Jen Tilly BATTLES The Sharks! | Poker Night in America – S5 E11

Jen Tilly BATTLES The Sharks! | Poker Night in America – S5 E11

– How would you like to play
against the pros on
National TV?
Download now to play and win.
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– From Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood, Florida, this
is Poker Night in America.
(swinging instrumental music)
Welcome to Poker
Night in America,
with Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson,
we are back at Seminole
Hard Rock for day two.
– It’s our second
day in the land
of bath salts and alligators,
but hold on to your potatoes
because Jessica Daley
is about to tell
one of the steamiest
stories in the history
of Poker Night in America.
– Really?
– Nah, mostly she just talks
about insurance premiums,
deductibles, medical
billing, good stuff!
– Well, at least
there’s still the poker.
Firing up day two here
at Seminole Hard Rock
with a brand new
cast of characters
but some familiar
faces as well mixed in.
– [Joe] Tom Marchese is
familiar to me, hi Tom, hi.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Blinds are 25 and 50.
There’s an optional
$100 straddle
that most of the players
are gonna take advantage of
when it’s their turn.
– [Joe] Jessica
Dawley first act here,
raising King Jack off.
– Do any of you guys
wakeboard or no?
– [Joe] Oh my God, Dan
O’Brien always trying to turn
the conversation
to wakeboarding,
geez, give it a rest!
– I went with Phil last
time, is he in town?
– No, he’s in,
he’s in Rio with Michael
Phelps, so I’m sure they’re…
– [Chris And Joe] Oh!
– [Chris] Down there by your
foot, you dropped something?
– Oh really, yeah?
I’m sure they’re
having a good time.
– [Chris] Maybe the
sickest brag ever.
– That’s not a bad place to be.
– Yeah, he was bummed he
couldn’t come to the Hard Rock
because he loves it here,
he loves Poker Night in America.
– Oh yeah, must be real.
– Must be terrible.
– He’s in Rio!
– Hanging with Phelps,
winning all the golds.
– Yeah, I feel terrible for him,
I’ll send him like
a condolence card.
“Sorry you missed
the Hard Rock.”
– So if you go to your
town with your purple hair
are they all gonna
judge you and?
– No, like.
– They just point and shame her.
– [Jessica] Yeah, exactly.
– Like gothic child.
– It is out of the
ordinary there.
But no, they’re so friendly,
like that’s the thing I
miss about being there.
If they had poker close.
Just everyone’s so nice,
just not used to that in
a lot of other places.
– Is there a way to get,
I wanna put some
blue in my hair.
– Yeah.
– [Tom] But I don’t
know how to go about it.
– [Jessica] It’s easy.
– You’re in Florida, it’s
home of the blue hairs!
– [Tom] I mean like
so it doesn’t look…
– [Jessica] Terrible?
– [Tom] Totally awful.
– [Jessica] What kind
of blue do you wanna do?
– [Tom] Like a really electric
blue, like your shirt.
– [Jessica] Do you
wanna do it all over?
– [Tom] But a little darker.
– [Chris] So Matt had no choice
but to try to bluff
the river there,
he only had four high, he’s
actually playing the board
to be honest.
(laughs and claps)
– [Jessica] Oh, nice hand.
– [Chris] He’s gotta fold
to the raise from Jen.
– Got ’em.
– It was like $4,000
to be able to see well.
– Yeah, exactly.
– Seems like a good deal.
Things were a little
bit blurry before.
– Unless he was in some
of Jennifer’s stories
then it’s not a good deal.
– [Jennifer] Phil’s
horror stories.
– They do one eye at a time.
– [Jessica] Jen
seems like a rebel,
I think she would just
do it anyway, yeah,
she would just go for it.
– [Jennifer] Contacts
are so easy, so.
– Pedal to the medal.
– [Chris] Action on Jess Dawley,
raise to 150 with ace-nine,
and look at this, what a good
start for Jennifer Tilly,
she’s got aces this time.
– [Joe] Oh boy, looks
like she won’t be taking
the same bath she took last
time she was on the show,
things are a lot drier
so far this time.
– I kinda wanna hear
some Phil stories.
– No.
– [Chris] Dan O’Brien
calls from the big blind,
here’s the flop.
– [Dan] See the world
through those goggles.
– [Chris] Nine, eight, eight.
Dawley hits her nine.
– [Joe] I would bet that
it’s just because a nine
is close to an eight,
thinking I had trips,
but in Jessica’s case
it’s actually top pair.
– [Chris] 275’s the
bet from Dawley,
the Oscar Nominee,
Jennifer Tilly, calls.
– [Joe] I don’t think
Dan’s gonna be calling here
very often, he’s
just got a gut shot,
one over pair to the board.
– [Chris] What you
know about Dan O’Brien?
– [Joe] He ain’t
callin’, he’s raisin’.
And Jen’s gonna be
a little worried
that Dan might have an eight,
but not so worried
