Lateral: Game 2 with Geoff Marshall, Vicki Pipe, LDShadowLady and Smallishbeans

Which rapper born in 1972
took his stage name from the initials of his first and last name? The answer…
at the end of the show. Welcome to Lateral,
where two more teams are going to be taking on some tough
lateral thinking questions. -Playing today we start with…
-I’m Vicky. During the week,
I am a museum professional. but at the weekends I make videos
about trains with this man. And I am Geoff, and I do like
railways and trains a lot and have a YouTube channel exclusively
all about them as well as a joint one. So are you hoping that
train questions come up? -I’m really hoping.
-Very good on railways and transport, and travel, and geography in general,
that would be our specialty. Do you have a team name? Off Peak Only. Team Off Peak Only, alright,
that might get shortened to team Off Peak, or team Off, depending on
how much of a rush I’m in. But alright, playing against you we have… My name is Lizzy, or better known as
LDShadowLady, and I make Minecraft YouTube videos. And I’m Joel, sometimes known as SmallishBeans,
and I also make Minecraft YouTube videos. So we’re hoping for
video gaming questions. -Yeah, very much so, yeah.
-Anything else you’re looking for -or hoping not to have?
-Movies. I’m okay at movies, but sport, no,
science, no, maths, no, it’s a long list of no’s to be honest. I don’t think any of the teams like
sport, is that…? Yeah. Vicky’s good at movies
and I’m good at sport and pop music. Okay. At least one sport question would be nice. Do we have a team name? Pinky and the Brain. Which one’s which? Lizzy is both,
and we’re Pinky and the Brain and Joel. Alright, again, I might have to make that
team Pinky when we’re in a rush, -but is that okay?
-That’s cute, I like that. Alright, so team Off Peak,
and team Pinky, let’s start round one. Round one is Deep Thought. Six lateral thinking questions,
sixty seconds for each question. Buzz in as soon as you think you
know the answer. The earlier you buzz,
the more points you’ll get. But if you’re not sure,
hold on and I’ll steadily reveal
some clues to make it easier. If you’re ready, the first question is
going to go to team Off Peak. Fingers on buzzers,
have a look at this. A version of this object currently available
on sale has sections labelled DAYTIME, NOONDAY, EVENING and BEDTIME. -What is it?
-Some kind of clock. Alarm clock.
Should we wait for another clue? Because that seems too obvious. -It’s clearly time based, isn’t it?
-Daytime, noon… Noontime. Think laterally,
it might be not be time based, so what else refers to time
that isn’t to do with time? It tends to be used by older people. -Is it to do with like pills, medication?
-Oh, yeah, yeah. -A pill dispenser device?
-A pill box, pill… not a pillbox! -Press the buzzer!
-Okay, a medication, pill dispensing box. Yeah, it’s a seven day pill dispenser,
you’re absolutely right, for three points. Each of those words has seven letters in it,
so there’s one over each day and it’s easier to print. But you’re absolutely right, for three points,
that’s a seven day pill dispenser. We didn’t think we were going to get one. We thought we were going to get zero.
That’s amazing, we’ve got three points. Okay, even if we get nothing else,
we’re good. You’re on the board. Team Pinky, James Polk, US president during the 1830s,
was not an impressive figure, and sometimes went ignored when he
entered the room at large gatherings. To solve this problem his wife
arranged for what to happen? -Oh gosh.
-Maybe something to do with how he looks so that people notice him more
when he walks in? Clothing or some sort of weird…
clothing device, -Something, I have no idea though.
-Or a sound plays when he walks in. Oh, that would be smart, but it’s the 1830s,
like they’d have to get a band. It got people’s attention. Well, clearly we knew that. I think yeah, maybe a band played. Maybe he had a theme tune
when he walks in. -Can we go for that?
-Sure, go for that if you want. -For three points.
-A theme tune. -Yeah, I’ll allow it.
-Yay! It’s “Hail to the Chief”,
it’s the traditional presidential introduction, and now every time a president
walks in to a big function they play that to
let them know he’s here. -You’re absolutely right.
-And you laughed at me. I will allow theme tune,
that’s absolutely fine for three points. -Is that ‘da da da da’ music?
-Yeah. Here it is. Team Off Peak, in 2001 the artist
Milton Glaser got the idea for this morale-boosting artwork
on September the 12th, which lengthened his 1976
original by 300%. What did the original say? -What? -I know this. Morale-boosting artwork, 1976. September 11 was obviously
the awful tragedy in New York. -Okay, yes.
