Lè travay ranplase vagabonday (When jobs replace crime – Haitian Documentary)

Lè travay ranplase vagabonday (When jobs replace crime – Haitian Documentary)

“When jobs replace crime.”
It makes a difference when you
work and when you don’t work.
Even if when you work your salary
may be lower than your expenses
but at least there are
some needs you can cover.
If you need something
you can buy it.
Even if you’re not 100% satisfied
but you are at least 70%, 50%.
– Many of the area youth
were involved in criminal activities
as committing petty thefts
and other illegal things.
Now that they work they won’t find
the time to do such things.
Also they earn more now.
– It’s good for me.
Now I get paid every two weeks.
It helps me a lot. Also it helps
many unemployed youth.
Now they get a salary.
– When you work
you don’t have much spare time.
Now we are at work
with a good spirit.
No time for gossiping.
– Work brings happiness.
There is much hunger
in the country.
Sometimes they have
that group working for two weeks
and the next two weeks
it’s another group.
When it’s pay day
you see those guys go shopping
or giving a few bucks
to their mother.
Work brings change.
They get the meaning of work.
The money is very useful.
First for the summer
I had nothing planned.
I needed new clothes,
jeans, shoes…
That money is opening doors.
If I want to go to a nearby nightclub
I can go and relax.
– When I’ll get my first pay
I’ll buy myself some stuffs.
Then my girl will get some money.
And the next paycheck
will be for my mom.
– Mom must not be forgotten.
– You sure right!
– The program is a success.
Before many people
would come to me for money.
It does not happen anymore.
It means that whenever
there are jobs in the area
things that used to happen
won’t happen again.
– Now I can get credit from anyone
because they know I’ll get a salary.
– After work I will take a shower.
Then I will come get my salary with
a good spirit because I deserve it.
Safe money!
Not all money is safe!
When you steal, it’s not safe!
I work and I get my money!
– If you end up using
your gun to shoot someone.
That money you get isn’t safe!
– It’s a “fuck you” money!
– I can decide not to do
anything if I’m hungry.
But not everybody is like me.
Some may choose
to go the criminal way.
I think that the more job
they will create in this area
the less people will want to get
involved in criminal activities.
– Even if there are other reasons
we can say that this program
did contribute to a peace climate.
Because when every 2 weeks you
expect a salary, even a small one
instead of go robbing
someone in Fontamara
or go get a gun
for some illegal stuff
now that you work
you won’t find the time.
– We ask the government
to create more jobs for the youth.
Create schools and other things…
Because if there’s no work
there’s no leasure, there’s nothing
they’ll repeat the events of 2000 to
2002 when Aristide was president.
That’s all we’ll get after 10 years.
– If we get jobs,
many will stop stealing.
Many of us could also steal
but we work!
– Hunger is not sweet.
The more hungry you are, the more
you are prone to bad thinking.
If the others get a job,
if I get one too
that will contribute
to a peace climate in the area.
– And those who used to rob
will finally quit robbing…

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  1. Si nou gade konbyen moun jenn gason touye ak zam nan senk denye ane sa yo an Ayiti, nou ta dwe mande tet nou si sosyete nou an pa ta dwe rewe fason li ap evolye a. Nou ta dwe defini yon politik ansanm pou nou adrese pwoblem sa yo nan 30 lane kap vini yo. Rwanda reyisi fe sa. Jodi a peyi sa a komanse tounen yon model an Afrik!!!!

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