Ladies Night RETURNS! | S5 E46 Poker Night in America

Ladies Night RETURNS! | S5 E46 Poker Night in America

– [Chris] From Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida
this is Poker Night in America.
(bright upbeat music)
– Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America,
I’m obviously Chris Hanson,
alongside Joe Stapleton.
– And together, we are
Christasef Hapleston.
– Joe, we’ve talked about this.
I told you before.
I don’t want to be a
power couple with you.
This is borderline harassment.
And here we go!
It’s time for ladies
night with the buy-ins,
and average buy-in usually
between five to ten thousand.
Oh, look at this,
they’re all five or ten,
but Cate Hall has come in
15 because she’s a baller.
– [Joe] Gotta have
that table covered.
– Dude, my firstborn is
lucky to have pets first.
Or one of them would be named
like Pizza and Croutons.
– [Joe] Crouton is Jamie’s dog.
– My dog’s name is Patron.
– Patron (laughs)
– Yeah, seriously.
– That’s awesome.
– [Joe] You know Patron is
Spanish for a male boss?
Hashtag feminism.
– [Player] Runs away and–
– [Samantha] No El Chapo
Actually I want to make it a
pig, and name him El Chapo.
– [Chris] A call
from Kelly Minkin.
Jamie Kerstetter calls.
– The next thing you know
I’ve got this giant pig.
– [Chris] So we’ll
have three players
to the flop, it’s four nine ten.
– [Joe] And Jamie has flopped
the best with the worst.
– Warthog (laughs)
– [Player] Samantha Abernathy
Killed by a pet pig.
– [Player] It rolled over.
– [Player] Exactly.
– Smothered her to death,
what a way to go out.
– Jess, you’re
not drinking wine?
– Who wants wine, I don’t want
this glass that is next to me
– [Chris] Turn was five.
– [Joe] Abernathy
calling that flop bet
with two overs and a gut
shot, misses the turn.
– [Player] Sam
needs one for sure.
– [Player] You too?
– [Joe] Interesting double
barrel here from Minkin.
– [Player] Oh I wasn’t, no.
They just brought it and
they put a glass by me.
– Why are you such a pusher?
– Not trying to get you wasted.
– I was like, wait a second.
– I just want you guys to do
whatever you want with my drink
– I know.
– Cheers though.
– You have cards
Sam, you know that?
– Oh, I’m sorry.
– [Dealer] No problem.
– I’m sorry, raise. (laughs)
– It’s not even–
– [Joe] Ah the Pinot Grigio
monsters have been unleashed.
– [Chris] Just one
caller and Kerstetter
and the river is a seven.
– [Joe] Top pair’s
still good for Jamie
but that’s gonna look
like a bad card for her.
Will Kelly try to bluff this,
I don’t think she expects to
get called by a worse hand.
– [Chris] 3,225 is
the bet from Minkin
coincidentally the amount that
Kerstetter has
left in her stack.
– [Joe] I do not think she can
fold top pair at this point.
It’s one of the drawbacks of
buying in for only five k.
You can end up all in
on your first hand.
– Blocking like the only
bluff I beat, should I call?
– I don’t even know what
that means honestly.
– I believe that.
– [Chris] And Kerstetter
makes the right call.
– Nice hand.
– Thanks.
– Smart, smart.
– They say you look so little.
– [Joe] Pocket
fours for Cate Hall.
Boy, Lexy Gavin is
so much more pleasant
than the usual Gavin
we have on this show.
– [Chris] Kings.
– [Joe] And she’s probably a
better player too. (laughs)
– [Chris] Action coming
back around to Kate.
– I’m gonna be in your
head for like an hour.
– [Chris] Cate Hall
had the biggest stack
when we started the night.
– Everything is so funny to you.
– [Chris] So the raise
to 450 can be D to her.
And the flop is five six
three, she’s open ended now.
– [Joe] Potentially dangerous
yet hopeful flop for Cate.
– Do you know what you
started the hand with.
– Ten, 1,075 or something.
– [Chris] 500 the bet.
– [Joe] Just over
half pot, seem like
a pretty good spot for a call.
– [Chris] Here comes
a raise to 1350.
– [Joe] A raise makes
perfect sense too,
Cate’s trying to fold out hands
that might have
equity against her
and she’s building a pot in
case she hits a straight.
– [Chris] You might not
know this about Cate Hall,
she was actually
raised by a pack
of wild armadillos
in western Texas.
– [Joe] I did not know that.
– [Chris] No, she just
left her sheet blank
so I’m just making stuff up.
– [Joe] Oh, I see.
– [Chris] It’s
one of my hobbies.
