Kakegurui — Powerful Ladies in Charge!!  Compulsive Gambler Character Analysis

Kakegurui — Powerful Ladies in Charge!! Compulsive Gambler Character Analysis

Kakegurui is a twisted anime with
characters that made me go, “Yeah! Give me
more of THAT!” If you like your anime
girls helpless and demure, this show is
not for you. But if you appreciate women
who are powerful and in charge this
series might be right up your alley.
Today I’ll be analyzing the psychology
of the show’s characters, especially the
main two boss ladies, Mary and Yumeko.
I love when a movie includes awesome women
and the ladies of Kakegurui
definitely fit the bill.
Usually in anime if there’s a cool
powerful woman her strength lies in
physical violence and she’s ultimately
under the thumb of a male character. But
these ladies’ strength lies in their
willpower, ambition and social
manipulation. Sure, they’re all really
hot but this is an anime: We already
knew there would be short skirts and
fanservice. But I love that they’re
allowed to get a little ugly once in a
while. Their faces contort with raw
emotions, something I usually only see
from powerful male characters. It shows
just how passionate and unhinged these
characters really are. As a lady viewer
who never really related to the fluffy
“waifu” types, this was a refreshing
Finally some strong-willed ladies I can
relate to. Though, maybe that’s not a good
thing… I also appreciate how these
characters were actually fleshed out and
developed. You can tell each gambler
apart by her personality, weaknesses and
goals instead of just what hair color
she has. Thank you, writers. Ya done good.
Kakegurui takes place at a private
academy for wealthy kids who will grow
up to be the nation’s political and
business leaders. The student body is
obsessed with gambling as a sign of
social status. The theory goes that if
you want to rule over people one day, you
need negotiating skills, the ability to
read others and to balance risk and
Apex gamblers become members of the
powerful student council with nearly
limitless wealth and power. The losers
who rack up the most gambling debt
become the school’s house pets and are
the degraded servants of the rest of the
student body. This power hierarchy
represents the real stakes of the show,
but more about that later. The first time
we see our male lead, Ryota, he’s the pet
of a student named Mary after getting
deep into debt with her. She’s bossy,
cocky, and I’m sure some people are
instantly gonna hate this character for
it. She’s a polarizing character like
Asuka from Evangelion. But if you like the
Asuka type and her domineering
relationship with Shinji you’re probably
gonna like the dynamic between these two.
But this time Mary’s met
her match. She challenges the new
transfer student named Yumeko to gamble
thinking she’ll be an easy mark. Little
does she know that Yumeko is the best of
the best and came to this school
specifically to get her gambling freak
on. Mary doesn’t have gobs of money or a
famous family name like some of the
other students; her strengths rely
entirely on her wits and her ability to
manipulate people
She’s got Ryota and lots of other
students under her control who help
her cheat. Usually a character who cheats
like this would be portrayed as an
amoral villain but at this school
cheating is fine as long as you don’t
get caught. After all, gambling is just a
symbol for how good someone is twisting
circumstances in their favor. Mary takes
an early lead but she extends herself too far
and ultimately loses. Instead of Yumiko
becoming a house pet, now Mary is one. At
this point if Mary was simply a villain
we could say she’s been put in her place
and justice has prevailed but her story
continues throughout the series and I’m
gonna argue she was actually a pretty
complex ethical character. She matures
and changes more than most of the other
characters now that Mary is a pet, her
old friends suddenly turn on her but she
holds up well. Unlike Ryota who resigned
himself to his house pet fate Mary
refuses to quit. She doubles down and
challenges a member of the student
council to another high-stakes gamble.
You could say this is foolish but I
think it’s pretty gutsy considering
she’s just been burned. It also shows
that Mary doesn’t just pray on gamblers
she thinks her weaker; she’s got the guts
to take on the best. But the
councilmember cheats and instead of
regaining her status Mary finds herself
drowning in debt. No shame in losing to
this particular councilmember though.
Later in the same episode even the
talented Yumeko loses to her. Now Mary
is in so far over her head she’s
assigned something called a “life plan”.
