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– Hi.
– Hello, hello.
Hi, Jen.
– You look pretty!
– Oh, my gosh,
you’re gorgeous!
– Hi. Nice to meet you.
– Welcome!
– Come on in.
– Thank you for having me.
I’m really excited to meet
this relationship coach Spicy
because I need help
in this department.
I’m making some bad

I want to have a healthy,
functional relationship.

I wanna start a family.
I wanna be

potentially dating
the right person
instead of a bunch of
– So you reached out
looking for what exactly?
– I just got out of
a really bad relationship.
And I just feel like
I keep getting in all these
wrong relationships.
– Okay.
– So I need to figure out
what I’m doing wrong.
– I’m so happy that
you took the assessment.
But I want to go over
these results with you,
because I have so many
and because there were
some areas of concern.
You showed signs
of jealousy in here
or experiences in relationships
with jealousy.
Is that something
that is pretty recent
or past relationships?
I mean–
– No. I mean I think
in my marriage–
I was married to an athlete.
I mean, I think that
right there alone–
it’s like I had to
deal with, you know,
the whole, like, groupie
and other women.
I am definitely not looking
to date another athlete.
I never had closure
with Eric.

That’s been a chapter
in my life.

Did it, been there.
I feel like these guys
are so young now, too,
like they chase some [bleep]
all around.
I’m good on that.
– Was there something
that has recently happened
or that is going on
in your life
where your trust
is now at stake?
– I’ve been in court
with my ex.
– Mm-hmm.
– I’ve been having some issues
with some friends,
God, it’s just like
don’t wanna start crying, but–
– It’s okay.
It’s okay, go ahead.
– My mom recently
passed away.
– I’m sorry.
– And, um…
my parents got divorced.
I didn’t see my parents
have a healthy relationship
growing up.
I do remember
my parents like fighting
in front of me.
– Mm-hmm.
– I absolutely adore
my mother,
and so to see her
in that much pain,
it really affected me.
– It’s unfortunate, because
you’re repeating the same
patterns of your mother
and father’s relationship.
That decision-making is showing
up in your assessment–
your inability
to pay attention
when the red flags are there
or the signs are there.
– Yeah. You know,
it’s been difficult for me
because I kinda feel like
I’m kinda in this
by myself.
– By “in this,” what do you
mean by in this?
What are you in?
– The world.
I never wanted to end up
like my parents.
I didn’t want to be alone.
That was one of the reasons
I believe

that I probably stayed
in my marriage
a little longer
than what I should have.
But I do understand that
I need to make
some better decisions

I can’t dwell on the past.
I gotta set the model
for doing this [bleep] right.
You know, sometimes
I deal with things, um…
not in the best way.
And I think it’s made me,
like, a little bitter.
For a long time,
I was really angry.
– Mm.
– And I’m trying to get
past that anger,
it’s been really hard.
– You know, you have to
release other people
from your life that may be
holding you down
and weighing you down
because it’s affecting
your current relationships
when it comes to your
and when it comes to
you finding a partner.
– Coming up on…

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