Kern County Board of Supervisors 2:00 p.m. meeting for Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kern County Board of Supervisors 2:00 p.m. meeting for Tuesday, July 23, 2019

current government television welcome to this week’s. Originating from the county administrative center located at eleven fifteen Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield California. Customer center county government designed to garner the confidence support and trust of the people we serve today’s current County Board of supervisors meeting will convene momentarily. Good afternoon and welcome to the home PM session the afternoon two PM session of the war supervisors on July twenty third or to reconvene. First item is local [inaudible] Supervisor Gleason. Supervisor Scrivner. Supervisor Maggard. Supervisor couch your supervisor press. Thank you first item is — Roughly the second item I guess is report on actions taken in closed session. This resort. Good afternoon chairman members of the board. In closed session this morning he met on items number thirty and thirty one in regard to item thirty one there is no reportable action. Howard there is a report regarding item thirty and that will report will be given by Mister Alsop. Thank you. Mr chairman members of the board please — To announce today than close session. The board of supervisors voted unanimously — Unanimously to authorize me to sign a contract proposal to the current law enforcement agency Kaylee a and the Kern county sheriff’s commanders association they’ll make their members the highest pay law enforcement officers in Kern county. And among the highest paid in the Central Valley. That proposal was delivered to both these are he’s bargaining group shortly before the start of this meeting. This proposal continues to address recruitment and retention challenges faced by the sheriff’s department which both archer and union leadershi- Have called the crisis. This is not a crisis your board created it is a national crisis impacting nearly every law enforcement agency in this country. Simply put our sheriff’s department must be highly competitive with other surrounding agencies. In an effort to compete to employ a smaller pool of people wanting to be cops. And that pool is getting smaller by the day. There are many reasons for this and I won’t go into them now but only. To to say that. One and only look into the into the issue for themselves and understand what all log hello law enforcement agencies are facing nationwide. In addition to a proposed salary adjustments across all sworn deputy ranks. A deputy sheriff ranks the proposal includes funding — That — We’re setting aside — To be used for entry level deputy and lateral transfer signing bonuses over the next several years. This proposal seeks no economic concessions from either Kaylee or the commanders association. We look forward to meeting with both these associations as quickly as possible to implement this proposal in other words the board of supervisors in my office would like to get this done a sap even today. With this proposal along with the recent actions by the board of supervisors to address recruitment and retention challenges in our sheriff’s department. Including substantially elevating entry level deputy compensation elevating compensation for detention officers funding for for new lieutenant positions and a new sheriff’s deputy training academy this board. Will consider a budget recommendation for this fiscal year the provides over ten million dollars in new spending just for the sheriff’s department. The fiscal year twenty nineteen twenty budget recommendation before the board of supervisors to demonstrate to everyone. That the sheriff’s department and the efficacy of law enforcement route this county is the priority. Of the board of supervisors details of this proposal are being posted online this afternoon — Directly on the front page of the county’s website. And will be available to everyone interested thank you. Thank you Mr also. A move on to the next to item which is the consent agenda all items listed on the well if you need an agenda I know there’s a lot of you here. Apparently pet of the week was a big hit everyone’s here to adopt Riley. Thank you guys for being here — The consent agenda consists of other twenty eight items on the agenda and everything but items one to fourteen and fifteen on the consent agenda but all read through them anyway on a on page two concerts. That has item three on it. On page three we’ve got items four through eight on page. Four it’s items nine through. Thirteen age five items sixteen through twenty three but item. Twenty has been removed by the department and it will be not be heard on the consent agenda will be heard separately. Ellen page six items twenty four through twenty eight or on the consent agenda is there anyone here who would like to make a comment on any of those items. On the consent consent agenda or asked with any of those items be removed for separate consideration. I don’t see anyone coming forward so — Richard the board for a motion on the consent agenda excluding item number twenty so moved second. Your motion is CEQA please cast your votes. The motion is approved for eyes one absent supervisor Gleason by the way I’m going — To we’re gonna take items one and two and then just for your notification I’m gonna take item — Twenty right after one into and before fourteen fifteen it’ll be fairly short but we want other people that. Need. To be here for that item that have other things to do this afternoon. So this item is item one which is probably presentations is there anyone this portion of the meeting as a reserve for persons to dress the Boron any matter that is not on the agenda. What’s under the jurisdiction the boards or anyone here who would like to make a public presentation. Casey none will go to item two which is board member in essence reports. Seeing none will go to item twenty out of order. I believe item. Twenty is a proposed resolution authorizing journal services to apply for and accept it awarded the state of California department parks recreation state wide port development community revitalization program grant funds. For the renovation of hers for Lamont park Mojave east Park which only park emergency every port. General board Mister hill for my office general services will be handling the side of thank you. Good afternoon chairman catch members of the board — We’re excited today to bring this item before you — This act asks your board to adopt the resolutions authorizing general services to apply for the prop sixty eight statewide park — Program grant funds this is something we’ve been working towards for quite awhile and very shortly will be submitting those grants with your board’s approval — These grant proposals are for five committee parks as you said that were selected based on the scoring criteria for the grant program. And they total twenty one to twenty eight million dollars no county match so were awarded any of these there’s no there’s no – County match for it. Of these parks the highest scoring of our of our parks based on the public criteria. It will give the county the best chance to be awarded — Awarded in these grants. The county is completed or is finalizing the record five community. Meetings per park. Those parks are Lamont heritage park Mojave east Potomac in Virginia park. The grand strategy. Has been brought through the parks and rec commission. And this and the priority as well. And has been modified to meet the needs of the county as well as the community. Today members the grant teamer here and I’d like to introduce you to them — Briefly so it’s Amanda Reese — Senior fiscal policy analyst with the CO. It’s Matt Howard effect if anybody here who’s with the grant program please just stand real quick. And in anybody else step into the aisle. Matt how’re general services manager I CEQA Preston general services manager Alan Christiansen CA — Manager. Carl brewer senior CA — Manage. Kim Domingo supervising enginee. Daniel Marino supervising engineer Jamal Powell engineering technician not a Lopez engineering technician. Michael Woodruff engineering technician. Veronica Mendoza leave us ensuring technician and don watered parks planner. Additionally present are members of the community groups and stake holders — These are valuable team members and stakeholders that have helped us assemble these — Grant proposals. They are from the green field walking group the Senate race. Center on race poverty in the environment the leadership council for justice and accountability. And the committee progress so the Lamont. There’s been a lot of excitement generated all the public meetings and in fact it. One of the and one of the meetings the entire audience stood up after the proposed — Plan was prim was presented and they all clapped and that was a tremendous — The tremendous feeling for the team that worked really hard to bring these proposals together — In fact one of the dental services staff two of them afterwards said that that was probably the best day they’ve had at work — Ever working for the county of Kern receiving that sort of input so it was a tremendous — It’s its recognition of a tremendous effort. By way of kind of time frame the grant applications are due August fifth. With the word notification in December of twenty nineteen finalizing documents and work will commence immediately upon award notification. So they were asking your board to adopt detach resolutions authorizing the Kern county general services to apply for the state of California department of parks and recreation statewide park program. For the renovation of five community parks and authorize the chief general services officer to sign the required documents upon approva. From county council. And I believe that there are at least two to the community groups that are here that would like — To like to comment on this item. And if the at the end of there – Comments I’m open any questions- Answer any questions you may have. Thank you Mister hill — Open it up to the public I want to mention also where is Jose Gonzalez to your Jose is here — If there are any Spanish speakers that would like to address the board you can interpret for us — There anyone here like to make a comment on this on the side of please comport. I have a area [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] That’s the thank you for this because I don’t go there. Are this point still seventy emociones guitarists on this issue that is. The county person this here to listen to her commentary. What is the? The number — My number is seven came up it is. G. E. M. A.. B. E. R. T. C.. Thank you thank you of there is also keep an apple yeah — Lebec DC on but I mean what I did but the Lamont. We’re here to support. But I know some of the poor yeah though is the party. For many years we have been supporting this parking lot Havilah Nicholas personas Famoso points in the match it with us. Speaking with the community. Parking in the faith and know how we can feel more secure in the park Cullen departamento they cherry blossom know whenever a lesson into you. Keene very closely with your county sheriff’s department work a last second visiting them we say what up okay I even wake on which will confess and to be part of the park he is