Laughlin Nevada Baby Vegas Casino Boondocking! Viewer Questions & Answers [Full Time RV Lifestyle]

Laughlin Nevada Baby Vegas Casino Boondocking! Viewer Questions & Answers [Full Time RV Lifestyle]

(funky music)
beautiful all right we’re at the Golden
Nugget golden I’d like The Golden Nug
it’s pretty cool. Nuggage. (giggle)
The jungle thing right back behind us it’s
like old Las Vegas it’s so cool
(waterfall sound)
philodendron philodendron here’s a
Croton those are real
But then these, even though they look real, are fake
you can see there are branches coming out of holes up there
I think all this stuff is real. All the little stuff. Awesome.
this is just charming
this is absolutely charming
(music speech: what we do here just go back back back)
(funky music)
and the Pioneer right in front of the
Pioneer is a really good and peaceful
place to boondock. If you’re gonna be in
Laughlin Nevada
It’s baby Vegas and I’ll tell you what
is like old Vegas. It makes me happy it
reminds me of my childhood going to
Vegas every year for our vacation going
driving down there with a camper meeting
all the relatives that are all scattered
all over the US. This was just the most
awesome thing and there’s the Colorado
Belle stacks right up over the roof of
the Pioneer…
the Aquarius the
Edgewater and down past that Don
Laughlin’s. The best tomato soup in the
entire world is in a restaurant in Don
Laughlin’s plus the coolest thing they
have a bowling alley on their second
floor third floor, I can’t remember which but a
whole bowling alley that goes on right
above all the gambling
mm-hmm this is just so cute this is so
Oh that’s so cute
you’re cart of rocks going into the the mineshaft
Randy in Minneapolis asks, Hi Randy, or says great
advice on this kind of heater in response to our Pro Com video
Well, what happenedto Chickenbone (one of our old kitties) is simply that she was just really old and she lived out her whole life
she was over 20 years old, and she
finally just got to that state of
stopping eating…looking for a place
to die like animals will do at the end
of their life and it was hard for us
because we’ve never had pets to the end
of their life before the last pets that
I had and that Mike had stayed with
parents and they lived out their lives
with her parents and so this was so
first for us this was the kittens that
children had since since they were in
kindergarten and in our children 24 now, so the cats were old
so Mittens – she died a few months back
up in Oregon and same thing she just
finally stopped eating and didn’t last
very long…
she wandered off looking for a place to
die as well and luckily we found her
Chicken Bone did the same thing we had
to kind of corral her so that she didn’t
just wander off into the desert so they
just died of old age within about a year
of each other and I guess they
say that about hold couple’s they kind
of died within a short period of time. They
were together a long time and both about 20. Right around 20 years old.
OKay, TheSecret2 comments
Okay, well, I took some some video of that. I didn’t personally put it on but
the shop explained it to me in the back
of our rig where it’s at
there seems to be a large brace which
basically keeps the back end of the coach
square and then the actual back end is a
big fiberglass cap on ours
it’s riveted into that with big I mean
like quarter-inch rivets right big ones
into that main brace and it’s sitting on
a piece of aluminum angle that the wires
go up through and then have to do the
pipe and that’s also lag bolted into
something back there, you can feel there’s
something major back there you know tap
on the side of it and you get to there
and something substantial is back there
and it’s been on there for four years.
Alright and then the wires end up up
here here’s the three wires from out
there come up through the refrigerator
bay and all that… there’s the two to the
battery right here which go back and
meet up with all of the solar array and
all that which goes meets up in the back
of the refrigerator bay. There’s
the switch for the brake switch and the
inverter remote controls. There you go!
The display on this, I had a little
problem with static so there’s that.
Just gotta watch your static with
electronics I guess huh. Okay there you
Michael McNair asks:
Well Michael I looked online
pretty extensively today and when you do
a google search it’s really hard to know
what’s news and what’s propaganda about
ten pages in I kind of gave up because I
couldn’t find anything that wasn’t just
talking about how poor the migrants are
in a horrible United States is, and so I
looked for news Tijuana news stations
and about 20 Google pages and I finally
found Tijuana news that was from Tijuana
itself and then I looked at travel
advisories at and then
I just typed in Mexico and I got some
information there and you know I
understand your question it’s really
hard to know what’s the truth what’s
really going on in Mexico how safe it is
and which news you can trust you know
that’s actually concerned about the
safety of American citizens traveling
in Mexico the safety of any citizen. It
seems you know it just seems rife with
propaganda it’s all about continuing
tourism regardless of safety issues and
it just hard to know

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  1. OH my.. So sorry about your cats. How could I miss that? Glad you had an enjoyable stay. 🙂 Looking forward to more videos. Michael

  2. Thanks for replying and publicly too. Btw you really have the videography graphics and effects going on. Very creative. Another possible future subject is max duration long term boondocking. If you wanted to save a lot of money on main expenses gas and food, and wanted to stay in one place for, say, a couple months to have no gas expense, could you do that and if so what kind of food and water situation would that be? Randy in let's call it refreshing Minneapolis

  3. MIKE,
    Didn't you tell us that you were a master welder ? Didn't you tell us
    you had to leave the trade because of a disability?
    Here's something which might interest you :


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