LGR – Leisure Suit Larry 1 – DOS PC Game Review

LGR – Leisure Suit Larry 1 – DOS PC Game Review

[LGR Theme plays]
[fizz, sip]
[AdLib “Leisure Suit Larry” theme plays]
You know, I really enjoy so-called “adult games.”
I’m not necessarily talking about
those weird Japanese ones–
those are something else entirely–
but games with an adult theme
that take a very humorous and
nonsensical approach to the idea.
Sex and how people try to get it
is actually rather hilarious, if you think about it.
And Leisure Suit Larry games
are probably my favorite games
that take that perception and run with it.
Specifically here, we have his first game,
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
by Sierra Online from 1987.
The Larry games are nothing
short of comedic game gold.
Created by Al Lowe as sort of a spoof of
the earlier Sierra title Softporn Adventure.
Leisure Suit Larry takes the singles
scene and shows it off for what it is:
ridiculous and absurd antics
all for a little midnight lovin’
and temporary alleviation of loneliness.
Or in Larry’s case, losing your virginity at age 40.
Larry Laffer is a lifelong bachelor
who has just been kicked out of his mother’s house
and is now out on the town,
having transformed to the ultra-loser,
Leisure Suit Larry,
complete with at least 20 gold chains
and his trademark white polyester leisure suit.
The entire goal of the game is
to play the scene with the ladies
and lose your virginity.
Just like in real life,
there are a couple of ways to do this
and about a thousand way to fail,
so you’ll have to play your cards just right
in order to get the girl of your dreams.
You start out in front of Lefty’s bar
and from there, it’s up to you.
If you’ve played other graphical
Sierra adventure games of the time,
like King’s Quest,
it’s exactly the same thing.
You use the arrow or numpad keys to walk around
and type in commands to interact with the world.
You aren’t really given much to go on,
so it really is lots of trial and error.
So keep those save and load hotkeys handy.
There’s a manual that comes with the game
which is a big help for beginners,
especially if you’re not familiar
with these types of adventure games.
There was also an optional official
hint guide available from Sierra,
which probably would help quite a bit,
but all the answers are initially blank.
So I suppose you need some kind of pen or something
to highlight and expose the answers
but I don’t have it.
So, it’s just a useless guide to me.
There are tons of guides just like this online though,
so just search for one of those if you’re stuck.
For those of you that are used
to adventure games like this
or even later games like Monkey Island or Sam & Max,
you’ll have no problem getting used to the game,
since it’s the same types of commands,
just typed instead of clicked.
For those of you that are not as familiar,
you make heavy use of such commands as “use,”
“get,” “look” and “talk,”
combined with a subject of those commands,
such as “look lady.”
This will have Larry look at the lady
and from there you can do
different things like talk to her,
proceed to humiliate yourself,
and most likely get put down.
Now what makes this game so different
from other Sierra adventure games
to this point is the humor.
Others had their moments, but Leisure
Suit Larry is essentially non-stop.
It isn’t just chuckle to yourself humor, either.
It’s laugh out loud hilarious at times.
Everything from the things
people say to the narrator’s quips
to your own actions and their resulting animations.
It’s just great.
It all wraps up into one amazingly fun little package
that can be completed in a couple of hours,
if you really sit down and play through it.
Seriously, moments like the scene
where you’re buying condoms
from the convenience store
are absolutely classic.
If you don’t find that stuff funny,
you take yourself way to seriously.
There really isn’t too much more
to say here without spoiling things.
The only other thing I really want to
touch on was the idea of immersion.
You hear that term tossed around
like it’s expected nowadays,
that a game – especially open-ended games –
immerse you in an idea or a location or time period
so much that you forget that you’re playing the game,
feeling like you’re there.
It’s something mostly intangible,
but it does exist, no doubt about it.
Leisure Suit Larry is very strange in that way
because it does immersion in spades.
I’ve never understood that phrase,
but Leisure Suit Larry does it.
It’s just– maybe there’s something about how it’s drawn
and the people you interact with.
When a game this old and simplistic
pulls this off so well,
you know you’ve got something
unnaturally impressive on your hands.
It’s also worth noting that I’ve been
playing the Tandy version here,
but it was also playable in CGA
and different variations of sound cards and such.
And in the early ’90s,
there was a remake of the game.
It’s the same content,
just with enhanced graphics and sound,
as well as a revamped interface
like the later Sierra adventure titles.
Yet somehow I still find myself coming back
and wanting to play the original
when I need my Lounge Lizards fix.
May not necessarily be my
favorite Leisure Suit Larry game,
but there’s just something about THIS one
that’s surreal and totally satisfying.
If you haven’t played Leisure Suit Larry,
do yourself one of the biggest favors of your gaming life
and try it out.