supposedly meant it up you won’t and also to assess persona silicon. In we hope that by providing more positive activity in the park this individuals were playing cards will leave the park that’s been the most good – For for his coaching if that is the fifty CEQA someone’s ASEAN though that is the not for this but I mean what I did but giving Lamont. We’re here to petition on behalf of the community and I’m here to speak on their behalf that were in support of this grand we’re looking forward to working. And to make this park safer. Thank you him. Hi — My name is Kimberly hours. I. M. B. E. R. L. Y.. Of worries A. L. V. A. are easy- And I’m here also to support — Just a green one how much is said — I’m here to support on the ground for Lamont park it’s really important because Bristol me in wrestling park. During during this week we got like five accidents that happen. In. I’m part of the group for walking group in California watching we are we on work to make our parks where in our community. And I’m really proud of the work that we have done and to support all of you have give us — But also — Wanting introduce you the there’s stuff going on I don’t know the those accidents were hopping in and I live really close to those parks. In to me it’s really impacting because I don’t want other people to you know experience what I’m going through. I mean that’s it into the park little kids. Being scared to go — To parkway to public. A public space where they could go and how fun and not be scared of thank you I just wanted to say that. Yeah thank you. Good afternoon my name is Gina whose money number Lamont resident thank you very much for allowing us to do this. I would love to see my park. With a whole bunch of families. And the if we were to have a picnic area with a covered patio that would be perfect also more benches. And more lighting — In the starting October there’s not much light because the sun goes down so we would like to go out and walk and if we had some perfect lighting up the park then we would be able to do tha. Thank you. When is that these good afternoon my number is the enemy delays? The anomalous this could be the most another. I’m sorry but I’m very emotional and the man at the get out of the set up the old one on the other yeah dole gonna stuff. But let’s say you left him with any looking moment and I’m on first of all I would not have knowledge and thank all the staff and all the personal it’s been helping us. With this park and as the Seattle but if you recognize the on board ticket okay niche only then is for support are you tha. I especially want to acknowledge parks and rec center. And no set CEQA making okay at the listing and then drive. I believe all of you have this. What this plan for the park [inaudible] It. Thank you for that set us free. I never believed that this was going to occur second this is the the city of Lamont need. To Mr Ninos no this is the our children needed. So the Boron use. Your tangle me how my European a meeting with me on for many years my my oldest child is now. Twenty nine in my younger sis — We do not and my youngest is twenty one no Anne though as the Bedard and they have never attended the park. Thank Gorman yet that you nine Camino. I am a grand child and one in the way on the way. He need proposed may propose the toys the bottles I is the but good afternoon. A boring supervisors — It’s a pleasure — Jasmine jasmine the lady left with leadership council with just for justice and accountability it’s a pleasure to be here today especially after — All the hard work that the team has done parking right. Definitely a great way — They have been doing in committee meetings and like. Just mention they we apply to them because a lot of folks didn’t imagine this was possible for them. To to be able to see an imprint of vision and that would cut bring everybody together and make. Our families happier healthier in a safe environment all that with that a park brings to a community is very beautiful. And so we really do support this project we oppose we support the Lamont project along with heritage Virginia but Tomic east Bakersfield there’s hasn’t there’s been historically this investment to seen these. Great investment through pop sixty eight bean allocated. Or at least the efforts to bring this to our communities is really great to see so we are really grateful to the board into the county to the staff everybody who has been involved because I was born and raised in east Baker still the and you know it you. You got it heritage you could’ve Tomic Virginia it’s really great to see mesmas coming into the committee now so — Vague way grateful and encourage you all – To keep supporting our communities thank you. Thank you. Good afternoon my name is Celeste Augie’s it with center race poverty in the apartment — And we are also — Hall of the members that — Make comments are part of because the community south Kern. And member self — Company — This lead us — And early on the county the in Mr ion and Jeff and Carl. Bedard asked to participate in this process of the of the grounds. And obviously you are carrying – Mainly talking about them long because most of the people are either from Amman or our partners that. Are called are you lowering we’d love mom but we are happy to see that. Many of the things that each of these two is going to have — One ground up occasional which is great because a man standing is that — Those parts are in very disadvantaged — Neighborhoods which is a very good — And this is also — All the does the supervisors know that — Our group is also advocating for the budget. And the budget — One of the key areas self importance for the communities he sat barracks so Ferraz this is very important because see something that can accommodate chief. What the communities want to see in terms of — Improving the parks so it is connected with other other — Efforts of the communities are making. And also you know I think this is — We were just talking with Mister Carl — Before the meeting and he’s. Too happy because of the the collaboration he’s very hopeful that — You know their guns will be approve- As well as as you know in the communities so — We encourage you to approve that and support you know the process to out in – Copy that they you know December January we will get the good news that that the grounds will be approved. And start dreaming one more realistically. Thank you. The ghost of anyone else. Is he doing good afternoon — Chairman and is the staff and were supervisors my name is delegated junior — With center California department of justice I work and a light along with the the rest of the Billy how the community group I also want to extend. The gratitude — For the really in depth the work that you know a lot of the board of supervisors and the staff and I really put forward. I this was really a vision — For the residents and it was really a grassroots — Kind of cohesive — Movement that worked with local government and local leaders to bring forth in a project like this so we want to definitely a you know Amanda the effortless — Worked at it happened and we want to do is. Speak on the support of this moving forward — I myself grew up and I using the parks — Of paneer advertisement — I know pain you did receive some investments I grew up in the in east Vegas all right now own how many speakers filled — And so I want to continue this this — You know passion of of bringing my my two daughters — To these parks in the spatial so I’m a very excited that baton park is is is — In this list along with Lamont heritage park — And it’s not forget about the dead there so yeah we move you forward I want to thank you guys very muc- And hopefully this this moves forward thank you thank you [inaudible] Any others. Gill Richard the board. For questions counts in action. The resume thank you — Great opportunity I’m happy for everyone — Those the same person grew up playing at minor into Tomhicken. It’s fun to see them that you cited some — Some love your so I’m happy to support it and would be glad to make a motion to approve it after resolutions an authorized. She tornal services offered to sign [inaudible] Second. Your motion the second. The card was guest rooms. The motion is approved for eyes one absence supervisor please. Thank you Texas back. To thank you all for being here all of you overview that spoke thank you for working with us. The way you have. Fixes back to our room fourteen which is a hearing on the resolution necessity to determine the public interest. And the subsidy for acquisition of certain real property. By eminent domain for the highway forty six quarter improvement project [inaudible] This first. Good afternoon Mister chairman – Brian van white from my office will be making the presentation thank you. Good afternoon Mr chairman. Members of the board of supervisors. The item that we have today is a public hearing on a resolution assess the related to improvements on highway. Forty six at the end of my presentation I we request in the your board. Open public hearing. Receive comment. Close public hearing. And adopt a resolution assess city. And authorize county council to initiate legal proceedings on behalf of the county. To acquire property [inaudible] For background. Caltrans currently constructing prevents state highway. Forty six the thirty three mile forty six project segments one two and three have completed. Signup for a is under construction and segment for B. is the next and final face. Caltrans in cooperation with the county. Proposed to finish the improvements in for B.. The project is known as the state route forty six four lane widening project. Segments one two three and four a have you state transportation funding. To achieve over a hundred million dollars in state discretionary and federal demonstration funds to finish those segments. Sigma for B. is located in the west side of Kern county in and near the small community of lost hills. State route forty six connect hi five in the Central Valley with highway one a one in San Luis Obispo county. Funding has been secured for segment for B. however time is of the essence because the funds could be lost. If the funding is not used promptly. Staff believe that the improvements a segment for B. will prove safety and connectivity for the community of lost hills and all users throughout Kern county. The improvements are forecasted to help produce the fatality index from one point. Seven one eight two zero point zero one four per million vehicle miles driven long thirty three mile corridor. The improvements will improve regional commuter travel. And contribute to national defense. The project has been planned to maximize benefits the public at large while minimizing impacts to private property owners — Analysis regarding the need for each property interest was conducted during planning. These efforts have continued over the years to ensure the design chief greatest public good at least private injury. Furthermore compliance with applicable state and federal laws including CEQA. And Dnieper has been carried out by cal trans. After extensive analysis the current project alignment was selected as the preferred alternative. As part of the project county staff today proposes to acquire certain property which is described. In your package. The power of eminent domain