James Holzhauer Beats Roger Craig’s 1-Day Record! | JEOPARDY!

James Holzhauer Beats Roger Craig’s 1-Day Record! | JEOPARDY!

(“Think” by Merv Griffin)
– [Announcer] A graduate
student of computer science
from Newark, Delaware, Roger Craig.
A professional sports gambler
from Las Vegas, Nevada,
James Holzhauer.
– Daily Double.
Daily Double, finding it way too early.
– 4000.
Who is Harriet Tubman?
– (Alex) Yes indeed!
And you’re now at 9,400.
– Window maximum please.
– Yes.
– What is anemia?
– Anemia’s right!
And that takes you up
to 13,000, a huge leap.
Daily Double.
– 7,000.
– Alright.
– What is Waiting for Godot?
– Right you are! Boy!
Lead over Sameer.
All of it? Okay.
– Who is Jesse James?
– Yes, indeed.
Answer, daily double.
Answer there, the daily double.
But if you made this a true daily double
and responded correctly
you would have 67,200!
– I’m not gonna wager that much.
– Alright.
– Who is Hermes?
– Hermes, right!
5,000 more, 38,600.
– Uh, 25,000.
– Alright.
– What is Moorish?
– Moorish is right.
47,000 for Roger.
It’s up to Roger Craig, could
set a new one day record here
if he came up with the
Bridge on the River Kwai.
He did, I hope he wagered a lot.
He did, new record!
4400 off the one day record James.
– Okay, I’ll try.
– And how much did you raise?
38,314, a new one day record.
– 11/09/14 is when my daughter was born.
– 110,914.
Is it too soon to start thinking about
Ken Jennings comparisons?
(upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “James Holzhauer Beats Roger Craig’s 1-Day Record! | JEOPARDY!”

  1. I knew once I saw him on the chase the dude was the smartest guy for trivia I’d ever seen. Does not surprise me he’s doing well on Jeopardy.

  2. Uber smart? Yes. But there is something strange, creepy crawly about him. I don't know what it is, but "it" is there.

  3. He passed up $34,286 to finish with his daughter's birthday. Very sweet father …. but that's a good chunk of change.

  4. Amazing. He had the awareness to wager (and win) the correct amount of money to reflect his daughter's birthday. Wow!

  5. James has re-newed my interest in Jeopardy. He is Awesome!!!!!! Love to see him go up against the computer some day soon.

  6. I’ve been watching him and cheering for him everyday..he’s truly amazing!!! The only way he can lose is if he gets a daily double and bets a lot of money…I honestly think he’s gonna break ken Jennings record..let’s go!!

  7. I love Alex but this is all fabricated by Jeopardy to bring in the ratings. They're making it must see tv. Look at James demeanor its not one of a real participant. Its like he knows the answers prehand and is jst playing the part. Its all bullshit im still watching its entertaining but its not real

  8. This isn't possible. Nobody can buzz in that fast continually, the reaction time simply isn't possible nor is answering that many questions correctly, the odds are beyond astronomical, and all this from a "sports better." Maybe a world famous scholarly savant, and even then you'd have to possess fine motor skills faster than the greatest pianist. Sure…

  9. Mr holzhauer has a big risk big reward strategy plays the high dollar squares and wagers everything on daily doubles

  10. …How many of the Jeopardy "Champions" are actually "Ringers" who been previously given all the answers? That Alex Trebek is a Zionist Owned Puppet is Obvious !

  11. That Final Jeopardy wager was almost as pimp as when John Carpenter used a lifeline to tell his dad that he was about to win Who Wants to be a Millionaire

  12. Not only was 9/14 the day his daughter was born but also the day the previous one day record was set. Is it possible that was his actual intention?

  13. He calculated the number he needed to get his daughters bday and came up with the answer in 30 seconds, this guys insane.

  14. Excuse me sir…………….we need to check your ID………….I mean IQ….you might not be allowed in here because you're over the limit!!

  15. A complete hoax and FRAUD to boost viewership, Seriously. Arrest this guy and show's producer….sooner or later. Lol.

  16. (Sigh) Fixing game shows HAS BEEN ILLEGAL since the 1950s quiz show scandal that inspired this show. A lot of you who are yelling FIXED or RIGGED have a lot to learn.

  17. Crazy How much hate James is getting. He's developed a method and works hard to acheive it. He is not "cheating the system" or "breaking Jeopardy" as some are saying, he is just really good at what he does.

  18. They should have an "All-Detroit Hood" episode, where all categories are related to the Detroit drug scene from '66 thru '99'. His two co-contestants would be OG Malik, & Sista Shaniqua. Final Jeopardy answer: suggestion: "He was drunk when he beat Earl The Wino's ass with a broomstick on the 4th Of July 1982 in Woodies Bar".

  19. Roger Craig: i have the highest one day record on jeopardy EVER
    James Holzhauer: hold my beer
    Edit: only three likes in nineteen hours? Come on wtf

  20. And Mengele thought he was doing things the right way to come up with genius, attractive and intelligent humans. James has discovered it takes merely reading children's books to get where he is today!

  21. I've actually met Sameer — he was one of the people I played against in the National History Bee (he mentioned David Madden — that's one of the competitions Madden runs) in 2014. Needless to say, as the three-time returning champion, Sameer dominated that round against me and all the other players. If he wasn't on against James, I'm sure he (as it would be for many other players) would've had a much better shot.
    That being said, I'm in awe of how well James is doing. It's amazing that he not only did this, but that he also continued to break his own record. Keep at it, James (assuming you're still winning)! Hope to see an epic James vs. Ken vs. Brad match one day.

  22. Thank You So much Jeopardy for All The Great Years. I watched a bit when I was little. Then When I was 19 in 2010, I watched consistently with my family but Now After 9 Years of 2019 in My Early Adult Life, I must step down from watching. But Thank you so much for the Entertainment You Have Given Me All These Years. 🙂

  23. James H. Is a talented person to answer more questions than what Google ask. He should be a teacher for United States History

  24. I think it's safe to say these guys didn't get laid in high school. This show is pathetically boring especially Alex Trebek. They should cancel this garbage. Let's Make a Deal was far more exciting than this crap….. What do you think about my comments?

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