LGR – QuickShot’s 1996 PC Game Starter Kit

LGR – QuickShot’s 1996 PC Game Starter Kit

[jazz music] Greetings and welcome to an off-the-cuff, quickly put-together LGR thing! Looking at something that, you know, I found in storage and I wanna talk about it. (laughs) Because, I mean, what else am I gonna do with this? This is the Multimedia Games Starter Kit by QuickShot. It’s over $40 value, apparently. The thing is, this is a five-in-one bundle that just looks like they shoved a bunch of crap they had lying around in a warehouse somewhere, and they’re like, “Eh, let’s stick it in a box and sell it.” I was most intrigued by this Arcade Mania CD, though, because I don’t know what’s on there. This is from 1996 and it comes with all sorts of 1996 things. A CD wallet. Jewel cases that are, like, colorful, probably. And these crappy controllers
from the earlier parts of the ’90s that were just not good at all, from what I recall. “Custom manufactured in China.” “For QuickShot.” Yeah… And this reminds me of one of those things that I would have, like, wanted as a kid. But… would have quickly changed my mind on, and I’m glad my parents didn’t let me get it. (laughs) Oh, but look! It’s a $40 value, and this was probably like, I don’t know, 20 bucks or something, I’m just guesssing. You know, let’s just open this up because
I’m intrigued of what’s in here, and it’s never been opened and these things excite me. And I’m not really sure why. Other than very much rose-tinted nostalgia for these cheapo bundles. Alright, let’s figure out what is actually in here. This is the kinda thing I saw in, like, Kmarts and like, Roses stores, just cheap compilations of… well, this kind of stuff. And already, I’m finding something I wasn’t expecting. This QuickShot controller is
another color than is on the box. (chuckles) Ah, that’s pretty typical. Mmm, has a turbo button, which is interesting. So yeah, turbo, that just means it’s gonna
press these buttons really, really quickly. And I love how that says “For Professional Players.” Ha ha! Ya gotta be a professional playa for one of these. Yeah, this is just your generic, really cheap Chinese controllers. It’s a 15-pin game port right there, so that’s cool. Oh, this brings back bad memories! I think a friend of mine had one of these on a Sega– No, it was a… I think it was a Super Nintendo. Wow, it’s inside the box and it’s already dusty. (laughs) (smack) I like the suction cups, though. (grunts, smack) Alright, let’s see what the heck else is in here. So we have the jewel cases. This just amuses me so much. They’re just like, “We just
had some leftover jewel cases.” Like, seriously! Just toss ’em in there! Here is, I guess, the arcade CD, which I’ll get to that last. That’s the one I’m most intrigued about. I just wanna see what’s on that CD. (Velcro ripping) And here is the 10-capacity CD wallet, mmm. Oh, that’s disgusting. The glue from the Velcro is… Oh, this wasn’t even stored in a hot place, either. Like, seriously. It’s just gross. Well… I mean, that’s to be expected. Absolutely no branding or anything, just… (sniffs) Smells like chemicals. The CD is the star of the show, as far as I’m concerned. Oh, look at that, it’s got Scotch tape. Alright. What is on this? Arcade Mania… Two? Volume Two. Okay. Interesting, and it says Compact Disc Digital Audio. This is already exceeding my expectations. I was thinking this was gonna be a
generic shareware, shovelware thing. Well, let’s get this installed on my Compaq 486 and… see what it does. Okay, so I’ve got the crappy QuickShot controller plugged into the game port
on the back of the sound card there. And… let’s just see what’s on this CD. Which I have no idea because it didn’t
come with any documentation or even… any hint. Okay, so it has a bunch of batch files just to install. Oh, dear, what is this? So, this install batch file only tells you what other batch file to use. (grunts) Each one of these is a combination! “If D is CD-ROM and C is hard disk. B, if E is CD-ROM and C…” “I, if G is CD-ROM and D is–” Wow! Thankfully A is the configuration I have. That’s probably what most people had. Okay, it’s just installing crap to the hard drive. I don’t know what it’s doing. Where is it installing this? Okay, so it put it here: Mania2. (chuckles) Oh, hey look, we have a GUI! Well that’s nice! I love how there’s a button just for Australia orders. Ha! Send it to Hamilton Hill. Eh, there’s an order form, registration, a user guide! Oh, that’s good. Magic Desk. Made in Huntsville, Alabama. “It’s a graphical DOS menuing system that lets you easily run all your programs without having to remember cryptic DOS commands.” Yeah, you just need the cryptic DOS
commands to actually get it started. Ooh, nice, there’s icons for everything! I love how Quarantine here is actually “QURANTINE.” (laughs) It’s the little-known Muslim version of Quarantine. Rise of the Triad has a Duke Nukem 1 icon. Overkill just says “BEES.” This is super bizarre. Like, this one is “HELL,” and it’s just a cannon. This is amazing. Prince of Persia 2 is a nuke symbol! Are you seeing this crap? (whispering) Are you seeing this crap? “ALONG IN THE DARK.” SPIDERMAN has a Superman– I can’t make this stuff up! (hearty laugh) HERETIC, Calvin and Hobbes. JILL OF THE JUNGLE, just boobs! GOBLINS is “Boblins!” See, some of these I’m wondering,