that she folds.
– [Chris] And normally
in this situation
the person who bet first is
usually who you’re worried about
but the person who
bet first to Jessica
has now folded, so
now you gotta think,
well what’s Tilly up to?
– [Joe] Aces, that’s what.
– [Chris] Queen on the turn.
– [Joe] Dan should really
be firing again here.
– [Chris] And here
it comes, 2,100.
– [Joe] He’s gotta take
some time to think about it,
if he goes too quickly,
it could be more obvious
that he’s bluffing, that
he’s already decided
what he’s doing before
the turn even came out.
– [Chris] And there’s
a call from Tilly.
Now the 10 is an
interesting card
because that does fill
in maybe some straights
or if he picked up a
flush draw on the turn.
See if Tilly slows down.
Ah, nope.
– [Joe] She doesn’t, she
doesn’t give Dan the chance
to bet into her again
and it’s probably a good move
because I think he
could’ve checked behind,
he had showdown value once
he made a pair of 10s,
look at that, nice fold to Dan.
– Yay.
– [Jessica] Girls are crushin’.
– [Joe] By the way, is
Jen wearing a crown?
– [Chris] I believe
they call it a tiara.
– Was it the 10, was it
the 10 that got you there?
– It was your face!
(laughs uproariously)
(guitar music)
– Hello, it’s Phil Hellmuth
in the Kimo Sabe Lounge
with one of my favorite
poker players, Liv Boeree,
and you and I met on a
reality show 12 years ago.
I came into coach, you
were a 21-year-old,
didn’t really know
anything about poker
and just started, the rocket
ship started taking off
and speaking of rocket ships,
you’re a rocket scientist.
– Well, I’m not technically
a rocket scientist,
I studied astrophysics,
so I guess rockets go into space
and I more studied
the space itself.
– Whatever, rocket scientist!
– But sure, I’ll go with that.
– All right.
– Yeah, no, we met 12 years ago,
now I can’t believe
it’s been that long.
I had never been
in a casino before,
never played a hand
of poker before,
now here I am, my
first time on TV
and there’s this
six-foot-four tall guy
whose like big loud
voice, telling me,
no, you gotta raise that hand!
And so on, and giving me
all these instructions.
And I’m like, I don’t
know what I’m doing!
And then I look up and
it’s Phil Hellmuth,
I Google him, I’m like wow,
he’s kind of a big deal.
And you and I have been
buddies ever since.
– I think really, you’re
universally loved in poker,
and on that note,
universal love,
let’s do a little
Kimo Sabe mezcal here.
– Yes, please.
– Cheers to Liv being
universally loved.
– Absolutely, thank
you, cheers, Phil!
(relaxed country music)
– I think on Poker
Night in America
I play really good poker
about 82% of the time.
And then the rest of the
time, I just go crazy.
(men laugh)
– [Chris] Back at Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida.
– Fold.
– [Chris] Dan
O’Brien is first act,
that’s into the muck.
New player joining
us in seat seven,
say hello to Dan
Suied, or don’t.
– [Joe] Hello, Dan Suied.
– [Chris] Thanks for
taking the option.
He raises with king-ten.
– [Joe] His last name’s one
letter away from being “suited.”
– [Dan] When you make
10 million, you know,
you can be pretty witty.
(chips click)
– It’s only 25.
– Oh!
– Celebrity rebate.
– [Jennifer] Discount,
awesome, I love it.
– [Chris] Here’s the
flop brought to you
by Kimo Sabe mezcal,
three, queen king.
– [Joe] Top pair for Suied,
second pair for Tilly,
Berkey’s four and six high
is not working out
so well so far.
And Suied raising the
flop lead from Jen Tilly,
this is a pretty thin raise,
you can get action with a worse
hand though it looks like.
– What did you do this time?
Are you just playing like
tournies for a little cash?
– I play a full schedule yeah.
Just max pain.
That’s the biggest
schedule I ever played,
I think I played like…
– [Chris] Of course, this
can always happen also.
– Another 75K.
– [Joe] Oh, that’s an
option, she raises to 4,400.
– [Chris] This is why you
don’t raise in that spot.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Wow, Jen gets
the better hand, a fold,
how about that?
– They don’t like
people to bring money
because everybody’s afraid of
the home games getting robbed.
– Yeah.
– It happens.
– Or raided.
– Or raided, yeah.
So it’s like good
if nobody has money
and just like at
the end of the night
everybody has to tally it up.
– When I first started playing,
we played nothing but
underground games in Pittsburgh.
And one of my really close
friends was at a place
that they busted the
doors down with AKs,
there was like five or six guys.
– Oh my god!
– Raided the whole place.
– [Tom] Like cops, or?
– No, just robbers.
– That happened, or