is used by the county only as a last resort. By letter dated June seventh of this year an offer of just compensation was made to the owner. For full market value as determined by an appraisal. County staff has it attempted negotiate a settlement in good faith but so far have not been able to do so. California eminent domain law provides that a public entity may not commence an eminent domain proceeding on a property. Until the governing body has adopted a resolution says city. The resolution maybe only adopted after the governing body has given his record own owner notice. A notice in this case was sent by US mail to the property owne. It stated the county’s intent to consider the adoption of a resolution. And the right of the property or to appear and be heard. The hearing on the proposed resolution today relates to four findings as they apply only to the property sought to be acquired. The fair market value of the property is not an issue for today’s hearing. Nor is the amount of the county’s offer a matter for consideration. At this hearing. In order to authorize counties powers them into main your board must make for finance. One the public interest in the Cecilie require the project. To that the project has been planned. Compatible with the greatest public good at least private injury [inaudible] Three that the property is necessary for the project. And for that the required offer was made pursuant to government code seventy two sixty seven point. Two adoption of the resolution today will include all these findings. And authorize county council to initiate eminent domain. Representatives from public works and Caltrans are present today to respond to any enquiries you may have. Subject your questions that concludes my presentation. It was red white. Open it up. To the to the people from Caltrans or every comment. No it’s okay I just wanna make sure give you opportunity. Sobered up to the public as anyone here would comment on this item. Great signal returned to the board — For action it’s in the fourth district — So I just want to say. It might seem a groovy little bit quickly on this but that’s because we have — The possibility of losing the funding which by the way cars are congressman the majority opinion for us. And I want to publicly thank him for that. And so we do need to move rather quickly we haven’t received a response from the this. One at least one of the property owners — So I’d like to move forward with this we don’t do that — Hastily we don’t we don’t use this process — Very often. But I think it’s it’s important we report so I’d like to make a motion — Is there a specific wording that you need to have in the motion. Other than making those for finance. The motion on the staff recommendation at a commotion on the staff’s recommendation on the commercial research recommendations [inaudible] Second [inaudible] Secondly schedules. The motion is approved for us one absence supervisor Gleason. Thank you very much the texture was. Fourteen fifteen which is under the communist river. Read about the yes yes. Story heard some grumbling across. On item fifteen or the chemistry of office. This is a proposed intergovernmental agreement with the to home Tejon Indian tribe for the hard rock hotel casino project — With the term twenty years effective on the opening date. Mr also. Good afternoon again. Mister chairman of members of the board. The yeah before today’s a proposed inter governmental agreement or I GA. With Tejon Indian tribe. The only federally recognized tribe in Kern county. For governmental services rendered by the county of Kern for the proposed hard rock hotel and casino. The primary purpose of this agreement is to provide a funding mechanism for the tried to compensate the county for law enforcement fire protection. Emergency services among other services and to mitigate impacts the project to the county. Terms of the proposed agreement before you were a collaborative effort. Between my office fire share of planning public health. In your county council. The dome tribe is commenced the process with the bureau of Indian affairs to take three hundred six acres of acquired private land in unincorporated Kern county. Into federal trust. For economic development purposes including gaming. The agreement before you today is a necessary and crucial element. Informing that process. As you are aware plans have been announced for the proposed development of a six hundred million dollar. Hard rock hotel and casino on this proposed federal trust land the project includes a four hundred room hotel resort style pool area a rock spa and fitness facility thirteen restaurants and bars. A hard rock live oncert venue. The largest conference center and meeting space in Kern count. Designated RV park among other amenities. The project is estimated to create more than one thousand construction jobs in two thousand permanent jobs once completed with a projected sixty million dollar annual payroll. There is a local hiring provision this consistent with your policy to encourage at least 50% of workers for the project come from local communities within Kern county. Is anticipated based on twenty nineteen jobs EQ data that the project could generate an additional twelve hundred and forty jobs in the local economy. Which could yield an additional eighty five point three million in direct and induced compensation an estimated two hundred and seventy five point eight million dollars. Indirect and induced sales on an annual basis. The estimated value of the one time and recurring payments to the county of Kern in the proposal before you today are estimated at nearly twenty two hundred and twenty million dollars. Over eight a twenty year duration of this intergovernmental agreement. Which begins on the commencement of operation. That’s a hundred and forty poin. One to the general fund over that period. And seventy eight million nearly seventy eight million dollars to the fire fund over that period. This agreement will provide up to thirteen point three million in one time payments — That will be invested to build the joint fire and sheriff substation. Purchase New — Fire equipment and trucks. Purchase twelve new fully equipped sheriff’s patrol vehicles and fund a deputy. Sheriff training academy. The I. GA will also provide recurring annual payments for next twenty years to provide ongoing fire staffing at the joint substation with nine new positions. On going sheriff’s deputies staffing at the joint substation thirteen new positions. Capital outlay for the replacement of equipment for both those entities. Director general it provide also provides a direct general fund contribution based on a calculation of standard property tax formulas. In addition to a 6% occupied room fee. There is also of money — Being allocated — For gambling treatment — Programs here locally. My office your director of planning your director of public health your fire chief and sheriff Youngblood I believe this agreement will enhance public safety efficacy throughout this area. In addition to fully addressing- Impacts on county services due to the development of the hard rock hotel and casino. With that — With us today are representatives. From both the Tejon tribe and hard rock international. And I would like to invite them to the podium to Friday any additional comments th. Good afternoon my name is a copy Wasco beetle the third. I’m the chairman for the tone Indian tribe the only Frazier recognized tribe from Kern county. I would like to recognize the work around Alsop Lorelei Oviatt Margot Racin. Kern county sheriff’s department Kern county fire department. Kern county public health. I’d like to recognize them for their extended outstanding work by their team to for the government to government relationship between the tribe and the county. This agreement is not a new relationship. Is a continuation that builds upon the positive working relationship under the MO you for the meridian school propert. We’re excited about teaming with hard rock in the Seminole tribe of Florida to bring a hard rock entertainment facility to Kern county. And to building a brighter future for the tone tribe and the people of Kern county. I like it is with us today. Sean Caffrey senior vice president developing for hard rock. And Stine Nielsen the project manager for this development they’re gonna be speaking after me. This is truly historic day for the tone people. Our agreement reflects our strong relationship and is important step toward reestablishing a permanent tribal homeland for elders. Our children and future generations. Our tribe’s been lands for generations. In eighteen fifty one the tone tribe another tribes signed a treaty with the United States that reserve a portion of our aboriginal lands. Our ancestors thought our lands are secure. Only to learn that the Senate never ratified the treaty. In the decades that followed the United States took actions on our behalf to secure small portions of the areas reserved in the tree. But ultimately was unsuccessful in re establishing a permanent homeland. Our three hundred six acre parcel. Combined with a ten acre marine school parcel will help to correct this history. Your action today will help correct the sister. Your staff is bright a comprehensive overview of the green in and our payments to the county I will not repeat that information. I will say the disagreement reflects our values. We support law enforcement firefighters and the public professionals that make this community safe and strong. Tejon families have been a part of that fabric. And this agreement is our commitment to enhance services for all the people of Kern county. We know that the area south of Baker’s feel to the grapevine is currently in need of law enforcement fire and other public services. Locating an entire sheriff’s and fire substation on site will ensure safety and rapid response to the site and the surrounding community. Everyone shares a dream of home ownership. This is our vision for a homeland. It is multi purpose to serve the needs of tribal citizens and the surrounding community. Approximately 25% a land will be used for the hard rock and entertainment facility. We envision a community park with recreation to be used by the broader community. A health care center that can serve both tribal and non tribal members. We envision housing for familie. On organic farm and tribal administration buildings to provide services to our citizen. This is our vision is about elders. The use and those in need. It is about ensuring a brighter future for Tejon and Kern count. The hard rocking a team of a silly will be the engine that we will we will use to reinvest locally to achieve our goals. We are a good neighbor. This is reflected by the numerous and broad based organizations that support us. And in particular in this project. We are submitting for the record let letters of support from the following entities. Greater bigger so chamber of commerce. Earn county taxpayers association. Tejon ranch. Earn economic development corporation. Kern county Hispanic chamber of commerce. Kern county black chamber of commerce. Bakersfield board of realtors. North of the river chamber of commerce and Taft district chamber of commerce. Independently of the support of organizations we receive written expressions of support from