is this even the real thing or is it like… a ripoff– Ahh! “PICKEL WARS!” Helda Pickel makes a return! Oh, look at these playable demos. Okay, so we got Dark Forces, Descent, System Shock, Virtual Pool, NASCAR Racing, Death Dwellers! Oh my… And Simpsons Doom?! I gotta try Simpsons Doom first because that’s a pretty classic WAD. Yes! This is already the best CD. Aww, this is so cool! (gunfire through speakers) (laughs) Oh, yes! (gunfire through speakers) (gunfire through speakers) APU: She’s gotta have it! LGR: I love this, just graphic violence. This looks like a thing for kids. But that doesn’t actually say it’s for kids. I noticed that it was kinda running
a little choppy, too, here and there. It actually is loading everything directly from the CD. Nothing seems to be installed to the hard drive, except maybe some… Like, maybe this menu system? (chuckles) Let’s try “COMMENDER KEEN 6!” And if it’s actually Commander Keen 6,
that is a registered game. Oh, this is the demo version of Aliens Ate My Babysitter. Let’s try the… Oh, wow, that is so sensitive! Is turbo on? It is. Nope, that doesn’t change the sensitivity at all. Yeah, it’s even loading Keen directly off the CD, which is totally unnecessary, but… Cool. (fanfare) (game sound effects) I mean it’s– Oh, God. It’s totally useable. It’s just not good. This feels… Like, I’m pressing the button in. There it is. Yeah, there’s a lot of give in that button. And this D-pad, it actually feels okay. Oddly enough. Those buttons are the worst. Okay, so it’s two-button firing. Which means the turbo is
effectively useless in this game. But it does do that. Alright, let’s try “QURANTINE.” The typos are amazing. There we go, Quarantine Demo. No, I guess we’re not gonna be using the gamepad with this. Yeah, and again, no sound, which… I mean, it makes sense because I didn’t set up any sound! And that’s sort of weird, too. It doesn’t even give you the option. You’d have to go into DOS and… configure, like, copy it over to your hard drive. Like, even if I were to just run it straight off the CD, it wouldn’t be able to save anything. Unless it’s doing something where it’s making some sort of proxy
configuration files on the hard drive, but… I don’t think so, I think it’s just not very well thought-out. This is cool, you can make your own icons! (chuckles) I used to love icon makers, as a kid. I had one, it was called Icon Master, or… something like that. But I made icons for every single one
of my games that didn’t have them. So I made… And they looked better than the ones
that came with this program. (chuckles) I still have a lot of them, too. But yeah, oof! Well, close enough. Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I cannot imagine how that’s gonna work
with a two-button controller, but… Is this the whole game? Dang, yeah, this certainly looks
like the full version to me. Is there any sound? Yeah, there’s sound. You know, I’m not entirely sure to how legit that is to have appeared on what seems to
be a shareware CD otherwise, but… Sweet! I’d have been friggin’ amazed if
I found that on CD randomly as a kid. Well, that just froze the computer,
but I did determine that that is a demo. Does not include all the characters. Does not include the two-player mode. But that was pretty impressive for a demo, before it totally crashed before I could get into a fight. (chuckles) I gotta try this god-awful joystick. Because bad memories. Alright! (smack) Let’s find ourself a flight sim. Yeah, love the Falcon games. Alright, joystick controls, we’re gonna recalibrate it. It is centered. Top-left. Bottom-right. Well, it didn’t recognize the top button,
that’s a good sign. Alright, so the top button switches weapons. That’s cool. Yeah, suck it! Cargo plane! (chuckles) Yep, this joystick is just as bad as I remember. If you can… (suction cups popping) kinda see in here, it’s got this flonky little thing. Like, you see those little sticks? What looks like a golf ball? It’s just a bad, bad design. (smack) Great suction cups, though, I gotta say! Well, that’s pretty much all I’m
going to show in this video anyway. If you’d like to check out this disk yourself, I have found it online. I will link to it in the video description. And it’s pretty fascinating. There’s some interesting stuff to sort through. And those typos and ridiculous icons are hilarious to me. (laughs) So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. (jazz music) Well, this was a little bit different
than my normal fare on LGR, so let me know what you thought. I like doing these sort of relaxed looks at certain things that I have lying around. Perhaps you’d like to see some of my other videos, and there’s new ones every Monday and Friday. And as always, thank you for watching LGR.

