Lin Yun Ju = Greatest Warrior from Taiwan (Right Handed Version)

Lin Yun Ju = Greatest Warrior from Taiwan (Right Handed Version)

Welcome back
to my channel.
Lin Yun Ju, the 18 years old young players
from Taiwan.
His nickname is the “Silent Assasin”.
He has won the top 4 best players with ease,
quietness, and grace.
Lin’s footwork and playing style are like
an old experienced warrior in a young body.
Very impressive style and skills.
His strokes are so smooth and fluent.
Especially his backhand topspin and banana
He also has a faster reaction and fast footwork.
His reaction time is also good.
He is very smart too.
He knows where to attack the ball well and
seldom makes mistakes.
Maybe, with his calm deep inside, one of his
main advantages, which helps him focus on
the rally.
That’s why his playing style is so smooth.
As a left-handed player, Lin also has a big
advantage by using this backhand flick attack
to the wide-angle of the right-handed players.
Today, let’s learn his playing style as a
right-handed version.
As many of us are the right-handed players.
You can see that, in
this video, it’s
unbelievable that
Lin’s footwork is so good, and
his ball
quality (timing, and power) is impressive!

16 thoughts on “Lin Yun Ju = Greatest Warrior from Taiwan (Right Handed Version)”

  1. This is one of my favorite players, I am pretty sure that with his skill and age we'll continue to see nothing but greatness coming fron him, add on top of that a very humble attitude… you have a winner here.

  2. Why left-handed players are so comfortable to see in the right-handed version while right-handed players are not as comfortable in the left-handed version?

  3. Yeah he is good, but i think he has problems against other left handed player like xu xin, the playing strategy dont work their very well

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