-Was that 2001? The original is on many tourist t-shirts. The font, it’s the font, it’s the ‘I heart NY’
font that you get on a t-shirt, isn’t it? Oh, okay, yes. Yes, go for it. -Yes.
-I heart New York. Is correct for 3 points,
you’re absolutely right. The original has four characters,
there’s 12 more there in the same font, so it lengthened by 300%. -Absolutely right.
-Another three points. -I’m impressed.
-I’m impressed by you. Team Pinky, have a look at these. What’s missing? Coordinates, what’s missing? I have no idea at all. -I know nothing about geography.
-I don’t know, I’m not good at geography. What could be missing? -There’s three sets, so that would be three.
-East and South. Those are three points on the Earth. So it makes a triangle, it’s …
what is it missing? There’s north and west, or is it north and west?
Probably not northwest. -That’s longitude and latitude.
-Together they make something famous that you can’t see. -The Bermuda Triangle.
-Well, you go for it. Ships are missing in the Bermuda Triangle. I don’t know if it’s just the
Bermuda Triangle, though. -Shall I try it?
-Try it, go for it. Is it the Bermuda Triangle? -Have another look at the question.
-But what’s missing? -Ships.
-Yes. -Oh, that was it.
-Yes, that’s absolutely right, ships. -You looked so confused when I said ships.
-I’m so confused, I had no idea. Those are the three points of the
Bermuda Triangle, so what’s missing is ships
and planes that have entered it. Well, in legend, anyway. Congratulations, that’s two points to you. The next questions are on the buzzers for
both teams, so fingers on buzzers. Two similar looking birds of the same
species are perched on a fence in a normal fashion. One bird is from the countryside
and the other lives in a city. Without any scientific examination
or special knowledge, most people would be able to tell them
apart after a few minutes. How? By… It could be like a dove, because a dove in
the country is like a pigeon or something. Pigeon’s, one’s more bedraggled,
one is… You couldn’t do this immediately. It has to be something behaviour, it would have to be behaviour
because it’s not from looking at it maybe. Would the one from the countryside
have a different call? Possibly. It could be pigeons, pigeons like in the city
would come towards you, -pigeons in the country…
-It’s to do with the bird call. -Oh no, it’s a sound.
-They’ve got a different accent. -So the city bird would be quieter.
-Well, I have literally no idea. -Okay, go, go for it.
-Buzzing for two points. Out on a limb,
I’m going to say that the city bird would be quieter and the country bird
is sort of more used to making more noise, So they would be doing the louder
and more frequent calls than the city bird. I don’t know why though,
but that’s my guess. It’s not what I’ve got, so I’m going to
hand over the rest of the question. You’ve got that uninterrupted
if you want it. Clock starts again now. Right. Most people,
so normal people, knowledge of birds… -What do you know about birds?
-I know nothing about birds. The bird calls could still have the
same notes, in the same order. -What?
-I have no idea. -Yeah, I have no idea.
-I was thinking it might sound like a ring tone if it was in the city,
but that’s really dumb. Guess, guess, have a guess, It sounds like a ring tone –
you made me do that! It’s not, it´s the same notes. Geoff, you were the wrong way round. The city bird is louder because it’s
got to compete with traffic noise. -Don’t I get half a point for that?
-There are no half points for that, -I’m really sorry.
-So I was on the right lines. You were entirely on the right lines,
you just got it the wrong way round. Definitely more right than us. Fingers back on the buzzers,
last question in this round. A performer was asked
to stream a concert on the Second Life virtual world by a user. They had the money to pay
and there was nothing illegal or immoral about the request. And yet the performer replied,
“As if.” That decision cost her an estimated
£118 million, which she now regrets. What didn’t she foresee? The internet? Second Life is the one with all the weird
characters and stuff. Yet the performer,
that decision cost her an estimated… What’s the Second Life virtual world,
do you know? Do you know?
I don’t know anything about that. What? Many people didn’t foresee this either. How popular it would be. It’s not Donald Trump’s inauguration,
is it? Oh, yes. No, but why would that be
on Second Life? -Maybe…
-Wait, we’ll wait for a clue. Yeah, let’s wait. Some people have called this
a giant ponzi scheme. What’s a ponzi scheme? I’ve heard of that. Why would she have got
118 million pounds, not dollars? It’s to do with a financial fluctuation. Was she paid in Bitcoin? Yes. She did not foresee
the rising value of Bitcoin. This was Lily Allen, who turned down
something like 10,000 Bitcoin when it was not worth anything
to perform in Second Life. So that’s absolutely right for one point,
congratulations, which means at the end of
that round the scores are tied six all. Neck and neck. Round two is Second Thought. Teams, you’re going to see a board
of 12 numbers. Behind each one is a clue,
all those clues point to one single answer. And that’s what I’m looking for,
it’s got to match all the clues, even the ones you haven’t seen yet,
but there’s no penalty for guessing wrong, So if you’re not sure take a guess,
it might miraculously be right. The earlier you get it,
the more points you get. So team Off Peak, you start with
five points possible, pick a number. Eleven. Number eleven. Government-owned. Could be so many things. Taxes? Taxes, I’m going to take that as an answer. It’s not what I’ve got on the board. -Team Pinky, pick a number.
