LGR – An Odd Chinese Need For Speed PC Game Collection

LGR – An Odd Chinese Need For Speed PC Game Collection

Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing!
And this one is a little bit different.
This is a collection of Need For Speed games
for the PC that I imported from China.
And yes, this does come in a big box, much
like a lot of the PC games did in the 90s here in the US.
But this is a much later release from around
2012 and it still comes in a big box like this.
That was one reason I wanted it and another is just because I like collecting imports
of various types, especially for games of
my favorite series.
So when I saw this “Need For Speed Archive
Collection,” a Chinese version, the EA logo
and everything, I’m like “okay, this looks
Electronic Arts does have an official presence
in China, they have for some time now and
they did release a lot of their PC games in
big boxes for much longer than they did here in the US.
So at first this looked pretty legit, but
the more I got to looking at this package
[chuckles] the more suspicious it became.
Because as you can see on the back here it
comes with a bunch of Need For Speed games.
In fact, the entire series that was released
on PC, from the mid-90s 1995-96 with the first
Need For Speed, all the way up to Need For
Speed Most Wanted, the remake of sorts by Criterion.
And well, that was a bit of a stretch that
EA would do this kind of release in China.
I don’t know. I thought it wasn’t the most unbelievable thing ever.
But then you look at the rest of the box and
it just sort of all comes together. Beyond
the generic marketing blurbs here saying “ooh
racing games are cool and it’s gonna be
doing fast speedy Need For Speedy car things
with cool music and stuff.”
The biggest giveaway though was the rest of
this which typically doesn’t look exactly
like this on the official EA Releases from
Usually the system requirements area is a
little more professional-looking than this.
And then the biggest thing that was a dead
giveaway was this UPC right here.
That is a legit code but it appears that it’s
actually been lifted from the official release
of Need For Speed Carbon in China, so that
does not actually tie into this individual release.
And I saw like this little section right here
starts off with “health advice.”
You know, “don’t play for too long games,
are addictive and there’s all sorts of warnings
and such.”
So yeah, as far as I’m concerned this is a
Chinese bootleg collection of Need For Speed
PC games on nine DVDs.
This pretty much just says “a Chinese racing
game” and then the price which is 128 Chinese
Yuan, which at the time of recording ends
up being about twenty US dollars.
I do have a curiosity for gray market releases
and a lot of that just comes from having lived
in the Caribbean for a while.
And seeing official releases in stores was
the uncommon thing — finding bootlegs?
That was just the norm.
Well, anyway, let’s go ahead and unbox this
thing because I am just absolutely curious
what comes inside of this.
[tasty cutting noises]
[chaotic tearing of plastic]
Alright I gotta say
this box is constructed very nicely, I mean
it feels as official was any early 2000s big
box release we would have gotten here.
Of course, this is not an early 2000s release,
this is from around 2012 I presume.
Alright, so inside we just have, uh not a
whole lot really?
Okay, there’s some extra stuff in here.
Oh my.
Well seems the big box was just for show more
or less.
I was thinking that maybe it would come with
some larger items since they were using that
big box, but I suppose not!
Alright so that’s a little that’s a lot of
I guess eight of them maybe if there’s anything
in here?
Yeah, that’s a pretty nicely-pressed DVD in
this sort of very cheap, questionable packaging.
Looks more like a Video CD release.
I’m assuming that’s disc one, but I really
don’t know.
I’m not actually seeing any numbering on these.
Okay. So yeah, I guess the numbering is just on
the bottom of the discs.
Wow. [chuckling in potentially-misguided amusement]
And I’m curious to what is actually in this manual like, what did they come up with?
Alright well, there’s a bunch of serial numbers
for the games that actually require them.
I am sure all of those are totally legit…
All right, well this is all going to be something
that I won’t be able to read unless I whip
out Google Translate again and go through
it all.
But if anyone would like to give me the gist
in the comments that would be fine.
I’m sure I could figure it out with enough
time, it just it looks just like some generic
kind of installation stuff really and some
FAQ kind of things about like “ah something’s
going wrong or how do I set this game up”
or whatever, so.
