LGR – Water Park Tycoon – PC Game Review

LGR – Water Park Tycoon – PC Game Review

[reggae music] Water Park Tycoon, developed by just a small team at Astragon and published by Excalibur
Publishing on May 23, 2014. I retails in the UK at £9,99 which currently comes to almost $17 USD. And, yes, it comes in a box, but it’s a download no mater what. It’s just a card inside here. Water Park Tycoon is a management
sim in the vein of Theme Park, Roller Coaster Tycoon and various
other business simulations. What attracted me to this one was the water park theme because it’s currently summertime here, and I love water parks. I was also a fan of the Soaked
expansion for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, so a full game dedicated to the idea seemed great. And I’m gonna cut straight to the chase: if you’re expecting a game even slightly comparable to the depth and polish of the RCT games, turn back now. Water Park Tycoon is a low-budget
game from beginning to end and that’s apparent even from the options menu. There is no sound in the game whatsoever, just a few canned musical
samples that play over and over, and there are no graphics options
beyond resolution and enabling shadows. You can dive into the free play mode right away, but it’d be a good idea to just play quest mode first, since it unlocks new content for
free play and provides a tutorial. The tutorial is a bit of a waste of time, though, since it doesn’t show you how to do anything at all. It simply tells you that certain features exist and you should probably try to find out where they are and what they do by yourself. Once you finish the tutorial,
it’s on to one of three quests. There’s only one map to play in the game, but your objectives at least give
you something to do each time. Usually, it’s stuff like reaching
a certain level of approval, having a certain number of
people that come to visit you, and making sure you’re flush with cash and debt-free. So basically the same stuff most
people want to accomplish in real life. You’ll start off by placing pathways, restrooms, changing rooms, and food stands. And eventually you’ll build pools, water slides, and more elaborate attractions, all while managing staff members, promoting your park, and keeping up with things
like risk of injury to guests and the overall attractiveness of the place, referred to here as “ambience.” It’s all incredibly straightforward if you’re
familiar with these types of games, and I had a blast creating bigger and better parks, unlocking new items to place, and figuring out new ways to boost profits. At least, I had a blast when it worked, but sadly, that’s not very often. Sometimes the UI will disappear entirely, sometimes it will just not let you click on anything, sometimes the game will just crash and burn, and sometimes THIS will happen if you try to place rides. Beyond that, there’s the creepy
absence of any sound effects at all, various graphical glitches, and the unruly zooming in
and out with the mouse wheel, which acts more like a a raising
and lowering of the camera rather than a proper zoom. Then it’s not long before you realize
that the backbone of the game, this simulation of supply and demand itself, is overdependent on spamming the
same few items repeatedly at best, and is entirely broken at worst. These types of games thrive
on the thoughts and desires of the people currently in your park, and here it’s like their needs never actually scale with the rating and size of your park. And it’s not long before
everything just goes stagnant. Beyond this, there’s no way to
speed up the simulation at all. So if you’ve taken out the
tiny 10 grand maximum loan, eh, you’re often stuck with literally nothing to do while you wait for more money to trickle in. And yes, this also happens in free play mode, which you think would have unlimited funds like a sandbox mode, but nah-uh. And you might think, well,
at least you can dick around with customization and micromanagement, but no. About as much as you get is being able to
change the color of one of the water slides. You’re not gonna be adjusting the
individual food stand condiments or prices, much less adding in any custom signs or music. You can’t even change the name of your park. And that’s it for Water Park Tycoon, and I desperately wanted another great
amusement park management sim, and I would seriously love one
with water parks as a focus, but this is NOT that game. It at least looks kinda nice. I’ll give ’em that. I mean, not great for a game from 2014, necessarily, but it looks nice enough for a budget title. But when games from a
decade ago that cost less still outshine this in every single way, and you take into account the dull
gameplay and numerous glitches, the asking price of $17 seems absurd. Drop it down to about five bucks and I’d
say give it a shot, if you’re really bored. Otherwise, Water Park Tycoon is
just a washed-up title that drowned before it ever got a chance. And that makes me sad. [music plays] And if you’d like more reviews and other impressions on games and whatever else I happen to cover
that may or may not make me sad, then why not look around my channel. I do more videos every single week, so, of course, subscribing is an
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  4. Sandbox doesn't mean unlimited funds. That's called cheats or god mode. Or do you mean all these sandbox-games out there should have unlimited everything right at the beginning? Minecraft for example is a sandbox game. No comments for Water Park Tycoon tho. Seems like it sucks big time 🙂

  5. Hmm, I just bought this game today because i thought WHAT THE HELL, I FEEL LIKE A SIM GAME. I hope its not extremely terrible. Should I have got Zoo Tycoon 2 gold edition instead?

  6. Games like these are still being made? Nostalgic!!! Apart from having a download card instead of a disk. I bet in a few years time computers wont even have a disk drive…

  7. At first this game looks alright, but it badly needs more work and there are only 4 levels which is shit. This would only be really good if there were a shit ton of mods out for it and worst part is you cant actually design the rides. Even for £10 it's shit

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  10. This company also has a few other games that I've played (namely Post Master which I've reviewed) and they seem to really lack replay value. Idk if it is because of budget constraints or what, but this company has released a number of games already. If they focus on just releasing one game with a bigger budget and a more focused team, they can revive the Tycoon genre.

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