Job Search Tips (Part 9): Top 5 Most Complicated Customers

Job Search Tips (Part 9): Top 5 Most Complicated Customers

In this week’s video, we’re gonna go over the 5 most common types of
customers you’ll run into in a
restaurant and retail job. That’s coming up!
If you have a customer service or retail job, you know first hand
that customers can really make or break
your day.
Some will give you a great laugh, while
others will kinda give you a headache.
It happens to the best of us.
Check out these customers and how you should deal with them.
First, Chatty Cathy.
Every now and then you’re gonna get a customer who comes in and
just want to talk to you for hours.
Now this isn’t really bad on a slow day but it kinda seems
to always happen when you have a really long line at the register.
“How long have you been working here? You look new.”
“I just started.”
“Do you know if it’s raining outside?”
“I don’t know.”
“Hey, did you see Katy Perry’s halftime
“I heard about it.”
“Whose your favorite customer? Is it me?”
“Do you play any instruments?”
“I don’t.”
“What time do you guys close?”
Find a way to interject the line of
have a great day and see them on their
way out.
Second, BFF.
These are the types of people who do like to talk to you a lot
but things can get a little too personal.
So whether they’re asking you questions about what
your tattoos mean or if you’re currently seeing anyone,
there’s a way to end this game of 20 questions.
Laugh off the questions and answer in direct one word responses.
Hopefully they’ll take the hint and just
cross your fingers that it won’t get any worse.
“What does your tattoo mean? How many do you have?”
“Are you currently dating anyone? Why not?”
“Haha. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”
Third, the screamer.
We’ve talked about dealing with
difficult customers before
but these guys can really kind of be the worst.
Maybe they feel that yelling at you
will help them get their point across faster and help them resolve their problem.
But we know that really isn’t the case.
So remain calm, apologize, and let them know that their issues are being heard.
“I said I wanted the blue one. How many
times do I have to say it?”
“Are you even listening to me?”
“I’m so sorry about that sir. My apologies.”
“Let me go ahead and grab that for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
“I really appreciate your help.”
“I’m sorry about earlier I was in a bad
mood so
I apologize for yelling at you. It’s nothing
that you did.”
Work with them to resolve the issue in a calm and civilized manner.
Your boss will really appreciate it.
Fourth, Mr. Time is Money.
You can tell who this customer is by the person who’s constantly checking their watch
or doing all the foot tapping.
They may be on a really quick lunch
or maybe rushing off to save a kitten from a tree. Who knows?
Move quickly and only deliver
the information that they
absolutely need to know to get in and out. They’ll really appreciate it.
Fifth, the last coming standing.
This is the customer where you ask them
is there anything else I can get you and
they respond with
yeah, a million bucks! Their intentions are
harmless and they’re really just looking
to brighten your day.
So what do you do? Just give them your most genuine laugh and smile back
and you’ll brighten their day as well.
“I got a great joke for you. You’re gonna love it.”
“Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the
That’s right. Because he was on a roll!
“Haha. Alright, have a great day.”
As you can see it’s important to adjust
your work style to each customer
to provide the best service possible. Now
you know how to deal with some of the most common,
any other type of customer should be a piece of cake.
So thanks for joining us today.
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