Gavin calls, turn comes queen
so still just fours with
the draw for Cate Hall.
– [Joe] Pretty safe
card for pocket kings.
– [Chris] See if she
keeps the pressure on.
– [Joe] Yeah when
Cate bets again
she’s really only repping
sets and over pairs.
– [Chris] 2300.
– [Joe] Sets are
hard to make and
there’s only one over pair
Gavin’s worried about.
But again Cate Hall’s
always got that
backup plan, make the straight.
– [Chris] Call from Gavin.
– [Joe] Oh no.
– [Chris] It is get
there time for Cate Hall.
– [Joe] Kings cracked.
– [Chris] Cate Hall with
the steely stare of course
learned that from
mother armadillo Tracy.
You ever try to stare
down an armadillo?
– [Joe] I haven’t.
– [Chris] You can’t.
– [Joe] And I won’t
– [Chris] It’s impossible.
– All in.
– [Joe] I won’t try to
stare down Cate Hall either
she has put Lexy Gavin
in a really tough spot.
– [Chris] Isn’t poker fun.
– I would be involved in a 20k
pot in like the first hour.
– It’s been like, don’t
worry don’t worry, it’s fine.
– [Player] Happens.
– This is all your
fault. (laughs)
Anyway I guess I’m the
one that threw that pray.
So really, (censor beep).
Sorry, please bleep that out.
– [Player] You
literally have all day.
– I literally have all
day, I don’t know how I…
Please bleep that,
oh my god Cate.
– Guess I should’ve bet less.
– [Joe] This has got to be
a really tough fold to make
there aren’t a ton of
value hands out there
the way the pre
flop action went.
But Cate has told
a consistent story
and all the draws that
could’ve come in did come in.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Ah, she let’s it go.
– Show the bluff.
– [Joe] Not a bluff.
– [Chris] Cate will not
let her off the hook.
– [Joe] Just tell her.
– Nice.
– I’m really curious
what you had.
– In law school I used
to take the back row
so that I could play Sit & Go’s
while lecture was going on.
– [Chris] Ah the American
education system,
always doing us proud.
– [Joe] That’s one way to
pay off your student loans.
– Jamie straddling this hand,
she’s putting in 100 blinds
so she gets last
action before the flop.
– [Chris] Cate Hall raises.
Gavin calls with Queens.
– [Joe] Interesting,
no three bet.
– [Chris] Abernathy calls.
Alright, so three
players to the flop,
just over a grand in the middle.
– [Joe] Man I do not like
queen’s chances here.
– [Chris] Flop is six
nine six, how ’bout now?
– [Joe] Actually pretty good
flop for queens. (laughs)
– [Chris] Abernathy checks.
– [Joe] Cate Hall was
the original raiser.
– [Chris] Hall bets
450 over to Gavin.
She calls with queens.
– [Joe] That is a pretty
loose float from Sam.
– [Chris] I mean I’ll
look inside Samantha
Abernathy’s head,
heart heart heart
heart heart heart.
King, king–
– [Joe] Or just a king.
Just kidding about
that loose float.
Cate might think this turn
cards are going to bluff acts
is people really
shouldn’t be calling
the flop with too
many random kings.
– [Chris] And great, now the
game’s going to the dogs.
– [Joe] You know if Natasha
couldn’t go an entire
poker session without
cuddling a stuffed animal
or having her boyfriend
sitting in her lap
people would think she’s weird,
bring a dog to the table,
everybody loves you.
– [Chris] Oh, who’s good girl.
– [Joe] Give it a rest Hanson.
– [Chris] I’m
talking to the dog.
– [Joe] Lexy Gavin once
again in a position
to possibly have to
fold a big pocket pair
now Cate doesn’t have
her beat but Sam does.
– [Chris] So there’s the call,
and now Samantha Abernathy
has some deciding to do.
– [Joe] I think Sam
has to just call.
She does, if Sam
were to raise there
she’d probably only
get action from a six
or some other hand
that had her beat.
– I didn’t need
to raise any more.
– Yeah.
– [Chris] Alright so here we go,
6,700 in the middle, still
three players to the river.
– [Joe] That three
is an absolute brick.
– [Chris] Abernathy checks.
– [Joe] Now when Cate
gets called in two spots
two times, I think a third
bluff here would be inadvisable.
Cate agrees and as for
pocket queens here,
I don’t see Gavin getting
called by a worse hand
so she bets she’d kind of be
turning queens into a bluff.
– [Chris] Everyone’s
gonna check around
and king ten’s
gonna be the winner.
– [Joe] Queen’s no good,
can you believe in 2018
queens are still ranked
below kings in this game.
I think it should
be a chop, unreal.