that motorcycle dude
did that at the Suncoast.
– [Matt] Oh yeah, yeah,
yeah, the Bellagio Bandit.
Man, I got to play
with him for like.
– Oh really?
– [Matt] A month and
a half after that.
I’ll never forget, we were
playing five-ten-twenty
at the Golden Nugget, and the
game had just gotten huge,
and he was like
buried for heaps,
it was like me, Lemana,
and Billy McMahon
and then the Bellagio Bandit,
and he was trying to sell
us flags at a discount.
– Oh, wow.
– [Jessica] Wow.
– It’s like, man,
what a weird spot to be in.
– [Jessica] ‘Cause I remember,
a poker player turned him,
I remember.
– [Dan O] Yeah, he was
selling cranberries,
that’s what got him I think.
– [Jessica] If he would’ve
just thrown those away
he probably wouldn’t
have gotten caught.
– Yeah, the hard,
like, it’s suspicious
you’re selling
cranberries at a discount.
– Oh it wasn’t suspicious,
we knew what was going on.
– Oh you knew, you knew he
was the Bellagio Bandit or?
– I mean at that point.
– Right, right.
– [Tom] I mean he was trying
to sell them for like 10,000
when I heard about it, yeah.
– Really, wow.
– [Jessica] How many’d you buy?
– [Tom] I should’ve.
– Oh no, it’s like,
well if you have a bunch
of cranberries already
but you can’t just take
those things and…
– Yeah, they’re hard to unload.
– Especially when they’re
on the lookout for it.
– [Jennifer] Right, yeah.
– [Jessica] You’d have
to have it locked down
for a really long time.
– Uh-huh.
– [Dan O] But they’re
always gonna know about it.
– [Tom] They changed the
chips over right after that.
– [Jessica] Plus
the higher they go
they actually have them like
marked down to his account
like they have to fill
out the RFID or whatever.
– [Tom] That’s what
they always say,
I don’t know if
it’s true though.
– Well, at the Aria they
put them over that scanner.
– [Aaron] They are
strict at the Aria.
– [Dan O] I don’t know if
they’re just putting on
a whole dog and
pony show for us,
but I mean, she’s smart.
– [Jessica] Well like
I’ve given at Bellagio,
with like a flag or
something, whatever,
they couldn’t cash it
so then I went up there
because of my play or whatever,
then they let me do it,
and I was like, but,
they’re playing, like
they play, I gave them…
– [Matt] They look up your
play through your card
but I don’t think
they’re looking to see
if it’s directly
connected to the chip.
– [Dan O] Yeah, right
well, those, but like,
for the one case plus at Aria
they just put them
over the RFID thing.
– [Tom] I assume that’s to
check if they’re real, right?
– [Dan O] Yeah, that’s
what I’m saying.
But they obviously
have some chip in them.
– [Chris] There’s the call.
– [Joe] Good call, Dan Suied.
– Ace high.
– [Chris] Looks up Berkey
with just ace high.
– Well we’ve gotta leave
the stage here for a second
at the Hard Rock in Florida,
however we will be
back momentarily.
Think of it as an encore.
– [Announcer] Poker
Night in America
is brought to you by our trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
is at Seminole Hard Rock in
Hollywood, Florida, once again.
Nice mixture at the table today.
First-timers and regulars.
There’s one of those
regulars, Jennifer Tilly,
raising with ace-jacks.
– [Jessica] You love Japan.
– I do, I do.
– [Jessica] Wow.
– Yeah, ever since
I saw Tokyo Drift
I always wanted to go.
– No, Tokyo Drift is fire.
– [Dan S] My new favorite
Japanese restaurant’s
in Vegas, too.
– What is it?
– [Dan S] Everybody
probably knows,
I’m sure you guys
have been to that one,
it’s like Y-U-I or something?
– [Jessica] Umaya?
– Yui.
– [Dan S] Yui, amazing.
I went there four times.
– [Jessica] What
is it, where is it?
– It’s hidden.
– [Jessica] Thanks for
taking me this summer.
– You didn’t take her?
She’s not on the list,
then you’re not on the list.
– [Matt] It’s like Spring
Mountain and Arville.
– [Jennifer] Oh
man, what a punt.
– [Dan O] There’s no, like.
– It’s amazing.
– There’s like a small
Japanese symbol above it.
– Oh.
– It’s the best
Japanese restaurant
I’ve ever been to in my life.
– [Jessica] Okay.
– I’m plugging you right now.
– Well the best Vegas restaurant
I’ve ever been to in
my life was in Tokyo.
– [Dan S] Definitely if
you go sit at the bar.
– [Chris] King, queen,
deuce is the flop.
– [Dan S] 160 omakasa,
there’s like a
two-for-one and a 160.
I went to the one in
Miami like two days ago
with my girlfriend,
it was like 350 each,
wasn’t nowhere even
near the one in Vegas,
so I’m like, so miserable.
– Sick brag, you
have a girlfriend.
– [Dan S] Oh you
saw that in there?
– I saw that little.
– [Dan S] We’re not
friends on Facebook?
You know I have a girlfriend.
– Two things, A, I