over ten thousand residents of Kern county. They’re excited about our plans excited for the quality of a hard rock entertainment. Facility in Kern county and they’re excited about the opportunities this will bring in terms of direct and indirect jobs. Without having to turn over to Mister coffee from hard rock international who provided overview of hard rock. Thank you again for this opportunity to present to the board. The tone Indian tribe looks forward to working with you to realize a shared vision for our community [inaudible] Thank you. German members of the board and staff — We thought we’d start – The harder portion presentation with the video just to give — You in the people in the crowd a bit of a background on hard rock is a global entity [inaudible] It was [inaudible] Cool idea . The hard rock cafe was was classes restaurant. There there was stalled and then one day [inaudible] Actually. This means that we’ll be able to serve on great thank you — So first of all we want is sure that video because it embodies a lot of the core elements of hard rock — We’re classes to stab instrument that allows everyone from every economic and diverse range age and financial background to come and enjoy the amazing things that we deliver – One of the important things we wanted to highlight today’s a bit of the company’s history — We were founded in — Nineteen seventy one by Isaac to grit and Peter Morton yes calling to the Morton steak house — Today we’ve not only grown from what they began as a single establishment in London is humble beginnings — But through consistent investment — And a cell to the Seminole tribe of Florida in — Two thousand six we’ve been able to reinvest in growth from that single location to over two hundred and forty five venues. In seventy four countries around the world — The Seminole tribe of Florida has continued to make these re investments — Most noted by our two thousand sixteen acquisition of the rights for the company west of the Mississippi. And when they did that they gave us the mandate — As managers the company to go out and grow – West of the Mississippi but most importantly within Indian country and help other tribes were quite as fortunate as the Seminole tribe — To establish gaming operations and integrated resort facilities within their home jurisdictions — So this opportunity is no different and we’re thrilled to partner with the Tejon tried to advance that. So going back to a little bit about the company as I said we operate in seventy four countries and we’ve been successful in doing that by achieving one thing and that is being respectful of the host communities. So we believe that our presence here in Kern county would be no different. We know you have a tremendous history — Within the music industry we actually check the database is we have a lot of corn in other — Bands that were you know from this area and call this their home town — So we’re pretty excited about not just this opportunity but also to come here and bring — The tremendous number of jobs we have forty five thousand employees on a global basis and we’ll talk a little bit later in the presentation about what we’re going to bring to the county — We do hotels and integrated resorts better than anyone — We’ve got twenty nine current hotels with a whole portfolio on the way as well as eleven casinos — And the other thing that we do really well is live music events we do over thirty five thousand live shows on an annual basis. And we’re excited that given your position. Here within California — It’s pretty well positioned for us to optimize routes of a lot of the major artists through this area so we’re we’re excited to have – Not only the location within Kern county but also a lot of the features that we’ll have someone talk about here in just a bit. One of the important things that I talked about is being a leading employer — We take a lot of pride in the fact we have forty five thousand employees — One of the testaments to our commitment to the employee base is the fact that reading Gilligan whose picture on the screen is actually the very first. Hard rock employ and she’s still with the company today. So the queen — Of England went through and she did a whole study on what do tourists who come to London love about the city of London. And it turned out that going to hard rock in being served by reading Gilligan was so prominent in the responses that shakes you ordered her a member of the British Empire so if you look on her. Left breast she’s got a beautiful pink ribbon and that’s what that represents but as you can see she’s still with us today but rather than spending her time. Serving burgers in our cafe she spends most of it traveling the world and doing openings in and representing the company so — We’re thrilled but that that is a testament to our commitment to our employees and we continue to have amazing duration — Not only within you know our staff but also within the executive level the company and we were able to really attract people so yeah from nineteen seventy one till now — Still that first employee — One of the things that we did want to stress here was the fact that in. Two thousand nine a nineteen and actually the last five years we’ve been — Forbes America’s best largest employers and for the last two years since the established it we’ve been — Also the best employers for women so we’re quite proud of these things and we think it’s really important that we we have that as a company — Especially- Integrated resorts we find that we actually cater to both men and women in almost an equal basis unlike many of our gaming competitors so we’re we’re proud of sort of what we do for the for the women in the community and and we think this place will be no. Different — One of the other Sir testaments to sort of our our continued growth and success in the industry — Is the two thousand eighteen global gaming awards we were the winner of the land based operator the years so unlike online casinos. Land based facilities like you what you’d find in Vegas and throughout. The United States. Is. Serve what we were awarded for when you look at the shore companies it’s MGM at Caesars it’s all the big brand names — And in — Two thousand eighteen we were the the winner of the the best land based casino — Just a point of reference — The Seminole tribe of Florida — Through their success in not only starting native American gaming in — Nineteen seventy nine but to today at our type of facility we actually operate the single most profitable casino in the United States so — It’s a early testament to our people but also to our our communities. About one of the other things i- Responsible gaming and our dedication to corporate social responsibility — With me today is Paul palace sorry he’s actually our vice president of global social responsibility — So if there’s any additional questions later on we’re happy to address how we handle — Some of the negative. Impacts of of gaming — But we know it’s a part of the industry now and we were actually the first ones in Florida to begin to address this. And we believe that our commitment to Kern county and to the people here would be absolutely — The same and we will be dedicated to making sure that we bring all those resources to to bear in addition to that — Hard rock is would be illustrated in the video — We make sure to give back to the community and one of the great things about us is we do on an annual basis we pick one artist- In that artists in their use our secure and Riana and it’s Bon Jovi and imagine dragons those are just some examples that we used. But we partner with them on an annual basis and they go around the world with us and we sell T. shirts on their behalf that they designed. And then we put those in all of our stores in the proceeds go to their charities and what we do is we try to make sure that they visit a lot of the different locations around the world we bring them with us. And with that celebrity — You know comes a lot of publicity and an excitement so from our perspective we believe this projects going to deliver an amazing amount of world class entertainment to this community and we think that — The job growth and all the other benefits that come with one of our facilities will be there we think we’re uniquely qualified to really bring. Amazing tourism and and help this community move forward so we appreciate the time without I’ll invite up — Scott Nielsen who’s our general manager for the property here. Talk with. Thank you. Thank you John. A German couch members of the board thank you for allowing us to be here today my name is Scott Nielsen and I am the project manager for hard rock. Hotel casino to home — As we have discussed in the past and his date chairman — Escobedo mentioned the location I it’s it’s my pleasure to be able to talk to you about some of the specific elements of thispprojef the amenities and some the economic impact that we believe will see — As chairman indicated the project is three and six acres located off of highway ninety nine and just north of one sixty six also has great access from from interstate — Five we like this location for a number of different reasons but mainly you have great access you have really good visibility and allows us to bring people to this project from a very broad. Area — The access to the project will be mainly through highway are off of highway one sixty six when you get to seven and road or grown the farm road. And what we’re going to do their yeah that’s a section line road and we have entered into agreements with our neighbors so that we can landscape a very broad Boulevard there so you feel like you’ve arrived at the project from the moment you turn off of one sixty six and and we’re looking. Forward to being able to to provide that — Although this this picture that you’re looking at doesn’t show a lot of detail- Towards its difficult to see a lot of detail rather — The project will be built on fifty two acres — The hotel resort casino project is on fifty two acres there it is twenty two acre RV park adjacent to that — Then you will have the amenity or the infrastructure amenities wastewater treatment facility water and so forth will be built on site. And the fire and police substation on this — Rendering are going to be in the lower left corner in the south west corner of the property on about. But a four acres so that’s where that facility located to provide maximum security and access not only for for the facility and property but also the the surrounding community and really the southern end. Of Kern county. In addition — To the in addition to those amenities then the rest of the project will be the tribes homeland as German Escobedo indicated for further – Development that the tribe envisions for its future. Turning to the project itself it will be a six hundred thousand square foot facility — And will feature four hundred hotel rooms as you can see in one tower. At the base of that tower will be a twenty four hour. Restaurant but also a the amenities it really make it feel like a hard rock and that is a rock Spahn salon. A body rock fitness center and also then a resort style pool that will have cabanas and day beds and a live entertainment area that they can be activated with a lot of different types of activity so. So truly resort style feel. And