Joey Graceffa’s Enchanted Gaming Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over

Joey Graceffa’s Enchanted Gaming Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over

What if the staple just like misses and it goes shooting through the air? Well, that’s why we have these cool glasses on
The heck is going on down there?
Can’t wait to decorate. There’s so much we can make. How will it turn out?
OMG we’re coming over!
Open up we’re here. Okay, you’re yelling like so loud. Oh my gosh.
We are back. We are back with another OMG WACO. I am so excited.
I’m always so excited for these videos. You guys always say you want more Joey, right? Oh my gosh!
We got double Joey today. We are at Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda’s house. They’re boyfriends.
They’re moving in to this new house, but we’re focusing on Joey today because we are doing his gaming room. Hi, I’m Joey Graceffa.
My channel right now is kind of like a variety of all sorts of things, daily vlogs, music videos
web series, anything I really want to do I kind of just do on my channel. Joey’s style is so much fun.
He’s into like the fantasy of life. He loves like enchanted forest vibes like fairy vibes,
fairytale vibes—so it’s gonna be epic. We’re not holding back. This is a gonna be a bold room you guys.
Kate’s actually a little nervous about this one. We were just talking about it. But I said you know what? You just gotta go big.
I’m always nervous because I go bold and it’s like we’re always doing new and different things.
So my main goal is make sure that whoever we’re decorating for is happy. So I just want him to be happy. Subscribe and thumbs up the video.
Go check out Joey’s channel, but wait until the video’s over, let us know what you think in the comments. Yeah, let’s go.
Hey guys, before we get into the designing,
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So now that we all have sparkling white teeth and fresh breath. Let’s get to designing Joey Graceffa’s enchanted room. Shall we?
Empty room! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? No it’s great.
You got more of that stuff here? What? This stuff. My hair?
No, like the color? The bleach? Two Joeys? Yeah!
Have you ever dyed your hair? No. Why? I feel like especially with her.
You would—had do like some crazy color.
I think before this video is done, I think I should dye my hair and learn how to play video games. Yes.
Yeah you guys can just like trade places.
Also getting confused by the ‘Joey’ name.
Yeah, I know
Yeah, I know, you guys just call me José today.
Mr. Kate, Joey Graceffa, and José!
So you’re moving, in like you’re like actively
moving into this place. So the great thing about us being here is we’ll just be able to set this up for you.
So we’re currently in my new home. I’m not even moved in at this point right now.
And this is a room where you’re gonna spend a lot of time.
Yeah, it’s my favorite room, in my last house I had Oh!
That’s a lot of pressure—”It’s my favorite room.” It’s not even done yet!
Well, I don’t know. It’s just a place that I spend a lot of time. It’s where I game, it’s where I’ll
just like relax and hang out.
This room is about his gaming.
I have a gaming channel as well. So I,
record a lot of Minecraft and other video games.
So it’s just like a place that I can record with the cool backdrop.
And also just a nice place to just go to and relax.
And I love that you’re into mysticism. I mean, like you’re into crystals. Like I was trying to think about how to describe your style.
I’ve just always been connected to like mystical, magical types of fantasy stuff.
Joey sent me some inspiration photos of rooms that were kind of a mix of
bohemian with like crystals and feathers and macrame hanging plants, but then also a lot of like
fanciful, mystical, enchanted looking things.
I don’t think I’ve ever created like—an enchanted forest, mystical thing.
It’s gonna be awesome.
Also a little birdie told me that you come from a family who dabbles in construction stuff, or something like that.
And now you’re pretty handy.
My dad is a carpenter, so growing up
I was always on location with and working. And when I was younger
I actually wanted to be a carpenter because I—I don’t know I like being creative and fun with my hands.
Okay wait—I have something I found.
I found these in your box downstairs—your crowns, you know what these are.
What are they? Crowns. I know but like—Joey.. what do you mean?
What are these?
I can’t believe she found those crowns. Those are from so long ago.
These are the most amazing things ever. So we need some crown
mystical power to set our intentions for this space.
This is a space Joey’s gonna be spending a lot of time in.
Where he can feel the magic,
see the magic. We’re gonna create magic. Is that good?
Oh, okay! You’re knighting us?! The power of Joeys!
Alright, let’s go paint. Alright, power of the Joey.
The big moment!
Okay, so we have to paint in here because, as nice as these colors, you know the gray and the white.
We need to create a fantasy sanctuary in here. Yes I agree
