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In Knack, you take the role of Knack: a collection of knickknacks on a quest to become an Internet meme!
I want everybody in this room to go all out with their idle animations.
That’s what next-gen human beings do.
One thing I like to do when starting a game is the circle test see how the game reacts when you just spin the analog stick in a circle.
Knack has a result I’ve never seen before; if you spin the analog stick too fast, he gives up and does a jig.
So what you’re telling me is that knack has a homing attack?
5 out of 5
Charlotte sorry
Whoops did I ever tell you about the time my wife died your house is full of statues of her. We’re aware
Well neck let the adventure begin I can’t wait
Do you think anybody would notice if a little bit of that gold went missing I need it for science things
Sports car science things I need to play something out knack rated E for Everyone
features a clothing
Destruction mechanic the player is rewarded for damaging enemies by seeing their clothes fly off the weirdest part is it’s actually
pretty awesome
It’s the Goblin tanks, we got ahead of them somehow even Mac knows the game’s plot makes no sense
Lego delivery everybody your robots attacked us really they must have thought you were goblins
Terribly sorry I’ll check their programming not to worry Victor
I picked up a few relics in the process so I can’t say I’m too broken up about it
There’s a draught it’s coming from this direction
Joe Joe you might want to change your strategy there Joe don’t think this one’s working for you
You know maybe I should spend a little more time staying in shape a little less time inventing things like you
Let me give you a closer look
This is a boss fight. They just designed it like this oh
Yeah, you better watch out dude. I’m coming for you
OOP, OOP OOP, OOP, OOP, OOP, I’m sorry sir
But that is an illegal parking spot, I’m gonna have to tow ya whenever. You’re ready to pick up your car
It’ll be scattered in this general direction
Leave it no
There you go see you at the top
Knack I think you may have fundamentally misunderstood the concept of a fatality
Come pay me a visit at my home doctor until then
So should we like try and stop him or he’s your nephew
it’s true a
Single relic weighing more than a ton can anything should not be possible of course yet here it is before
I want to eat it. Did you find it we are on the verge of the next step of human evolution
What is he doing eating it? Hey? Man you okay? I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been stretching your neck out a lot today. Oh
Alarms going off. It’s time for us to start our idle animations
We give to you PlayStation for this interpretive dance on how meaningless our existence is
You don’t punch there, that’s off-limits
Is a motor for a hover car scaled up a thousand four with it you could power an airship two miles long?
You see in this universe. We don’t measure power in wattage. We measure it in miles per plane
I’m cheating here placing this at this point in the video. This is actually my second playthrough
But this happened. This is I’m pretty sure as a glitch and
I’m gonna make the most out of it
By the power vested in me. I now pronounce you armless robot and wife and make out hurry up
Okay, I think that’s about as close as I can get him now of course. It’s not a wedding without scattering the rice on
This robot I must confess I have always loved you or Melissa robot. How could you?
Human life wait I can’t explain well human wife ever be able to forgive armless robots
And what is other armless robot up to find out next time I mean none
Not really a game soft lock to the next room. There’s no more footage
Doctor yes, I think I’m the key. That’s what Victor said
No, I think I’m really the key are we really so predictable Katrina
Yes you were doctor
You want the truth it pains me you have all that talent, and you can’t find anything to do with it
But projects like your manageable that
Do you remember my solo expedition across the barren wastes no?
Let’s get over here. I have a few choice words for you
Ya know back in my day. We didn’t need no darn flavin giant robot knickknacks
We’d pull up our knickers and fight those garments
ourselves uphill both ways
Okay, I think I know what comes next that’s right throw it
Are you sure about this just do it
Hello dr
Charlotte did I ever tell you about the time my wife died surprisingly. I’m already aware oh
My Moses indeed
I’ve heard nights like these if you say knack three times. He’ll come to take your polygons
Come on knocks. Not real. Everybody knows. He’s just a myth grown-ups invented to get kids to buy
Playstations guys, can we stop I’ve heard bad things
About Mac. Hey wait didn’t we just say Mac three times
X-1 okay I got him now what?
Yeah, you’re basically made a glass on hardmode hmm you all right doc just a little further
Owned it
To the ropes she’s still alive
I’m going after her we can’t wait for you so go
Crap I II didn’t think this through it’s literally impossible for us to get out of this alive oh
Wait never mind. We’re completely safe as long as we’re off screen
Did I ever tell you about the time your wife died I love my dead wife
Somebody get mark Cerny on the phone, but they put a treasure chest in the game
Off-center, I know this is getting patched or I’m getting a refund
You know you remind me of my dead wife. I am your dead wife
She used to say things like that all the time
Holy crap the final boss is knack – it’s time for us to finally figure out who’s the?
better nag
Six out of five after finally proving himself the best an act goes home with his friends and enjoys the critical acclaim he deserves
Remember everybody games are dumb, so play dumb games
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sincerest gratitude
Gozaimasu for watching and get out of my house

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