L’auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana

L’auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hey Guys, Mike with Mike’s Road Trip here
in Lake Charles, Louisiana, staying at the
L’auberge Casino Resort. Now, this is a spectacular
property, and the accommodations, well, they
are second to none. So, come along with me
and let me show you around.
L’auberge is a retreat that captivates guests
with its luxurious offerings and abundance
of on-site amenities and activities.
The suites are beyond posh, they’re transformational
extravagant, with several pleasantly unexpected
With all the outdoor activities, It can easily
take guests a couple of days just to get their
bearings. You can lounge on the beach, play
some volleyball, hang out by the pool and
float down the lazy river, or, try your hand
at a round of golf.
After you’ve worked up an appetite, there
are several verity of restaurants to choose
You can’t visit Lake Charles and spend all
of your time at the hotel, One of the top
attractions in the area is the Creole Nature
Trail, you can get up-close by taking a ride
on an airboat through the bayou
And you won’t want to miss visiting an alligator
farm, these creators are fascinating, a way
of life for folks in Louisiana.
An eco-tour by the folks at Grosse Savanne
is also a fantastic adventure. Situated on
50,000 acres of private land, these Eco-tours
have unlimited access to a multitude of ecotypes,
including fresh and salt water marshes and
cypress swamps.
If you’ve never been to a distillery before,
you’ll want to check out the tours at Bayou
Of course, you’ll find no shortage of live,
authentic Louisana music around town.
Back at L’auberge, you can try your luck
in the casino, or head to the spa or barber
shop for some R&R.
In the evenings the resort often has its own
live entertainment.
Well that’s it from Lake Charles, Louisiana
and the L’auberge Resort Casino, until next
time, we’ll see on…

15 thoughts on “L’auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana”

  1. Beautiful place not only to expend your holidays also to life for some months or years. Amazing Mike!!

  2. Alligators are not "a way of life for the people of Louisiana". The last time I saw an alligator was in the Houston, Texas zoo.

  3. I love this review of the casino! Really well done, Mike. We're going to show this to our players that are curious about this suite type because it gives such a nice overview of the room.
    Thank you for posting it!

  4. does you tube own weather tech ? strike me down with lightening if i havent see at least 200 of their commercials……..enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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