– The Evolution of Gaming | with subtitles – The Evolution of Gaming | with subtitles

In my time I’ve seen the Atari console revolution
The Arcade revolution
The PC homecomputer revolution
The 3D graphics card homecomputer revolution
The LAN café revolution
Which was a sort of a continuation of the Arcade Hall
to online gaming, multiplayer gaming, esports.
So, we’ve gone through like a lot of different eras in gaming
I think the next one is coming now.
Maturing from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0
has transformed users from audience to the primary content creators.

Gaming has made the leap to 2.0 as well
Gamers are no longer end-users but instead a link in the ecosystem.
Streamers and Youtubers entertain millions.
Regular gamers provide great feedback to Developers
through Alpha and Beta tests.
Artists create thrilling fan fiction and glorious fan art
expanding game universes and even further sparking interest
The future of gaming is a joint effort
Kinguin wants to accomodate the development of gaming
by providing a platform to gamers
where they are enabled to monetize on their game or games of choice.
Powered by the cryptocurrency KROWNS
Kinguin’s platform will approach this
in a number of ways using smart contracts.
The platform enables gamers to securely sell and buy assets
such as skins through their preferred chat interface
their wallet or through the Kinguin website
The platform enables gamers to monetize on their experience
by coaching other gamers to improve their skill
or helping other gamers with technical difficulties
The platform enables Game Developers
to publish games through secure payments
further enabling gamers to pay for the game
in a way that best suits their needs.
The platform will enable gamers to support their favorite content creators
not only Twitch streamers
but also Youtubers and artists.

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