it’s something we think is going to be very special for the community. The center a piece of the project of course is the casino that is the economic engine that drives the ranger of it. In addition we’ll have thirteen food and beverage venues everything from hard rock’s world class steak houses to the hard rock cafe and then also some quick serve for people that want to come in. Grab something and grab something and go so you have many different price points that will meet and many different types of options for whatever somebody feels comfortable with in terms of what they’re lookin. For some of the other — Aspects of this project I think they’re going to make it unique our the meeting space as was mentioned by Mister Alsop. It will be the largest convention meeting space in Kern county and really we think create a new amenity and a new attraction for current county to attract. Perhaps some businesses and smacked it events that are not current currently coming. So it’ll be over twenty thousand square feet of usable space — Set up in a banquet facility for feeding you know the folks at a at a banquet or event it’ll see over eight hundred and in theater style little seat over. Two thousand so it we we believe that will attract — And broaden the the attraction of this facility. In addition. On adjacent to the meeting space will be a hard rock live. And as Sean indicated hard rock. Part of their core competency i- Is live entertainment and we believe that that live entertainment will be — Something that sets a project part and once again expands the reach of this project invites people from a broad range and in the entire region — To come to this — This facility. This is a rendering of the front of the project the main entrance and you can see the hotel on the left and and we’ve worked very closely with the driving with the architects and designers from hard rock — To come up with a concept in the design that would be. Something different that you don’t see in current county. But something that using through the use of of the stone and the colors and the landscaping is indigenous to this area. She’s me and looks like it fits in its environment and so we think we’ve we’ve done that is a little contemporary style and flair but you can see it has kind of a hard rock — Entertainment in the hard rock excitement to it. One of the things we also working with the tribe have have. Attempted to do is to take some of the patterns and and images that report to the tribe incorporate those into the project as you can see on the on hotel tower there is a kind of a basket weave look. And that comes from a basket we saw at the at the tribes offices and so we’ve incorporated that into the project [inaudible] Design. This is the flip side of the hotel and you can see the basket we once again — Even more prominently on this side — This will be then opened. Out to the rocks by as the body rock fitness facility in the pool then immediately adjacent to the left would be the meeting space and behind that would be the hard rock live entertainment space [inaudible] Of course. Any project of this size and magnitude when you have a six hundred million dollar investmentin a project it’s going to create a cynic significant positive economic impact for Kern county. As you can see by going through these numbers when you get to the headline is through the job project directly and through the induced an indirect jobs as wel. You create almost five thousand jobs for that for the Kern county in this area — For our payroll then once the project is open with just the two thousand team members employees. They’ll be a payroll of almost sixty million dollars a year. So you can see that during construction don’t be a thousand jobs created and you can see the economic. Indicators there as well or the economic multiplier rather and then once the project is open two thousand more than two thousand direct jobs — And another most thirteen hundred indirect jobs will be created. So that kind of their economic impact is — We think extremely important and is going to be a huge benefit to to try but also to the community. So. In conclusion I would just like to all the echo Germanist could be does comments concerning thanking staff. Your staff is was incredibly professional hardworking and experienced in terms of getting this done — Very well very well represented in terms of your staff and in their efforts — I would also like — To welcome back to the the community support we’ve received. Since we started working on this project and since we’ve been especially out in public with the project. There been enormous expressions of support for the project — Over six thousand small businesses have been are represented by the letters of suport he received. And we have over — Ten thousand indications of written support for the project from people in the community — As a matter of fact I just like to have everybody who’s here in support of the project in the audience please raise your hand [inaudible] These [inaudible] Close. Thank you very much. So Jeff just like to thank you for the opportunity to make this presentation today and thank yo- For the opportunity. To move forward with this. This project and we would request that you follow the recommendation to staff and improve this funding agreement. Thank you very much we’d be happy to respond any questions you might have the commissioners and stay in the for or you may get a few. Thank you if you. The conclude all the presentations. It will open up to the well this is a public hearing. Correct. Or is this just a yes we have a Republican some of the public hearing ask with anyone who would like to speak. Well how do we want to do this if you’re let’s start with a few people in opposition. And I would ask them if you’re going to speak I would ask that you come to the front row unles- We can make — Room for people to for a few those that would like to speak in opposition let’s do those first. Anyone here was speaking opposition. The staff’s recommendation. In one of the back. Yes ma’am please come down [inaudible] State university . Good afternoon if you my name is at the area the tremendous. On the chairwoman of the time I can you know let me Tejon Indians I’ve spoken with you — Previously on other hearings regarding this so [inaudible] This issue. And I wanted to speak to you regarding the land. That. This casino in. Other items are being built on this land of Kerr lake. Is not of the content of a trib. This land acrylic is at the curly kill gets home at Wally. They were the same people that were also. Of part of the a signatories of the treaty. Are they were taken a camper silversmith. On the land of the run to L. Tejon — When this is excavation begins to take place to build us a? All of these. This facility if. All of the cultural deposits fair enough and the soil. And hopefully I pray to god that there are no cemeteries that are uncovered. They will all be sent to a repository. All these culturally affiliated items are not of the katana tried. They are the they are the R. V. but what are your kids the curly people. As native people as I do with many other. Native people of other tribes. We try very hard to keep our cultural. And traditional ways intact. One of those is that you don’t do that. You do not go into another tribe the area. And do something like this. It is very distressful. Also I would like to repeat again to you. What else ashe have said previously [inaudible] Is that. This casino does not benefit. All of the people. They were in the treaty. There are the katana. Or any other people that are Kerr lake. Any of those that were from when Mr lake there were also signatories of that treaty. And many many others. And I saw today the pictures of my grandmother and my great grandmother and my great great grandmother up on the screen. As I mentioned before. There was a report that was prepared by doctor John Johnson of the Santa Barbara museum of natural history. In which a census of nineteen seventeen he was hired to revie. And in his opinion determine. In his opinion. With the truth [inaudible] Native people. Of the two one ranch. Of the people on that census. 90% of those people were written out. There was only eighty people on that census [inaudible] And so. What this the? What is the? Development. Who IT service eservers falls from a small fraction of people? And also the devastation it is going to create on that land [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Thank you. Others that would like to speak in opposition to the staff recommendation. Okay let’s move on to those that are here to speak in favor of the centrifuge. Thank you. Good afternoon my name is Bernice Bernice and I am president of the local chapter of the cara California lines for retired Americans we have about a million member state might. That anyway I was thinking of him Corrales who was saying about those guys that play cards in the parks hit now the only go fifteen minutes thirty minutes in. The parks will be empty so. Great that’s good. And anyway talking about senior. Talking about seniors my mother was ninety eight and if anybody in the family was going to Vegas check chances I mean they knew they had to take her. And there’s a lot of seniors that love that those casinos but anyway I read in the paper the other day. Where they wrote an article about this — The hard rock hotel. And it said that the room taxes there would be twenty Mr Alsop was at 20% or twenty cents a what is you know the taxi and every time you. Rent a room at a hotel here locally. In the room. Are you asking what the yes I have. The tax of the hotel taxes yeah because I understand that the hotels are existing hotels pay twenty cents and why did the hard rock only have to pay six and there’s a lot of 40% difference there. So what’s the why the differenc. When we want you for me as your? If you do this. Finish your entire statement will try to get you an answer to okay what that is why it may be different from. Yeah I’m very impressed and I’ve been observing who’s here and all I see Mister hurts his. President or the local person for the labor union. And you see all the are shirts. Loaded the labors they’re ready to go to work so we want this project for sure. Okay. Can you poses one moment could someone. Address the with the tag hotel taxes compared to I think she may be referred to with it is in the city of angels. City Baker’s filled the the tax on hotels is 12% and got a corporate account and six the hard rock hotel casino would be paying what all other hotels are paying. In unincorporated parts of the county. In the end that 6% could you clarify force please that 6% is not something we just arbitrarily levy. That’s established is not. I did get expendable can establish. I’m sorry supervisor with the the 6% — For for that 6% to be elevated to a higher level with that not require vote. Correct Frazier we can’t arbitrarily make that DOT on this in the county and a corporate area higher than the six or seven RT is because that would require a vote of the entire property clear very — A vote of the people on the ballot [inaudible] Right [inaudible] Thank you. Good afternoon Mr chairman members of the board — My name is berries older I’m a senior vice president it Tejon ranch company. And I come before you today to express our