I don’t know it’s probably just normal manual
So yeah, let’s get these installed on something.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be
doing here because I don’t necessarily want
to install it on my main PC so I might install
it on a VM or just a computer that’s not filled
with sensitive information or connected to
the internet.
Because you know, I don’t know, you never
Releases like this are iffy.
So yeah, super curious to see if these come
with like original DOS and Windows 95 versions
for the early ones or if they’ve been updated
in any way at all, this is exciting!
Alright, so I’ve got an XP machine going here
not connected to the internet nothing personal
on it, just something that I use for various
XP uses.
And then we have the autoplay here which is
what you get when you put in the DVD.
This is the first DVD and it has eight Need
For Speed games that we can choose from here,
so: Need For Speed one, two, three, four,
all the way up through looks like Underground.
And then it sort of skips over Underground
2 and Most Wanted and then goes straight to Carbon.
So it is split up probably depending on the
different sizes of the games. And then down here
we have the readme file and check this out!
You can see some references here to DT Lite
and Daemon Tools or “Demon” Tools, if you will.
Which is for doing virtual disks and getting
past copy protection and all sorts of things
that we may have to do — or at least it probably
will expect us to do
if we were to run certain games, perhaps.
I don’t know, I haven’t installed them yet.
Anyway, I’m not gonna do that.
I just want to go ahead and look through the
DVD and see what we get here because… well,
there’s a lot of things in here that I was
not expecting to see.
Not only are the individual games just sort
of spread out like this but if this is not
at all what the installations looked like.
It looks like they’ve gone for some completely
custom installers for each game and just sort
of made their own InstallShield Wizards.
And then there’s a few random folders just
sort of sticking out for no reason, like these
appear to be the files from Need For Speed
I don’t know why those are hanging out over
here and they’re not in the Need For Speed
II — I don’t know how they’re doing this
exactly, but that’s just kind of interesting.
Let’s see what we got here in terms of the
first Need For Speed, whether or not it’s
the Windows version or DOS.
Well, there’s one question I wanted to have
answered: is that the special edition or not
and it appears to be.
Again with this custom installer that they
put together.
[laughs] And they even included an EA EULA.
That’s what’s so mysterious about these things.
Who knows where it came from, what we’re actually
gonna get?
It’s a lot of familiar files it was installing
there and it looks like it put them to
Electronic ArtsNeed For Speed I.
It’s running DOSBox! What!
Sure, why not? I wonder what kind of settings they went with.
It looks pretty standard.
Yeah, it looks like they barely changed anything
Well, let’s just try it out!
Well like what is the shortcut pointing
It’s got the Need For Speed II icon, for one
“PLAYNFS.BAT” All right.
[jazzy interlude in lieu of game audio not
So it’s running it in a window, which is actually a good idea
when it comes
to this game, it does have some problems.
This is just fascinating!
I gotta say I was not expecting that.
Oh, it’s running in the interlaced mode as
[clicking of keyboard keys]
Some of the controls
are different.
What have they done to this?
They’ve changed handbrake to Q and horn to E. Why?
[car horn honks] Also, that’s the
horn for the Viper on this Acura NSX and…
yeah, that engine’s not right either.
So this is definitely some sort of strangely-ripped
version of the game because
it does not have… oh.
Not only that but I don’t know if you notice
the music is just playing the same thing over
and over and over.
This is not Need For Speed Special Edition,
this is just The Need For Speed.
It does not have the extra game modes, it
doesn’t have all of the music, and some of
the resources obviously were a little screwed
up there.
Yeah, there’s definitely some stuff missing
that’s for sure.
Let’s try a Need For Speed II, just curious
what they did with that because that can be
a little tough to get running sometimes, Need
For Speed II SE.
Okay same basic installation crap. [laughing]
What is it telling me to do?
It has an app compatibility database file.
Alright, I mean sure, let’s try what it says
to do!
All right it says to open the database file,
which is right here.
Hit save, hit run, and then we browse to…
yeah, that’s — that’s what this is.
Oh wow!
It’s running.
And yeah it does appear to be Need For Speed
II Special Edition, at least judging by the music.
