LGR – Pandora’s Box – PC Game Review

LGR – Pandora’s Box – PC Game Review

[typing] So, uh… anyone know what the
big deal is with Pandora’s Box? You always hear bad omens about the thing and people figuratively opening it regardless. And I mean who could blame them?
That is a pretty sweet box. Frick, I’d open it. And so would Detective David Mills. But the thing is it comes from Greek mythology, where Pandora was the first
woman on Earth, and as such, she was given a bunch of awesome loot, one of which was the box. Which was actually a jar, but who cares? Box sounds better. She was given explicit instructions never to open it. So of course, she did, and in doing so unleashed the most evil evilness to ever be evil, which then spread around the
world doing evil crap forever. What the frick does that have to do with today’s game? Pandora’s Box, a Windows PC title developed
and published by Microsoft in 1999. Though as you can see, it’s got some
serious game designer street cred, being the brain child of Alexey Pajitnov, the legendary creator of the legendary Tetris. “Puzzles are where the journey begins…” Which is great, because if they ended there, then we wouldn’t have much of a game, would we? But in order to play Pandora’s Box, you must first OPEN Pandora’s Box! [orchestral sting] Which is no big deal, it turns out,
as it’s just cardboard, and I now feel only nominally more evil. [ding] Inside the box for Pandora’s Box, you get Pandora’s Box on the Pandora’s Box CD tucked away in the Pandora’s Box jewel case. You’re also given the Pandora’s Box manual, covering some basic info on Pandora’s Box and how to play Pandora’s Box. [whispering]
Pandora’s Box… The game begins with an intro video, letting you know the story of Pandora and her box, which doesn’t actually follow the original story at all. Sure, there’s a chick named Pandora who has a box, that unleashes things, but there’s no ultimate evil inside, just seven tricksters. These jokers just wander the
world and visit various cities, like mythological Carmen Sandiego henchmen, and screw up famous, and not so famous, pieces of art. Of course, that means it’s up to you …whoever you are… to save the world from the slight nuisance that is the seven tricksters. So your first mission is to
capture the first trickster, Maui. Each of these tricksters is based
on a myth from around the world, like the myth of Maui in this case, who is said to have created the Hawaiian Islands. But boys having godlike powers
has nothing to do with the game, so just take a look at the world map
and choose your destination. The goal here is to find enough pieces to Pandora’s Box to track down the trickster, and once you do, you can recapture them. But in order for that to happen,
you have to visit the world cities and solve a bunch of logic puzzles. Each city has ten logic puzzles to solve, and there are ten types of them you may run across, although more often than not,
there are only four or five types for each location. But the thing is the location
of the piece in each… location is randomized in each city, so you just have to keep solving
puzzles and hope you run across it. Sometimes it’ll be the first one you pick,
other times it’ll be the very last, so it really is up to chance as to
how long it’ll take to beat the game. In theory, each puzzle is built to
be solved in 15 minutes or less, though that also varies wildly,
depending on how your brain works and how far along you are in the game. And sometimes you won’t unlock a box piece at all, and instead will unlock a
useable hint or free puzzle token, the former of which lets you
know where the next move is for the current puzzle piece, and the latter of which solves the puzzle outright. And there are even occasions
where you’ll be given a timed challenge where if you solve the puzzle without
any assistance before the timer runs out, the location of the next box piece will be revealed. And once you do have all the pieces for the current barely annoying vermin/trickster, you’re given one far more challenging puzzle to solve. And that’s honestly about it for the gameplay. Just do this enough times to
catch all the tricksters and you win. But whatever, man, the puzzles
themselves are the main attraction here, so let’s take a quick look at what
Alexey Pajitnov had up his sleeve. The first puzzle type is Focus Point, which while it may seem like
the name of a pretty average mid-’90s action-thriller
kinda thing starring somebody, it’s not! It’s a puzzle, where you have pieces of a
picture to assemble into an image. You can switch any piece with any other piece. So even though you may not know
what the image is supposed to be, chances are you can figure out a lot just by looking at the aspect
ratio and resolution of the pieces. It obviously gets way more freaking difficult later on, but it’s still simple enough and is one of the absolutely