– [Chris] We continue
ladies night here
from Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood Florida,
just outside of Miami.
Folded quickly around the button
with just Samantha Abernathy.
– [Samantha] Raise to 150.
– [Chris] Abernathy makes
it 150 with queen jack.
– [Joe] Jessica Dawley with
purple hair and lollipop
it’s like she went to
K pop fantasy camp.
– [Chris] Dawley
calls with nines.
– [Joe] Hello Dawley.
– Raise.
– [Chris] Minkin makes it
525 with ace jack suited.
– Don’t get out of line, Sam.
– I need you at my table all
the time to tell me that.
– I’m just letting you know.
– Oh my gosh.
– I have it, don’t do it.
– [Joe] Sam is in
position but a call here
would be kind of out of line.
– Remember I made you
the Bambi bracelet,
– Yeah I still have it.
– I’ll make you one
that says don’t punt.
– Did you see my cards or no.
– No.
– Every time you’re about
to do it you could be like–
– No, just say don’t
get out of line.
– Did you see my cards?
– No.
I would’ve told you if I–
– Okay.
– I feel like I’m going strong
and then there’s
just this moment,
I don’t know what happens,
it just takes over.
– Speech didn’t work on you.
– It’s never worked.
– It’s like in Billy
Madison when he gets
the perfect speech
and he’s like–
– [Chris] Dawley calls, so
here’s the flop nine ace king
and I think that
was a beautiful call
but she’s still gotta lot of
work to do to get to the river.
– [Joe] What a flop,
top pair and a flush
draw against bottom set,
somebody call Amy Schumer
because this is gonna
be a train wreck.
And women are just as
funny as men, am I right?
– Are you gonna call
me with deuces again?
– Thinking about
calling pretty light.
– I have two over so,
we got two more cards.
– Do you have threes?
– No.
– Okay, same suite?
I’m gonna do one, gonna do one.
– [Chris] She calls.
– Promise?
– At least one.
– [Chris] So Minkin gets
there with a club on the turn
– [Joe] Now she just has to
do dodge the board pairing.
– [Chris] A check from Dawley.
– [Samantha] Doesn’t feel
as good as when you’re
right about queen high
call or something,
you know what I mean?
It’s just kind of like–
– [Chris] Fifteen hundo.
– [Samantha] Okay, I
didn’t do it this time.
– [Chris] Bet from Minkin.
– No, hero folds
make you more money
but hero calls
just feel so good.
– [Samantha] Yeah,
that’s what it is.
– [Joe] I think Jessica is
now gonna feel compelled
to raise, to get it in
before another club can come.
What she doesn’t know
is that the clubs have
already done the damage.
– [Chris] All in in
a very quick call.
Oh, yikes.
– I have a set.
– You have sixes?
– [Chris] Run of
twice has been denied
so Dawley’s gonna be looking
for that paired board
or for the last nine.
And she finds it,
oh that’s nice.
– [Joe] Ouch Kelly
Minkin but the good news
is that the office fax machine
lives to see another day.
– No shortage of big
pots here tonight.
Kelly Minkin unlucky there to be
on the wrong end of a cooler.
– Worry not we’ve got
dogs and wine at the table
which is the cure for
just about everything.
– [Chris] Welcome back
to Poker Night in America
with Joe Stapleton
it is Chris Hanson
and this is lady’s night.
– [Joe] You know I don’t want
to be the one to say this
but how come there’s
no man’s night
on Poker Night in America.
Pretty soon it’s gonna be
like illegal to be a man.
– [Chris] Every other night
is man’s night, I believe.
– [Joe] They don’t call it that.
– [Chris] Poker Night
in America actually the
very first poker show to have
an all female cash
game on television.
It’s already been
three years ago.
– [Joe] That’s fun.
– [Chris] Fun facts, that’s
what I’m all about, buddy.
– [Joe] I can’t believe
they let me commentate it.
– [Player] You can take a
break any time you want.
– [Player] We’ve been
going back and forth.
– [Chris] Jamie
Kerstetter got us started
with the raise to 425.
Natasha Mercier called.
– I just don’t like
to play so long.
– [Chris] Gavin calls.
Minkin with ace seven suited is
for sure to call and she does.
– Guess I’ll wait
till Jess gets back.
– [Joe] Hey good
news for Lexy Gavin,
she can’t lose this time.
– [Chris] Well she
could but it would be
one of the ugliest
run outs of a board
that we’ve seen on
Poker Night in America.
– [Joe] Probably the ugliest.
Jamie bets 1,100, my
guess is she’ll be
one and done after she
gets called in every spot.
– [Chris] Couple of calls, build
this pot up to 5,000 dollars.
