Linux Gamer VS Windows Gamer

Linux Gamer VS Windows Gamer

Seksi intro Daha önce hiç Linux sistemi kullanmadım bu yüzden internette küçük bir araştırma yapmam gerekti.Video sadece eğlence amaçlıdır Birazdan göreceğiniz bütün bilgileri buradan aldım Şarkılar Açıklamada 🙂 Fiyat Sanırım yeni bir işletim sistemi seçmenin zamanı geldi Aman tanrım! Linux bedava .. İşte yeni sistemimi seçiyorum… Bakalım,hmm windows… Windows 10 bedava ! Aman tanrım , bedava !? Dur bir dakika ! Windows 10’u alabilmeniz için önce eski sürümü satın alıp onu windows 10’a güncellemelisiniz Bill Fence Windowsun Kurucusu Oyuncu Linux Oyuncuları Buda ne böyle performans neden bu kadar bok gibi !? -15 fps !?!? Bune böyle ! Tamam bu kadar yeter artık durmanın vakti geldi Evet öyle Windows Oyuncuları Seslerde bi problem var !? Umarım giggle’ da bi çözüm bulabilirim Umarım giggle’ da bi çözüm bulabilirim Linux ses sorunu çözümü Şunu mu demek istediniz : WİNDOWS ses sorunu çözümü hmmm sesler gelmiyor Hemen bi’ çözüm bulalım 🙂 Windows ses problemi Windows ses problemleri : [çözüldü] Windows ses problemi için düzeltme (çözüm) Giggle çok kullanışlı 🙂 İlk defa kullananlar Nerde bu aptal control paneli !? Ve neden program uyumlu değil ?????? Bu çöplük bilgisayarı kırıcam şimdi!! Aman tanrım çok basit gözüküyor Yeni kullanıcılar için çok basit.. Sanki kendim programlamışım gibi :’) Güvenlik Linux harika bir güvenliğe sahip aynı sevdiğim gibi 🙂 Aman tanrım aptal torrentten trojan virüsü bulaşmış TEŞEKKÜRLER FİREWALL! Keşke Linux kullansaydım kolayca halledebilirdim … tatilimden bazı kareler ^^ Son 🙂 Altyazılar: Efe Barbaros Karazeybek

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  1. I use Xubuntu on older pc and it's awesome. I was designed for Win XP and the specs are awful. But with linux, I got updates almost every day (windows updates are terrible, on linux you don't have to restart after updating. Maybe once I had to.) and everything worked just fine. And if I had a problem, community had already solution for that (maybe I've found maybe one, that they din't solve). I also have linux on new pc. Still good. I run it from external drive (cca 100 mb/s) and it's almost as fast as windows on my ssd! (starting apps, installing, etc. not booting. Of course it can't boot that fast from it).

  2. I have really paused the video to read the windows audio fix problem but you know that many people pause it and I am one of them.
    By the way, Love your videos.

  3. What example are you giving to the community in minute 2:29 of course if they appear echo in linux it is easier to solve the problems thanks to the terminal if you are going to give a more silly investig

  4. FPS problems? Google it for your distro.
    Audio problems? RTFM… Google it for your distro
    Compatibility? RTFM

    Linux isn't about ease it's what you make it. You make it bad it will be bad. You work on it and tune it and you're laughing at Windows users around the world.
    Nuff sed

    Arch Linux user

  5. Hey casual ! Linux is faster than Windows. Why ? There's not that FUCKING BIG SOFTWARE ! Linux, 30 seconds to start, and… I fan 240FPS ON COUNTER STRIKE WITH AN NVIDIA QUADRO !

  6. Fun fact, after switching from windows 10 to linux (Peppermint 9) my fps went from 40 to 60 in almost every game i played.

  7. 1. you can get every windows ever released for under £5 think that's about $7-8, 2. I have 250 games on steam and most are new releases and get as good performance if not better than windows 10, 3. there is probably as much if not more forums and sites for help for Linux than windows, 4. literally only thing you got right was about sercurity the rest is just bs and false info

  8. Says the person who said “omg I got a virus from this torrent thx firewall” lmao a firewall manages incoming and outgoing connections nothing more. It’s not an anti virus.

  9. Okay so I'm seeing a lot of people getting triggered because facts in this video are completely wrong, and I agree, they ARE wrong but I also mentioned at the beginning that I never actually used Linux and that I don't know anything about it, and I also showed you where I found some info about it. I didn't do much research because I never thought the video would hit +1M views. So please don't be offended.

  10. Windows running exe files Linux can’t run exe files but Linux have got bery good terminal and secourity

  11. lonely linux mozilla var chrome don't have linux 's videos and support team can get support from the safe place and play performance better than windows ping value is stable in linux and you can close it when you have a job to close the game quickly…

  12. you are wrong. Linux kernel is much faster than NT kernel that windows uses.
    and about the next one, Linux has bigger community however he was stupid, because we don't have any OS called Linux. he should search with Distro and Desktop name.

  13. GTA 5 actually runs pretty good on Linux, I admittedly get better performance on windows (average around90-100 on windows vs 60-70 on Linux) but that's a small price to pay to not have to deal with windows.

  14. if your on Linux for games,your totally are on Linux for the wrong reasons.
    everything else Linux.

  15. I've actually doubled my fps while running Linux, to the point where I hate even booting into windows because of how buggy and bloated it is.

  16. i was windows 7 and 10 user now i am kali linux user and i am never going back to windows bc its sh!t for me and i also know some exploiting skills so i can hack my girlfriends laptop and troll her and about gaming i have windows 7 on my laptop but i use it once in 3 months so i am not rly windows user but Microsoft gonna stop making updates

  17. 1st – Linux's fps (Vulkan) is actually better than Windows's (DX12-DX11), Linux is open source, so everyone can give his helps to improve the OS, that is the general fact that Linux gaming is getting so much better while Windows has his own developers who doesnt got mind about gaming, because most of the the gamers are giving their helps to Linux because they can.

    2nd – Linux can open other file exts but that isnt problem with Wine you can open almost any .EXE file, Lutris is here too, to play games like LoL, Overwatch, Dota 2 with installers, made from the community.

  18. This guy clearly doesn't know how to use linux. That's why you don't even know how to

    sudo apt-get install pulseaudio.

    PS: i'm not triggered, you should least have tried it for the first time. Otherwise you shouldn't have made this video smh

  19. PLEASE if you dont use linux. Do not make a video comparing it to windows gaming. Its videos and forms link this that make linix look bad. And trun potential linux users way from linux. PLEASE dont give miss leading info about linux.

  20. Buddy, all of your research is and was wrong in 2017, and still in 2019. Linux now can run many windows title better than windows can run. Driver issue is and always was worst in windows while Linux driver installation is just one command thing. Look at windows gaming and how much it evolved in these 2 years, and look at Linux gaming. Linux gaming is improving every day while microsoft is doing shitty behavior to game maker and publishers. Linux gaming is on the other hand rising with the power and love of the community. Windows is for profit, Linux is for people. And Linux is the future (hoping a good future for MacOS gaming too).

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