So on that note
What color, would you think, we’re gonna paint?
Probably like a bright orange.
Hot pink? No?
Maybe! I mean…
We have every color in the truck. So we could always switch, you know.
I, maybe like a blue-green type of earthy.
So I’m very excited to find out what this color is going to be.
I have something in mind that I’m hoping it’s going to be so I guess we’re about to find out.
Drama, fantasy, enchantment.
Oh my god, I’m obsessed.
I, was envisioning that color exactly!
Oh, have you ever tasted it? It’s an old trick that my dad taught me
You have to taste the paint first.
Shut up! No, you’re lying!
Ready? Yeah!
‘Gorgina’, Joey.
When I was in high school, I was obsessed with the British flag and just everything British.
So, I actually painted one of my entire walls the British flag.
I painted Marilyn Monroe on my closet door. I was in high school.
You painted Marilyn Monroe’s house. Oh my god..
I’m actually 90 years old. I can’t believe you’re her designer.
Because you have more experience—than most.
Oh my gosh. What have I signed myself up for?
I think we should go do some carpentry stuff together.
Oh. Okay.
Are you down with that? I am down.
We can leave Kate to paint. It would be the best thing ever. I always get left to paint.
Wait, what?
Oh my gosh, I’m getting left to paint.
Alright, it’s okay. You know what? It’s fine. It’s fine.
I have painted many a room. Okay?
We come back, your hairs green. Yeah.
I did it!
Joey’s out. Alright, let’s go.
I can be Kate-two-roles. No, I’m gonna come up with a better name for myself. Just you wait.
We have Joey two roles. What shall my name be?
Now I’m barefoot. Kate, the barefoot paintessa.
I’ve got my brush. I’ve got my roller. I’ve got my dance music playing in my head.
All right, so
project time. Okay. It’s three feet by five feet. Okay. We’re gonna frame this right?
All right. So Joey and Joey are building the frame for what will be our moss,
crystal display. It’s a long title.
All right, guys, this is crafting with Joey’s
All right
so we got all of our trim pieces cut with
45-degree angles so we can make a square frame and we’re just going to use some wood glue and a staple gun
So everything’s going great. I’m cutting the pieces of wood so good…and then disaster strikes.
You’re gonna go under
Right, you can like right about here on the edge
What if the staple just like misses and it goes shooting through the air.
Well, that’s why we have these cool glasses on.
What about my pretty face?
It’s a staple gun.
What the heck is going on down there
Whoa, hey, where did Joe the carpenter go?
Did I do it? No.
Did nothing come out? No, It did but it didn’t go in all the way cause you weren’t giving it enough pressure.
Oh my god!
You’re crazy. I feel like we should flip it over and shoot down not up.
Okay, Joey Z is like torturing Joey G.
Must paint faster. Must save small Joey G.
So the product is to make this a little bit more rough-hewn and look a little bit more
like something you just pulled off a tree.
So I wanted to turn this piece of wood into a
live edge type piece, where he’s just gonna take the jigsaw and kind of rough up the edges.
And then we’ll go over with the sander and make it round.
So you do that. I’m gonna go stain the frame.
He says he’s gonna leave me here with the power tool. Got it.
Have fun go on. Is that okay? Yep.
Okay Okay
Are you having too much fun in here? I’m the ‘Barefoot Paintessa. ‘
It’s looking good.
You know, I’m killing it so far.
I came bearing gifts.
All right, so, not only are we doing this beautiful, dark, greeny teal paint, but we also have wallpaper.
How gorgeous. I think it’s upside down. Cause the plants are growing up the wall, yes.
The other thing we’re doing to this room is they have— a pretty basic chandelier that we’re gonna replace with something a little more
artsy, a little bit more whimsical.
The turquoise, chandelier!
We want to keep that kind of bohemian feeling as well, so this wood-beaded chandelier is perfect.
She’s the paint tessa.
That’s actually really heavy. Ow, I like the crowns better.
Alright, go save Joey he’s wondering what’s going on.
Are you okay? I heard you screaming.
Girl, he had me shooting a gun. A real gun. I almost poked my eye out.
Oh my gosh. Joey, I need a ‘Joey’ replacement. Are you available?
I’m available!
Because obviously the other ones off his rocker.
This is why I need to be the one taking people out for DIY projects, because I don’t incite terrifying screams.
Now you’re here with me. Yes, and I see glue guns. That, I can do. That’s that’s the gun.
No power tools. But let’s just talk about how great this looks. Whatever blood you shed was worth it because
this is now amazing looking. So you don’t know what this is yet?
Well, I’m taking context clues from what’s around and I see
my babies over there. Your babies and I know this isn’t even all of them
So you guys might not know this but Joey G, Joey Graceffa
has an obsession with crystals.
And they just somehow connect with me and they’re just so pretty and
they all have different properties
