Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults

Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults

(slow hip hop music)
– I’m Kai Davis, I’m 12 years old
and I’ve been playing
basketball since I was six.
My best qualities are
probably my play-making,
my defense, and my ball handling.
The most points I think I
scored in a game was 40.
– I am actually pretty nervous.
I have not been athletic
for the past five years.
– I played in high school.
I used to play once a week.
It’s obviously been a couple months.
– An average person shooting around.
If it was my lucky day or something
but I’ll try my best.
– I don’t know if they stand
a chance or not but we’ll see.
(dramatic hip hop music)
– I know a lot of dribble moves,
a simple crossover, between
the legs, behind the back.
You do it all in one motion now, so…
Like that.
– Okay, I’ll see if I
can get any of those.
– Oh my god.
– Ah, I can’t.
– Being quicker, right?
– That’s gonna be a little hard.
(buzzer beeps)
(buzzer beeps)
– Oh.
(buzzer beeps)
I’m out!
– [Man] Freestyle it.
(funky techno music)
– Uh, I don’t know.
I did so many, I can’t even count.
(upbeat guitar music)
I think I could get eight to 10.
– Maybe we should distract
him a little bit more.
– Here we go.
– Yeah.
– That’s better than half the pro players
in the league at 80%.
I’m gonna try to see if
I can go shot for shot
and hopefully not get schooled too badly.
You know, the first two that
weren’t on camera I made.
– [Kai] Nice shot.
– There we go, five for 10.
So that is terrible.
Let’s hope that was my
worst part not my best part.
– I am better at shooting, so
I hope it will be good today.
– [Zach] She’s already
off to a better start.
(soft upbeat music)
– Three out of 10, oh my gosh!
I don’t know, it just feels intimidating
with like this guy right here.
– In high school, I wasn’t
too good at free throws,
but I’ll see what I can do today.
Five out of 10, that’s pretty bad.
But I’ll see what I can
do in the actual game.
(upbeat techno music)
– I’m pretty confident that I’ll win
but like they can score,
so I gotta play good defense as well.
– If I manage to steal a ball from him,
just at least once, I’m
very proud of myself.
I need to be lower.
– If I get a point I’ll be happy.
If I get two, I’ll get ecstatic.
And that happens.
– Just let me win!
– That’s one.
– I’m tired!
Oh shit.
– Good game.
– No.
– [Zach] My only move. (laughs)
I go high, he goes low.
– Yeah.
– Nice playing man.
(upbeat techno music)
– Woo!
He obviously has way better
handling, and shooting,
and better cardio as you can tell.
– This was pretty fun
going against them all,
meeting new people.
– On a scale of one to 10,
how challenging was it?
– [Kai] Two. (laughs)
– That’s what I figured.
– This sums up that size doesn’t matter.
In the court, it’s all about your heart.

100 thoughts on “Kid Basketball Pro Vs. Adults”

  1. 1.They could just post up
    Probably smb told em to not post up lol
    2.Chris would have won easily if he played defense
    But he was probably not allowed lol
    That lil boy is trash

  2. Thing is, he can’t be a professional until he’s 14 because you need to be paid to be a “professional”

  3. If they brought like melo ball I would say basketball pro or other aau player, and other people like Brony james

  4. did he really just say size dosnt matter are u on crack bro you could have at least gotten someone who knows how to play basketball like wtf dude it felt like none of the adults were even trying at all
    edit: im pretty sure he was looking at the ball while dribbling

  5. Ngl if they had chosen black adults or at least one, they probably would have gone all out and bullied him in the paint. We don’t play 😂😤😤

  6. wow he is so good because he goes against adult who never practice cause they got job also 40 points is easy plus he cant even do dribble moves without looking up. the adults didnt try either

  7. I get that he isn’t a prodigy and he was looking down when he was dribbling but I wanna see all the ppl in the comments saying he was looking down do it the same thing as him without looking down

  8. He ain’t even super good, he looks down when he dribbles, and he’s playing against bad people so it makes him look good

  9. Kai is the same as me I also started playing basketball when I was 6 and now I’m 12 and also now I’m in varsity
    He’s score on game is a bit higher than mine he gets 40 shots I get 32 only

  10. Also the adults manly the guy with the white and yellow shirt played awful defense they didn’t even try

  11. I used to play football (soccer for you Americanos) and watched this thinking the dribble moves he did were hard. But I took lessons for like two months (never played before that) and I can basically do what he did (worse than him but that's after two months {sorry if there are too many parenthesis})

  12. Size doesnt matter?
    Im not that involved in the sport, but if hed play against some 7 foot guy who has been playing for the same amount of time, wouldnt it matter?

  13. Either they were going easy or they need some actual decent players like I know plenty of adults who would have destroyed him but idk

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