Job Interview Tips (Part 4): Group Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips (Part 4): Group Interview Tips

In this video, we’re gonna give you some insider tricks on how you can stand out
from the crowd in a group job interview. That’s coming up!
Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, your number one source for hourly jobs,
and welcome to Job Hunters, our weekly advice show, where we go over everything from resume tips
to interview advice and everything in between.
Interviewing with a group can be kind of intimidating.
You’re able to see the other job applicants for this position and compare your answer against their’s.
And this also probably won’t be your standard job interview.
They can sometimes be much longer and involve things like answering questions but also
things like group activities. So by really preparing yourself you can increase your chances
of standing out and getting hired. So here are four tips on how to how you can really impress during a group interview.
First, be open minded.
You’re probably going to encounter something you weren’t expecting.
Interviewers may ask you to role-play a customer service scenario or do some kind of team bonding exercise.
So be willing to jump right in and get started.
Two, be personable.
Group interviews can be used to see how you work well as a team.
So be prepared to really listen to others and collaborate as a group.
And don’t forget to let your personality shine.
You really want to come across as someone who is excited and willing to work.
Three, be assertive but not aggressive.
When you’re interviewing with a big group of people, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd.
And you want to make sure the employer remembers you.
I mean think about it.
How can they offer you a job if they don’t know who you are.
At the same time, make sure you’re not aggressive.
Employers don’t want to see you steal the spotlight from someone else.
That’s not what these exercises are for.
So make sure you can stand out but don’t feel the need to put yourself into every conversation.
Four, be proactive.
Go ahead and introduce yourself to the employer.
We’re not saying to go and jump into someone else’s conversation but maybe arrive early
or stay late so you can really get a feel for what they are looking for.
Seeing other people who are trying to get your job can be pretty intimidating,
but can also give you a leg up on the competition.
So by being punctual, prepared, and polished you can really stand out for the right reasons.
So thanks for joining us today.
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53 thoughts on “Job Interview Tips (Part 4): Group Interview Tips”

  1. Ihad a interview where they asked, if they had telephoned my last employer what did I think they would say about me.

  2. Ugghh this video was literally uploaded the day after my group interview. I was so intimidated and bombed one of the activities:[

  3. I just bombed a group interview at Toys 'R' Us. They had us try to sell something (even though I was applying for an off-hours warehouse job). I had to go first, & I tried selling my cellphone. This gave time for everyone else to prepare, who also chose their cellphones. Except for someone who tried selling his shoe, who also didn't get the job.

    We didn't even shake hands!

  4. Last week I was scheduled to go to an audition at Old Navy, but I had to call in and cancelled because I wasn't able to make it. The hiring manager said she will call me again if another job audition comes up. Should I wait for her to call or should I call in check? I don't want to seem desperate but I would love to work there. What are the chances of getting a call back though after
    missing the first time?

  5. hi kim,i havent worked in a few years,but im hoping to get this job,its a porter job at a hospital,and i have a question or 2 that im hoping you can help me with,im trying to get ahead of the game,i know im going to be doing dishes,do you know what a dish porter wears? ive been trying to figure this out without actually calling them and asking them,hey,what do they wear? ok maybe i should? no im kidding,but could you please help me,or anyone that reads this,can you please help me? i also am 49 years old,only worked 1 other time as a cashier ,which i actaully loved,but got terminated because i was taking too many days off because of my sick daughter at that time,but now she is grown and feeling much better now,anyways im going on an interview on tuesday the 19th,can you or anyone give me any tips on what i should wear? should i wear what the porters wear to this interview,or should i just dress appropriotly.spelled wrong,im sure,but please can you help me? love your videos and thank you so much!!!

  6. Have a group then one-on-one interview with Toys R Us on Monday. So nervous, never had a job or been on an interview before. I have no idea what to expect or what to do when I get there. I just hope by some miracle I get the job.

  7. I have one at Walmart in 2 days I'm a nervous wreck I'm only 16 and for the phone interview I was actually shaking I was so nervous i want this job so bad but I'm so nervous and terrible and any form of interview

  8. There's a new Bonds store opening up close to my University and they require casual staff. Problem is, its a group interview process and I don't do so well with so much attention, I'm great 1on1, but I just cant handle that much attention. I just wanted to know how many people can be in a group interview, and if working at Bonds is a mans job?

  9. I have a group interview Monday with Old Navy and they want me to bring a object that I am passionate about to sell. I am really nervous but I want this job because I seriously need the money. I have no idea what object to bring.

  10. Hi Kim I have a quick question, I have a group interview at a pumpkin patch/farm but I don't know if I should wear jeans or khakis. I was thinking khakis but then again it's for a pumpkin patch group interview so I don't want to show up looking too dressed up. Do you think I should wear jeans or khakis?

  11. Sometimes I feel like I don't get through because I am a little heavier then most people; or the employer is looking for someone better looking. I wish i could feel more confident in these situations 🙁

  12. F%#K group interviews! I don't know when looking for a career became a GD game show. I'm interviewing a job just as much as they are interviewing me. If you can't make time for me, I won't make time for you. Group interview = refuse the offer one less party in your group!

  13. What should you do if people keep copying you in group interviews? This keeps happening and it's frustrating because I'm sharing my life and experiences with them. Then someone comes, steals my thunder, and gets the job. 😡

  14. I have a job interview tomorrow for a movie theatre, it'll be my first job. I hate interviews, I've done mock interviews in school but I was so nervous even though it wasn't real! My first interview is going to be a group interview which makes me 10x more nervous. 😩

  15. I dislike group interviews. I've been doing group interviews lately as contract side jobs, and cunts be straight up stealing my answers. As I reply first, it's obvious to the interviewer that I am being copied, but the cunt person that copies me at least has time to feed off my response, cater off it and articulate it in a way that better suits the interviewer. WTF???

  16. I'm having a group interview tomorrow at 3. Are they a group of interviews interviewing me? Or a group of interviewees with a group of interviewers? Which one are they usually like? Also, is there a chance they might get 3 of us out of a group of 5? Or just one?

  17. Hey um I'm going to my first group interview and I was just curious to know approximately how long is a group interview?

  18. I have a Walmart group interview tomorrow… Im a pretty confident person but I struggle with talking and i stumble a lot. I hope i do good

  19. 😱😱😱😱 I’m so scarred because I have a group interview and it’s my first job interview IDK what to do 😱😱😱😱

  20. this was the dumbest information ever, and seriously if someone hands me a hat and or stuffed snake, I'm going to walk out especially if they think that this is a way to show someone's customer service skills. What you just showed, with your voice intonation that constantly seems like you (the one hosting the video) is always asking a question on a question on a question, and that you never really say any true statements. I would suggest you act more mature in the process and stop thinking that interviews are a joke, such as what you just showed with this interview (I would not hire you, nor any of those actors in the video for a job).

  21. i’m freaking out rn. i have a group interview tomorrow (and even worse it’s my first interview ever) and i’m having trouble breathing just thinking about it

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