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  1. Hey, you like your old pc games – Have you ever tried the old stuff released by the band The Residents? It's eerie and creatively weird – I have both the Freakshow and the Bad Day on the Midway cd's if you ever wanted them. I'd get a massive kick out of you recording your reactions, especially if you aren't aware of the band beforehand.

  2. I have one of those 2 button Quickshot gamepad thingies. I think it's under my bed in a box of gadgets somewhere, but I definitely have it somewhere ^_^.

  3. Watching this in the early hours of the morning and hearing Clint say the name of the place I literally live now made me think I was delirious. Thankfully after rewinding the video and inspecting the address it is in fact the P.O. Box that exists not 5 minutes away from my house. Thank goodness I'm not going crazy… then again, I watch these videos at 3am, sooo…

  4. The Quran joke followed by BEES just killed me. Hopefully Jim the Knight wasn't involved this time.

    Thanks Clint, now I have another DOS game to look into!

  5. This packages back in the days… as a kid you just looked at the package and you wanted it, there was so much stuff in there and you couldn´t stop thinking about how great and useful all of this would be.
    Then you realize that the promised "60 bucks value" you bought for 19,99 was a fucking rip off as you are left with probably only 5 bucks worth of value as most stuff was low quality garbage and/or didnt work as promised.

    The 90s, i really miss this time period.

  6. Unfortunately, they still make these "gaming fun multipack" things. Last year, my mom knew I had a 3ds, and she got me a kit with some cases, a dodgy car charger, a pair of headphones (that are probably made of tin foil and slave labor), a cleaning cloth, and a little bag. The charger sounds like jiffy pop.

    It's the thought that counts though, right?

  7. I don't think the controller is a different color to the one in the picture on the box, it's just that the one in the picture they used was either photographed under different lighting or printed weird

  8. can someone explain to me. How to get this to work in DOS BOX using the iso file LGR has provided?
    4:48 is as far i get for some reason the files won't install.

  9. This type of product was instrumental in helping young PC gamers of the 90s learn what it means to be a sucker and get ripped off

  10. Wait, was that the full DooM Game? Because if it wasn't, they must have imported the content of the simpsons doom WAD file into the IWAD (the main WAD file, ie. DOOM1.WAD or DOOM.WAD), because the shareware version doesn't support loading PWAD's (the additional WAD files). And distributing that modified IWAD would most definitely be against copyright laws… Just wondering 🙂

  11. Quickshot guy: We've got 3 CD cases and a CD wallet where should we put the videogame disk???
    Quickshot boss: Paper Sleeve.

  12. ah early days of chinese junk, probably free after rebate, I found something similar in the garage, kind of sad I threw it out. The joystock was hollow and creaky, basically what you get with cheap ebay knock off xbox controllers today, they look the part, almost, but no one would in their right mind want to use one. Best way to describe these types of things…they are film props.

  13. 'This is something I would've probably wanted as a kid but am glad my parents didn't actually get for me'

    I know exactly what you mean. I frequently see old garbage I wanted SOOOO BADDDD as a kid that I gain new appreciation for how gently my parents said no.

  14. I remember Jill of the Jungle!!! probably some later version though… had it on a demo disk from a magazine and played it to shreds!

  15. You should do a review of the Gravis game pads and/or the Gravis joysticks from back in the 1990's. And perhaps the Logitech force feedback blue joystick and how it compares to the Microsoft Sidewinder Force feedback and force feedback 2.

  16. I might need to get an emulator so I can see the Mickey Mouse System Shock demo for myself. Good lord Chinese bootlegs are a wonderful, horrible thing. Sadly I imagine the icon is all that's wrong with it, no Mickey Shodan.

  17. The controller on and in the box are probably the same color, the lighting of the photo taken makes it look like a different color.

  18. We used to have a 5000 DOS Games CD-ROM from the mid 90s that had just tons of junk on it. There was no GUI. But the same A-Z game hierarchy. The interesting thing is that it came with our NEC machine, and DID include licensed versions of games, for example Duke Nukem, and Doom. We always questioned how legit it was and wondered if CompUSA was just doing something shady with their PC deals.

  19. That Quickshot controller is one of the best made at that time. Famous game designer form India, Tobias Pahloosh, was hired by Fillsoner Corp. in 1994. Fillsoner poached him from Tadeco and quickly put him to work. That controller which you were so unimpressed with was actually the result of 3 years of development.

  20. I have to ask… was there really any CD audio on it, or was it as much of a lie as Rise of the Triad Starring Duke Nukem?

  21. I have one of those quickshot gamepads somewhere. We never had the joystick though so it must have been part of a different bundle or something.

  22. I had these Labtec speakers too on my 468 in combination with an arowana 1604 soundcard (OPL4). I played there for example Kings Quest VII, or your reviewed 3D Ultra Pinball. The sound was very good for this time.

  23. Quickshot made gamepads for a good few systems using that design, I'm wondering if that's why it's got that panel on the front so they only have to remould that one. I've got one for my SNES and my MegaDrive and I know they also had 'em for the Master System and NES as well. I like it, at least when they did it in black. I actually really like my SNES one cuz of the shield d-pad.

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