Learn how to play Craps with PlaySmart

Learn how to play Craps with PlaySmart

– Hi. Hey!
– Hi!
PlaySmart presents:
Get Your Game On,
where we learn how to play
craps with confidence,
so that you can have
more fun playing.
Are you guys ready
to get your game on?
– I’m ready!
– Ditto!
Perfect! Today,
we’re learning craps
with Julie and Sam.
Craps is a game where
players bet on dice rolls,
trying to predict
what numbers will land next.
It’s often considered
the fastest game in the casino,
and for many,
the most thrilling.
Yeah, there’s always loads
of people at this game.
Yeah, that’s right.
And while a busy craps table
is a lot of fun,
it can also be
a little overwhelming
if you’re new to the game.
So, let’s start
with what’s what.
Since it’s a big table,
it takes a crew of
casino staff to manage.
There’s a stickperson:
their job is to look
after the dice,
and the centre action bets.
And there’s two base dealers
and a boxperson.
They look after the other bets
and keep the game
running smoothly.
How do they decide
who gets to throw the dice?
Good question.
The stickperson keeps track
of whose turn it is
to shoot the dice.
And the person who throws
the dice is called the shooter.
Do you have to do anything
special to become the shooter?
Mm! Yes, you do, Sam.
To become a shooter,
you have to make a Pass
or Don’t Pass Line bet.
Anyone who makes one
can be selected.
Where the fun really starts
is on the shooter’s first roll:
the come-out roll.
It’s the first roll of the game,
and it determines
what happens next.
There are all sorts
of bets in craps,
but we’re going to focus
on the Pass Line
because it’s one of
the simplest you can make.
– Great, simple is good!
– Right!
A bet on the Pass Line
means you win if the come-out
roll is a 7 or 11.
But if it’s a 2, 3 or 12,
then every Pass Line bet loses
or “craps out”.
So, what happens if you roll
any other number?
If the shooter rolls one
of the other numbers,
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10,
this becomes the point number.
With a point established,
this is where the game changes.
The shooter keeps rolling,
but now their goal
is to try and roll
the point number.
How do you keep track
if there’s a point or not?
Mm. Now, you see
this little guy here?
This is the puck.
It tells players
whether or not a point
has been established.
When one is established,
the “on” side is flipped up
and it’s placed on top
of the point number.
Okay, that helps.
So, guys, go ahead
and make a bet
on the Pass or Don’t Pass line.
You can consider
Don’t Pass Line bets
as opposites to Pass Line bets,
meaning, in almost all cases,
when one wins,
the other loses.
Okay, I’ll make a…
Pass Line bet.
– Same!
– She’s always copying me.
Now that your bets
have been placed,
let’s learn
how to shoot the dice.
Julie, you’re the shooter.
How hard could it be
to shoot the dice?
You just, you know…
roll them down the table, right?
Well, actually, Sam,
with craps,
there are some specific rules
around rolling.
So, first things first.
On the come-out roll,
the first roll of the round,
the stickperson slides
five dice over like this.
Whoa! I’m supposed to
roll all five dice?
Not quite.
In craps, the stickperson
will give you the five dice.
Your job is to pick
two of them and roll.
With one hand,
toss the dice
so they bounce off
the far wall of the table.
That bounce ensures
a random outcome.
What if she doesn’t
hit the wall?
Do they kick her out?
No roll.
Most times, as long
as an effort is made
for the dice
to hit the back wall,
the crew will let it stand,
especially for your first time.
They’ll usually let you know
to try to hit the back wall
the next time.
If they decide not
to count your roll,
they’ll call “no roll”
and you’ll have you re-do it.
Give it another shot, Julie.
– Okay.
– You’ve got this.
I’m ready, I’m ready,
I’m ready.
– Here you are.
– Thank you.
You’re welcome.
– Nice!
– Nailed it!
Great! Well done!
Okay, Julie rolled a six.
– So…
– So, the game is in play
and the point is now six.
But did our…
Pass Line bets win?
No, but they didn’t lose either.
A six is one of those numbers
that establishes a point,
and since Julie rolled it
on the come-out roll,
it’s now the point,
which you’ll remember
because the puck will
now be placed on the six.
So, what do I want
to roll now, a six?
You got it.
Your bet stays on the table
and a six
will get both of them paid.
After a point is established,
Pass Line bets only win
when that point number
is rolled.
If a seven is rolled first,
then all Pass Line bets lose
and the player to the left
becomes the next shooter.
And then the next shooter
would want to roll a 7 or 11
if they’ve made a Pass Line bet?
If the shooter
makes a Pass Line bet,
they’ll want to roll a 7 or 11
and avoid a losing 2, 3, or 12.
Any other number
becomes the point number,
and we repeat
the same steps as before.
So, what about all these other
spots on the table?
Players can bet on them too.
The table has options for you
to bet on all kinds of outcomes.
If you want to learn
more about them,
just head to PlaySmart.ca,
or ask a dealer.
They’re there to help.
What’s this area over here?
That’s where you can make
Come bets.
They’re just like
Pass Line bets,
but are made after a point
is established.
With a Come bet,
a 7 or 11 wins,
and a 2, 3 or 12, loses,
just like with a Pass Line bet
when there’s no point.
And all other combinations
become your own personal
point number.
Okay, so, let me see
if I have this straight.
Before the come-out roll,
I can make a Pass
or Don’t Pass Line bet,
and they will either win, lose,
or the shooter will roll
the point number.
And then after
the come-out roll,
I can make a Come bet to
establish my own point number,
separate from the point?
What she said.
Look, I know craps can be
pretty confusing at first,
but you nailed it, Sam.
– Yes!
– So,
can all of these bets be
on the table at once?
Yep, that’s right, they can be.
And in all the excitement,
it can be easy to lose track.
So, if you’re just starting out,
you could keep it simple
by sticking to the Pass
or Don’t Pass bets
until you get
a good feel of the game.
And don’t forget!
Any craps crew
is happy to help
a new player learn more.
So, is it my turn to roll yet?
No, I’m still shooting
for the six, remember?
Julie, you’re catching up quick!
Sounds like you’re ready
to have fun
– and play smart.
– Whoo!

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