Japanese PlayStation Classic – Unboxing & First Impressions | Gaming Off The Grid

Japanese PlayStation Classic – Unboxing & First Impressions | Gaming Off The Grid

Hey guys, Gaming Off The Grid her.
As you well know the critics have spoken and
the PlayStation Classic was a flop, but the
version from Japan had us very intrigued.
It’s got a different line up of games, and
a couple shmups on it, so we’re pretty excited
to unbox this and let you know our first impressions.
And we are also drinking a beer by Blue Blood
We are drinking their Blueberry Hop Pursuit.
It’s a milkshake IPA.
Alright, sounds very interesting, you know
the drill, make sure you hit that subscribe
button and ring that bell icon so you never
miss an upload and sit back, relax, pour yourself
a beer if you care too, and stay tuned for
this episode of Gaming Off The Grid.
Alright, here we go.
The PlayStation Classic from Japan.
We beat the hell out of the PlayStation Classic
here in the U.S. Canceled our pre-order, a
lot of people are disappointing.
We’re not going to re hash all of that.
Why did we look into the Japanese version?
Well, it has a different line up of games,
I mean some of the games on it are the same,
but it has a lot of shmups and some really
cool RPG’s that are not in the American version.
And we love our shmups.
Absolutely, so the issue is still in place
for those of you wondering, oh the PAL version
of certain games.
That is still an issue with the Japanese version.
They are defaulted to PAL region.
I do believe there is a way to hack into the
main frame with a keyboard or some other devices
to switch those over to NATC.
It’s annoying you have to do that, but that
is still an issue running with this.
However you mentioned different games, so
there are 8 games that are a point of difference.
The rest of the catalog is consistent.
So, the games that are different.
In the Japanese version, we lose Cool Boarders
2, Destruction Derby, Grand Theft Auto, Odd
World: Abe’s Odyssey, and Rayman.
Syphon Filter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.
The last one that is not on the Japanese classic,
and this one stings a little bit because this
is PlayStation Classic to a tee, and that
is Twisted Metal.
Yeah, that game is so sweet and it kinda sucks
that it is not in the Japanese version, but
I’m guessing it probably wasn’t as popular
over there, so that’s probably why.
Yep, so those are ones on the U.S. version
that didn’t make the Japanese version.
Now let’s jump into the ones that are on the
Japanese version that are not on the U.S.
You get Arc the Lad 1 and 2, Armored Core,
and then we get into the 3 heavy hitters that
I think, at least for us swung the pendulum
this direction.
G Darius, and I’ll let you take the next one,
cause it’s one of your favorites.
G Darius and Gradius Gaiden!
Oh my gosh, I love the Gradius series.
I’ve said it in so many episodes and I’m just
so glad that we have this on here.
Yes, so we have it on our PSP in that collection,
but this is a very easy way to obtain this
And both of those shmups, the G Darius or
Darius, I don’t quite know if I’m ever saying
that quite right and Gradius Gaiden.
They are 2 player shmups, which we look for
those all the time because individually we
love shmups, but when we can play them together,
and go through a good shoot em up, 2 player
co op, that’s pretty epic.
It’s bad ass!
Yeah, and if you haven’t played that version
of Gradius, it is incredible.
Like it is up there, it’s kinda a debate always
is the first Gradius, this one, or Gradius
5 the best?
A lot of people will debate back and forth
between those three, but it’s definitely in
the conversation for best in the serious.
One of my favorite RPG’s from this time frame,
Parasite Eve, Probably going to, you know
there is obviously the language issue, but
I wish that would have made the U.S. version.
And the last two, I might butcher this name,
SaGa Frontier, and then XI or Devil Dice.
I think it really boils down to A. Can you
get a good deal on it?
Which we did.
And B. Which group of games do you like?
And I don’t think this is necessarily something
you have to go out and get, I don’t know the
packaging is done really neat.
I do love, I mean the casing it just all feels
really awesome.
I think they did a great job.
Like the packaging and whoever dealt with
the aesthetic and design.
The design team hit it out of the park, everything
was packaged so perfectly and cute.
The box is pretty much identical to what the
old PlayStation box is.
As far as look, feel, opening it, that is
going to give you that huge nostalgia rush.
Then it comes down to the content.
And the Japanese version is by no means perfect,
but for us there were two games on it in those
shoot em ups that we will play on the regular
over and over and over again, because those
types of games, even if you beat them once,
you want to get better and faster, improve
your score, and they are just the type of
