100 thoughts on “Lie Detector Test on BEST FRIEND to Find TRUTH! (Game Master Brother Reveal) | Rebecca Zamolo”

  1. Hey ZamFam- What are some questions you want me to ask Alice for the Lie Detector test? And were you surprised with her phone call??

  2. Is your best friend you have to check it outI take it you are very fat favorite restaurant if she doesn’t like the restaurant or the food over there that’s fine if you know your friend or best friend I say

  3. Hi Rebecca and Matt y'all are the best I love your channel and video's I can't stop watching y'all 💖💞💟💗💟💖💖💗🦄💗💟💖💖💞💟💗🦄💗💞💖💖💖💖💞💟💗🦄

  4. hi you have to trust alice becouse i have a best friend and she has allot of secrets but i still trust her so please trust he that are common things that best friends do

  5. uhhh i saw her anser the pphone and it was her phone but it was the music to like i dont know sum type of music or something? i dont trust her

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