♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪
– (FBE) Today you’re gonna
be playing a video game.
– (gasps) Yay.
– Is it like a full-body
some type of action thing?
– (FBE) You’ll be playing
with an HTC Vive,
a virtual reality gaming headset.
– Oh. Wow.
This looks expensive, and I’m
scared that I’m gonna break it.
– VR puts you literally
in a different reality.
People use drugs to do this kind of thing.
Now we have a safe and legal thing to do
without having to die.
– (FBE) You’re gonna be playing
a game called Job Simulator.
In this game, you’ll be
going through the daily tasks
of a convenience store clerk.
– Okay. I can do that.
– Nobody really likes work.
But if it’s in a video game, I don’t mind.
– All right.
Whoa! This looks so legit.
– Whoa! Okay.
It’s like I’m in a video game right now,
and I feel like all my
childhood dreams right now
are coming true.
– (boss) Hello, human.
Welcome to an accurate simulation of…
convenience store clerk.
– Ooh.
– (boss) Take a look at
this board for instructions.
And grab a ticket when
you’re ready to get started.
– Okay. So I take a ticket.
– “Take a ticket when ready.”
Oh, and you actually have
to move into it. Oh, I’m loving it!
– Ticket.
– (boss) Let’s open up this shop.
You can start by cleaning
off your counter.
– Okay. So I just take everything off?
– Ugh.
What do I do with this?
– I need a trashcan.
Oh, it’s over there. But it’s really far.
– (boss) You also want
to turn on the security camera
so you can keep an eye on the store.
– Mm-hmm.
– I’m a G.
(affirmative chime)
All righty.
– Where am I? Oh, I’m
just hands? All right, cool.
– I have to take another ticket, I guess.
– (boss) All righty.
– Okay.
– (boss) Let’s get to business.
Here’s your first customer.
– Oh shoot. Hi.
Welcome to Slush-E Mart.
– Oh wait, these people
aren’t actual people.
– They’re all robots.
This is, uh, shocking.
– You better not do anything bad.
– (customer) Afternoon, human.
I would like to purchase these…
(deep voice) chips.
– Oh yeah, man.
– All righty. I didn’t know robots
ate chips, but let’s go.
– Okay, scan it, and then bag it.
– (customer) Can I also get
one of those meat cylinders please?
– Wait, what?
– (boss) Hot dogs are in the freezer.
– Oh, hot dogs.
– (boss) Make sure you heat
them up at least a little bit.
– Got to get these meat cylinders,
as this person would call.
Come back here.
– Awesome. This is so fun.
– We gotta get buns, which would–
Ugh. Where would the buns be?
– Oh, ha-ha. Got it. Open up.
Oh no!
– (customer) Mm, that looks…
(deep voice) acceptable.
– Okay, cool.
– (customer) …scan that
so I can get eating already.
Thanks a bunch.
– All right.
– There you go. 3.98.
– (customer) All right.
Here’s your paper currency.
– Thanks.
– (boss) Don’t forget
to hand over the change.
– Oh, that’s right.
(affirmative chime)
– (customer) Many thanks!
– Dude, this is so cool! I’m loving this.
– The fact that they change voices
kinda freaks me out a little.
I feel like the robots
are gonna turn on me.
That’s why I don’t trust this.
– Let’s get another ticket.
– (boss) It was important
for stores like this
to maintain a constant stream of customers
so the cashiers wouldn’t have…
– New customer.
– (boss) …contemplate their
rapidly approaching obsolescence.
– Oh my god, this is so existential.
– (customer) Well, hello.
– Oh, hi, fancy man.
Let’s scan these items.
– (customer) Will you kindly
put those in a bag for me?
– (testily) That’s what
I’m doing right now.
– (customer) I’ll take one of those
Frozen Slush-E Delights.
– Frozen Slush-Es.
– Oh, wow! Whoa.
Okay, so Slush-E.
Want a blue one?
– Battery acid blue
and thermal paste pink.
– (customer) Would you
kindly jumbo-size that?
– You want me to jumbo-size it
after I just made it?
Take your Slush-E back.
Oh! Wait, I was supposed
to put it on that. Oh, my bad, dude.
– “Jumbo-size it.”
What do you mean, jumbo– oh.
I got you, fam.
(device whirs)
– (customer) Oh,
I love the taste of sugar!
– Then you also love diabetes.
– That is gonna be America in the future.
(scanner beeps)
– (customer) Oh, you’re
very good at scanning.
Now, would you pass that to me.
(register dings)
And here’s some bank notes for you.
Keep the change, good human.
– Aw, thanks, man. I need it.
– All right. This is actually so fun.
I would honestly play this
by myself, like, forever.
– (customer) So I’m like,
“Yeah, brah, it’s a buyer’s market.”
They’re looking at me
like I’m crazy, you know?
And– wha– what are you talk–
no, no, I’m talking to you.
No, you.
– Hello.
– (customer) Yeah, you.
– I hate when people talk on the phone
when I’m trying to serve you.
– (customer) You. Yeah, you.
– Me?
– (customer) You got that hot dog already?
– Um, yeah.
– (customer) Yeah, uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
– I don’t know who he’s talking to,
but I might have to fight him.
– This guy’s treating me
like I’m an inferior.
But he wants me to make him a hot dog.
You know what? That’s fine.
Let me give him these nasty hot dogs
that are on the ground.
– (customer) Hot dog.
No, I was talking– not you.
– Where’s the bag?
– (customer) No. Not you.
The human.
– Take your hot dog, man.
– (customer) I want some gum. No, not you.
– Okay. Are you on the phone or what–
– (customer) I want to buy
some gum already.
– Yes.
