Jimmy Had Steph Curry Secretly Slip Funny Words into His NBA All-Star Interviews

Jimmy Had Steph Curry Secretly Slip Funny Words into His NBA All-Star Interviews

-Guys, last night
was the NBA All-Star Game.
and one of the biggest plays
everyone’s talking about
is Steph Curry’s assist.
Check this out.
It’s this bounce pass, watch.
-It’s Curry with a high
bounce pass!
-Oh, yeah!
That was awesome.
-Do’ing! Yeah.
-We love Steph Curry here,
so a couple weeks ago,
we asked him
to try something fun.
We gave him three weird phrases
and asked him to sneak them
into the interviews
he did over All-Star weekend.
[ Light laughter ]
So, the phrases…
The phrases he had
to sneak were…
“energizer bunny,”
“flipping pancakes,”
and “wham, bam, can of ham.”
[ Laughter ]
Now, no one knew that
we were going to do this.
It is time for “Drop It In.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
-♪ Drop it in, drop it in ♪
♪ Drop, drop, drop it in ♪
-From the time I got here,
Thursday morning to now,
I’m just kind of trying
to get as much in as I can,
got to be like
the Energizer Bunny.
[ Ding! ]
Fight this fatigue.
Ever since I touched down
on the ground Thursday morning,
I feel like I’ve been
running crazy.
I got to be Energizer Bunny
this weekend.
[ Ding! ]
Trying to get through it all.
We been having these back
and forth competitions
since we were kids,
since we were flipping pancakes
as youngins in Charlotte.
From the time
I picked up a basketball,
I knew, like, shooting was
kind of second nature,
like flipping pancakes for me.
[ Ding! ]
And then the last one,
it just looked good,
from the time it left the hand.
I was like,
wham, bam, can of ham.
That’s going in.
[ Ding! ]
Wham, bam, can of ham.
I’m out!
[ Ding! Ding! Ding! ]
-There you go right there.
[ Cheers and applause ]
How great is that?
-Come on!
-How great is that?
-Come on.
That’s an old school —
-Steph Curry.
Thank you so much to
Steph Curry and the NBA.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Wham, bam, can of ham.
Oh, my gosh.

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Had Steph Curry Secretly Slip Funny Words into His NBA All-Star Interviews”

  1. Lmao I heard him say all 3 of those phrases and I THOUGHT something was up.. But I also thought "He's in his hometown with his brother and family.. Maybe he is just in a good a$$ mood and is being extra goofy" lolol

  2. The last one was the best because the other two he slipped into the conversations in a way that made sense and then that one was just like an off-brand interjection and I'm sure everyone was like tf lolol

  3. That is too cool. What is NOT too cool is making the NBA All-Star game something other than an East vs. West matchup. More male bovine excrement. It becomes a circus. I boycotted it. Did not watch it.

  4. I remember thinking it was odd when steph said those thing during all star weekend but I chalked it up to nc slang and him being home brought it out of him 😆 I was wayyy off

  5. FAN OF STEPH CURRY,…. love this show as well, and im asking you GREAT PEOPLE COMING THROUGH to subscribe to my music channel, as im going up the latter of success, i wish you TOP LIFE … & thank you 🙏🏽

  6. I would love to see how many people watched this and tried to use his lingo the next day, not realizing it was a joke.

  7. Next time, give him one phrase and make him use it over and over again. Watch that phrase become a household juggernaut.

  8. Steph Curry got me interested in basketball for the first time, he's like the perfect representative for the NBA to gain new fans.

    1. His 3 pointers are so spectacular to watch for new viewers. Anyone can see how impressive it is even if you don't know a thing about basketball.

    2. He is very friendly and humble. A lot of top athletes are arrogant, but he's not like that at all.

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