100 thoughts on “LGR – Leisure Suit Larry 1 – DOS PC Game Review”

  1. I remember playing this game in 1990 on our computer and always having to ask my parents to answer the copy protection questions; it's funny now that I know all the answers even though it's entirely out of context ha ha.

  2. Hey LGR! You should do a review on Majesty. I loved that game as a kid, but I was the only person I know of that owned a copy… other than you now that I saw that sweet Majesty box in the background at the beginning.

  3. Hey LGR, when the new HD remake of LSL1 is released, do you think you could do a LGR plays of it?
    All the puzzles have apparently been changed and theres quite a few new things added, so it could be a laugh seeing you play it. 😀

  4. The gog.com is selling a larry compilation. It has been bundled with scumm to make the games playable on modern windows. Although it is not as fun to play now that my mom doesnt care what I play.. I usually just hide it from my wife.

  5. Those "blank" hint books came with a special highlighter to reveal the answers.

    A few people who've taken the time to write them down somewhere online did their best to reproduce the effect with all kinds of text effects too.

  6. I loved this game back in the day. I would play it on my totally outdated Kaypro computer with 286 8mhz chip and monochrome graphics, yet I still loved it. It was, however, more fun to play later in color with a system that didn't take 30 seconds to load between scenes.

    I got to the point where I could beat this game in an hour or two and even though I knew what to do, I just loved Larry's journey through Lost Wages. They just don't make em like this anymore, and seriously, they should!

  7. I just got it today for three reasons:

    #1:: You gave it a good review
    #2: It was on sale on GOG
    #3: This game was released on my birthday.

    How many people can say their console is backwards compatible to 26 years?

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  12. Your only "insult" is calling me Polish, which I am not. But when I call you idiot is not an insult, is a fact. I am thinking that you are the one from eastern Europe here, with some sort of trauma.

  13. I bought this game from GOG a few months ago, but can't play it because I don't know the answers to the questions it asks at the start, I was born in 1984 and the game came out in 1987, I'm also not American, most of the questions the game asks seem to be American culture, do you have any idea how much this annoys me, it really makes me angry. Because of the way ScummVM works I can't get out of the game once it's running without closing the game, so I can't access Safari to look of the answers.

  14. Yeah, an American adult who was born in the 50's, not like me, this irritates me because I am an adult and can't play the damn game, it makes me so mad.

  15. What do you think of Larry reloaded? I honestly believe that they totally turned it into the ultimate version of it. The humor was very good in the original, slightly improved in the 1991 remake, but my god! It was so utterly perfected in the 2013 reloaded one.

  16. I like the adult questions that you must answer before you can play. "You're a kid!" You have to save often. I like part 5 the best.

  17. I can remember playing this when I was little asking my aunt questions about stuff that had happened 10 years earlier to pass the age test, trying to pick the right kind of condom so the cashier wouldn't humiliate me in front of the whole store and who can forget going raw dog and having your junk light off like a sparkler from your newly received STD. Really good game.