so I became kind of like a
collector and it’s like I need to have every single type of crystal but really only the pretty crystals because I don’t know I just
like pretty things.
So I came up
with this idea kind of like a
3D art piece that will give us some different ledges and areas to display some of Joey’s crystals, but that’s not all
we have
Yes, right
So the idea this is just like fill in all of this with moss
Right, and we’re going to hot glue them all over the back of this brain area
Okay, so this is what I’m thinking with these okay, so these are
Twinkle lights, right? So just kind of like thread them here. Just creating a little pocket with the moss and
Resting the battery pack in the pocket and then, you know covering it with some excess moss
But it’s easily accessible so that they can change the batteries when they need to but then the amazing thing is we have a remote
So I think this might be the moment to say good bye
Until the big reveal!
Bye. Joey! I guess I’ll see you guys later
I’m nervous!
But also very excited
Okay, come on
Come on out. I’m The Lion the Witch in the wardrobe Wow
So you guys have seen me use manzanita branches before and decorating I love them they’re the beautiful dried branches usually gets sandblasted
So they’re kind of that lighter wood. Look. I mean it said they were
seven feet tall, but these things are like
12 feet tall
How do I get it into the pot? Oh no, we should do this outside
We can’t do it outside these things weigh so much and then we’re adding something which is gonna make another 60 pounds on it
So the whole thing with these branches they have to stand up like trees and if we couldn’t make them any heavier
we’re going to put them in the pots with a
Quick-setting cement it really hope that they like these because I don’t know how they’re gonna get these
Downstairs and out of the house if they don’t like them
Keep holding. No you keep holding!
So dusty, so he’s using this quick-set concrete
Which is the type of concrete that you used to set?
Wood post like if you’re building a fence, we’re pouring it in adding water and doing it in different layers
So look at how stable it is
Until it falls over. Guys, we just like wing it with a lot of this stuff
Like I have these ideas and Joey’s like we could do it like this and we’re like ok
And then we’re trying it real time with you. So fingers crossed that these trees keep standing
Okay, go do stuff you gonna do stuff. Okay, great
Well, don’t leave a manzanita. Unattended stay with it for 20 minutes. It’s good. It’s secure it’s that great
Okay, the wall paper’s going up. It looks so good. Of course with this type of wallpaper
You just have to make sure that you’re matching the patterns
Making sure that the seams are overlapping slightly and then using a nice sharp blade to slice
So we’re motoring along with that because I mean guys
We have a lot to do still watch the chandelier
got it this
Cement trick worked well. I know, these are so rock solid This is literally the heaviest thing ever. So we’re placing the manzanita trees
Just kind of like where they are because the paint’s still drawing on the windows
I don’t want to hang the curtains yet, but they’re going to go on either side of the desk
Alright, so between the trees is where his gaming station is gonna be we’re gonna have his desk with this computer stuff and behind it
We’re gonna put this really cool almost like a magical mercury glass mirror
It’s got like the mercury glass effect, but with colors and this is his portal to another land
Ah, man that is so cool!
Right, when he plays video games. It’s kind of like his portal into another land anyways
Yeah, I am so excited about this rug cuddle time!
I don’t think we’ve ever rug cuddled
in an enchanted forest room before you guys this is a first and I’m so feeling the vibe
The rug has a more geometric shape to it
Which is a nice contrast because we have such a wavy shape going on in the wallpaper with the leaves and the vines. Yay
So we’re gonna bring in the couch
This is amazing
This is a Queen’s couch. This thing is tucked in low sleek. It’s got bolster pillows. We’re going very
Fanciful, we’ve got our stump tables next to the couch. We are putting some really nice old
This couch needs a king and queen moment. It’s too gorgeous. It’s emerald green. I’m like in the Emerald City
I’m like having a Wizard of Oz moment right now. Where’s my crown? That’s no this is right
Why does the Queen one so much better? Because the Queen’s better. You look great in that small crown
Thank you very much. Thank you
What are we thanking them for? You’re welcome. We’re not thanking them
Wait, my crown’s gonna fall off
As if the wallpaper wasn’t cool enough
We were gonna turn that wall into an awesome feature wall with our artwork that we made and some cool wall sconces
So now I just get to style these crystals on these ledges
So I’m just placing some of the larger crystals on the bigger ledges where the stumps are and then some smaller crystals along the smaller
Ledge and it looks really magical
