LGR – Zombie Wars – PC Game Review

LGR – Zombie Wars – PC Game Review

[theme music]
[fizz, sip]
October 30, 2033 AD.
The alien menace that we fought so hard to destroy
was back.
Three years of peace
shattered in one cataclysmic stroke.
Ah, don’t you just love poor excuses
for a story in an action game?
But to their credit, it really is hard to make a story
that we haven’t heard a billion times over.
Although this might make a
good Saturday morning cartoon.
Yes, Zombie Wars!
The Zombie Wars.
But, wait a second. That guy…
I’ve seen him from somewhere.
No, no, no, not from The Watchmen! Something else.
Yeah, that’s it! Alien Carnage,
also known as Halloween Harry.
But that was by some Australian SubZero group
and that was distributed by Apogee.
This is by Gee Whiz! Entertainment
and… NOT distributed by Apogee.
Well, it does turn out that this is indeed the sequel
to Halloween Harry or Alien Carnage.
But Apogee had nothing to do with it.
It was made by most of the same guys, though.
They just renamed themselves and
the game and released it on their own.
You start off the game simply enough,
all “choose your destiny” and such.
Then you’ll have the choice to play as the comedian
or as Diane, who was that chick in
the first game that told you what to do.
There is absolutely no difference between them at all.
At least from what I can tell,
so I’m not really sure of the purpose.
I chose Harry at first because I
like shooting pregnant women
who carry my child whislt defending my country
and trying not to stare at Dr. Manhattan’s junk.
After an appropriately cheesy cutscene,
you land on a beach.
This is a stark contrast to Alien Carnage’s
mostly dark and dirty look, but it’s cool,
and it’s a nice way to show off
the upgraded graphics engine,
which looks quite nice in 320×200 fullscreen mode.
The next big change is that there’s now
no flamethrower or Omega weapon.
No Omega’s fine by me.
There’s a mini-nuke and that works fine.
But no flamethrower?
Well, now you have this…
agh, I dunno, fully automatic,
rocket-propelled fireball gun.
And it never runs out of ammo.
It looks like it’s actually called a
Photon… something or other,
which sounds like one of guns from Alien Carnage.
One of the crazier ones at that,
so why they made it the default weapon
that never runs out of ammo, I don’t know.
This isn’t just a simple weapons change,
it’s game changing, really.
In Alien Carnage, the flamethrower
was tied to your jetpack.
And since you can’t jump, you had to make
sure that you not only had enough fuel to fly
but also to use the flamethrower.
This really forced you to use the other weapons a lot
and to think about what you were doing.
But nope. Gone.
On top of that, this gun is crazy powerful,
so I almost never use the other weapons
because you can just hold down fire and plow onward.
Thankfully, it is incredibly fun to shoot things with
and seeing zombies burst into jibs
burning body parts littering the ground.
It’s just arguably overpowered.
Perhaps to make up for this
loss of strategy, there is a shield
which gives you invulnerability when you turn it on
and recharges over time once it runs out.
This gives you really a false sense of security.
Since you have a strong gun and a shield,
you end up getting to some really bad situations
that could have been avoided
had you just taken your time.
The rest of the gameplay is
very similar to Alien Carnage.
Whether or not you like that game will determine
whether or not you think this is a good or a bad thing.
Now three years removed from that game,
the aliens have returned
with their zombie… fire… weapon.
And the goal is usually to just
survive and kill everything in sight
using flame, missiles, grenades and nukes.
Most zombies will drop coins
with which you can buy ammo from vending machines.
Just select the weapon, buy your ammo and move on.
There are also tons of secrets
which can require a lot of backtracking.
And now the worlds seem a little bit more open,
so there’s a lot more potential for these things,
but like in Alien Carnage,
you are punished for this by respawning enemies.
Leave the screen and come back,
and then those enemies that you
just killed are right there again.
I hated this in Alien Carnage
and I hate it in Zombie Wars,
since they only drop coins the first time around,
so they just become a waste of ammo.
Along the way you’ll get hurt of course,
so you’ll want to seek out junk food at once
The alternative is to save trapped
humans to have your health fully restored.
Now hot dogs equalling health, I get,
but untying random people equalling health?
Not so much.
Maybe they have a Twix bar in their
pocket or something, I don’t know.
The game does have a life system,
which is pointless and annoying.
At least I find them so,
and I’ve got nothing against lives
but there are not only checkpoint terminals in each level
to save your progress,
but it also saves your progress at the end of each area.
So if you die, you just start a new
game from any point in the past
and continue like nothing happened.
You just select it from a menu. I mean, it’s so simple.
I suppose the only point in
having lives is getting a high score,
which I really couldn’t care less about in games like this.
There is a good variety of level
types for the first few levels,
from beaches to office buildings to parks.
There’s like nine actual levels with several areas in each,
and all that changes in
between are some color palettes,
backgrounds and some additional
enemies from time to time.
Speaking of enemies, there are quite a few,
but most of them are ripped
straight from Alien Carnage.
And for the first third of the game,
they’re easily dispatched by your main gun.
But like in Blood, you can shoot
and toss around decapitated heads,
which always makes for good times.
Little before halfway through the game,
it gets quite challenging,
with lots of tougher and more annoying enemies,
like this giant zombie lady,
the evil Tooth Fairy thing that makes
your gun shoot harmless bubbles,
and these indestructible groups
of babies that will eat your head.
At this point, your radar becomes really handy,
letting you know where evil lurks.
And I’m describing this, I’m realizing that
it actually sounds pretty freakin’ awesome,
but that’s not entirely true.
There are three big problems that I find,
which is the controls, the
cheap shots and the repetition.
The jetpack controls are my main issue.
It just feels weird when you’re in the air
trying to descend or getting
into a little cavernous pathway.
It’s just sometimes hard to do.
I never could get totally comfortable with it.
Enemy cheap shots – it’s pretty straightforward.
Some of the enemies later on will just
kill you in tons of really annoying ways
and since you only have a few lives at a time,
you have to reload the game a
lot and that gets old really fast.
Adding to this aggravation is the
repetition of the whole game.
It’s the same thing over and over
with very little changing along the way.
It would really help if there were
some different level varieties
or maybe not using so many of
the enemies as often as they do.
But sadly, that’s just not the case.
You occasionally get something new to do,
like a stupid, buggy escort mission
that will piss you off even more.
Don’t get me wrong, Zombie Wars is a good
action-platform game, especially on the PC,
but it’s just a bit flawed.
There’s a lot of game here, and that
might be fine if you’re totally into it,
but me, I got bored and annoyed about four levels in.
So altogther for me, the game is just too much hassle
and there are pretty much the same
complaints here that I had about Alien Carnage.
But neither of the games in the
series are bad by any means.
So if it looks interesting to you,
I’d certainly at least give it a try,
because there is some definite fun to be had.

