LGR – Enjoying Retro Computer Game Catalogs

LGR – Enjoying Retro Computer Game Catalogs

Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing! And
today I just wanna relax a little bit, no script, nothing too involved. And just take
a look at some product catalogs, some computer game software booklets and magazine type things
that you would get with boxed PC game releases back in the day. Specifically the 90s, it
was sort of a golden era for these product catalogs like this one: the GT Interactive
Software catalog from spring of 1998. “High-performance GT,” whatever that means. And I showed this
one not too long ago in my Unreal 20th anniversary retrospective. And it just got me in the mood
to look at some more catalogs like this because I enjoy these a whole lot! And I did a video
like this I thought not terribly long ago, but it turns out it’s been 5 years. So, I
guess that means it’s time to do another one. Anyway, here we are. We’re gonna take a look
at five catalogs overall, starting with this one right here. But I’m also going throughout
the rest of my collection and just taking a pick of different boxes. I’m gonna pick
out four more, these right here, to bring together a total of five different software
catalogs from five different companies. I have just an absolute ton of these, but I
don’t know I was feeling this particular selection. So yeah back to this catalog right here though
and check it out: Blood II The Chosen wasn’t out yet. You never know what’s gonna be in
some of these catalogs, it is just sort of a snippet in time. And especially fun to see
these certain releases that I was so enamored with back in the day like the Duke Nukem Kill-A-Ton
Collection. I didn’t see it in a catalog I saw it in a Toys R Us for the first time.
a friend of mine ended up getting it, I never did. It had a cool t-shirt and everything,
he wore that shirt and I was like “dang it you suck I want that.” But anyway, one
of these days I’ll get that boxed collection. Yeah, look at all these GT Interactive had:
Balls of Steel, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee, Total Annihilation,
Blood. NAM, that’s a pretty neat little game. Unreal, of course. And they were even advertising
the Unreal level editor, I guess that was potentially a boxed version of UnrealEd that
they maybe were gonna release physically but I don’t believe ever did. Got some early box
aren’t there for the expansion to Unreal which became Return to Napali and did not look like
that when it came out. And on the other side here this ad for Duke Nukem Forever just cracked
me up as soon as I saw it, I had to put it in that Unreal video, but it’s worth looking
at once again Duke Nukem Forever coming in winter of 1998 that would have been amazing.
I still want to play that version, augh. But anyway, I mean they didn’t actually say which
winter, they just said winter. So hey! Leave it open for interpretation! Catalogs like
this are just, I don’t know, they’re neat. Let’s take a look at another one. And this
one I found in the original box to release of Bullfrog’s Syndicate Wars for MS-DOS
from 1996. Had a bunch of cool stuff inside but this catalog is what we’re gonna be looking
at for this moment in time. And check out that website screenshot or photo of sorts
on the front. What is that, Netscape or something? Ah man, autumn 1996. Ooh the internet just
so exciting, everything about the internet oh my goodness. Although I’m not entirely
sure why they have these pronunciation guides for EA dos cahm: “place of interest.”
Or dubya dubya dubya dot EA dot cahm. “The biggest brands in PC gaming all under one
roof.” Yeah, like Electronic Arts did have quite a bunch even in 1996. I don’t think
they had Westwood or Maxis yet but yeah, they had Bullfrog, Jane’s, Origin. Of course
EA themselves. Check out this 90s dude. Everybody was just screaming and angry and like really
hyped up on everything all the time of the 90s, that’s just how it was. “Expect the
unexpected.” I guess so but you’re telling me what to expect here like Dungeon Keeper:
“Evil Is Good.” That wasn’t even out yet some alternate box art — potential box art
there, they did not go with that for the retail release, but I do like that art. Yeah, Syndicate
Wars the game that this catalog was packed inside of. Gene Wars, that’s a game that I
never played. In fact, I still — I don’t think I actually own a copy. Yeah, “crossbreed
your way to universal supremacy.” Don’t know if it’s actually any good or not it just
always seemed intriguing. Theme Hospital wasn’t out yet either, ha. That’s such a great game.
And this one I’ve never heard of? “Creation: It’s up to you as caretaker the beautiful
unspoiled Creation to implement the spreading of new life throughout the planet’s oceans.”
Did this even come out? I mean, this is one of the questions sometimes you run across
in these catalogs like this. Ah yes and all the Jane’s combat simulations, these were
pretty great. I never played Longbow, unfortunately. I always liked helicopter sims, but I do have
it now, just never made the time to play it. ATF was a good one. So was USNF 97. ATF NATO