Above these side tables were up. It’s a really cool brushed brass
Swingarm sconces that are just going to continue to bring in those luxe vibes
It’s like we have so much wood and forestry in here that to have some metals now coming in
It’s really starting to make it feel like the King’s lair
The cubbyholes that are at the bottom of this bench are really cool. It’s such a fun styling moment
So I found these cool old trunks that are set
I also got him some new stuff like some vintage books or they look like vintage books, but they’re actually like little storage boxes.
I just have to tell you guys
Joey’s crystal collection is
One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen
So I’m placing a big giant crystal down on the lower tier of the coffee table. It has a glass panel on the top
So you can kind of see down into the crystal and then on top I’m facing one of Joey’s favorite crystals
It’s this beautiful like slice of a crystal. It’s iridescent. It almost looks like a continent
I think this is how this works its fine this is his Mic that he talks into while he games. Oh talking to it. Hello?
Okay, this gaming setup is epic. Like I am NOT a gamer guy
So Joey’s gonna have to come in here and like get it all set up the way he likes it
So they have that sort of Catledge
Above the built-in cabinets that we’re gonna really embrace and we’re gonna further bring in
Nature some of the inspiration images that Joey sent me have birch wood in it birch trees, etc. So I found this amazing birch
Tree branch, and I asked Joey if he could hang it across the window
Hanging plants…Which ones the heavier one this is a heavier one go on that side. And then this one could go on this side Wow
Then will you hang this one too like I also have this beautiful prism that’s Joey and Daniel’s I think a friend need for them. Oh
It’s so magical!
It’s his cat perch
Okay final touches, ready?
Get in this thing. No, no no Joey. This is the magical key to enter the
Magical enchanted office. No gaming room
Okay, so this key is gigantic and it needs to go on the front of Joey’s door
Right, so I think right there and so anyone who passes in this hall knows something’s up in this room
But they must have the key
All right
It looks so dreamy in here you guys I cannot wait for Joey to see it. I’m so nervous
I always get nervous before these reveals because I just really want him to love it. Okay, I guess it’s time now
All right, go ahead and go in your room you can open. Yeah. Oh I love that already
Oh my gosh!
Oh, I don’t even know where to begin
I feel like I just literally walk into like a completely different world. Oh good that’s the goal!
This really feels like some sort of like magical little like lair No
Your magical lair, it is my magical lair
Wow, I am obsessed with this print right I saw that I was like that’s you because it had all those colors it’s like
Forest but then it’s like almost like psychedelic ya right, and there’s something we made
That’s so gorgeous Joe the carpenter yes, they’re everywhere I put them all. That chest, Oh my gosh
And the little stepstool—and oh my god the perch, I’m gonna be up there like all day every day. And that is like the
prime Instagram spot right there.
Like I can not wait for you with a crown up there. And then that mirror, holy crap. It looks like a crystal.
I was thinking it’s kind of like your portal to another land—Yes!— cause when you’re playing your games like that’s when you’re like transported.
Yes. And how about—? Those trees? Holy crap.
It just like is the center focus of just like ‘bam! wow.’
Those things are like 150 pounds. They’re like insane. Oh gosh. Yeah we were like really wrestling with them. We planted them in concrete.
I love the fact that like the paneling is like a color. It’s just feels very rich and like—I don’t know—very strong.
Exactly! The new, epic chandelier. Oh my gosh yes!
Wow that’s gorgeous. With the turquoise. I didn’t want to go crystal with the chandelier cause you have so many crystals in here. Right.
I just like the more earthy—a little bit more boho.
The little, like—mushroom!
Guys… All the nature—look check out your side tables too.
Gosh it’s like a freaking tree trunk!
And they’re matching on the other side! And then—
Well not matching
cause they’re organic, they’re real. Well—they’re, of course.
Oh my gosh…
This—I’m obsessed with. I love treasure chests. I know, I know. That was on your mood board. There’s another one
down there. You can like, you know, style and do and baskets for storage.
I already have a vision—like 50 different Instagram pictures and everything. Is this what you wanted?
Yes, 5,000% You guys knocked it out of the park. I’m like—oh I’m so glad— I’m so happy!
Should we—should we bring in Daniel to see it? Yeah. Oh my god, yes! I feel like you should be up there—up there, on the perch?—yeah.
Daniel get on in here!
I love my new office!
Wow—I don’t think sooo—oh no, you made him a throne. Yes! You just need to boost his ego a little more. Hello..
Wow…Yeah, I know. This is my personal—this is my personal HELL.
