Lake Tahoe: America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

Lake Tahoe: America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

We both like biking and San Francisco Bay
area is a great place for that. We
spent quite a lot of time in Lake Tahoe
area but usually only in winter. When we
heard about the America’s Most Beautiful
Bike Ride we decided that will be the
challenger of choice to experience Lake
Tahoe in the summer.
And what a challenge it is! America’s
most beautiful bike ride is a 72 mile
route the circumnavigates Lake Tahoe on
highways clockwise in both California
and Nevada. It includes a challenging
800 foot climb to a rest stop
overlooking Emerald Bay and a thousand
foot climb to Spooner Junction. With
all the rolling ascents and descents the
total elevation gain was three thousand
nine hundred seventy four vertical feet.
And all that is happening in altitude
range between sixty three hundred feet
and seventy one hundred feet above sea
The ride is organized by Bike the West
in conjunction with Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society and happens the first
weekend of June every year. It is an
organized ride where they provide water
and food stops, support vehicles, and stop
some of the traffic. It starts out at
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Lake
Tahoe in Stateline.
The bike ride is challenging however
the scenery is what kept us going with
absolutely breathtaking views of the
lakes and the mountains.
We did finish the ride, it took almost
eight hours including all the breaks and
stops. It is one of our proudest fitness

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