KTM 450 Porsche Power Wheels Build

KTM 450 Porsche Power Wheels Build

[Music] I needed an on-road little car I found this poor about a year ago start a building that the drz 400 motor didn’t like that direction so I ended up with a KTM 450 motor out of a dirt bike so electric star six speed pretty awesome build a chassis all from scratch got some really wide low-profile little tires you’re actually doing pretty well out here even though it’s built the street goat my header myself so that the exhaust can run through the whole car and come out where it’s supposed to on the Porsche 911 and it does which is pretty cool [Music] steering wheel it’s from Honda Odyssey actually exactly lucky you guys built so I utilized the electric start I’ve got a thumb throttle the clutch is operated here front brakes are operated here there’s a rear brake pedal just like a go-kart so front and rear brakes are independent you shift with your left foot just like a motorcycle electric fuel pump so it’s always pumping fuel electric fan isn’t working right now and seem to need it nice little fuel cell comes through the body just kind of cool and you know a big ol radiator hanging off this wing back here so Craigslist this is a wing probably from a tuner car or maybe a Honda Civic or something and it was about that wide cut it down trimmed it up to be ridiculous for this but still appropriately sized some other car parts are the chair sliders so that not only can i 6-3 fit in it crystal the racer of yesterday also fits in it won’t move it for for her [Music] we got a big long chain drive here with a pillow block to go to the rear axle through guard on there and it’s pretty safe chain tensioners here to hold both of them with tension and there’s a well idler pulley in there it’s got six gears and it goes pretty fast it’s short and it’s bouncy but it drifts really well like I’m dusty basement sand has been fine but it is feed nice job with no suspension [Music] but it’s a it’s a lot of fun and kind of wanted something to compete with the Barbie Mustang and the Barbie Jeep so this is the first Power Wheels build for me I’m pretty happy with so far yeah awesome yeah it’s been it’s been a riot and you got a couple little add-ons to like you got the Porsche sticker there I like that you got the grind hard sticker and biased but I really like that and the fuel tank was such a good idea that is just I love the rebuilding we actually got it to come out of the body like kind of where it should go so it’s just cool and fuelling it up is easy instead of having to fight with something inside and it’s on the right side for a hero car exactly exactly these coolant hoses are really long they go all the way up to the front they’re kind of laying against your leg in here a little bit those are we’re finding out that’s a little hot but only the top one and I like your trellis frame for your wing stand – yeah that was a fun day I’ve got a roller for half-inch square tubing so I just figured we’d make a couple arches trellis it out make it take it cool we may end up needing to make the frame stronger after burnouts and wheelies and drifting all weekend it keeps adjusting camber which I wanted to do so we’ll probably work on the frame maybe some suspension depends on how creative I get we’ll see but so far phase one she’s handling it pretty good I still have headlights and things to add I have them we just time crunch but I’ll have a little red halo LED headlight here got a bunch of red under glow a little all light up and look really cool [Music] I also really like your Bosch part – it’s just big and gnarly like I was a little bit of drift miss over the pretty poor yeah also we won’t follow up the body too bad if we do end up bumping into something like you know another car out here the other both of our vehicles used to hit exhaust first yeah so I did find out that pushing this backwards hurts got my leg right on the header pipe we might wrap it with exhaust wrap because it does run through there and it will run through the hood again something we just didn’t finish yet but the hood will go on it’ll all get kind of buttoned up and finished but for now this is phase one got to shake it down see what we need to do better or or leave alone okay I really like your fitment to the wheels and tires you found her just sweet everybody asks what these are and it’s basically it’s a 10-inch ATV rim with a lot of offset which is unfortunately why I had to cut so much body but it’s okay but these are for like a little mini chopper so it’s just supposed to be a big fat flat tire with a big rim for like mini bikes and I stretched him onto the quad rim so it’s got a little that kind of stance or whatever and we had to run these for one of these wasn’t holding there and we were racing so we had to put the drifting track tires on it they fit so that was that was good didn’t ruin the weekend and they work pretty good too but out here it’s it’s fun there’s just no traction at all and it just spins and slides and bounces and yeah so much fun so much fun like more fun than you should be having in a car with us that’s kind of the point yeah well where can people find you on YouTube because I love the Porsche and the trike essica moto is my channel it’s new there’s a couple videos but hopefully we’ll make some more and showcase some more some more builds we’ve got two more little Power Wheels to build so check it out check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Hi!
    That's a beautiful beach y'all riding… if you don't mind me askin… where is it?
    Love the Porsche build!
    So cool!
    Take care now!

  2. Que pinches pelados ridiculos eso dejenlo para niños austedes no les queda andar de ridiculos👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Looks like an Accident looking for a place to happen. Roll it one time. Too many chains to break and cut your leg or arm off. Great Engineering but safety is a huge issue.

  4. Only wanted to see one raw clip of it running but no throw ur shit music in an a thousand pauses learn how to edit.

  5. I have no knowledge on this but can somebody estimate on how much all this will cost and if i can buy it without buying? Thanks!

  6. That's fast! I love that thing I wish people sold that stuff in stores I would definitely buy it's amazing dude that I a nice build

  7. Do the nine eleven Porsche's in America really have the fuel cap located behind the passengers seat? I'm used to seeing them on the front right fender…

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