Fighters, never actually played that one either. Privateer 2: The Darkening [chuckles] I love
titles like that that are just so generically video game-y. “The darkening, you know the
reckoning.” Ah Wing Commander IV, good stuff. Lots of FMV, like quality FMV. Wing Commander
Kilrathi Saga that was coming soon, remaster of Wing Commander was that one, two, and three.
“Speed adjusted: all three games run at normal speed on today’s PCs.” They did come
out, but I have never tried it. Ah Crusader No Regret. I’ve been meaning to cover that
for a long time along with No Remorse, but still haven’t done it. And Ultima Online.
Yeah, there don’t even have any box art or anything yet. I was never an MMO person but
I remember several people playing and being like, “holy crap this is the future of everything.”
Oh yeah, here we go The Need for Speed Special Edition, “seriously fast.” They’re also
mentioning that this is for the 3DO, the PlayStation, and the Saturn, and those they’re not all
equal versions. In fact, the special edition only came out for DOS and Windows. And yeah
it looks like they have to qualify that with some of these statements here it’s like “oh,
you know modem a direct link racing is PC only, but the Saturn, the link up is only
for the PlayStation. And oh, yeah, you know you can do all these things with the eight
tracks but there’s only three on 3DO.” And yeah they had to shovel it all into one ad
because there’s so many versions of Need for Speed. And Road Rash though, this was a 3DO
game as well and then they converted it to Windows, sort of updated it and this does
not mention the 3DO version at all, so oh well. Ah Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the
Rose Tattoo. That was an interesting game, I’ve played it a little bit. A lot of pre-rendered
backgrounds and stuff that look pretty cool at the time: 256-color ooh! And then the CD-ROM
Classics, you know, these were neat back then because you know. I didn’t have a lot of money
and it was just like “hey I want some EA games for cheap” and you could get a lot
of cheap EA games. Noctropolis, Privateer, Theme Park, Ultima 8 — eh, whatever. But
all these classics: Extreme Pinball, BioForge, Magic Carpet, Relentless Twinsen’s, you
know. A bunch of cool stuff they released on the CD-ROM Classics label, but annoying
now as a collector that doesn’t want those cheaply made boxes with like nothing inside
of them. Alright, so let’s move on to this catalog here, this is the Viacom New Media
catalog. And this arrived inside the box release for MTV’s Beavis and Butthead in Virtual
Stupidity for Windows 95. It’s actually a pretty darn good adventure game, and it came
with a catalog so that’s what we’re gonna take a look at. Viacom New Media, that’s a
company that I don’t really talk about. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about
it on LGR, but I find them fascinating because they had a bunch of different properties that
you may not associate with Viacom first and foremost. Like Zoop. I remember that, sort
of an action puzzle-y thing for yeah, all sorts of systems. Mostly remember the console
versions, I don’t know if I’ve ever even played a PC one but it existed I guess. And of course
the aforementioned Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity. “Uh, it’s supposed
to be a CD-ROM misadventure game or something.” Got Star Trek Deep Space 9 Harbinger. Never
played it, but I’d know that the package was really cool, itt had this super awesome design.
I still want to try to find one of those boxes, it looks like a physical kind of — I dunno,
it was a cool box. Congo The Movie never played that! I remember being underwhelmed by the
movie though. MTV Unplugged. See that’s something that’s kind of different that you
don’t really think about getting but yeah, there was an MTV Unplugged — not a game but
sort of a software package. Shows and performances and all this by Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney
and REM and all sorts of people on CD-ROM. And this is Another Sherlock Holmes game,
unrelated to the other series that EA was doing. This is the Consulting Detective series
by Icom, volumes 1, 2, and 3, I only have the third one. And of course, they also have
the Nickelodeon stuff going on. So Nick Jr. here, “Where kids play to learn!” Play
Math. I don’t know what that is. I don’t recognize those characters but sure why not. I do recognize
that though. “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.” They had a game for the Sega Genesis and the
Super NES, never played that. Never was like a console kid, never had consoles until much
later on. Got the Nickelodeon Director’s Lab. One of many, many director-type software
along with you know Director’s Chair, Opening Night, and American Girls Premiere, and Storybook
Weaver to a degree. There were so many of those but Nickelodeon had theirs as well,
that one would probably be kind of fun. Now that was a neat adventure-y kind of game there,
“Are You afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse.” Or-fey-oh? I don’t know.
But it has “state of the art animation and over 400 graphics and 1500 3D rendered images,”
