Kakegurui Opening – Deal with the Devil by Tia – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover 賭ケグルイ

Kakegurui Opening – Deal with the Devil by Tia – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover 賭ケグルイ

Todo esto es mio Es confuso, ¿no lo crees? Tienes que un poco pensar Nunca desistir, ¡jamás! ¿Hacia donde es que vamos? ¿El cielo o el infierno? Sólo hay una regla aquí Ganar o ganar Eso es lo esencial Mujeres tienen el coraje Para las apuestas realizar Tengo que convencerla de que ¡Yo solamente reinaré aquí…! ¡Lidia con el diablo! Sé que lo harás Haré que seas mío hasta que Lleguemos a dar el primer paso hacia un nuevo viaje Nuestra comida y este baile no tienen fin ¡Es una locura! Muchacho… ¡No dejaré que te maten! ¡Lidia con el diablo! Esta excitación es increíble No dejaré que nadie se haga ¡Con esta diversión ni el dinero! Nuestra comida y este baile no tienen fin Venga, vamos, ¡decídete! ¡Haz arder mi corazón! Esta maldad… No quedará… Satisfecha con sólo deseos Quiero… ¡Sentirme invencible cariño! Traducción – D3M0N_577 ¡Saludos! Los subtitulos fueron editados un poco para encajar con el video

100 thoughts on “Kakegurui Opening – Deal with the Devil by Tia – Fingerstyle Guitar Cover 賭ケグルイ”

  1. It was a wonderful performance! ︎ I also cover the same song, I'm happy if you listen to it all means

  2. Vc tem talento! Eu queria treinar para chegar nesse nível!

    sim, não sou um,vagabundo que desiste por não saber, aprender me faz adquerir o talento necessário.

  3. Hey there! I was wondering, and with your permission, if I may use this instrumental for a vocal cover of the song, please?

  4. この人何年か前にTwitterで神!!って騒がれてた人かなぁ…

  5. Lyrics by @xUnreachablee (inspired by HazelTune's version)
    “I’ll hold” “I’ll stay”, what to play? Don't you dare show your hand
    Play their games and stop your mind. Just like that, oh right~
    Where we're heading, we don't know, heaven or hell?
    In this game there's just one rule: "The one that wins, will own your body and soul"

    Gambling is all 'bout showing guts
    Just keep them guessing and call all their bluffs
    Don't play with me, I’ll bet anything so bow down to your gambling queen

    Deal with the devil
    Seeing through
    I'll make you regret playing with me, so let’s make a bet on who will win
    Then I’ll own you
    Our meal and dance, it’s endless
    I’ve thrown away my sanity, boy
    And I’ll never let anyone take you

    Deal with the devil
    Saw you through
    There’s no one who can get in my way, my body is burning up and I'm feeling priceless
    Our meal and dance, it’s endless
    So will you fold or will you join as
    You quiver with me, burning my heart

    Am I wishing or fulfilling my inner sin
    Make me feel, oh so real the way only you can do, honey~

  6. this was absolutely incredible! I'm new to this channel, and it has quickly risen to one of my favourites! nice cover, and great talent! I love this anime/manga as well!

  7. I adore Kakegurui, and I adore this cover. I don't get to listen to guitar players much, but I'm glad this was the first.

  8. cooooooool!!!!

  9. not joking here this made me want to get a second job and just give you all the money. keep going the great work!

  10. Thanks you played this song!
    Your playing is very good!
    Why did you know this song?
    How ever watched KAKEGURUI(Japanese animation)?

  11. この歌の踊ってるやつもほんとかっこいいからぜひ見てほしい


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