-Can we have number four, please? Number four, for five points. -Works in a vacuum.
-Right. What works in a vacuum?
There’s no sound in a vacuum. -Just guess it.
-The Tardis. The Tardis is not unfortunately
government owned. -Well, it’s a police box.
-Actually, it’s the BBC’s. So yeah, sadly not what I’ve got. -For four points, pick a number.
-Number five, please. Number five.
Reusable. Rubbish? Rubbish, no, I haven’t got that,
so pick a number. -Seven.
-Number seven. Orbiter. Space? -Space, that’s my answer.
-Space, no, sadly. Not government owned as far as I know,
not yet anyway. Team Off Peak, pick a number. I think I have an idea,
so let’s go with number two. Number two. -Back has two doors.
-Is it the Space Shuttle? It is the Space Shuttle, you are exactly right. Government owned reusable orbiter
that works in a vacuum. Other things on the board, I love the clue ‘Three legs, two wings
and one tail’, which is technically right. So yes, absolutely right,
that is good for three points. -Well done.
-I was pretty close with Tardis. You weren’t too far away with Tardis,
that’s fair. You get the first choice on this board,
so pick a number. Number one.
Number one. Claps but doesn’t applaud. -What?
-Horse’s hooves. Ooh, it’s a lovely guess,
it’s not what I’ve got. -They clop, dang it.
-They make a clopping noise. For five points, pick a number. -Sorry, go on.
-Let’s go for number three, number three. I was thinking the same. Caused by rapidly heated gas. -Oh, not what I was thinking then.
-No. I was thinking it’ll be
like a movie clapperboard. No, it isn’t what I’ve got,
so pick a number. -Number six.
-Number six for four points. Also happens on Jupiter. What happens on Jupiter stays on Jupiter, -how would we know?
-Thunder? Yes. Thunder is exactly right
for four points. Well done. You’re so smart, I had no idea. It makes a thunder clap,
you’re absolutely right. The other things on the board
steadily reveal that. Oh, it becomes so clear now. Which means that’s four points to you,
and that puts you in the lead. Team Off Peak, pick a number. Number six, please.
Number six. The third degree. An interrogation? It is not what I’ve got,
so pick a number. -Number twelve.
-Number twelve. Originally male-only. -I was thinking about burns.
-Yeah, I was thinking burns as well. But that doesn’t help. Burns Night. Burns Night is not what I’ve got. So for four points, pick a number. -Number eight.
-Number eight. Charitable causes. You get third degree burns. Take a shot. Shall I say rubbish again? No, I’m going to pass this over,
you’ve taken far too long. -Yeah, we don’t know.
-Pick a number. -Eleven.
-Number eleven. Insignia and symbols. Is the third degree like a book -or a movie or something maybe?
-It could be. But why would a movie or a book
be male-only? The Tardis? I mean it was originally male-only,
that’s fair. -Yeah.
-No, sadly not. -Number seven, please.
-Number seven. -Apron.
-Apron. Make a guess, I mucked up last time,
you make a guess. -Take a guess.
-The navy. The navy is not what I’ve got, no. So we’re going to pass this back over. -Pick a number.
-Nine. Number nine for three points. -Handshakes.
-Handshakes, apron. I have no idea,
I am so lost right now. -Thunder.
-Thunder, no. -Number ten, please.
-Number ten, supreme being. -Do you want to say it?
-The Masons. The Masons,
the freemasons is exactly right. Yes, they wear aprons,
they were male-only, and some of them still are,
and they have a secret handshake. Secret handshake. Fairly sure that’s not the
Masonic handshake, but I wouldn’t know(!) -Absolutely right for two points.
-Okay. Last board in this round,
you get the first choice, so pick a number. -Seven, please.
-Number seven. The subject of a Mark Mason book. -Who is Mark Mason?
-I have no idea. They look like they know. -Make a good guess.
-Take a guess. -Steve.
-Steve is not what I’ve got. There’s a look on their faces over there. -Pick a number.