games we really like and again finding east
access to 2 player shooters is not the easiest.
It’s a weird genre.
It’s kind of got a cult following, so those
games aren’t as readily available and a lot
of them are kinda spendy, so to have those
2 right on this thing thats why we had to
pick it up.
And now lets talk about our first impressions
when we plugged it in.
What did you think of like the menu? and everything
like that?
It’s very bear bones, I thought.
That PlayStation sound when you turn it on,
its so iconic, oh yes, brings back so many
Yeah, that was great.
It is just very limited.
It’s got the turn style when you scroll through
the games, which is eh it’s okay.
I just wish there was more costumization.
I wish that you could change the background
a little bit.
It’s just overall, we’ve said it before, it
was just kind of a rushed project, yeah.
I do think that this version of it edges out
the other offerings.
I totally agree, and speaking of edging.
What did you think about this beer?
This is a very unique beer.
Yes it is.
Umm we don’t get to surprised very often or
are like caught off guard.
I don’t even know really what to say about
It’s a very thick and chewy IPA, umm the lactose.
If you guys can see that on camera there.
Like you cannot see through this beer what
so ever.
It’s very cloudy.
It kinda looks like a smoothie, or some type
of health drink.
It defiently has a very lactose component
to it.
It is very unique.
I like it, I don’t really know what else to
say about it right now.
The blueberry comes through a little bit,
mild hoppiness.
I’ve never had a beer like this, mo me neither.
And it’s very unique, it is kind of hard to
describe, but it has a really good flavor
and the blueberry comes through.
It’s a milkshake IPA.
And I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of
that before but that’s what this is.
So from an IPA fan stand point, would you
reccomend this to another IPA fan that maybe
isn’t like your typical beer drinker.
Oh man, I don’t know.
If I were to try this without knowing what
it was, I don’t know if I would be able to
tell it was an IPA.
I’d be like whoah, that’s really unique.
What is it?
Yeah, umm but as an IPA fan, I’m enjoying
And I don’t know, it’s just very unique and
it has that mild hoppness to it but It’s just,
it’s very good.
If you are out and about and see this beer,
I would definitley reccomend picking it up,
just cause it is such an odd expeirnce.
I’m glad we have this, and I’m excited to
get drinking it.
That vanilla, I’m getting some vanilla coming
through, the blueberrys, with some hops, and
it’s just that milk component.
The thickness of this, and you can see floatys
in there, which that is always a good sign.
I love like a non filtered type of beer.
It’s out of Lincoln, NE.
Blue Blood Brewing Company, yep, kind of hard
to say.
Yeah, Blue Blood Brewing Company Blueberry
Hop Pursuit, holy hell.
So anyways, if your stolling through or rolling
through the Lincoln, NE area, you definitley
need to grab this cause it’s just a mind bender.
Alright, anything else you want to say about
the Japanese PlayStation Classic?
Are you glad we got it?
I am really glad that we got it.
I was really excited when they announced the
PlayStation Classic, cause I was like dude,
this is going to be really sweet, and then
they announced the games and I was dissapointed.
And then we pre-ordered it, and then we canceled
our preorder.
It was like a roller coaster, and I was like
Man, I kind of just wish we had it, even if
it was just a paper weight.
I know a lot of people do, the American version
has dropped way in price, but I’m glad we
have the Japanese version, it fills that void
in my heart and we have some amazing shmups
to play.
It’s just so cool.
The box is on display in the room, it’s awesome.
I think for collectors, this is the way to
go, if you are going to get the PlayStation
Classic, I really do, but this isn’t the fix
all, umm I definitly want to get that out
We are happy we got this but you are not going
to be like This is the PlayStation Classic
and this is the way they should have done
I think its marginally better then the American
version so I’m glad we got it.
For the types of games we like it really hits
Our fiddle strings, but its definitly not
a must buy for everyone, so you are going
to need to read your own mail on that but
hopefully now you know a little bit more about
this version and can make an educated decision
As always we appreciate you tuning in, and
subscribing to the channel.
Keep Gaming…Keep Drinking, we’ll see you
next time right here on Gaming Off The Grid.
Hey guys Gaming Off The Grid here and yes
nope nope nope, and no!
Blue Blood, it is a milkshake IPA.
I got, yep that was all correct.
Kay, was that it?
It might be, okay, okay, okay.
I think we might have gotten it there, call
us one take Charlies, yeah.
One take Tony’s

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