Eight of diamonds
comes on the turn.
– [Joe] Jamie’s
picked up a draw now.
I don’t think she can
keep firing at this.
Natasha Mecier
attempting to protect
her equity in this hand,
or her perceived equity
and stop some random over
cut from coming, but nah.
I think for Lexy Gavin the
move here is to just call
there aren’t a lot of hands
that could call a raise.
– [Chris] Call and that
should be quitsville
for Jamie Kerstetter.
– [Joe] Bye Jamie.
So any card but a
ten on the river
is a good card for Natasha.
And I think Gavin
has got to bet this
it’s way too easy for
Natasha to check behind.
– [Chris] Two ways to
think, you either bet
where she’s not gonna
believe you and calls
or you bet so much where
she doesn’t believe you
and calls. (laughs)
– [Joe] And not even
a moments thought
insta fold for Mercier and
you gotta show the flop quads.
Can I make a motion that
this be the only Gavin
allowed on the
show henceforward.
– [Chris] Good amount
of action tonight
on Poker Night in
America with…
Chips flying all over the table.
– [Joe] Straddle is
on, Sam Abernathy
putting in 100 dark.
Kelly Minkin with some
fun suited connectors.
– [Dealer] 800.
– [Joe] Aces for Mercier,
when Natasha’s husband
was last on the show
he played four hands
and they were all aces.
– [Chris] Guess they’re
keeping it in the family then.
– [Joe] Yeah.
Quite the gene pool
that baby’s gonna have.
– [Chris] Flop is six ace ten.
– [Joe] Dangerous
flop for Kelly.
She’s likely to call
one bet and she’s
drawing virtually dead.
– [Chris] If she does call
that one bet it is 800.
As predicted there go the
chips, here comes the turn.
Six of hearts,
Minkin drawn dead.
– [Joe] Check check.
– [Chris] An eight.
– All in.
– [Joe] Mercier jams
and this feels like
a fairly trivial fold.
– I knew it was nine ten.
– Oh, that’s funny.
– Except it was suit.
Natasha doesn’t play suit cards.
– [Chris] Mercier
takes down another pot,
this one worth 8,100 bucks.
– Should we play the slow
roll game or is that me?
– I hate that game.
– [Player] Kelly
loves everything.
– You love just everything.
– I mean I’m the one
that’s losing the most
I feel like I can bring it out.
– Slow roll game you mean
we square with each other?
– Yeah.
– I’m in.
– [Kelly] I’m doing it, just
don’t take it personally.
– [Joe] This whole
slow roll thing sounds
like a recipe for
a life long grudge.
– [Player] If it’s a
big pot, I will do this.
– [Player] I don’t care
about small pots at all.
– [Player] But it’s
not fun if it’s small.
– [Chris] My problem is, I’d
love to slow roll somebody
but I never have the winner,
so it’s virtually impossible
for me to slow roll
anybody at the table.
I just keep waiting
for it to happen.
– [Joe] Really tough
to do if you’re not
showing down winners.
– [Chris] Yeah, I never do.
– [Joe] Samantha taking
a flyer here in position.
Top pair for Sam,
diamond for no one.
I’m sure there’s some kind
of engagement ring joke
to be made here but I feel like
I’ve made enough enemies today.
– [Chris] Dawley bets 600.
– [Joe] She is up and down
and has got two overs.
– [Chris] Turn is a deuce.
– [Joe] Jessica Dawley
not slowing down.
– [Chris] Now 1,100
from Jessica Dawley.
– [Player] Raise 2,500.
– [Joe] Well this is
gonna let her know
where she’s at pretty quick.
Sam Abernathy bluffing
with the best of it.
– Nice bluff.
– You saw it in my eyes?
– Yeah.
– I feel like she’s bluffing
that I have nothing.
– Welcome back once again
to Seminol Hard Rock
and after our first
evening of play we see
that most of the table is up
just a little bit here or there.
Mostly to the chagrin
of Kelly Minkin
who could, let’s be honest
use a little run good.
– [Joe] Make sure
you tune in next time
because ladies night continues
on to the after party
which I have still not
been told the location of.
– [Chris] If you want more
Poker Night in America
we have a new free social
poker app that you can download
and have your own poker
night with your friends.
It’s been updated
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So download that today
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Also, be sure to follow
our social media accounts
including Youtube and
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and exclusive content.
For everyone here at
Poker Night in America
he’s Joe Stapleton I’m Chris
Hanson, thanks for watching.
– Been blocking the only
bluff I beat, should I call?
– I don’t even know what that
means, honestly. (laughs)
– [Player] I believe that.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal, Sit &
Go 2.0, and Dober Games.

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