Since she can’t pay her debts, the
student council is making her pay with
her future life. They’ve determined
everything about Mary’s future from the
politician she’ll marry how many kids
she’ll give birth to. Yumeko is in the
same boat. Geoff from “Mother’s Basement”
asserts that there isn’t much tension in
the life plan as a punishment. for you
Mako losing means that she’ll get
bullied a little and one day she’ll have
to marry a rich guy who the student
council president wants to control and
who’s kind of weird and creepy but
otherwise she’s still rich and married
and rich but you know rich and married
doesn’t mean happy right she’s basically
being sold off as a child sex slave and
choosing a spouse as
the most important decisions of your
life wouldn’t you want to pick based on
chemistry and attraction rather than
being assigned some Rando creep I’d
further argue that Yumiko is more than
just bullied a little on her first day
as a house pet she was nearly raped on
campus but even if you think that
marrying some rich creep is in that bed
the life plan still doesn’t sit right
with Mary she will be free and take her
life back no matter what honestly I
think this says more about Mary’s
character if she was sure to marry a
monster then she’s pretty much forced
the fighter fate in this case she’s
offered a gilded cage but she still says
no her personal freedom is more
important than financial security to win
her way back out of debt Mary
temporarily teams up with Yumiko which
shows up forgiving mary kanby
after all unico was the one who landed
her in debt in the first place she could
have easily held a grudge and refused
the alliance but together they both win
their freedom you Mako offers her hand
in genuine friendship and Mary accepts
not only that but Mary also forgives the
classmates who bullied her earlier she
would be justified in holding a grudge
and treating these girls like crap but
she does forgive them it’s water under
the bridge down the drain the student
council president is impressed by Mary
and offers her a position on the student
council which would come with unlimited
power money and prestige but Mary turns
it down this echos her defiance of a
life plan earlier even when offered
financial security she’d rather be free
to forge her own path than live
comfortably as someone else’s pawn
contrast her with kirari
the student council president who
enjoyed setting up twisted social
experiments she created the house pet
system to turn the whole Academy into a
fish tank a closed system where the
strong devour the weak visually she’s
portrayed in cold blues in contrast and
you Makos fiery Reds
her fingernails resemble fish scales and
she’s often framed along aquariums as a
symbol for the big fish eat the little
fish system she’s created her personal
presence inspires both fear and worship
in the student body the spider for
cruelty several students are madly in
love with her it’s that kind of show
some viewers object to the protagonist
Yumiko is being too perfect but I think
that description really belongs to
both women have almost unlimited
financial resources but kirari also
holds unlimited power we never learned
what makes curare so talented she just
is she never fails or even falters and
that’s pretty dull when compared to a
whole cast of other characters who have
something to lose and they frequently do
Yumiko also has nearly limitless wealth
which some critics objected to Yumiko is
as flippant about throwing away a
billion yen as she is ten thousand or a
hundred it doesn’t do much to get us
invested in whether she’ll win or lose I
completely agree that money is made
irrelevant in this show but I’d argue
that’s a strength rather than a weakness
I don’t find fictional characters
fictional money especially interesting
and it’s certainly not necessary to make
an emotionally compelling story for
instance Batman is super rich and he’s
still an interesting character then his
adversaries aren’t motivated by greed
there’s plenty of drama to be found in
the psychological rather than the
financial after losing an eye to
gambling would you be crazy enough to
gamble the other one would you take a
position of wealth and power from
someone who sees you as less than human
would you put your own finger nails on
the line when money isn’t enough the
stakes here aren’t about the poor
becoming rich or vice versa and cocky
guru everyone’s rich which makes for an
even playing field instead the stakes
are about losing or reclaiming one’s
humanity everyone’s born equal but
social hierarchies are what degrade or
elevate people money might be more
tangible than loss of humanity but it’s
not as personal or is emotionally
intense after all people love money
enough to kill for it but they also
commit murder over issues of dignity and
self-respect as a viewer I found it more
engaging to have money removed from the
equation it left me with more
thought-provoking questions like how do
I respond to oppression or what would I
actually do when I’m in a position to
oppress others so yes Yumiko is
incredibly wealthy but it’s her
personality and unique world perspective
that makes her so interesting
Ryota clearly idolizes her and he’s not
the only one even though she’s skilled
único occasionally loses sometimes it’s
intentional as part of a larger strategy
but sometimes her enemy just outsmarts
her where she has bad luck and Yumiko
likes it that way
gambling losses all thrill for her when
the outcomes already decided even if
it’s in her own favor
unlike flawless characters like kirari
characters that occasionally fail are
interesting because we can see how they
