Let’s Play “Diner” – Part 3 | Paper Computer Game LP

Hey folks, I’m Zack, Paula’s on the line, that’s Mike on text Let’s play a paper computer game. Today, we’re playing Paula’s first paper computer game, “Diner” and This time we have a very special Extra player! I’m not the only one playing anymore; Mike will be will be joining me via text and As always we are playing for the prize of a $25.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card so the stakes are high as always and let’s dive right in So Paula. as I recall last week we had just Gone to the laundromat No, I was just gonna go to the laundromat because I got a clue from captain Josh that he might have washed his pants that had a Recipe list from the diner Sing to me come Because you jogged his memory by bringing a cake and also a skywriter cake your last episode that He did find a little piece of paper with a cake on it in some strange enigmatic But you couldn’t decipher They make a stranger to you For some reason started in his home Who is Mike playing as you said you had a character Larry Lawrence Larry Daley processing you know So I guess I picked up Larry, okay, so I’ll say hey Larry, what’s up? Mike you’re Larry Larry wanna come to the laundromat with me. We’re trying to hunt down this this mysterious cake recipe And we think that it might contain The secret ingredient of the cake and if we find that ingredient I can win $50,000 I’ll totally like split that with you, dude Drive-through the diner, and I mean not the diner. Sorry the laundromat I Mean captain Josh, tell me yeah, okay, I’ll call captain Josh on my phone My mom I wash my clothes anywhere right does he answer the phone Its head stomach why can’t I call? Me. He’s only texting them, okay. Well how many laundromats are there in this town? 65 New York City Annapolis yeah, that’s gonna be alone We’re gonna have to stop by captain Josh’s place as well you remember captain josh is our friend the Cockroach exterminator Okay, so I will drive to captain Josh’s house Justin must be on the doughnuts in there oh, yeah, where does he usually Park his bug van do I know? To go surf when his dog I mean he’s an exterminator for Hickam area, which is probably good idea to test stun you know Some days it just doesn’t answer his phone Oh Sweetie it’s going to go this one takes us to other places I’ll say hi I Am captain Josh all right now. I am captain Josh’s friends and This is Larry also captain Josh’s friends, and we are here to pick up his pants Okay hurry your toilet into the the whoever’s at the counter Okay He watches his own clothes he doesn’t Do it for him he? Described to you use the particular front runner, yeah That front loader Okay Is there anything inside Well you don’t Automatically see Thank You Bella still up. I went a little bit bit like the you can cool down By the way a mic like You wanna do something or say something to one of the characters just Okay Hey Larry, can you make heads or tails of this I’m thinking we should go to Madame pavlovas place and Happy let me can we call Madame pavlova right now Madame love? For those not in the know Madame have lova is the psychic who my now ex-girlfriend consulted So I will call Madame pavlova Does she answer Okay, I will say hello Madame pavlova I Wonder if you know anything about mysterious old like mystical languages or anything like that This is Seymour schloss I was last week Who can I help you down. Yeah, do you know anything about strange languages? Mystical like wizard languages In your Twisted fuck yeah Ciccone Sorry about this thing with you We must come you must Go you must love this Larry The questions will be on sadhana Let’s see Pcj nice and meaty don’t you think I? Think so I think there’s a racing like the not a food Mensa not to you I mean doesn’t seem relevant Maybe you could give Wiis mom say she said she knew something about a very long time ago Outside the Name And knows How to jump in a pebble and his lawyer Is gonna be like I was hoping Tim over call And I wear this place Since I entered that medical of us about us with the sword cell How are you how are you doing? How’s your mom? My friend comes to Drive over to Your owner Is not my girlfriend anymore she Missed a lot okay? Okay, well Mike you didn’t tell her you don’t Have T CJ We’re not you just notice right now, this is gonna take advantage he steps And secondly it’s not gonna. Take me back a few steps No words were Let’s go check it out She wanted us to have this He said that earlier now he’s asking how would you know about the letter? That has our names No Deposit boxes I guess we don’t have to do that right now. We can do it later the other leads to follow up in the meantime I’m talking about like him, and that’s not gonna her and talking it Dude dude do we have any other leads right now to follow well You know what we have to I Won’t answer it right now What you know what I’ll say hey Larry could you get the phone for me? The phone and say tell her tell her I am busy and cannot talk right now, and I’m that I’m very sorry But then I’m hopeful The message for Boise more to color, this is interesting she doesn’t know Yeah fall into the clutches of quickly okay? Okay Giggly, I have to take Larry to the diner I’m sorry to leave you like this. I’m saying this in a much more sincere voice than I Well you tell me when I the way this works is like Unless you want to put something else in the way in which case you would say Son I was saying it like a question in the past because I would say okay. I’m going to the diner, and then you wouldn’t Oh, okay Sure period I am bringing my friend Larry period you will like him period Okay Mike seems to know about that so let us Try to the to the Madame pavlovas place Okay Maybe we should stop anyway because it’s 4:00 in the morning. We’re about to meet Madame pavlova seems like a good time to Take a hiatus I Guess since Paula seems to be gone This has been another episode of let’s play paper computer game we were playing diner by Paula with special guest star Mike and Yeah, thanks for watching

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