only have a fan page,
and two, I don’t have
a regular Facebook.
– [Dan S] Oh.
– Wow.
– Sick brag on fan page.
– [Dan S] Fan page, fan page.
– And by fan page I mean, like
the four friends that I have.
I used to have a regular
Facebook, I don’t have one,
I haven’t had it in years.
– We’re not friends on it.
– Who’s your biggest fan?
– Me.
– Okay, I didn’t know
if you have like.
– Yeah I do, I have like
three people I would say.
– [Aaron] Three mega-fans,
anyone you wanna shout out?
– [Dan S] Probably
one’s a stalker,
one’s a stalker, right?
– Exactly, there’s a thin line
in between mega
fans and stalkers.
– I don’t, it’s like
a really thin line,
I don’t want to like
put their name out there
and them then think like, wow,
she looks at all my stuff,
she must really like me!
– [Dan S] Right, does Ash
ever have to be like,
yo, you need to fall back?
– I’m the brawn in this.
– [Dan S] Oh you’re the brawn?
– I’m in the brawn
in that dynamic.
– [Dan O] There’s a lot that
goes into keeping games healthy
and I feel like most people
were far too self-interested
in order to do what it takes.
– [Jennifer] Yeah,
but like I can get it,
if you have a fish on
the line, and like,
why would you want anyone
else that’s like decent
coming in and taking
the money out?
– [Dan O] The majority
of things that people do
to think that they’re
catering to the spot
ultimately like
alienate the spot.
– Like what do you mean by that?
Because sometimes I’ve been
feeling quite alienated.
Like I get very insulted
when people say,
hey, we’ll give you
your rake bait back.
I’m like, what do
you mean by that?
Keep your stupid rake.
– [Jessica] They’re
just nice people, yeah?
– Yeah, so like what kind
of things are you saying?
– [Dan O] Well I
just think like,
when you start playing higher,
a lot of people are
playing for the challenge
not just for the
ability to make money
so they want to be pandered to,
but you shouldn’t cater
to them to the level
where they’re calling the shots.
– [Jennifer] Yeah, where
they’re giving rebates and…
– [Dan O] Or even just letting
them always set the line
and stuff like that, like
let them set the seats,
that’s fine.
– But see, here’s the problem,
it’s not the, good luck.
– [Jennifer] Well
that accelerated fast.
– Do I have to flip mine?
– [Joe] So I kinda look at
this like losing one of these
is kind of like losing flip,
because some of the time
you’re gonna be the one
with the aces, so 50-50.
– [Chris] That’s true,
technically you will have
aces and kings the equal
amount of time, correct?
– [Joe] Exactly.
– [Player] Nice hand, nice hand.
– Seven.
No fun.
– [Chris] Things are
not good for Suied here,
as the run out holds
up Marchese’s aces.
– It is nice that,
just living in Vegas,
that you rarely run
into a problem paying
with a hundred dollar bill.
– How are you able to do that?
– Yeah, and everywhere else,
they’re like ooh we
can’t break this.
– Just pay your deductible
up front like that.
– [Jessica] It’s not
your deductible, so like
when you have surgery,
sorry, I’ve just had a lot
of surgery, you have
to meet your deductible
right before your
insurance kicks in.
– Oh right, right.
– But before they
do any surgery,
the hospital where you’re
having the surgery,
they contact your
insurance company…
– [Chris] Is it just me,
or are these poker stories
getting less exciting
than they used to be?
– [Joe] Yeah, they used to,
we started off so strong too,
talking about the
Bellagio Bandit
and now we’re talking
about HMOs and deductibles.
– [Chris] I mean
we are in Florida,
the health insurance
capitol of the world.
– [Joe] That’s true.
– I’ll get billed $5,000 worth
from 20 different entities.
– [Jessica] Yeah,
the anesthesiologist.
– Yeah, it’s $100
here, $500 there.
– [Jessica] Well they
calculate those for percent
so let’s say a
five K deductible,
the hospital won’t
take the five K,
they’ll take 1,200 or 1,300.
– Maybe I went in
with more like 2,000
for them or something.
For like some initial fee.
– Yeah, yeah yeah.
– ‘Cause I’ve got the thing.
– [Matt] Obviously if you
could just have a middle man
do everything for
you, that’s fantastic.
– [Jessica] Well it is
and it’s not though.
– ‘Cause I’ve been
so shammed by that
over and over again
– [Jessica] The downside
is a lot of the times
they’ll over-estimate,
they do it all the time,
they over-estimate,
they’re like oh yeah,
we think you’re gonna owe 3,200,
and I’m like no, no, I have
a bunch of outstanding.
Like let’s say you have to have
an MRI before your surgery,
which most of the
time you have to.
– Right, yeah.
– [Jessica] So the MRI bill
hasn’t come through yet,
I’m like no, no, that’s