company’s full support and endorsement. Of the to hone Indian tribe and their plans working with hard rock international. To build the hard rock hotel and casino Tejo. While the location chosen for this destination resort facility is not on Tejon ranch land and I have to answer many questions about where second seed — Going to be on Tejon ranch it’s located just a few miles away from our land we are confident that the tribe in this facility in hard rock will be a good neighbor. And at a resort casino like this this entertainment facility is consistent with the economic development and job creation activities. That are currently taking place at the to hone ranch commerce center and will take place in other portions of Tejon ranch in the future as well. This is certainly quite a day for their Tejon Indian tribe and its members. They’ve had to overcome many challenges to get here not the least of which is regaining their federal status which was. Lost through a bureaucratic mishap to put it politely. Both before and after regaining that status to hold rants company has maintained a close relationship. With the to home try. We share history. We also share our mission to honor and protect the native American legacy. On our land. And we also share the desire that members of the tribe had the opportunity. For a prosperous and productive futur. This is also an important day for current county. Represents as you seem the numbers a tremendous economic development opportunity and the chance to further diversify our economic base which is an important. Priority for the county. And we are also confident because we’ve been there at the table many times with the count. For the expansion of the Tejon ranch commerce center — The building of our multi use residential communities of great find and mountain village. That the agreement that the county and the tribe have crafted regarding the delivery of services and the payment for their services and the medication for the project. Is fair to the tribe. It is fair to the county and the Kern county taxpayers. Amble allow this important addition to our county to move forward. So we urge you to approve the enter. Agreement before you [inaudible] Thank you. Good afternoon Janice flocks [inaudible] And some place chair of the California fish and game commission. This is Jackie on command [inaudible] And she who represents the tribes. And on there fishing rights particular. The last beating. And the reading I brought. What was proposed here [inaudible] Sent. To the the relocated to the destination ally speed rail. Wait three hundred CEQA trip. Wait some more. Well anyway. Seriously she suggests. No and I did bring up the fact. That there would be no. Historical and traditional. Fishing all Indians in the ocea. If it wasn’t for the Indians locally. Who took the oil the tar there we have? And over there. For waterproofing the boat. Soon she would like. To news — Will have a economic base. To join the other Indians and and be a part of them. So you’re going to hear a lot of local benefits for them to be nice to bring up. A statewide benefit of the project thank you [inaudible] Request. For good afternoon chairman couch inaudible board members my name is Dick Taylor recently retired from the county of Kern. Our family is done business in Kern county for many many decades. And I’m before you today to offer my complete support of this project. Local jobs are critical to this particular project — As I stated earlier I thou over a thousand construction jobs post opening — Over two thousand that’s set at minimum — Jobs – Created for that aspect. A complete come — If you match that with the fifty nine million dollars of annual payroll that is a project that will absolutely and rich our local economy. Some of you have seen a local. A rather our area has been. The subject of the article in The Washington Post by Scott Wilson senior national — Correspondent for The Washington Post. Talks about Bakersfield in Kern county was once the bottom jokes but now his absolute booming and this fits right in that. This project fits right in with that new opportunity in that innovation on Brookside about i. Use the Aztec so it’s a win for the county. And it’s a win for the tone tried thank you. Thank you still. Hello. Good afternoon chairman couch on board members and I can be staff my name is sue Benham I am the vice president of philanthropy at Baker still Memorial Hospita. I serve on the executive committee of the greater Bakersfield chamber of commerce we support the tone tribes hard rock hotel and casino project. And have voted to endorse it. If approved this project will be a huge boost to our local tourism by offering a world class venue. With an emphasis on family friendly entertainment just twenty five miles south of Baker’s him. An added bonus to the project is the infrastructure public safety enhancements and road improvements that will be made at no cost to taxpayers. This project is a plus for Kern county and I urge your support thank you. Thank you for coming to the German supervisors staff. I am David Womack W. O. M. A. C. K. I am a senior vice president with Kaiser Permanente a in the chairman of the board of the current economic development corporation. I’m here to speak in support of this project and I am speaking as the chairman of the KDC and as a private citizen. The KDC strongly supports this initiative and you’ve heard many of the economic benefits to the county and to the general populace already and I’m sure many more will talk about it. So I’d like to focus my comment. On the health benefits of this project — Something that may not be readily apparent when people think about how to improve the health of the community. They often say things like we should build a new hospital or we should hire more doctors. But the biggest thing we could do for the health of Kern county is to have more good paying job. Many studies in recent years have shown that having access to healthcare resources really has a small effect on the overall health of the community. Compared to the social determinants of health. Such factors as our environment our education level our in our own behaviors. Affect health to a much larger degree. And the number one factor of health is our own economic condition our people employed do they have adequate income. Do they have benefits through their job. Kern county are lower income census tracks have more heart attacks more asthma higher diabetes and obesity more strokes more cancer in more babies born of low birth weight. It is not a stretch to say that health at its core is an economic issue. We have the opportunity to improve the health of Kern county by embracing this project we should not miss this great chance we should stand up and advocate for it thank you. Good afternoon chairman couch and supervisors and hardworking staff. My name is at the end a call up I am the president of the bigger shield association of realtors. I represent it’s twenty two hundred members. Our association has endorsed the hard rock project. Housing opportunity and homeownership continues to be the primary issue in Kern count. We know that better paying jobs with room for advancement. On projects of at at this magnitude helps the entire community. I know that purchasing a home continues to be the American dream. It helps to make stable families who are contributors to our community. Your vote to approve this government to government agreement is the first step in making dreams come true for Kern county. We ask that you support — Today we ask for your support today on your staff’s recommendation to approve this agreement thank you very much. It was called. Germs. Can supervisors on Kevin Burton I’m also co chair of the current tax association I know we approve this. Also I’m here really from just a a citizen I’m excited for this to economic development can be based here in Kern county — It also gives me great pride to know that are — Southern — Folks down in LA I will have to come to LA to us spend their hard tax dollars here in Kern county in. And the hopefully will — Advance what Baker showed really has to offer here in bed in — In California I’m excited alone just from the family standpoint it he gets another another destination to go to hear our current county for us to spend a weekend. And enjoy some great restaurants enjoy a great concert I go out go shopping into Tejon outlets come back and enjoy another great dinner head home on Sunda. Go back to work on a day so really excited about this and thinking I hope you approve it thank. Hi — Wheatley marsh and I work here with local veterans with our fly Kern county the portable war your gallery. And veterans kids Christmas and back in the covered wagon days I actually my college major was American Indian studies so my heart and my passion is for bot. Veterans and native Americans and it’s my understanding that the tribe membership includes an impressive lineage of our service. Ins with service to our country which includes World War two Korea. Vietnam the Middle East conflicts and of course those that are serving now. So with the casinos potentially and likely support of local veterans organizations and local veteran work pool — And of course them for filling their own — Commitment to their Sir service members — I support this project 3000%. Plus rock it’s my thing. But I urge you to also support this agreement between the tribe and government locally. Thank you the German supervisors good afternoon my name is Keith Woolrich on the government affairs director for the Kern county black chamber of commerc. On behalf of our board and our executive director Nikhil we wholeheartedly support this proposal we ask for your school support. Has been stated earlier I will won’t be long I’ll be shortened BC because Mike Turnipseed will take up the balance of my time. We all know that but again this is a major economic driver for Kern county and we’re looking forward to that. In addition you know the fact that the county safety will be covered not at taxpayer expense is something that we all enjoy look. For to and finally the black chamber will benefit with the engagement of future procurement opportunities that will help all of our chamber members not just in the African American community but all committees involved so we look forward to your your vote of affirmation. And we look for to have been hard work here and current county thank you. Hi my name is Daniel bats — B. T. T. S. — A local veteran I deployed in — Two thousand four aboard the USS John F. Kennedy battle group in support of operation Iraqi freedom and during freedom in operation sea snake. I’m a founding member on the board of directors and executive committee a portrait of a warrior gallery. I’m also local — Comedian entertainer here Bakersfield so I run the longest running open Mike in Bakersfield weekly. And monthly shows that I host book promote and produce. And amongst the local entertainment community both comedians and musicians as well as the local veteran community specifically more importantly — Post nine eleven veterans what I see is a lot of excitement around this project a lot of support for this project but it’s conditional upon two thing- I’d like to see a commitment from the hard rock hotel and casino towards hiring local veterans. And also