Hi everyone, today I’ll teach you how to play Free Fire from A to Z (in Vietnamese letters!) Start with A:Armor Helmet & Backpack Armor & Helmet will reduce the damage from enemy The more level the helmet and armor are the more damage are reduce by them Backpack will help players get more items backpack with higher level will help player get more items than lower one B is Bo (Safezone in Vietnamese) the white circle is the safezone you should get into the white circle as soon as possible the blue one is deadly electric, will damage you overtime C is Cận Chiến (melee in Vietnamese) Melee is the most simple way to fight in Free Fire you can use fist, machette or pan to fight Do not underestimate the melee weapon, they may cause more than 100 damage D is Di chuyển (move, run and swim) Know how to move smartly will get you to top 1 E is Ép góc (try to push enemy into bad situation) you should try to prevent enemy get into safezone because enemy can’t run into safezone while they have to shoot you F is First Aid Kit First Aid Kit will give you HP when you’re damaged try to get First aid kit as much as you can! G is gục ngã (Knockout) Knockout only happen when in squad or duo mode, when a player is shooted down by enemy teammate can revive the knockdown player by touching him/her H is headshot! Headshot happen when you hit enemy’s head and cause more casualty Keep silent and hide is the great way to play in Free Fire Don’t move much if not necessary because you may be detected by enemy Remember: Silence is golden! Jacket will help you hide your armor Enemy will do not know what level of your armor you wearing Surprise? Make Play! Kill enemy is important, but you can set up a teamkill from a knockdown one Don’t rush to kill a knockdown enemy. You can wait his teammate come and kill both! Loot is collecting items, weapons in game Don’t be too greedy because you may not have enough time to travel to the safezone! Map is the thing you can see where you are you can choose and mark the landing place for your teammate Characters O is Ông ngắm (Scope) Scopes is important thing in Free Fire There are 2x, 4x scope you can loot in the island 8x scope can only be found pre-attached with Kar98k and AWM P is phụ kiện (gun accessories in Vietnamese) the barrel will increase the damage of the gun, the handle will reduce trigger jerk And the ammunication will increase the ammount of bullets a gun can carry Clan Try to get into a clan or create a clan in Free Fire, you will have a lot of friends! Reload is the important factor in Free Fire Each gun have different reload time S is Squad Squad is the game mode with 4 person in 1 team It’ll be more fun with guys around! T is Thính (funny name Vietnamese player called the airdrop) Airdrop may drop randomly on the island, contains many good guns and armor But sometimes it is the deadly trap and take note: the airdrop can drop over and kill player! UAV is the drone will detect player in its sight but you can destroy UAV V is Voice Chat Voice Chat can let player talk with their teammates in Duo or Squad Good communicate is the key to win the game! W – E – N – S is the compass you can describe exactly where the enemy is with the compass X is Xe (Automobile in Vietnamese) Vehicle in Free Fire is useful, so you can use it to get into safezone faster or you can use car to run over enemy and kill them easily Never lose hope! You may find it’s so hard to get a chicken dinner Don’t lose hope, you can make it one day! Zig Zag is the skill you should learn when moving or driving, so enemy can hardly fire at you So I already told you about Free Fire from A to Z, please subscribe this channel to watch more exciting clips!

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  1. No entiendo ni madres pero yo creo que está hablando de las cosas que debes hacer o algo así… Oh…. Yo que se solo comento porque si…. Like si hablas español

  2. Tao zô game cứ tưởng có cây k98 ai ngờ nhìn lại thấy chữ k phía sau nữa, mỗi lần bắn được 1 viên 🙂

  3. Em đang rất bức xúc bây giờ hack nó lộng hành khắp nơi rồi bây hời free fire mà ko kick hack đi thì có lẽ trò này cũng sẽ bị lãng quên luôn á tôi gặp hack hoài lun nếu ko cải thiện sớm tôi chắc chắn là game này sẽ bị phá sản lun ớ

  4. Cẩn thận đằng sau
    Có địch hướng 150 N
    Mày có câu trả lời nào khác ko?
    Ok , à nhầm , tao biết rồi
    Á đù

  5. B : bot nếu bạn bắn như bot thì ả đời.
    G: Gà nếu bạn bắn gà thì as cx kh gánh đc bạn😓

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