It’s got all the special edition cars, so
let’s go with one of those like the Nazca C2.
And we’ll just go with the one opponent to
go against, the Italdesign Cala.
Let’s see what we got!
Curious if they screwed with any of the graphics
options again,
because the last one — yeah they did!
Well what in the world, interesting.
It’s the interlaced video again on lowest
[keyboard clicking away]
All right horn is
at least in the right spot and so is handbrake.
But yeah the smaller window, low settings,
This seems to be that they’ve configured these
games for like, the lowest possible settings
right out of the box which is fascinating.
It’s not like a totally virgin install or
anything like that, it’s configured for you.
Okay, so the last one that I’m gonna try is
Need For Speed III because again, that’s a
pretty infamously annoying one to get running.
I mean not necessarily on XP, but still.
I’m curious what they did with it.
Interesting that they chose the alternate
box are here, like from the back of the box
instead of the yellow Lamborghini Diablo.
Hmm, what’s with all the VBasic distributions?
What the heck kind of version of Need For
Speed III is this? [laughing]
This is all stuff from the mid-2000s.
I really don’t know where they’re going with
this, Okay, it’s installed whatever it needed
to and it didn’t even ask me to restart so
I don’t know what is going on here.
I mean this looks all pretty standard.
You know, whatever let’s just try it.
I’m not gonna friggin let that connect anything.
Okay intro video there, menu right here and
Ah right, so it’s not asking me for a name
so I’m assuming this is already configured once again.
There’s some replays.
This is the last person that played? What did they do?
Ha. How bizarre.
Yeah, it looks like it’s defaulting to the
lowest settings once again, but uh.
They just left all of their files on here.
“Player 1” that’s a great name they
came up with.
Let’s see what the options have.
“Audio mode: BAD TEXT INDEX 0.” That was a classic, classic audio mode.
This all looks pretty much the same.
It’s just once again graphics on the lowest
setting by default.
Yeah we’ll just go with the Aston Martin DB7
I don’t race with that car very often in this game.
Eh Hometown is good, seems they left the weather
Sure why not.
Good stuff.
Need For Speed III, lowest settings [chuckling
once again]
I mean, I’m surprised that all
of these work right out of the box.
I was expecting less somehow, but it seems
like they have configured these to just work!
I’ve not really configured this to do games
like this at all, and it seems to be okay.
Can we crank everything up just because we
Well we can’t turn everything on cuz the game’s
already running but uh,
yeah, I mean check it out.
Like I’ve run these games on original hardware
and had way more problems than I’m having here.
Like really this is a convenient way to have
all the Need For Speed games in one package!
Shame it’s unofficial.
Like this puts actual EA releases that I have
of these Need For Speed games to shame.
Like some of the later compilations where
they just stuck all the original discs in
a box and called it a day?
Like, this is better than that!
I’m assuming that like D-Tools Lite, the installation
that it came with, is going to come into effect
with some of the later games?
And that gets into like some iffier, weird
bootleg territory.
I don’t like — like, you can still get some
of these Need For Speed games that are in
this pack like on Origin and whatnot and I’m
like “yeah, that’s just friggin weird.”
I mostly wanted this for the you know, later
— or not later, *earlier* Need For Speed
games for DOS, Windows 95, I just want to
see how they worked and if they worked at all.
And it turns out they do and they work really
So yeah consider me absolutely shocked that
this unofficial package of games, Need For
Speed games, works so darn well.
Can’t say I recommend looking for it going
out buying it necessarily, but hey.
At least now you know!
And my curiosity’s pretty satiated just
wondering if these things were worth a crap.
Turns out they are!
Thanks for watching!
This has been quite a different video.
Can’t say I expect to do many more episodes
on bootleg PC game compilations, but who knows?
I mean, I run across these things every so
But whatever, I hope that you enjoyed this
video exploring this stuff.
And if you did, why not check out some of
my others, I’ve got plenty more on the channel
with new things coming at you every Monday
and Friday here on LGR.
And as always thank you very much for watching
— and don’t bootleg games, it’s bad, mmkay?

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