– (customer) What is this,
your first job?
– Actually, yes, it is.
– He wanted gum,
but I don’t see where that’s at.
Oh, ha-ha, these. You want these.
Did I get it?
(gasps) It’s on the floor.
Got it.
(scanner beeps)
Um, I’ll put it in here.
What else do you want?
– (customer) Wow. Took you long enough.
– (scoffs)
– (customer) No, not you. The other–
– You are so rude!
– What else do you want?
– (customer) Wow. Took you long enough.
– Shush.
– (customer) Not you. The other–
– Boy.
– (customer) Forget it.
You won’t be quiet with
those little glasses of yours,
thinking that you’re all cool.
– People should
not be talking on the phone
when they order things.
I will now appreciate this more.
– Give me my money.
– (customer) …how to listen. Am I right?
– Yeah, yeah, get outta here.
– (customer) You. No.
I’m talking to you, bro.
– Dude, there’s some pushy
people in the world, man.
Now I understand
why people hate these jobs.
– Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
– (robber) Nyah. See?
Today’s not your lucky day, pal.
Open that safe, and give me all your…
– All right, all right. All right, man.
– How am I– why am I
supposed to feel threatened?
This guy’s shooting me with a banana.
– That’s a banana.
– (robber) Hyah! Luckily
that was my fake banana.
– What? Oh! I just ate it?
– (robber) Open that safe,
and give me all your cheddar.
– Uh.
– Oh my god, it’s actual cheese.
– Oh, it’s a pun. You’re still dumb.
You’re trying to rob
a store with a banana.
That’s never gonna work.
– This guy wants three pieces of cheese.
I don’t understand why
you would even waste your time
stealing cheese.
– He actually wants
just three pieces of cheese?
– (robber) Nyah.
– Aah. Aah.
I forgot I’m not actually in the store,
and I have to balance.
– It’s a banana. I’m not that intimidated.
But I feel like I’m just
doing this for the game.
– (robber) …more of that
sweet, sweet cheddar.
I’m gonna buy a new pair of shoes.
– Here. Take the cheddar.
(affirmative chime)
– (robber) Later, chump!
You’ll never catch me!
(siren wails)
– Whatever, dude. Your lo–
Did he just get caught?
(siren wails)
– Cops got him.
– What?
Oh my god. Is this like when kids
try to sneak into movies,
and they wear the huge coats?
– Bro, you’re not an adult.
Adults don’t wear this.
– (child) I’m an adult robot.
– Bunch of little kids?
– (child) …purchase some fireworks.
– This is like the classic
kid prank or whatever
to try to get–
– (boss) …seems a little bit strange.
– Yeah, I can see them.
– (boss) …check their ID.
– (child) We– I mean,
I got that right here.
– This is very suspicious. Okay.
– (boss) Check it out
with your universal
scanning device, human.
– Oh.
– “Adult Bot. Age: old enough.
ID: totally legit.
Expired: never.” I mean,
this seems cool to me, so.
– Whatever, dude.
(scanner beeps)
Your thing.
– (boss) Well, the technology
is never wrong.
I guess you can give them their fireworks.
– Real. Got it.
– Oh God, it’s–
(scanner beeps)
What do I– take it.
– (child) Shut up.
– (child) All right.
– (child) Oh no! Let’s book it!
– But you need to pay.
– (child) I can’t go back to jail!
– Go back to jail? You’re like six!
– I like the effort that they put into it.
They should’ve just
gotten their fireworks.
– (cop) Good evening…
– Cops. Whoa.
– (cop) I understand
you were held at banana-point
earlier this evening.
– That is very true. I was robbed.
– (cop) …the suspects.
We just need you to point out who did it.
– Of course.
– (cop) Who took your cheddar?
Here are the three suspects.
Just hand me the one who did it.
– It’s the one who looks like a bad guy.
He’s dressed in a bandanna.
Of course it’s him.
– This is it.
(affirmative chime)
– (cop) Oh, Bandit Bot.
When will you learn?
– His name is Bandit Bot?
– (Bandit Bot) Can’t prove anything!
I’ll get you!
– How was that not like
a “case closed” situation?
– Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
– (cop) …simple for you.
– Look who it is.
– (cop) Just hand me the one who did it.
– ‘Cause now I can point
and blame it on this guy,
who was being super disrespectful.
You’re good, dude.
You stole three pieces
of cheese. It’s all right.
The respect is earned, sir. There you go.
– (cop) This is the bot who did it?
– Yeah, that’s right.
– (cop) Well, let’s go, bots.
– Take this guy off.
– (customer) Yeah, brah.
So I’m going to an area
with, like, bad reception.
– Wait, what? He just got away with it.
Oh, wait. No, he didn’t. Ah.
– (boss) Looks like
you’re getting the hang
of this clerk job, kid.
– Yes, I am.
– (FBE) That’s it for today!
– Woo!!
I got that mean robot out.
That was my goal.
– What? No, I loved this though!
– Loved it, loved it, and loved it.
Forget I ever bought an Xbox One.
Forget about PlayStation.
This is the next future console
if it goes down to like $200.
– It literally feels like
you’re in a convenience store
trying to sell, getting
robbed at banana-point.
– I love it, ’cause I feel like
it’s every kid’s dream
to be like, “Well, I wish I could
live in that video game.”
And here you really can.
– Thanks for watching
this episode of Gaming
on the React channel.
– Thumbs up for more VR gaming.
Please, thumbs up.
I really like this.
– Bye, guys. I really wish
real jobs were this fun.
– Hey, guys. I’m Megan,
a producer on the React channel.
Thanks for watching our teens
try out their first job.
This actually is my job,
so please make it easier by subscribing.

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