K CAMP “Lottery” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

K CAMP “Lottery” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

My first time feeling like
I really won the lottery is when I got signed in 2014. When I got signed to Interscope, I felt like I was on top of the world. Coming from what I came from and hustling for so
long and finally getting opportunity to show my talent, I think that was the moment
I said, “Okay, this is it,” and I had to take that and
build what I’m building now. Man, I been in this shit
for a long time, my boy. This ain’t no rookie mission,
I been doing this shit, creating the wave for a long time. Yo, the inspiration behind
“Lottery,” I was on tour. We had to stop in New York. My dog Reezy was in New York, he was at Warner Chappell cooking up. He was going through some beats
and “Lottery” beat pushed up and I heard it with
them 808s came in crazy, and he turned the beat
like it was some bullshit and I cut the hook to it, I
ain’t even had the whole song. I had the first four bars to the hook ’cause the session was over. I went back to the hotel
and played it for my DJ. He was like, “Boy, this shit going crazy.” It was sounding crazy on the laptop, like beating through the laptop. So I went back to Alicia
Keys’ studio the next day, finished it up, put
that bitch on Instagram, fans caught onto it, rest was history. I’m in L.A., so I like to have cash
on me when I go shopping. I do not like to swipe
cards when I’m out of town ’cause they always make
you look lame as hell. They might block you
and you looking crazy, so I like to keep some cash on me so it ain’t no issue, it ain’t no problem. How would I describe my style? I’d say my style is universal. You ain’t gonna see me
wearing the same shit. I’m starting to buy the colors now. I used to wear all black
all the time with chains. I still do, don’t get
me wrong, I love black. I love all-black sleek look, but I’m starting to wear
more colors and just pop, let that brown shit glow a little bit, let them females see this shit. I don’t like to carry too
much, you can’t really, you can have your shit busting
out, but that’s just too, I’m a real low-key type of nigga, dawg. I move real low, I move real discreet, so I don’t like too much attention. I’m gonna wear some shit,
I’m gonna make sure it’s just enough, not too much
where folks here are like, “What the fuck he got going on?” I don’t like folks in my
mix, I like to move low. But 30 thou’, yeah. Shout out my boy Fee in Atlanta. It’s a part of fashion. In my eyes, it’s part of
fashion, make you look good. A bitch see your teeth,
she like, “Ooh, that boy “teeth look nice.” Outside this motherfucker my teeth good, so I take these hoes out
and still pull your bitch. Today I got on just my
427 and my WAYY chain. Diamond choker just on your neck. VVS, I can’t breathe, just popping shit. Squeeze your neck, I
can’t breathe, go, go. This one right here, a lotta
folks think this shit say wavy. I hate when folks say this shit say wavy. It say WAYY, W-A-Y-Y. And I get WAYY from K WAY, which
is my K.I.S.S. Fire series. I used to go by K WAY, she like it K WAY. I took the K off and turned it to WAYY. So just WAYY, prime example. Saint Laurent, I like
wearing Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent just real,
make you feel like, Marmier, y’all ever heard of Marmier? I think it’s from London. It’s a nice ad brand,
it look good on me, too. Givenchy, of course I like Givenchy. Gucci goggles, Gucci buckle, Gucci skis. Everything, just stuff I like. I’m just kicking shit that
I like on that record. What it take to get cuffed by me? You gotta have some
shit going for yourself. You gotta at least bring
in some type of paper. You ain’t gotta be the
richest bitch in the world, but you gotta at least stand your ground and bring some paper in. Smart, book smart, street smart, just knowing what the hell going on. I like a little attitude. I like pretty, I like ass, I like titties, I like vibe, I like to have fun. I want a bitch I would go
on a run with for real. I wanna go on a run with my next bitch and let’s get out of here, let’s go. I usually try to hide from the bill. When the bill come, I look the other way. I’m just playing, but no, biggest bill (exclaims) probably a stack, not even. Just up there, just round
it off to about a stack. We’re splitting that motherfucker
even with her. (laughs) I don’t care what nobody talking about, (laughs) “Separate checks.” Favorite place in the world
to get shrimp and lobster? (exhales sharply) You just
said something then, John. Crabman 305, Miami, Opa-Locka’s finest. Shout out my dog! Be careful if you go there. Make sure you keep a strap
and keep your niggas with you. Don’t be going there lacking. I might pop some shit,
but I spend the most racks on my brand, on my label, on my artists. That’s where the most racks get spent at.

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  1. ive been forced to listen to this song for ab a year now on rotation since i work at footlocker & this is in the Corporate CD & now that it has become even more popular i'm force to listen to this everywhere i go now….I think i'm gonna neck


  3. i just dropped the fourth song of my first EP. Im a german dude, that creates english music and i found my own vibe! Listen and relax with me. Soon more is coming! thank you love ❤ ❤

  4. I hated every part of this video. Everybody involved should be embarrassed for doing such a shitty job just for a paycheck

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