’m going to do to win him over is
breach his privacy, steal his home address
Go to his house- uninvited- and film the front and completely dox him. That’s going to win him over completely
So we are like a quarter-mile away. I don’t know how this is about to go down. We don’t know if he’s home
We don’t know if he hates us or- I mean I-I’m just confused in general
Think about it you fucking idiot! he’s one of my best friends!
We always make fun of you guys!
You’re confused!
Follow that emotion. Think about it for more than a second before you go dox him and go to his house uninvited!
I’m confused. It doesn’t really make sense, that they’d really order all this merch
I guess- I guess he’s like my best friend now, and he loves my videos now, all of a sudden
He’s got like a ton of dope cars outside. My boy’s a savage. This is his house
He’s got like Rolls Royces and whatnot
We got the merch, bro, i’m kinda nervous
Yo, is Austin here?
Oh, what up, Hila Kleiner
Is Austin here?
Austin is not currently here
But, I love the way that he knocks on the door, like he’s a 12 year old looking to play or some shit
I’m a 12 year old. Can Austin come out and play? I brought your merch, dude. I filmed the front of your house. Is that okay?
I filmed the front of your house
I’m gonna put that in my Vlog for five million people. You want to come out and play daug?
I have some gushers and Capri Suns, dude. Let’s go play
That shot of this is his house
It’s almost hard to believe that it wasn’t doing it on purpose
That you that he’s intentionally doxing. I mean, it is pretty insane. He’s like- here’s his house
Here’s the full silhouette of his house: the view the neighborhood, his cars
Here’s everything you need to completely identify where he lives
Bro, we got your merch
We got your merch, bro, we got your merch
What’s going on?
We thought we would hand-deliver the merch to you, and we’re hella confused because we were all like
“Yo, we made song a new dog for life.” We’re like “yo, you got the merch,” so good man
You know, the merch is fine, so we’re good
We’re hella confused. Y’all want a beer?
No, no, I’m good. You’re good. Can we Vlog, or no? Sure, let’s do it
What’s going on?
By the way, they’re being filmed from across the street- secret camera shit, and he is-
It’s so creepy
It’s super creepy, and they have labs on, and he asks Post during recording this: “do you mind if we Vlog a little bit?”
He doesn’t say, “do you mind if my homie–“
“Who’s a fucking private detective spying on you, showing your whole neighborhood in front of the house? Do you mind if we use this footage?”
Bananas! I’m gonna daddy up on you, Jake. Come up and see it on Daddy’s lap
Somebody’s got to spank this kid!
Do you think he likes it? It’s good because we like him, so, I’m like
Oh, yeah, we’re friends right? Do we go in, or..?
We should just- yeah, we should just stay right here
This is good.
He’s putting pants on . Alright–
Austin is like in his- in his- pajamas, and they’re recording it– yeah– and he doesn’t know that-

That’s so insane
Hey, I’m gonna put pants on. I’m not comfortably filmed like this. Okay!
Okay, cool
So it’s clear that Austin thinks the video hasn’t started yet. He is going to put pants on– yeah-
And then they’re going to record– yeah of course
Yo, you’re a savage– savage. I love your music.
Thank you, sir
So we were like yo, we gotta hand deliver him the merch
Thank you, sir
It’s good stuff right?
Got some good stuff, man
it’s like a God ch-
[interrupts] Yo, but–
It’s like a God church
I just need a little bit of explanation, cuz it’s like- you were kind of like Iffy about the song bro
You’re like, but then you got the merch. so —
yeah, man. I just you know that merch is fine
I’m a clothes guy. So the–
I know you got that had the aesthetic going
He looks angry
Yeah– he’s just like what are you doing?
He’s like “okay, I was nice to you and now you’re also on top of they’re gonna put me on the spot and start asking me like-“
I need an explanation
Were you making fun of me? Because there’s no way you’ll make fun of me right? You’re a Jake Pauler, right?
He should have shot him. He should have just shot him dead
You know what Austin should have done? He should have daddy’d up and spanked him
I’m just throwing this out there, and you got to do anything with it
but we got another song and
There’s a verse open
Is there a verse for me and Ethan?
there’s a verse for- if you guys both wanna be on it
I got you, we will split it halfway
We can do it
He even drops my name, like, he’s even memeing him there in front of him! “Is there a verse for me and Ethan?” You gotta love it
You know, this invitation for Post to come
Do a- do a verse is like “would you like to come end your career on my YouTube channel?”
Like you’ve built up this amazing career
You’re so well respected by even the most incredible musicians. Would you like to come end all of that street credit by-
Participating on one of my God church memes?
Austin is the nicest dude you’ll ever meet
So I can tell that this is him when he’s mad
I think so, too
I think this is him mad. I agree
I’m telling you bro. It’s a fire song. I’ll send it to you
I don’t know how. I’ll tweet it to you. Yeah, we’ll figu—
He was fishing for his phone number or email
I’ll send it to you. I don’t know how. I’ll tweet it to you. Yeah, we’ll figure it out
Do you have any way- to- can I contact you or I mean…? We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out
I’ll tweet it to you; I’ll tweet it to you
It went so well; it went it went really good. Yeah, I think he’s a fan
I think he- I think he likes us. Bro, he’s a fan. He says he’s gonna be on the song
That went so well
That was amazing. That was just unbe- unb- magic
We’re best friends. Also, let’s do this little epilogue right on
his neighborhood where you can see everybody on the block’s house, everybody’s address– [Hila] in case you didn’t get enough information, let me show you a little more
There’s even a moment here where you can see the license plate clearly
bro, you are in the corner– very much
This is the most corner it gets. You had you had the sniper shot
Yeah, I got it
[Ethan] And here is the private detective who is spying on them the whole time. great job to you my friend?
[Jake] He’s gonna be on my song, my new song– no way– what?– yeah
Dude, what is wrong with you?
How did you translate Austin// [Hila] That went so well
–memeing on you essentially and saying “me and Ethan are going to split the verse, too”
He’s definitely in my next song
At least the dumbest people on planet- like, my only thought is Jake is legendarily stupid
I don’t know if I can give him that credit. He’s not legendarily. He’s just rock stupid
Real probably should have got his number. We know where he lives
We can just come knock-
Yeah, come stop by any time you want, dude. Make sure to film it. That’s how the world works
People love that- when you do that. Next time, if I buy merch from you, please post my credit card number and pin
I’m surprised the video’s still up
It’s been a full day. This video has
4.3 million views. This is nuts, Jake.
You gotta apologize and you got to remove this video or daddy’s going to spank you because you need a daddy
Your parents have failed. Your investors have failed. Your brother have failed
It’s time for you to step up and take some responsibility in your life
And stop being such a little shit
[outro, thanks for watching]

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