#kebbaceper #freefire #pubg Free Fire real in life Indonesia

#kebbaceper #freefire #pubg Free Fire real in life Indonesia

[Music] Where are we going to find weapons? There are weapons There are enemies there? Safe, safe Watch out! I told you before, don’t go down here because of many enemies What do you want if there are many enemies because you already have it Moreover, there are no weapons Just search there later Where are we passing? Where? Let’s go here Why go there stupid Watch out! Finally we get a weapon Yes Do you have bullets? Yes, there is Let’s take action Wait a minute Why? The problem is I’m afraid to die Brother, you must be sure, death will surely come Anytime and anywhere You must believe that we must win Okay, come on Enemies, enemies, enemies Where is the enemy? Watch out, watch out, watch out! I’ll shoot He is died Okay, okay Where are we going? Where have you been Come on Brother! Whatever will be We have to help each other, ok? Okay Die you I love you Watch out, bomb! That’s the enemy brother Help! help Do you still want it? How is this brother? Just kill, kill Where is your friend? What? Just shoot brother Do you want to come along? No need Someone ride a motorbike Shoot him, shoot, shoot Shoot it He is dying Come on, come on Do you still want it? Do you still want it? Just Tembaki, brother? Yes, shoot Wait a minute, we mocked first Okay Wait, brother, because I’m still single What? Still single? Today is still single? We sneered first Singles, singles Singles Shoot it Just Tembaki Take it, take it Okay Where are we going? Okay, we are looking for it Just hurry up Okay Why are you brother? Please! I don’t have brother medicine Just run, run I don’t have brother medicine Just run, run Brother !!!! Brother !!! Why are you dead, sir? You may not die! Brother … Die you! I have to win

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