ooh. The Indian in the Cupboard, that sure was a movie and a book — a little bit of
both, column A column B. Did not know that there was a game or at least there was going
to be at one point or something. Phantom 2049, I don’t know what that is, but I like the
art. “Based on the animated TV series.” Oh Phantom 2040, not 2049 I’m thinking of
Blade Runner. Yeah, Richard Scarry in Busytown — How Things Work in Busytown rather. That’s
an interesting one developed my Novotrade if I recall. I recently was just sort of diving
into them because of edutainment month them doing Museum Madness. There was going to be
an Aeon Flux game apparently? “Coming ‘96” maybe there was and I’m just not aware of
it I don’t remember one. And then Star Trek Voyager coming in 96 that’s vague. They were
definitely Voyager games but like not ‘96 if I — I don’t remember any, I don’t know.
And we got Zoop again just sort of bookending this little booklet. Zoop. Zoop zoop. Okay,
moving on to another catalog here and this one is pretty substantial. This is the Sierra
winter catalog for ‘94 going into ‘95. And this comes from inside the box of Outpost.
Oft-maligned, was potentially interesting but ended up being kind of “ehh.” Not
a huge fan of the game but I certainly am glad that it came with this catalog because
well, actually this was also in the box and yeah. Sierra didn’t always release catalogs
inside of their game boxes. It was often taken care of by InterAction Magazine. It was Sierra’s
own periodical and these were really cool I mean it was like a proper magazine. It had
interviews and articles and of course product coverage everywhere. But I do have a few Sierra
catalogs, this is one of them. It’s still kind of structured like a magazine though.
You’ve got this introduction from Mr. Ken Williams and his magnificent mustache as you
always did in all these Sierra things. And it’s got a table of contents laid out very
much like a magazine, this is almost like a mini InterAction issue. Aces of the Deep,
one of many many Aces games. As well as the first EarthSiege, love that game, a Dynamix
classic. All these simulations. Honestly, I associated Sierra more with simulations
than I did, say, adventure games back in the day because. I don’t know that’s just what
I was into more than just about anything else, you know A-10 Tank Killer, Red Baron, more
of the Aces games. Look you can get a VHS with that one. Outpost, “Absolutely the
best science fiction software ever published.” I disagree with that, random magazine, but
you know. A lot of potential and Alien Legacy as well. I still never played that, I did
pick up a box copy a while back, I want to play it because it kind of looks like some
of the aesthetic of Outpost but different kind of game. Battle Bugs, that was really
neat, picked that one up at Goodwill on the 39th episode of LGR Thrifts I believe. The
Front Page Sports games I never played cuz honestly, they looked a little bit boring
from the front covers. They look like a newspaper, it’s like “nyeww who wants a newspaper
game.” But like the gameplay itself looks pretty cool. I don’t know. I’d like to try
them out eventually. Yeah Battledrome, yes. Sort of a spin-off or — I’m not really sure
how you’d qualify that but it’s in the EarthSiege universe, ya got HERCS and stuff instead of
mechs just like EarthSiege, sort of a one-on-one combat game though. Loderunner The Legend
Returns, love that game. Although I was more into the follow-up of sorts the online version
just Loderunner Online The Mad Monks Revenge, but it’s really just this they just expanded
it rereleased it. And here we go. King’s Quest VII “magical adventures that will touch
your heart.” Or they’ll at least touch your patience. That doesn’t make sense. There was
a definite problem with these early releases of King’s Quest VII, like I have a couple
of them the two variants, they have different box art. There was this one, which honestly
I think is the better box art, and they had two one that was like a castle, you know the
lightning on front. And yeah there was like a one-point something-or-other patch on a
disk and there’s a 2.0, and man. King’s Quest Collector’s Edition, that’s a really neat
pack, comes with a lot of cool stuff inside of it. King’s Quest VI of course is just a
friggin classic. Same with King’s Quest V. I like that they put the good box art on there,
there is our really crappy version of the box art for that game. A little write-up here
on Roberta Williams. Yeah, like this — this really is looking like an InterAction Magazine
but just a lot smaller. Phantasmagoria. Now there’s a game. “A sinister game in the
style of Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Hitchcock, and Stephen King.” You know, that’s one
way to put it. Ah yes Leisure Suit Larry. Leisure Suit Larry 6, very enjoyable little
game. I mean they’re all enjoyable in their own weird ways, these games are — they are
what they are. Same with Freddy Pharkas I mean, you know there’s there’s parts to enjoy
about it. Uh. And I can say that with a lot of these. Like this game, Open Season. Yeah,