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  1. remember this 😀 my first pc game, good ol days! when achivents were pictures of blurry screens and dlc was a extra disc you inserted

  2. The sound effects for that Photon weapon seen very simillar to that of the martian heat ray in the 1953 version of "War of the the Worlds".

  3. @UnLokoLoquendero

    Could you be more detalied, please? I tried using DosBox but it said the game requires microsoft windows. And if start it normally there's nothing on the screen, just black.

  4. @krumov001 Well you need windows of course and also you need to boot up the game like you were booting a game back in the day XD.

  5. @UnLokoLoquendero
    You mean I need older Windows like 98 right? Sorry if I'm bugging you but I really wanna play this game again:)

  6. @krumov001 you need to boot the game via dosbox.
    you need to mount the hard drive and find the file by typing commands on the dosbox

  7. @UnLokoLoquendero

    I remember doing just that and DosBox said the game requires Microsoft Windows and can't be run through dosbox. Did you get it to work?

  8. @krumov001 Well i didn't got this game but what i did get worked.
    Are you running windows on your pc right now?

  9. @UnLokoLoquendero

    it's this game i really want. This is important, do I have to INSTALL the game with Dosbox or just RUN it?

  10. @krumov001 Run it
    But listen to me go and get a freeware game and download it and try to play it, if it works that means you cant run this…

  11. @UnLokoLoquendero

    No luck, it still says it requires Windows so can't be run by dosbox. is there any other way to get this game working other than dosbox?

  12. @UnLokoLoquendero

    I heard that some person got it to work with Virtual PC..but i know nothing about that and how to use it.

  13. @UnLokoLoquendero

    It just says DOSBox v0.74 Manual.
    But I read that zombie wars can't be run through DOS cos it was designed to run through Win95. what do u know of this virtual pc?

  14. ZOMG! someone except for me and my sister know about ZOMBIE WARS! We played the demo to death! Can anyone get it to run on something else then Windows 95?

  15. It works on 98 and Milennium too because that's what I played it on, however I've tried everything to get it work on newer systems and failed.

  16. Awesome, you have no idea how long I've been looking for this game.. I had no idea what it was called… Finally found it =D

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  21. Awesome stuff. I love making the hardware reviews especially, it's just they're so time-consuming. I do have more planned though for not too far off, so stay tuned.

  22. wow I ahvent seen this game since I was 6 or 7, I remember I used to get scared of the flying ship that goes in the backgorund and me and my borther used to hide the character so that they wouldnt see us lol. Also the park with the zombie babies lol I miss this game.

  23. I played this game for a short while but found that it was far more horizontal than Halloween Harry – but I see that later missions become more vertical as well! I don't get why they'd make the starting missions so bad.

  24. Switching back and forth between Harry and Diane makes a sound that reminds me of Killer Instinct on the SNES…

    That's a really strange thing to remember.

  25. Hey Clint, have you ever tried running this with OS/2? I ask because I recently found a copy of this but I'm tired of Win 3.1 crashing on me.

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  27.  I absolutely hated the first game. Every once in a while I'd be all "what the hell is Halloween Harry?", run it, and then be like "oh yeah. I fucking hate this boring ass game." I must say though, I never knew there was a sequel. I honestly don't understand how I'm just seeing this/hearing about this now.

    Also, I noticed when you were running in windowed mode that this seems to have been running in Windows 31. I'm assuming that this is a naive windows app because any time I tried to run dos games/applications (of this quality at at least) like this) in Windows 3.x I ALWAYS had to close Windows and/or boot directly to dos, often having to change 'config.sys' while I was at it (or a boot disk. woot! =/) So is it a Windows 3.x specific version? Is that why I've never hard of it? it would make sense if it had a Win 3.x release only.

    Anyway, as usual, good stuff. Still my favorite channel and has been for quite some time. 

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  30. I rather like the art style. It looks like a mix of Japanese and Western, but mostly takes the right pieces of both. The game play itself also looks very Metal Slug-ish, though that series is pretty challenging and probably provides more challenge than Zombie Wars. It's too bad this game doesn't play as well as (I think) it looks.

  31. I think the narrator is Tim Thomerson aka Dollman, sounds like him but I can't find any credits for it. Pretty busy guy collectively over the years, did Cyrus Temple voice in Saint's Row 4.
    I miss vending machines in games, seems like the 90s had a lot of that, no more payphones but vending machines are still a commonly seen thing.

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