Las Vegas , Nevada USA

Las Vegas , Nevada USA

Today we stopped in Las Vegas
and we give us a little ‘break for sightseeing
In Las Vegas the days pass in two ways:
the first and foremost is to play at the casino
the second is to go around for hotels and casinos
to see this capital of gambling
and bizarre constructions
We prefer the second
and wander for hotels
Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps
He lives 24 hours 24
and even at 8 am
already hear the noise of the machines
soundtrack for a stay in Las Vegas
Everything runs along the Las Vegas Boulevard The Strip
along which there are the most famous hotels
and each hotel is inspired by a specific theme
On the Strip are many chain stores of famous
as M & M’s, Coca Cola and many others
Among the hotels that we visit
There is New York-New York
perfect reconstruction of some buildings in the Big Apple
whizzing around the building of the amazing rollercoaster
The Excalibur is a resort-casino
castle-style based on King Arthur
Camelot and the fantasy world of the Middle Ages in general
Inside the structure there is a chapel
where you can get married
The MGM Grand Las Vegas
It is based on Hollywood theme
It consists of several buildings
the central building consists of 30 floors
and whose height is about 89 and is equipped with more 5,000 rooms
The casino is the largest in Las Vegas
and it extends for a surface
circa16.000 of square meters
for lunch we go to the Hard Rock Cafe
and admire the memorabilia of the artists
at the end, we return to our Hotel
Planet Hollywood
for a short break
and then again around hotel
Another detail is the hotel Caesars Palace
one of the most majestic complex
inspired by ancient Rome
We visit the Forum Shopping
one of the best shopping centers in the world
faithful reconstruction of an ancient Roman road
with paved floor
you will feel a bit ‘Gladiators!
The entrance to the hotel Mirage
It is a large tropical greenhouse
rich bird plants
and water noises
Venetian is one of the newest and most luxurious hotel
where you’ll find faithful reconstructions of the Rialto Bridge
Piazza San Marco, the Grand Canal
And ‘possible to make a gondola ride
passing under typical Venetian bridges
Inside the Venetiam
we pass the restaurant and at the Carlo pastry
the cake boss
that of the famous TV show
The Treasure Island is inspired by the novel of Stevenson
in the artificial lake in front of the hotel
pirates and buccaneers
fight it out
to the sound of gunfire
and special effects
aboard two sailboats
Las Vegas is also known for its lights
In the evening, completely changes the atmosphere
and the night turns into the realm of gambling
Las Vegas focuses on casinos
and every ploy to attract customers
it is used
by the companies that own the casinos
for this you will find Las Vegas
one of the cheapest cities in the USA

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  1. LAS VEGAS  ist einmalig – eine aufregende Stadt. Vor fünf Jahren hat mein Sohn dort geheiratet !! :-)) Alles gut . . . !LG & frohe Pfingsten,  Konrad..

  2. Grazie Fabio per aver condiviso questo straordinario e bellissimo video e per il tuo straordinario commento, buona domenica. Ciao, Lorenzo.

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