And you’ve got all of those crystals in once place, now they’re not everywhere in the room. I know!
What do you think? This is insane. It’s very Joey, right, in here?
I know this is only—no this is literally everything—supposed to be Joey’s sanctuary.
Joey made that. That’s incredible. You’re very talented. I had
a little bit of help. Just with the staple gun, that’s all. That’s all I needed help with.
I’m very uncomfortable in your presence right now. Here, here, join us!
no no no no, I need a wide shot for that.
It’s incredible. Yeah, exactly. All right, well you guys, enjoy your—take a seat wherever—we’ll leave you. Yeah, we’re gonna leave you.
It’s been amazing. And your chair is like the softest, fuzziest thing ever. Isn’t that so soft? It’s better than your old chair, I think. Absolutely.
I’m just so happy that this happened. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to have—a space like that and
I’m so honored that Mr. Kate came and
completely transformed this room and I just feel so lucky.
You were great. You guy’s did great, thank you. Thank you!
Daniel, great to see you buddy. We’re doing your room next. Thank you so much.
I’m so happy with everything. No, I’m so happy you’re happy. I wish you guy’s all the best in your new home. Thank you.
This is Joey G’s kingdom. Yes, Joey G’s Kingdom. Joey Z, out.
You set the bar high!
Daniel, come here. I wanna know what you think. What are your opinions? What I think? I’m
so jealous. The room is 100% you.
And I think it’s the perfect place for you to go and write—maybe write another book, maybe write a movie, maybe another show.
I love all these things! And I’m actually never stepping foot in that room again. It’s too magical.
It’s too magical—and it’s literally your dominion with the crowns and the castles and…
I feel like a peasant there.
So the peasants gonna leave, and you stay in your kingdom. Daniel walk us out. Bye!
This is the life.
You know, honestly they set the bar for what the standard for the rest of our house is.
Yes, I have my work cut out for me. You sure do. My wig is flown.
So every other room needs to be magical, mystical. Perfect. Okay? Okay. Can you do that? Okay. Got it. Great!
Oh my gosh. Oh, he loved it.
That was such a cool design! Thank you so much. Thank you for all of your great moss.
Whoa, watch the lipstick, brah. I hope you loved that room. Like what a wonderland.
So many bold choices the wallpaper, the dark green, all the crystals everywhere…
It was such a fantasy and I’m so glad that he loves it.
I wish him all the gaming happiness—happily ever after gaming, in that room.
That room is dope. I want it. I know, and I’m glad Daniel likes it too—I need a gaming room!
You don’t need—you don’t game. I’m gonna start gaming. No. We don’t have enough rooms!
We don’t have it—they have like so many rooms in this house, we don’t have enough rooms in our house. Guys
Guys, you can find me on the game networks.
Joey2worldgamez with a Z.
No that’s not—guy’s that’s, that’s a lie. Don’t look for that, don’t waste your googling. Um.
But go check out Joey’s video on his channel, and obviously subscribe to Joey. Subscribe to Daniel too while you’re at it. Daniel,
you know made his little cameo in here. He’s amazing, go check him out.
And um, yeah, subscribe to us. Become a creative weirdo, part of the fam.
We do all kinds of videos like this. And we’ll see you on the next one. Yeah
Love you. Bye
Love you.
We’ll find out. I asked you before I ordered it…
You asked me what? How many rolls to get based off your measurements. No, you asked me what my measurements were.
You calculated how many rolls to get. No, I didn’t. I never do—as a rule, I don’t do any math…
for these reasons.

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  16. Wait didnt Joey (Jose) gave a different colour when you guys filmed "OMG we bought a house" for a few eps? Or am i confusing something

  17. I wish you guys could do my room!! You are soooooo good at it!
    I live in the Netherlands and we've got VTWonen (wonen=living). And they do basically the same but you guys are so much better!!! yay!

  18. Dear Mr.Kate I am a huge creative wierdo and I love the things you guys do and I would love for you guys to either help me decorate my new room because im still not ready to say goodbye to my friends ld house but its not because of the house but of a very special person my older cousin and we have been together since birth and I feel like of anyone can make a room feel like her or make me think of her it has got to be you guys. Thanks for everything and i love you guys also congrats on moon he’s precious

  19. “he loves enchanted vibes and fairy vibes…”

    apparently he also likes playing mystery murder games with his friends and ends up killing them. (escape the night)

  20. I’ve been binging your channel for the last week and I think this is my favorite room! The rich green paired with the wallpaper 👌🏻 We’re remodeling our house right now and this has me rethinking everything 😂

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