supporting local entertainment I think if they’re going to bring — Music and comedy and all kinds of entertainment from New York and LA and all over the country they should have local acts perform on those as well thank you I support this project. Mrs building in Windsor thank you and thank you for your service record. Check out. The members of the board [inaudible] As money was John’s Pauline I’m here representing the current annual model county building and construction trades council — I’m speaking in support of this project. And ask for your support. Our counselors been working with the town home try. Since two thousand fifteen they have been steadfast in their commitment to the building trades. Local hire a per ship training. Hello Mr hard hats for our veterans are very important to them. In meeting with hard rock international the first time last year they were equally supported. Of the building trades in fact their last two projects in northern California. They were also supportive of the trades in those areas. The hotel tribe has committed. To the trades by signing a letter of commitment to use our building trades for construction of the project. Please support this project is important to our county. Thank you take a stroll. Hello chairman of the board and board of supervisors and county staff I am back again. From this morning in a different outfit right — So — Good afternoon once again my name’s Jay Tom Sam the president CEO of the current county Hispanic chamber of commerce and I’m also on the bord of the California Hispanic chambers of commerce. And we also represent a thousand two hundred businesses in Bakersfield and Kern county. A majority but not all Latino owned operated and operated which the Tejon Indian tribe is a member. Of our chamber of commerce there’s been a chamber of commerce executive board voted to endorse the project in June and we support the intergovernmental agreement between the county of Kern and the Tejon tried. We feel strongly that the hard rock. Project is a win for the county of Kern. The tribe and community at larg. Not to repeat what others have spoken [inaudible] Today. But to clearly. See the economics of these jobs both construction and permanent. Will lead to a prosperity prosperous future of current county in addition we know that a project of this size we’ll have a multiplier. Effect. Which will believe to be added additional a thousand and five hundred jobs. Of service professional and product based needs that the project will require. When you add up all this the project’s downstream ploy from the first? Turn of the dirt. To the grand opening well over five thousand jobs and it at a cost of six hundred million. We support this huge economic engine. We asked the board of supervisors today to approve the staff recommendation and vote to approve the agreement. And I would just like — To say a few words personally I stand before you with. Two very special and very important people in my life that are relatives of mine and belong to the to home — Indian tribe. And I stand behind them and support of this project because my relative here a to the right and the my relative to the left. I have never met. I had a chance to meet. Their father who fought in the Vietnam War. And and was killed. And so with that being said I’m here — Personally to also support this project on behalf of my relatives here — In here so that we can pay hommage to their father and to the grandfather who they were never able to me. And so I ask that you support this project so that we can pay. Homage and the respect that is deserved because he fought in the Vietnam War forest so thank you and so we hope you support this project. Good afternoon German codes for supervisors county staff my name is rob do Cullen public affairs manager for southern California gas company but I’m here today. Representing the north of the river chamber of commerce is the immediate past president of the chamber. Of it north of the river chamber of commerce — Fully supports the county agreement with the tone Tejon Indian tribe and hard rock is hotel and casino. Of the multiplier effect — Which will create additional jobs will have a positive impact on the membership of the north of the river chamber. And is huge for the many small businesses they can and will directly benefit from the hard rock project. The north of the river chamber looks forward to engaging with hard rock international. About these opportunities and we wish the tribe well in its future endeavors. All parties involved are helping to lift the entire community of Kern county we congratulate you on a jobwell done and appreciate your time. The north of the river chamber ask for your support and to approve the staff recommendation to move the agreement forward to make this project an opportunity available to our membership and all can Connie thanks very much the Strickland. Good afternoon chairman cats members aboard — My name is Joe actually many of you know me and my role as director of regulatory affairs for California resources corporatio. Or chairman of the wrecked county — Planning Commission but today I speak on behalf of the current economic development corporation for which a service vice chair of the board. And as a private citizen. I’m here to voice my overall support for the proposed hard rock hotel casino project and the issue before your board today the inter governmental agreement between the county and the whole tribe. A person who had the pleasure of working with both Kathy Morgan former chair of the tribe and her sister glory on projects that enhance cultural resources. Protection and preservation in Kern county. Approval of this project will further support the tribe needs as well as the enhancing the public safety and economically to the county. I believe the agreement before you board today’s adequately address keep public safety concerns. Specifically county farm chair for as well as a variety of other issues I see you follow the staff recommendation and approve the government to government agreement as far as thank for top. The construction [inaudible] Hello. Good good afternoon supervisors course chairman couch and staff. My name is Kathy your in and I’m the executive director of the Taft district chamber of commerce and visitors bureau. And I’m speaking on behalf of the board of directors of the Taft chamber. The chamber board is firmly in favor of the economic and employment benefits that will result from a county agreement with the telephone Indian tribe and the hard rock hotel and casino project. The agreement an important step in gaining economic benefit for the community of Taft and many more communities like Taft is in your hands. And the benefits will begin even before the project is completed construction and all related support services will employ a skilled labor from our communities. We also envision training and educational support from our local institutions to help prepare the necessary work force into the future. But all this begins with the agreement. The board of the tap chamber of commerce asks for your approval of the staff’s recommendation to move the agreement forward to make the project. And the opportunity possible for the west side and the community of Taft thank you. Good afternoon chairman couch members of the board my name is Josh Taylor a lifelong resident here in Kern county and today I’m representing the southwest carpenters union — Our currently over four thousand two hundred skilled and trained construction professionals are in our local membership and these folks are building our roads schools and hospitals within the communities and major specialty infrastructure projects like the lake Isabella modification. Our state accredited apprenticeship program is steadily growing with hundreds of active apprentices registered locally through our very own Bakersfield college. Today union carpenters stand in favor of this project along with the gross and infrastructure that will support it. With surrounding communities like arvin Lamont Mettler for Tejon maricopa of in Bakersfiel- Have some of the highest unemployment rates in the area and we would like to see. Local higher percentages in the construction phase and language apprenticeship program participation. And if applicable apprenticeship languages implemented in this project as it moves forward the southwest carpenters would like to offer — Introductory construction boot camps for interested Tejon tribe members as well as residents of the surrounding communities — Thus giving them entry level skills in industry exposure and raising their chances for success and are currently booming construction climate. So I asked the board today. Not only for your approval The CPAC rep staff recommendation for this — Intergovernmental agreement but that in doing so you consider local construction industry. And the county residents who can do really — Truly benefit from well paying construction jobs thank you. If you. German chaos board members Bob Hampton H. A. M. PTO and first comments of support here. Are from a personal standpoint a frequent visitor to the native American tachi palace casino in la more. And also a frequent visitor to the American native — Casino and eagle mountain importer bil. And then also a frequent number- Two sandy and then as of the Chumash. American in his because seeing all — Judy and I because of the closeness of the hard rock casino resort Tejon. Could add to the bottom line is there a financial. And Judy said make sure. That there’s a two ten five slot machine. The server that’s very very true but on on a community basis outside of that personal thing Kathy is mentioned the city of Taft. Along with that as the west Kern community college district known as Taft college. And Gee what a great opportunit. Of well what we can enter into and part of that is the Taft college foundation your president for the last eleven years — That we can contribute to this hard rock casino out there in so many ways there are so many Taft college vocational programs that will be offered. Along with the opportunity of the casino to participate in the Taft college foundation which are all pluses for not only them with us. To so we are in support of this particular project and we’re pretty she’s. Your answers also thank you very much thank you. There are other speakers will be good of you to come down the front Rosamond usually work for quickly yes Sir well I hope I’m not the last — One three good afternoon board of supervisors my name is heard rumors I am the business manager for the labors International Union of North America — Which is headquartered here in Bakersfield Kern county our local representing the eighteen hundred are working men and women — Many of which they wouldn’t live within the county and some which are veterans and some which are relatives of the Tejon tribe — Believe it or not so I am here to voice our support for the tone tried this amazing project in the partnership at the hard rock. Casino aside from the thousands of construction jobs and permanent jobs who will — It will produce it is a winning be. That the revenue it will generate will support our community I urge you to move for with this project and the proposed intergovernmental agreement. To build as the project with the best. Trained and skilled workforce