Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage Talk ‘Young Sheldon’

Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage Talk ‘Young Sheldon’

What is it like working
with Jim and playing him as a young Jim, or
a young Sheldon? I’m going to be honest
it is tremendous. And he is incredible,
and he is awesome, and I love him so much. And he’s such an
incredible Sheldon coach, which is sort of a given. You don’t need much coaching. Well, look at us
working together. Yeah look at you. Those were the days, now
you’re off on your own. Yeah. So you’re really enjoying it. I am really enjoying it. That’s great. And you’re a nice guy. I heard that your mom said you
can keep acting as long as you remain a nice guy. Yes and that’s– it’s
sort of perfect for me, because I love being kind
and I love acting so– Aw. [APPLAUSE] Thank you Well, then I think you’re
going to have a long career. All right, so you met Oprah? I did. Yeah, what was that like? So when I met Miss Oprah, I– yes she’s incredible– I’ve always wanted
to meet her she’s incredible, just like I always
wanted to meet you and– Sure. [LAUGHTER] So I went up to her, but I
also thought, my grandmother– [? Mamay ?] I call her– she loves Oprah. So I thought if I can get that
picture I can really just make her envious. Yeah, she’s even right there. Yeah, your grandmother is here. Yeah. But I was just like, I’ve
got to get that picture. And then I got the kiss,
which was even better. Well it looks more as if she’s
smelling your face, but she’s– that’s what she’s known for. She loves to smell
people’s faces. Or a kiss. Either one. All right, maybe
she was kissing you. I don’t know. Young Sheldon airs
Thursday nights on CBS, after the Big Bang Theory.

100 thoughts on “Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage Talk ‘Young Sheldon’”

  1. Marty ten cuidado, si te ves con tu del pasado podrías crear una paradoja y detener el espacio-tiempo.

  2. Oh my heart.. I love the character of young Sheldon in movies.. Hearing from Him in person is even worse. Now I see that he's naturally a young mature baby. Thanks Ellen

  3. Young Sheldon seems like a nice kid. I hope he doesn’t grow up to be homosexual like Jim Parsons because nobody wants that for their kid.

  4. How the Holy mother is Ian not the son of Tom Cruise (or may be his clone) ? I mean doesn't he look like the child version of Tom Cruise?
    Huh may be it's just me… 😲

  5. Am I the only one who notices similarities between Ian Armitage and young Jackie Evancho's confidence and intensity?

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