respond when Ryota fails he feels
ashamed and wants to withdraw when Mary
fails she becomes furious and defiant
and when you Mako fails she completely
owns it after all no one can make you
feel inferior without your consent when
she’s been outfoxed she accepts the
outcome and plays the part to the
fullest in this sense her personal
philosophy resembles stoicism which
encourages a stoic to accept things as
they are instead of how you wish they’d
be especially things outside of your
control through this radical acceptance
you make oh can be defeated but never
truly crushed she never gets upset but
it’s not because she doesn’t face
hardship she just has a unique way of
dealing with it
unlike president
we can see a host of skills Yumiko
employs to win she has strong
memorization skills the ability to
manipulate dice and calculate odds but
her greatest strengths lie in reading
other people and making allies rather
than enemies she reminds me a little of
Griffith from berserk a natural leader
who attracts allies almost effortlessly
driven by unquenchable desires both have
a calm exterior with plenty of craziness
under the surface he both takes
sickening risks and put everything on
the line to get what they want but with
Griffith he’s wearing a mask using a
sweet facade to trick people into
thinking they’re friends when he’d
really sell that person out in a
Yumiko on the other hand wears her heart
on her sleeve she’s a strange person but
she genuinely is who she appears to be
she has moral lines she won’t cross and
she genuinely cares about her friends I
didn’t find her to be an especially
relatable character but I’m not sure she
was meant to be she’s more like a
legendary hero who inspires others
around her and helps other characters
find themselves for instance yumiko and
Mary team up against another duo some
jerk and a house pet under his thumb
named tsubomi the guy keeps browbeating
tsubomi to bet and fold – the game
always tips in his favor and she always
obeys out of fear while they’re playing
Yumiko starts asking this girl some
valuable questions what are you getting
out of this are you gonna suck up to
this guy for years hoping he’ll be nicer
to you are you gonna live your entire
life like that with your head down this
again made me think that you Mako
follows a stoic philosophy stoicism
points out that nobody gives away their
money for free so why are people so free
to give away hours and years of their
lives to people who don’t deserve it
tsubomi thinks about you make those
questions and decides she’s tired of
sacrificing her life to the jerks of the
she’s taking back control I find these
philosophical themes a lot more
interesting than the trite follow your
heart kind of message you get in other
shows it’s actually thought-provoking
for the viewer I mean I try to avoid
conflict as much as possible and I’m
sure many of my fellow introverts do too
but this episode brings up that
people-pleasing has its own price and
sometimes it’s not worth paying the
fingernails obsessed sumeragi is another
character that you make ho influences
with her philosophy she has more money
than skill and tends to be indecisive
about taking big risks Yumiko tells her
the bigger her ambition is the greater
risk she’ll have to take an Olympic
athlete might have to
about their entire youth to training and
after that still not win at the games
this metaphor comes straight out of a
stoic philosophy text the bottom line is
to count up the cost then go for it but
don’t claim you want big results if
you’re not willing to put in a big
investment you may cause self-indulgence
proves she’s not a perfect stoic but
there’s a lot of method behind her
madness even when she manipulates her
enemies it’s usually for their benefit
as well as hers for instance she ruins
this guy’s prestigious political future
but in a glimpse of his childhood we can
see he never wanted that future it was
just what his parents chose for him by
defeating him
Yumiko has set him free to find his own
path she also beats a teen idol at
gambling revealing her contempt for her
own fans in the process but it turns out
her fans still support her so now she
doesn’t have to resent them throughout
the series Yumiko also takes the lead
with Ryota who acts as a right-hand man
he’s a sweet beta guy mmm my favorite
who helps único however he can she takes
Rio to under her wing and brings him to
private gambling matches where no one
else is allowed and lets him share in
her successes he didn’t seem too
thrilled about being controlled by Mary
but when it comes to Yumiko being in
he’s pretty into it her reckless
gambling makes him nervous and he tries
to warn único about especially risky
moves but he never tries to stand in her
similarly Yumiko likes Ryota for who he
is and doesn’t try to change him but she
does set him up with opportunities to be
bold and take risks she puts him in
tense situations where he has to take
action and overcome his fears but if
things go wrong she’d be the one to pay
the price not him she nudges him to grow
without forcing his hand I really liked
these two as a duo so if you’re a fan of
feisty female characters and twisted
thought-provoking psychology I highly
recommend cock a guru and if you prefer
your ladies more passive and unemotional
what the heck are you doing on my
channel a play to make boss ladies an
ongoing series so if you’ve got a
favorite female you’d like to see
featured leave a suggestion in the
comments below I absolutely do use fan
suggestions to decide what to do next so
don’t be a stranger

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