that we have to offer. So. Mr chairman members aboard a Michael Turnipseed representing the Kern county taxpayers association. At their June board meeting the board unanimously voted to support the project and we did submit a letter to the bureau of Indian affairs. In support of the project. And which ones say one thing to be short. This is a true. Project of economic development. We are bringing in outside investment in our community. And two or three or four thousand new jobs. This is truly the kind of economic development we need current county. Thanks a thanks to the tone Indians in the hard rock closer to tell casino for that thank you very much thank you. Single there’s a close the public hearing returned to the war for questions comments or actions to reserve press the jeep. First I did thank you thank you chairman. It makes perfect sense to me. That the first of our community members to experience the left of this economic development. Opportunity in our county are the proud indigenous members of the to home community. As they say a rising tide lifts all boats. And this seems to me one of those moments in Kerns economic history when a project contains all of the materials. Brain power. And vitality to create real transformative economic opportunity for the people of current county. I am particularly compelled. By the tribe’s willingness to engage in putting our local work force where they belong. Ready on deck. To build the facilities and staff the businesses. That will follow. I’m compelled by this because our building trades our world class. And it is a shame if we don’t give our master tradesmen every opportunity to do what they do. Be the bst of their Krause while putting food on the table for current county families while apprenticing the next generation of Kern’s work force. You also in my experience the best positioned to put current county families families to work a quickly with — As I always like to see a priority on our veterans. We are a proud community. And prouder still when we see our children also have opportunities echoing from the swinging of Kern county hammers. I’m excited about the possibility of current county getting what it deserves. An opportunity to showcase to showcase the absolute best of us in a project that is already showing signs of lifting all boats. To the Seminole tribe into your utterly consummate professional team — Years here in Kern county we welcome you with open arms. Well we are thrilled and elated at the standard of which you are lifting. A what you will do to so many Kern county families by bringing hope of a real good paying job right here in this community. And so I look forward to engaging you in a new project we’re launching in the MLK corridor. A to make sure that every single individual in that community has opportunity in trouble camp be part of actually building the future of this community together as one community United like we see today. Nothing dividing us — Only uniting us so hats off to you for doing that thank you Kathy here for your many many years of hope you never gave up so hats off god bless you and your tribe [inaudible] People. Direct Oviatt and make a motion on your recommendation. We have a motion we have some other — Comments here — Super Scrivner. Thank you Mister chairman and first I want to thank all the speakers that showed up this is the first time along kind of had a packed house and it’s great to see so much participation. The the benefits of this project or are obvious that the jobs the economic boost either this county is going to see — When this when if this project — Moves forward — 50% local higher I know that that is a that is a a minimum that we hoped for but the expectation is that we’ll see a lot more than that and that’s what we experience with. A lot of our other big projects the public safety enhancements for this county couldn’t come at a better time — As we all know Kerr carries been struggling with our our staffing or sheriff’s department — Our fire department is also been under a lot of strain as well — Physically and so the infusion. Of and of money to those very critical public safety departments. Is going to be a tremendous. Benefit to them I’m not just a departments but to all the areas surrounding this project communities like maricopa. The Mettler area the town ranch outlets are going to see — Enhance protection basically everything and in the general area — I think that to hone their town outlets will see. Greater boost and and business which means more sales tax for the county and so and that’s a win win. For everybody — As well. The the community. Of current county I think. Is why we see these projects continue. To develop and and and one invest here and we’ve we’ve had quite a string success lately — With the Amazon project — Laurie I’ll and location has a lot to do with that Kerr county I think is. About four to four and a half hours from forty million people and so that puts us in a very strategic place when it comes to these kinds of projects but I I think it also has to do. With the support that our community has for responsible economic development and that. Support from the community I think is an reflected by our staff and by this board of supervisors so I want to thank all of our business leaders. From all the different chambers that have come out today and supporting this project. And the visitors that are are going to and that are going to patronize this — Facility they will continue to help put current county on the map they’ll visit Kern county they’ll see everything that we have to offer. I’m not just the venue that they’re going to visit but they’ll they’ll look up to the Kern river valley and look at the and the great. Opportunities there are for recreation — Look to eastern — All over all over this county I think that we offer a tremendous amount for visitors which is going to cause them to go home. To their communities and they’re gonna think about Hey you know py and we should think about investing maybe move our business there so this is all. Very positive. And the the only real opposition or the only real concerns that I’ve heard miss Oviatt I’m at direct this to you — Has to do with water usage and that’s something that I know isn’t before us these economic these – Environmental concerns — Are not before this board to consider but I think it’s important for the public to understand how those things are going to be addressed as as thi. Project moves forward water usage other kinds of environmental impacts through the I. S. process the environmental impact statement on the federal level so if you could kind of walk us through. How the we’re in the reason I think that this is an important thing to address is because? The with a sustainable groundwater management act state law obviously — Groundwater pumping ground water usage and water supply. Is even more important and even more in the public consciousness and so I think it’s important for us to just talk a little bit about that some is Oviatt pleas. Certainly supervisor Scrivner through the chair — As you kno- Your board and as seen a lot of environmental impact reports this does not CEQA does not apply to this project instead it is a federal. National environmental policy act which is nepa so it’s an environmental impact statement it is done by the bureau of Indian affairs your board is directed and requested of the federal government that we be a cooperating agency and I am your delegate. The of the department of interior accepted that request and so we have been cooperating and supporting. The bureau of Indian affairs to make sure that this environmental impact statement is accurate — We don’t have that document yet but we certainly have done in the planning department hotels and we certainly know what the water uses is for agriculture. So just for a four hundred room hotel which is what this hard rock would be. That would be anywhere from a hundred and twelve two hundred twenty acre feet a year to put that in perspective this three hundred six acres was farmed. Which would use over two thousand four hundred and forty eight acre feet was alfalfa and probably about fifteen hundred acre feet if it was mature pistachio trees as you can see. If we are concerned about the use of water in that area a hard rock hotel is going to use 75% less water. In addition V. yeah yeah. They are also going to be doing and treating their water so they will be using reclaimed water o% their extensive landscaping. The E. I. S. is going to have a public hearing when that public documents released it’s going to be. Using the traffic study that was coordinated with the public works department incurring called modeling — They the of the developers will be required to improve the roads work with cal trans just like any other developer — In addition there will be mitigation and other sorts of requirements in that document and that document will be public. The reason that we are going forward ahead of that is to ensure that that document accurately reflects. The law enforcement needs and the fire protection needs that your board sees for that region. If we had waited for the I. us to come out it’s possible that the information could have been an accurate. So it is a the bureau of Indian affairs has indicated that they will use the information that we provide to them that your board is putting into this — Intergovernmental agreement. To make sure that that is accurate the based on county council’s recommendation the agreement before you essentially says that if the bureau of Indian affairs does not impose this mitigation. The tribe agrees to do it anywa. So the agreement that you have before you is what the agreement will be. Even if the I. S. is somehow less than for the facilities. This regional facility as you note that has twelve positions for fire staffing and thirteen positions for share of as well as its fully built fully equipped. That will be a new standard. Of for how we can provide services for a burgeoning economic development region — I also wanted to if I may indulge myself here I wanted to let you know that in working over the last twenty five years with the telephone tried on many many development projects they have been an excellent partner. They have worked creatively to make sure that they work with developers that their cultural concerns are addressed they’ve been nothing but a current county partner. And I personally am very. Touched and happy. At their reaffirmation is a tribe and the opportunities that they have thank you thank you. I I wanna thank you and specifically miss Oviatt and then Mr Alsop and and your staf. For your hard work and negotiating this agreement. And that’s before us today a lot went into this and are I believe that our staff at current county is top notch. And the best in the state of California and I think that people know that and that’s why they wanted best year so thank you so much — The the jobs that are created the economic the economic boost that this project will mean for the county the enhancements to our public safety — Which couldn’t come at a better time as I said I think we’re all going to be tremendous benefits for us I want to thank once again. And everyone who is here today – To speak. In support of this project

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