Kroon Casino  Blackjack Basic Strategy  Part 5  Hit and Stand

Kroon Casino Blackjack Basic Strategy Part 5 Hit and Stand

Welcome to part five of Kroon Casino’s
Blackjack basic strategy series. In this
video we’ll learn about when to hit and
when to stand. Hit and stand is the last
decision to make in blackjack, and is
essentially just deciding whether to say
yes or no to more cards. Hit means you
want the dealer to add another card to
your hand and stand means you require no
further cards. To ask for an additional
card tap the table and say: Card please.
“Card please.” or to stand wave with your
palm down and say: no card or stand. “No
card.” as a general rule you should never
stand on a soft 13 through to a soft 17
as you can’t bust at this stage. With a 1
card draw,
therefore it’s worth hitting and trying
to get a hard 17 or higher. It’s
important to remember that hitting on a
soft hand will usually turn it into a
hard hand as the ACE you were using may
change from an 11 into a 1 if it will
take you over 21. It’s common practice to
stand on a hard hand when it could bust
with just one more card. Usually this is
a hard hand of 12 through to sixteen. In most
cases you should not risk busting your
hard hand if the dealer has an up card
of 2 through to 6 as they may end up with a
hard hand themselves and may even bust.
If the dealer shows an up card of 7
through to ace then there’s a strong
likelihood they’ll win, so if you hold a
hard 16 or less you may as well ask for
another card, even at the risk of busting,
because you might just get that small
card that you need and still win. To play
the best basic strategy you should
employ the methods in the exact order we
have addressed them in this video series.
When you have been dealt your hand and
seen the dealer’s up card, you should
first consider whether to surrender your
This is followed by the decision of
whether to split your cards. You should
then see if you want to Double Down and
finally decide whether to hit or stand.
If you truly master the basic strategy
and each of its four components then you
can actually bring the house edge down
just 1%. Meaning when you lose you’ll
lose less and when you win you’ll win
bigger than with any other strategy.
Thank you for watching our tutorial
video series on basic strategy and best
of luck with your blackjack game at

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