LEPA Fan Casino 4C

LEPA Fan Casino 4C

hello this is Brian family ha today I’d like to show you our brand new everything bleep up casino for color so what’s so special about this thing well this very kind of special heat of a function with all its trainers I and the 36 LEDs these features make it one of most beautiful in the splendid fennekin ceiling markets so how cool is this thing well this is how you look after unboxing and of course I’m gonna show you its lighting patterns ok this one needs to all our mode the release in blue gray green white or light up at same time this is so pretty and so bright then this is the sparkle mode in the visual areas light up was different timing 10 DB spent the sparkling view this is also my favorite era this is the lighthouse Lord as you can see he looks like a river he being of a night house and this is the triple appellate boat he looks so much like a revolving propeller of an airplane we covered some of the Vegas casino it is actually the rotation of all the previous paintings he also reminds me of the new I shall I saw outside a casino of course if you would like to raise your eyes a bit similar to Slee of Maude and he doesn’t compromise the things cooling performers so after this what do you think this is truly a beauty right by the way apart from this one another single everything is also a terrible for more information please visit our website and thank you for watching today bye bye

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  1. Why all these multi color programmed led fans have the most boring patterns? Why don't you make it glow from one color to other and mix colors to get more colors?

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