John Molina wins by TKO over Mickey Bey.

John Molina wins by TKO over Mickey Bey.

Al Burstein here in the dressing room
John Molina and with John Molina who
just scored
a dramatic and exciting victory in the
10th round when he knocked out Mickey
well for 9 and three-quarter rounds
though you had landed some good punches
you’re probably gonna end losing
and you were able to get that big left hook hit
-Of course, I always say that my style is not pretty but I get the job done
I´m a grinder
I´ve got a lot of heart my fight mix fight
intriguing and I believe that´s what keeps me
in the fight all the time and that’s gonna make the
gonna see me to win the fight that way
-You have been in some of the most
exciting fights for sure
now you in that 10th round he actually
got in some great punches and look like
for a moment, you were done
and so that made it even more remarkable
that you were able to come back, what´s
every moment at 10th round you didn’t think
you’re going to get it done
-If you thought that you are in the wrong business It´s like saying if a cop
kind of wants to be a cop it should´n be a cop
we are in the boxing business
where there´d be exchange we know the
fight game is the fight game Mickey Bey
is a good competitor very athletic
came in his backyard did what he had to do
has a decent punch, not a big punch but a decent punch
you don´t get marks in your face like this
when you don´t have a decent punch
and you do what you have to do but I do what
I had to do and I get the job done and I’m
very grateful in and let the fight of the day
yeah and Johnny this one was a very
important match for you maybe maybe
a career hanging in the balance in a way
at least need in terms of being in
a fight that matter for you.
-In the boxing community of course but I know myself
I know where we are at
and we keep fighting I got family at
home and this is my job this is how I pay my mortgage
is how I
support my family and I’m gonna do gonna
fight tooth and nail I´ve shown that tonight
if anything the fans are gonna fall in love it´s my style and I love that
and I’m ready for any fight 135 140
knocking on my door
and if you have seen the fight
I was tracking him down the whole time
-You were you stalking him the entire fight
and you did land very good hands
in a way it was interesting, I refember as
watching the fight thinking that you got
some left hooks and I thought that left
might be a weapon
was that something that you consciously try to land in the last round?
-Of course cuz
neither right was coming on, but you got to remember
sometimes the people in the crowd
there are on his side, sometimes
they’re gonna be his demise
cuz they tell him, look out for the right, so all I´ve got to do was feinting the right and throw the left
cuz in his mind he was already expecting the right
so I feinted the right, threw the left; it´s not the prettiest not the Mayweather style but it’s
going to land and with my power if I land I´m going to hurt you
-For sure now one last thing, did you feel
at the end of this fight when he was
clowning a little bit
you think he kind of got overconfident
-Of course
I don´t want to take anything from Mickey Bey, he is a great fighter
he was doing it to try it
to convince himself that
he was gonna outdo me, I did mind to show
if he´d discouraged me

if you look at him great amateur but the amateur
and the pro game are two different things
and I think I´ve show that tonight
-Congratulations on your win
John Molina gets a big
come-from-behind win
stopping Mickey Bey and perhaps pushing
him toward some very meaningful fights

9 thoughts on “John Molina wins by TKO over Mickey Bey.”

  1. This guy is what boxing is all about on the most fundamental level: he has ZERO fear, never loses his confidence and works with what he has. He may never be the best but who cares? He's honest with the fans and with himself.

  2. Holy shit his face is beat up. I really hope Molina retires soon, he's taking too many shots which may very well come back to bite him in the long run

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