-I have all of Mark Mason’s books, -so let’s go with number six.
Number six. -124 UK areas.
-Oh, okay. -It’s postcodes.
-It is postcodes, you’re absolutely right and that is for five points, which has changed the scores quite a bit, And that means as we go into
the final round, it is team Off Peak
with a six point advantage. Okay. The final round is Quick Thought. Teams, you’re both going to start
with 90 seconds of thinking time. First one to run out of that thinking time
is going to be out of this game. Not out of the tournament yet,
but out of this game. Now, you have a six point advantage, each of those points
gets turned into five seconds. So you’re going to start
with two minutes on your clock, You’re going to start with 1:30,
and I’m afraid you’re going to be going first. -No!
-But the questions are fast, if you’re not sure, there’ll be a new clue
every ten seconds. Buzz in correctly
and the clock will start on your opponents. Buzz in incorrectly you’ll lose ten seconds
and your clock will restart. -Is everybody ready?
-Careful on the buzzer. -Yes.
-Alright, fingers on buzzers. Team Pinky, your clock starts now. In early dictionaries, which animal
was known as a camelopard? -A what?
-Er…? -A camel?
-Guess it. -No, it’s too obvious.
-It’s too obvious. Quick. -It was said…
-A llama. No, ten points away.
It was a giraffe. Looks a bit like a camel,
the colours remind you of a leopard. So clock restarts with 1:09. Which cartoon characters
by Pierre Culliford are usually no more than three apples tall? Could you repeat that? Which cartoon characters by
Pierre Culliford -are usually no more than three apples tall?
-Three apples? They have a human-like form. Three apples, like… We need another clue. They are an unusual colour. -That didn’t help.
-Do you have any idea? No. Three apples.
What are those … Those bears, what are those bears called…
I don’t know, they’re an odd thing. They are famously Belgian and blue. Something, an animal?
Is it an animal? Shall we skip the question? -We’ve got 31 seconds.
-You can pass if you need to. -Yes, pass it.
-Pass. -Gummy bears.
-It was the Smurfs. Oh! So that’s ten seconds away, I’m afraid,
with only 17 seconds left on the clock. What is the nearest star to Earth? -The Sun.
-Is correct. Team Off Peak,
two minutes on your clock. Which current make-up brand was
founded by a Polish beautician in 1909? -Why you looking at me?
-Because I don’t wear make-up. I don’t know who makes it. I can only think of one make-up
manufacturer. The brand is now owned
by Coty Incorporated. -I literally have no idea.
-I can think of L’Oreal, that’s it. If you want to say it. I have no idea, dude.
-Shall we just… -Guess… Is it…
-Some people don’t realise the brand is a real name. Some people don’t realise the brand
is a real name. Is it Avon? Yes, I don’t know…
Avon. No, it’s Max Factor. And I do have a full name on here. -I’m not going to try and pronounce it.
-That is a name? Ten seconds away, 1:20 on your clock. What’s the only insect
that can turn its head 180 degrees? -The only…
-I want to say cockroach. Oh! Well, say it then. -Cockroach.
-No, it’s a Praying Mantis. Ten seconds away, your clock restarts. Which bird requires up to 12,000
calories a day, having the fastest
metabolism of any animal? It’s got to be a bird of prey,
so we’re talking eagle, falcon… -Yes, hawk.
-…something like that. You need special cameras
to film it properly. Oh, like an owl, if it’s nocturnal. -I kind of want to wait for another clue.
-Okay, that’s fine. It moves its wings very quickly. Don’t all birds
move their wings very quickly? I don’t know about… Owl. Owl. -No, it’s a hummingbird.
-Oh! -Ten seconds away.
-No! 24.2 on your clock. Which product for displacing water
was perfected by Norm Larson’s company after 39 failed attempts? -WD40.
-Is correct. -Yes!
-Team Pinky, 14.4 seconds. Which famous author born in 1928
had the middle name Kindred? Oh… I need another clue. Yeah, no idea. His works have been featured
in famous films. -Guess. I don’t know.
-I need an answer. AA Milne, is that a person? It is a person, but they don’t have
the middle name Kindred, and they don’t have the middle initial K. It is Philip K Dick. I’m afraid you don’t have
ten seconds to give. So that means that the victors
are team Off Peak. Congratulations, you are straight
through to the next round. We’re not saying goodbye to you
yet though, there is still a chance to make it through
with a slightly longer route to get there. But until then, commiserations
and thank you very much for playing. Congratulations team Off Peak,
we’ll see you very soon, and until then we’ll see you next time
on Lateral.

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