Jennifer & Tami Say Evelyn Slept with Shaunie’s Ex | Basketball Wives

– So, you know,
she’s talking about the situation
where you said that… That’s what
she’s talking about it. – I didn’t say that.
I was asked that. – Okay, so just…
– There’s a difference.[tense hip-hop music][sighs]
[bleep] – Why don’t you just say it
so then you just get it out?♪ ♪Think she gonna let it go? – I mean… – And that’s
a hell to the no. – I feel like the real reason
of this retreat is for Tami to mastermind
some bull[bleep]. – Okay, so what is it? – And, if you claim
you’re so happy, and you’re so busy
and [bleep] booked, then why you worried
about bull[bleep]? Okay,
so I’m just gonna say this. Tami and I had a conversation. She told me
some information that only a select few people
were privy to– – I know you’re trying
to save your ass right now. – No, I’m not trying
to save my ass. – At this time last year,
you were very spiteful, you were very vindictive
towards her, so there were things that
you were willing to do. – Right, so you and I
had something in common. We both were not
[bleep] with her. I [bleep] acknowledge that.
– I openly acknowledge that. – Could somebody tell me
what this has to do with me, ’cause none of that
has anything… – We’re circling around
to that, because I guess
she felt like she needs to cover her ass
with her friend, but– – No, I’m not covering–
I’m not covering my ass. So Tami and I
had a conversation about Evelyn
sleeping with your ex. That was the conversation. – Sleeping with who? – [bleep] – I–Shaunie, I swear on my kids.
– That’s–that’s– – Who–I told you that?
– No, you didn’t tell me. – So where’s it coming from? – I don’t–don’t look at me
’cause I didn’t say it. She told me. – Tami, you did not ask me. “Was that [bleep] true?”
You didn’t hear that? – Shaunie, call him right now. – Y’all have always
had a vendetta. You try to drag me in… – I’m not trying to
drag you in nothing, Jen. You are the person that said it
out of your mouth. – [bleep] that.
Nah. Bitch, you’re lying.Tami has always had
a issue with Evelyn.
You still mad
over the Kenny [bleep]? – You [bleep] my man
when I was married to him. You [bleep] just say that. – Okay, but I didn’t know
you was married to him. – Because I thought y’all
worked through that [bleep] a long time ago,
or was it all bull[bleep]?And you’re only
bringing it to this group
because you’re upset because
Evelyn and I are friends. – This is bull[bleep]. Call him!
I hope you believe me. Shaunie, I’ve never… [voice breaking]
Ever in a million years, have I ever [bleep]. I’ll put down my son. I would never
do that [bleep] to you. I’ve never.
That [bleep] never happened. – Let me be clear.
– She was upset. I don’t even care, like,
I would never do that to her. – So let me be clear to you. – And for y’all to bring this
[bleep] up in this moment– – Oh, it ain’t no “y’all.”
It ain’t no “y’all.” – You knew a year ago, right?
– I knew a year ago– – So why didn’t you
tell her then? – Because I wouldn’t say that. As much as you think I have
a vendetta against you… – Yeah, you do.
– And I would never say that. You do, because for
anybody to bring this up, something like that
is [bleep] up. – I didn’t bring it up.
I didn’t bring it up. – That’s your friend, and that’s the reason why
I did not say it a year ago.– I feel really bad
for Shaunie right now,
and I could see
the anger building in her.
When Shaunie’s nose
starts flaring, like that,
you know she’s pissed. – Well, this is somebody that’s
also known me for two decades, and knows everything that
I’ve [bleep] done, and we’ve never
had that conversation because that [bleep]
never happened. Never happened. – You know what, Evelyn? – Listen to me.
This is bull[bleep].♪ ♪

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