like good grief talk about some controversies. Gabriel Knight, what a fantastic box that
came in originally. I have the other one too, like the more basic looking box. But that
one’s just amazing with the trapezoid kind of, you know, dual triangle thing going on,
it was great. Quest for Glory Shadows of Darkness, never played that one, but the Quest for Glory
games have a lot to offer in each iteration so I imagine there’s something to like about
that one, I don’t know. I’ve never played it. Space Quest Collector’s Edition, digging
this artwork. And how much are these by the way, I was not noticing. Yeah, the collector’s
edition was sixty bucks. All right. Ah yeah here we’re going in to get a couple Coktel
Vision games, got Inca and Inca II. Always loved the box art to the first Inca, especially.
Dagger of Amon Ra, super good game the second of the Laura Bow series. Lost in Time, another
Coktel Vision thing never played this one at all. I don’t think I own that one. Hm.
Adventures of Willy Beamish, quite like that. It’s got its flaws and whatnot but a really
cool adventure game by Dynamix. Gobliiins, there’s only one “I” there. I only have
the first one. That’s really the only one I have any experience with but yeah. If you
like strange humor and really cool art, object puzzles and logic puzzles, you know. They’re
interesting games. Not quite adventure games, not quite pure puzzle games. They’re just,
they’re interesting. Betrayal at Krondor, heck yeah. I don’t know man, there’s something
about those that I was always drawn to, I never played them much. But yeah, I need to
play more of those. Shadow of Yserbius, I do have that. Unfortunately I don’t think
you can make use of the online component anymore, The INN Network. “I-N-N.” But yeah it
had an online thing going on with that one. Incredible Toon Machine. I’ve still never
played this one. And then there was also like Sid and Al’s Incredible Toons, I believe that
was a separate product, but maybe maybe not I don’t know. Johnny Castaway, a classic screensaver
thing, which is a little bit more than just your typical screensaver, it told a story.
I’ve been meaning to cover that forever. Dang it, I need to do that. Incredible Machine
2, very much just Incredible Machine all over again. Ah, here we go check this box out,
I’ve always wanted to get this: The Even More Incredible Machine. The top of this just sort
of moves around in there and it’s like a machine in and of itself. What a cool box. And all
these other kind of things that Sierra was releasing: Hoyle Classic Card Games, Take
A Break Crosswords, Take A Break Pinball. I have all these too, but it’s just like for
the most part who cares? Like this was not a great pinball game, or at least I never
thought it was back then compared to like 3D Ultra Pinball. But it’s a little unfair
to directly compare them but it’s okay. Stellar 7 Draxon’s Revenge, never played that at
all. Played the original Stellar 7 but this was like on the yeah — getting into the Sega
CD/3DO area of the catalog. Stellar Fire, you know, I’ve pretty much never played in
any of these. Beamish yes and Rise of the Dragon but not in the CD. A little section
for parents choosing the right software for your child. “Look for games that match your
child’s learning stage. Pick software that’s educational and entertaining,” otherwise
known as edutainment. “Look for a point-and-click interface. There’s nothing that pleases a
child more than saying ‘I can do it all by myself.’ With point and click interfaces
children will be able to play the games even if they don’t know how to type or read yet!”
All right. And these kids things, Beginning Reading, Alphabet Blocks. I’ve never heard
of those. Early Math. Mixed Up Mother Goose, of course I’ve heard of it that’s pretty
classic. Kids Typing. Yeah. Mega Math, Spelling Blizzard, Spelling Jungle. So many things!
Eco Quest, there’s one I’ve been wanting to get for a long time. Castle of Dr. Brain,
classic. Island of Dr. Brain, heck yeah. “Get the CD advantage!” Flip through any computer
magazine and you’ll see that CDs are quickly revolutionising the way we think,” er — yeah
that too. “The way we work and play with PCs. So, what’s the hype about?” Gosh! “One
CD can hold up to 600 megabytes, the equivalent of over 400 floppy disks!” I love mid-90s
CD-ROM excitement. “This is just the beginning. Every day CD technology opens up tremendous
new opportunities to make electronic adventures more creative, complex, and exciting” and
oh man! CDs! I always liked this with Sierra too, “If for any reason you’re not pleased
with any product return it within 30 days.” Friend of mine got a couple things replaced,
it was like no problem whatsoever. Just you know, upgraded to a CD-ROM version for like
5 bucks or something like that, they had a floppy disk. Anyway, Sierra! Good times. And
then lastly I want to look at this catalog that was found in the box of Zork Zero: a
graphic Infocom interactive fiction game for the Apple II and other systems released in
1988. As you can see here this one has a bit of a different shape. It folds up like this
to fit in the box but and it opens up more like a size of a proper magazine. “Infocom’s