not the outstanding bill
’cause they try to
get you that way.
– Yeah, of course.
– [Jessica] ‘Cause then
they get your money
and then good luck
collecting it,
it takes like six months
to get money back.
– [Jennifer] Yeah, it’s
very difficult to get money
once they have it.
– [Jessica] Well they
try to like scam you now,
they try to threaten
you, they’re like,
you have to pay up front.
I’m like no, no, no.
If it’s a private
practice that’s different,
but in a normal
hospital, like, no.
You get to go
through the billing,
that’s why I have insurance,
and my dad just had eye surgery
on Monday and they tried
to get him like that too,
he needed to have 5,000,
like 4,600 in cash,
I was like no, no, no, let
them bill your insurance first.
– [Jennifer] Uh-huh.
– [Jessica] ‘Cause
there’s write-offs.
– [Jennifer] Right.
– [Jessica] And he’s
like, they told me that,
that’s what the
write-off will be.
I’m sure they did, ’cause
they’re hoping that
you’ll be like oh,
okay, here’s, you know.
– [Jennifer] Right, that’s sad,
especially like, there’s
probably older people,
law-abiding citizens
like your dad.
– [Jessica] Right, of course.
– [Jennifer] They
just go oh, okay,
write the little check,
put it in the envelope.
– [Jessica] Put it in the
envelope and mail it off.
– [Jennifer] Lick the envelope.
– [Jessica And
Jennifer] Find a stamp.
– [Jennifer] Drop
it in the mailbox.
– [Chris] Dan calls here.
He could figure that
Mermelstein’s gonna rep this ace
no matter what, and
even if he’s got one
he can still make a straight.
He does not get there, that
jack is pretty much a blank.
– [Jessica] Medical
practice in America
is just so sad,
anyway, the insurance.
– [Joe] Oh thank God the
insurance talk is back,
I was starting to
almost have fun.
You know, Mermelstein
looks like the guy
from the ’90s movie who
no one realizes he’s hot
until he takes off his glasses
except for one
person in the movie
and every single
person in the audience.
– I’m really struggling
to find a hand I can beat,
I have to tell you,
there aren’t that many.
– [Chris] What can Dan beat?
– Two kings.
– [Chris] Pocket sixes
that missed, pocket threes.
– No.
– He’s got two kings.
– [Jennifer] If
he had two kings,
I think he might have won.
– Hmm, all right, 10 seconds.
– [Chris] Dan can be a
bit of an overthinker,
now this is what makes
him a great player
but a lot of us are
just gonna play this
the way it is,
which is sometimes,
it is just what it looks like.
Sometimes they’re
betting top pair.
– [Joe] In the end, Dan O’Brien
makes the wrong decision.
– [Chris] Nice value
bet on the end.
In the words of Luke
Wilson from Blue Streak,
“Belie’ that.”
– [Jessica] Make sure y’all
turn off the microphones.
– I was really just a non
believer on that one.
– I bet you guy didn’t know
these kids can hardly count.
We gotta take a quick break,
but when we get back,
we’ll let you know
what the final scores are.
– He’s like, wait I’m in the
hand and it was like,
rattle, rattle,rattle, rattle in
the bushes.
You’re sitting there all quite
like a snake, I’m gonna be
really quite and she won’t even
see me.
I think on Poker Night in
America I play really good
poker about 82% of the time
and then the rest of the time
I just go crazy.
– [Announcer] Poker
Night in America
is brought to you by our trusted
friend, Kimo Sabe mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– Thanks for coming back
to Poker Night in America.
All right, let’s see who’s
got what in front of them.
As we take a pause on day one,
we see that seat
one doing very well,
Tom Marchese is up $14,000
and Dan Suied, he won two
hands that won him some money
an then he lost
all of that money
with his aces versus kings.
– Well I didn’t learn a
ton about poker tonight
but I did learn how to get
the most bang from my buck
out of my health plan.
Goodbye, psoriasis,
and goodbye, you.
We’ll see you next time, from,
still here at Hard Rock, okay.
– That’s right, very
good, nice job, Stapes.
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For Joe Stapleton,
I’m Chris Hanson,
we’ll see you next time
on Poker Night in America.
Yeah, don’t itch it,
it makes it worse.
– [Jessica] So you have to
meet your deductible, right,
before your insurance kicks in.
– Yeah, yeah.
– [Jessica] Before
they do any surgery,
the hospital or wherever
you’re having the surgery,
they contact your insurance
company and see where you’re at
in your deductible, if
you’ve paid zero out…
– Can you just
get this one spot?
– No, not touching you.
– Over the clothes.
– I’ve seen where you’ve
been, no thank you, man.
Poker Night is brought to
you by Kimo Sabe mezcal.