most common puzzle types. Another super common one is Overlap. which takes the idea of reassembling an image and makes it a bit more like a jigsaw puzzle. But unlike a typical jigsaw puzzle, here each piece will overlap with another piece, whether it be an actual part of the final image or a part of the background. And the importance of that
background cannot be understated, so pay close attention to the lines,
the angle they’re drawn and the shade of the color behind them, if you want to SURVIVE! Next is Rotoscope, where you’re trying to build an image by moving the pieces on concentric rings. It’s basically a variant on the classic sliding tiles puzzle and personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of those, so I’m not terribly keen on this either. Then there’s Image Hole. Heh heh. Which is, um… It’s, it’s a nice name, it’s got “hole” in it, and it’s probably the only
puzzle I find really burdensome. This one has multiple cutout
shapes floating around the screen and the idea is that you find the image underneath that matches up with the shape. The problem is the shapes never stop moving. And sometimes you can click on the shape to place it, and it clicks on another shape instead, or doesn’t quite hit the right spot
and it counts against you. And since it’s three strikes and you’re out, this is a bit of a problem at times, especially with a bunch of
little shapes flying around at once. Next is Slices, and this is a simple object-building puzzle. Rotate, flip, stack. There you go. Build things! Next, we have Find and Fill, and this is kind of a hidden object puzzle where you have to point out the
various outlines and shapes missing from the piece of art in the corner. You use different colored paints to do this and sometimes it may just
look like a bunch of scribbles, but it’s definitely a bunch of shapes. Somewhere… Another puzzle type is Outer Layer, and I always really liked this one because it reminded me of working
with 3D Studio Max or something. You’re given a three-dimensional
object that’s missing textures so the idea here is to take the missing pieces and plop them onto the model. I dunno, this just tickles my brain
something fierce and I love it. Next up, we have Jesse’s Strips, and NO, I don’t know who Jesse is and why they have strips named after them. Maybe it’s a brand of paper shredder because that’s kind of what this is. You’ve got a piece of art
that’s been shredded into strips, and not only one set of strips, but four, on separate trays with unique colorization. And yeah, it’s not as simple as
it looks, trust me on that one. Lens Bender is another puzzle type and here you have six different lenses
to look at a bunch of objects that must be assembled under the large metal lens. Sometimes it’s a painting,
sometimes it’s… something else, but it’s always quite the brain bender
to figure out just where things go. And you often end up taking a lot
more of a trial-and-error approach than most of the other puzzle types, just to see what actually fits where. And lastly, you have Interlock, and this definitely looks like something
that Pajitnov had his hand in designing. You’re given a shape to fill
and a number of pieces to fill it, but there’s really only one way to do so. Rotate, flip and swap the minutes away and try and figure it out. And yes, it’s every bit as challenging as it looks and it kind of drives me crazy. So… Pandora’s Box. It’s pretty much a puzzle game
and not much more, right? Yeah, I dunno. I think it’s pretty fantastic, actually. Yeah, it’s just a collection of logic puzzles and they may get a bit repetitive before long, and the story it has IS incredibly simple. But it freaking works for me because it doesn’t get bogged
down with a bunch of other stuff. It’s really just puzzles. Sometimes games with logic
puzzles end up going another route, and throw in a bunch of adventure
game kind of stuff in there, too. And I usually have no problem with that, but sometimes the puzzles distract from the adventure and the adventure distracts from the puzzles, a la The 7th Guest. Unlike here, where it’s just a bunch of brain teasers with a pretty skin, pretty music,
and a pretty mythologically-based story to give you a somewhat rational reason to continue wandering the
planet in search of more puzzles. Unfortunately, the game is
incredibly hard to find nowadays, especially boxed, and you’re going to pay a hefty amount for it, even for loose copies,
unless you just get really lucky. But if you do happen to run
across it in some form or another, I’d definitely open up Pandora’s Box and unleash all that puzzlingly logical,
non-evil tricksiness onto your computer.

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    I have only one complaint about this game: I realized that some puzzles on Rio de Janeiro uses photos from places that actually aren't located there, or even aren't located in Brazil. Microsoft should have done a better work searching the pictures sources

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