new graphics will blow you out of the water,” like that. Oh yeah, I love pre-Activision
Infocom products. They went all out every step of the way, you know with feelies and
catalogs and manuals and just really cool packaging, boxes. Just amazing company back
before Activision went all Activision on them and their products got released a lot cheaper
and whatever. But anyway, this is the catalog here, we’ve got the ad for Zork Zero “a
much more graphical take on the classic Zork series.” I just recently completed my original
collection — well not it’s not the original releases of Zork, but it’s the ones that came
in the — anyway, I’ll show them at some point, they’re really cool boxes and I’ve been wanting
to find all of them. Anyway, here we go let’s just keep opening it up because it just keeps
going. And here’s an ad right in the middle here for James Clavell’s Shogun. I’ve never
played that but apparently this was one of the games to sort of introduce people to the
Infocom “graphic” style. They were really getting their butt handed do them by Sierra
and whatnot so, yeah, it’s no wonder that they were trying to move on to this “graphic
future,” ooh. No more text only. Looks pretty cool though, I like the art there. That interlaced
Image that they have going on there is pretty neat those — I mean, they look like actual
just photographs of a monitor. Journey, never played this one either. In fact, I pretty
much have never played any of — I’ve played this one, but. I’ve not played many the graphic
Infocom things, it’s sort of a unfortunate gap in my experience with computer gaming.
It was just never a company that I was too familiar with growing up. And so any exposure
that I’ve had to them has been collecting them as an adult and playing them whenever
I get a chance. But I hear good things about several of them. Don’t really know anything
about Journey but yeah Battletech Crescent Hawks Inception, have played this one. Any
FASA Battletech tie-in I am all for and these came out before the MechWarrior games or anything
like that. It’s Battletech Crescent Hawks Inception followed up by Crescent Hawks Revenge.
Both of those they’re really neat games worth worth checking out. Here’s one I don’t even
know if I heard of Quarterstaff The Tomb of Setmoth. “Three months ago the tree druid
colony vanished without a trace. A search party is set to discover what fate befell
these peaceful people and to save any who may survive. The first computer role-playing
game to capture the mood and feel of pen and paper RPGs,” the first? I mean if you say
so, Infocom [chuckles] And it’s just sort of letting you know all the different things
that they’re doing. And plus they have some classics like Leather Goddesses of Phobos,
Hitchhockers — heh, Hitchhokers Guide to the Goloxy, Planotefoll, and Wishbronger.
Yeah man, get those for 15 bucks I believe these were the cheaper packaging. And we have
the InfoComics was, you know comic books really in a computer-y form. It was neat at the time!
“Sophisticated cinematic effects like panning, zooming, and animation.” Wow! Panning and
zooming! And yeah, there’s the price list for all these so. Infocom. Innnfooocooommm.
All right. Well. Pretty much it for this video. I really just wanted to take a look at a handful
of rather randomly-chosen catalogs and just you know, I don’t know. So I hope that you
found these enjoyable to take a look through with me. And if you did let me know, I like
doing these things every so often. You know every four or five years apparently. And if
this is not your kind of thing then I guess now you know. I got plenty of other stuff
posted and more to come as always every Monday and Friday here on LGR. So as always thank
you very much for watching!

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  24. ooo…. I remember playing that version of Lode Runner when I was a kid. Still have the disc tho…. but I'm not sure if its compatable with Windows 7. You dont often see Lets plays of that game, which is a shame because Lode Runner was awesome.

  25. You should do a similar video for manuals, there's some gems in there. I remember the KK'n'D manual making me laugh more than any game at the time.

  26. I noticed the Berlitz Japanese language CD in the catalog. It might be interesting if you were to check out some of these 90s learning software sometime!

  27. OMG!!! I totally forgot the existence of Total Annihilation, I played this as much as C&C and AoE series back in the day, these two I kept playing to this day but Total Annihilation simply disappeared from my memory. Looking now at the screenshots it looks like a completely different game to what my kid's mind has seen. Thank you very much for this!!

  28. We had that Sierra catalogue. You basically mentioned every game I played in that time frame. FPS football was actually quite good. And I highly recommend Alien Legacy.

  29. I remember getting a demo disk of Longbow that came with my parents' magazine, back when I was in kindergarten. I played that to death.

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