44 thoughts on “Jen Tilly BATTLES The Sharks! | Poker Night in America – S5 E11”

  1. I'd sell my soul to the devil to spend the rest of my life with liv b. We'd have to get at least 20 years together. Swear to G-d I would.

  2. Haven't watched a second but I saw the line up. I expect boring nittery by everyone who isn't Jen Tilly.

  3. 8:52
    Holy smokes when did Tilly learn how to play poker? She's making high class moves now. Nice Bluff right there!!!

  4. Please…..Don't bring Dawley back…..1st episode I have not gotten to the end of…..Bored is an understatement

  5. 20:20 was a great example of leveling your opponent.
    There's a quote in poker:
    ''if you can't call, you must raise.''
    You may risk the chips by c/r the river if your villian had AJ & called, so be it.
    If you thought having a tough time calling, it's best folding.

  6. Funny how the US is still stuck in the era where they can't trust someone who pays with $100 bills. I Canada, we changed our bills so now, nobody even checks if your money is real. It's that difficult to duplicate illegally.

  7. Phil Helmuth is trying to to do Kimo Sabe Mescal what Michael Jordan did to Gatorade. Sorry, Phil, it's not gonna work.

  8. it's funny how everyone at the table has some kind of inside information on how to hit a lick. why are they casually discussing how to steal

  9. jesus that ad with liv and phil when he poured the drink i was worried he was going a little cosby on that shit

  10. The healthcare discussion was more interesting than the announcers talking over it. Healthcare is far more complex than poker in the USA unlike in every other modern country.

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