  18. Believe or not this was my very first game ever. Got an old DOS computer (back in mid-90s) with a ton of games, and this was the first one I tried. I didn't know more than a dozen words in English though so I don't think I ever made it very far. I totally remember Lefty's though.

    The "are you an adult" questions sure were tough when I had noooo idea what was being asked but eventually I memorized all the right answers.

  19. There's also "The Authorized, Uncensored LSR Bedside Companion" book that shows you how to beat the games, but plays it as a novel.

  20. Adult humor then: Humor that is aimed at adults because only mature adults have the life experience to get it.
    Adult humor now: Gratuitous references to sex and violence aimed at kids that think enjoying this kind of humor is a sign of maturity.

  21. Speaking of those Japanese adult games, have you ever considered a video on something like the NEC PC-88 or PC-98? There's a lot of fascinating history there regarding the origins of eroge and company's like Square and Enix as well, before they went mainstream.

  22. How do you get the ladder you need from the fire escape? Every time I try, I either fall into the dumpster or tie myself to the fire escape and can't move.

  23. Dude GR I love. Your videos I am a 28 year old guy from southern Connecticut and I grew up playing MS Dos games on my old computer. I love watching your videos when playing World of Warcraft (on my second monitor) at work on my phone and at night before I go to bed. Sorry if that's a bit creepy but I love your voice and love watching games from my childhood.

  24. LLL might be the only Sierra adventure games my uncle didn't have. His favorite was King's Quest, but I loved Full Throttle.

  25. I've generally liked the Sierra titles. Sadly I never got to play any of them until I was in my twenties, around twenty years ago now. 😕 Leisure Suit is one of the best though I really enjoyed the King's Quest and Space Quest series as well.

  26. eyyy… the game my little brother and i learned our first words of english with, quite a bit before i got english in school in the 5th grade. 🙂

    played it first on the portable compaq pc of my uncle. portable only in the sense that one could lift it, i guess.

  27. I love the reviews. It's cool seeing all your game boxes too. I used to keep them all, but at some point before I got married, I ended up throwing away ALL of my game boxes. I had all the Origin and Sierra games… all in the dumpster. Sigh…

  28. Hey LGR, you forgot to mention the other thing that Leisure suit larry was known for. The age restriction questions! That was pretty unique for the time.

  29. This was a milestone in PC gaming, providing a more "mature" (pun intended) gaming experience than the home-computers of the era did and laying groundwork for future titles of similar genre.

  30. YESSSS I love this one! I finished it for the first time when I was 10. My dad taught me how to skip the intro questions and it really helped me with my English (together with Loom and Monkey Island).

  31. Did you know you die if you don't get properly laid before 12AM in-game time? Also a fun part was the boss key, which is basically an on-screen graph I actually used in class once.
    Sadly you'll lose all your progress if you didn't save.

  32. My first LSL game was LSL 7: Love for Sail! I can't help but love that game. I like the others, including the original's (second) remake, but LSL7 really hit a number of marks that I never felt the other games matched. Of course, I especially loved the Easter eggs, but it was just a funny story and a really fun time experiencing it all without such a clunky interface like the previous games.

    I had the LSL collection as well, which included the first six (er, five) games, including the original and the VGA remake, along with the text-based Softporn. I enjoyed all of them, but I still can't say I enjoyed any of them as much as LSL7.

  33. I remember running upstairs at the age of like 9 and asking my mom the age verification questions just to start the game.

  34. Never could play this. Bought it as a collection of all games. The stupid thing are the questions before I was able to get into the game. I wasn't born in America and have little knowledge of anything that happened in it's past, nor do I really care all that much. I couldn't even ALT TAB to use the internet to look up the answers since it would close the game and the questions each time were different.
    I did play number 6, Shape Up or Slip out.

  35. I remember the age test at the beginning of this game. One of the questions was: Which of the following was not a Vice President in 1973-74?

  36. My father gave me a computer when I was 13, and it had this game on it. Just hearing the music brings back ridiculous memories from childhood.

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