LattePanda Alpha Gaming test – Can it Run PC Games ??

LattePanda Alpha Gaming test – Can it Run PC Games ??

Hey what’s going on guys !! this is Aamir Hussain and you are watching trick I know YouTube channel. in this video I will show you the gaming performance of Lattepanda Alpha. Yes guys you can play fortnite battleground GTA 5 Apex Legends and many more games on this single board powerful computer. so without wasting any time let’s get into the video so this board comes with Intel 8th generation m3 processor Intel HD 615 graphics processor 8gb of LPDDR3 RAM and with the compatibility with Windows 10 and Linux I got this review unit from DF robot check out the video description
for more info Lattepanda alpha also supports the eGPU I will show you in my next video in this video I am testing the gaming performance without the e GPU so here the device is started now I am inside the Lattepanda alpha I am recording this screen using a screen recorder and here is the MSI Afterburner to monitor the frame rate of the games so here are the popular games which I am going to test all those games are installed in my m.2 SSD installed on this Lattepanda alpha check my previous video for more info now guys I am going to test those games let’s start with the csgo So that was my video on Lattepanda alpha gaming you can install thousand of your
favorite games on it it’s a very powerful single word computer you can buy it from the link in the video description if you enjoyed my video give this video a thumbs up and subscribe my channel with the Bell icon for more videos updates like this thanks a lot for watching guys see you in my next video.

39 thoughts on “LattePanda Alpha Gaming test – Can it Run PC Games ??”

  1. Trick i know i love your channel but i have a question can i replace cpu and ram and gpu of lattepanda with new one?
    please ans fast

  2. Hello sir, I have a few quick questiona for you if you have the time to answer. In terms of your upcoming gpu video for this, what is your plan for powering both the lattepanda alpha and gpu? Are you using two psus or just one? If one, could you show us how you did it?

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hii im from the video about eGpu. On banggood it is written that the method doesnt support 1070ti. Could tell me why it doesnt work and maybe do a tutorial how to make egpu with 1050+ graphic cards?

  4. Bro, i have msi gt72 2qd dominator,, i want upgrade my laptop, can u give me best solution for upgrade my laptop please ?

  5. HI bro,i wanna make this portable,so i need a battery backup for my lettepand alpha,how to install battery on it,make a video please..there none other video is available in this topic on hindi

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