Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Anime Review | Gambling IS REALLY FUN!!

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler Anime Review | Gambling IS REALLY FUN!!

Hey guys, it’s Cameron from anime chat reviews today, I’m gonna be reviewing kakegurui the compulsive gambler. I hope you enjoy
This highschool anime seems like a normal high school by day
but by night it becomes a gambling den for the students of the rich and powerful to learn how to handle money and
manipulate people with the introduction of a new transfer student the school is turned upside down by her downright insane gambling style as
Everyone is trying to gamble to the top and win it all
She is seemingly gambling for the thrill of gambling with no care for whether she wins or loses
I was a bit unsure when I started watching this anime because something about the animation just seemed a little bit off to me
But once I got into the gambling it really had me hooked
There was something about the gambling that reminded me of the games in no game. No life
and the way the characters played by throwing caution to the wind made it rather exciting and unexpected the
Plot of this anime really focuses on the main character and her addiction to gambling
It hits the ground running and maintains that momentum for 12 episodes
And the plot constantly has you guessing – the main characters goals right to the end
Whether or not she is trying to become student council president
Or just gambling for the pleasure of throwing it all on the line and leaving everything to chance
The main character is the clear focus of this anime and how she Gamble’s against others?
She herself is a very unstable character
But so seem to be all the other characters the student council is a secondary focus as they are the main
Antagonists with each having their own quirks the thrill of winning money isn’t enough for them
So they bit more interesting things like body parts or their lives most of the characters come across as
Normal until they start gambling which is when their twisted sides come out
The animation really threw me when I started watching this something about it just seemed a little bit off
I did get used to it as the anime progressed
But during some of the scenes the faces are overly detailed which added depth to the intensity of the scene
but maybe it was just because of the detailing done on the faces or maybe it was the context that accompanied the
Animation, but I really found myself cringing at a lot of the animation
The opening was an upbeat funky jazz piece with an excellent opening animation to accompany it which I really liked it definitely
portrayed the quirky strange nature of the anime itself
The closing was also upbeat with an animation that portrayed the sexualized nature of the anime
But it wasn’t as enjoyable as the opening the rest of the soundtrack is excellently done in a way that makes you uneasy
During times of tension and on edge during scenes that would normally like intensity
Overall this is a bit of a messed up anime not in a bad way
More so in the sort of nature and the themes of the anime so it probably won’t be for everyone the plot
However is well done and maintains an excellent pace throughout the 12 episodes and each character is
Interesting however not to be relatable the animation adds to the intensity and the uneasiness of the anime with the soundtrack really backing that up
With all that said I’m giving this an A rank.
This really won’t be for everyone because of the themes and the overall nature of the anime
But if you can handle all this then you will really enjoy this anime
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